अगर आप भी करते हैं मार्केटिंग की जॉब तो यह खबर देखकर चौंक जाएंगे आप | If you also do marketing jobs
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अगर आप भी करते हैं मार्केटिंग की जॉब तो यह खबर देखकर चौंक जाएंगे आप | If you also do marketing jobs

If you also do marketing jobs then you will
be shocked to see this news. If your job is to run away instead of sitting
in the office, if you are in marketing job then you need to be more careful. A new research has shown that there is a risk
of non-melanoma skin cancer during various types of outdoor occupations. According to researchers, one of the main
factors of non-melanoma skin cancer is the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. It is a common cancer worldwide. It has been recognized as a non-melanoma skin
cancer. In many countries it is a business related
illness in the workers working outside. However, outside businesses are associated
with various types of daily activities and exposure to ultraviolet radiation. This research has been published in ‘Journal
of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerealology’. It included 563 participants (47 per cent
women), 348 people working out of work (39 per cent farmers, 35 per cent Mali, 26 per
mountain guide) and 215 were people working inside the house. That non-melanoma skin cancer was found in
33.3 per cent mountain guides, 27.4 per cent farmers, 19.5 per cent garden workers and
5.6 per cent workers working in the home. The researchers said that working outside
Switch to also got to see the most risk mountain guides. Vitamin Therapy Can Reduce Skin Cancer Danger
According to scientists, the therapy used in the form of vitamin B3 may possibly reduce
the risk of malignant skin cancer called melanoma. These scientists also include a scientist
of Indian origin. Researchers from Sydney University of Australia
found that nicotinamide, can help reduce the decreasing disease-resistant capacity and
reversing it due to damage caused by DNA, swelling and ultraviolet radiation. The researchers said that on the advice of
the doctor, every day, taking one gram nicotinamide, it costs 10 US dollars per month. He said that random placebo controlled testing
is now necessary to determine its efficiency and safety for the prevention of melanoma. Ultraviolet radiation (UVR) causes DNA damage
to melanocytes. Researchers have pointed out that nicotinemide
(vitamin B3) fixes DNA damage, which regulates inflammation by UVR, and reduces the decline
in immunity from UV rays.

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