⚠️ YOUTUBE cambiará el ALGORITMO | Noticias Marketing Digital
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⚠️ YOUTUBE cambiará el ALGORITMO | Noticias Marketing Digital

Hello curious and inquisitive. Like every Monday, we make
a summary, with the best marketing news Social networks and technology across YouTube.
And watch the news this week are amazing. For example, we ‘ll talk that Facebook has
stopped showing the number of ‘I like you’ in Australia. Or Instagram launches the function
“Restrict” to combat harassment. And it has also taken account, to
motivate aspiring “influencers”. Also, you are putting into practice
a new button “Send message” in Stories of ads. Or they have introduced
a new sticker for product launches. Or that Twitter finally and lets you search
in your direct messages. And WhatsApp, Test messages that self – destruct.
Or that LinkedIn is the social network, which most users trust. And talk about
YouTube is that the platform will alert creators when their videos can
be controversial. And besides, Youtube is looking more addicting an algorithm. These and other news that will explain,
will not leave anyone indifferent. So I recommend that ye see to the end …
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3 videos featured each week. I’m JJ Priego and this is Easypromos TV! Vamoooossss!!!! [MUSIC] These are the best news of the week.
Let us begin! 1. Facebook has stopped showing the number
of ‘likes’ in Australia As reported by TechCrunch, Facebook,
it has stopped showing the number of ‘likes’ published by its users in Australia. In addition to the ‘I like’ and other reactions,
Facebook is also hiding, the number of video views, because at the
end, they want to fight the effects are common in any metric that measures the
popularity of a user. A Facebook spokesman said that with
this experiment, collect information, to understand whether this change improves the experiences
of the people “. And it is that social networks have become
in many cases, showcases for ego. And that’s what Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
want to avoid … So all is Hiding raise the number of “I
like you”. That if, as always, the creator Content you can see the exact number
of interactions … 2. Instagram Launches “Restrict” function
to combat harassment Instagram, is making a special emphasis,
to avoid bullying or harassment on the network social and, for this, as I discussed here
in early July, he announced it was working on two new features. Well, now, after a period of testing,
Insta has started to add the feature ‘Restrict’ in your app for iOS and Android. It is, in a manner similar to that of blocking action,
but the person you restrict yourself , you can continue commenting as if nothing happened. That is to
say, neither you, nor the rest of users you have access to your profile will see your comments,
but he or she will not be aware of it. In addition, restricted users can not
see when you are online or if you have read direct messages. I think something super
interesting … 3. Instagram launches an account to motivate
aspiring “influencers” Instagram, has launched a new account, which
bears the name @creators and aims, It is to motivate aspiring influencers
and creators, to continue creating content for the platform, through its various
formats, whether publications in the feed, Stories in the videos IGTV. According to the account description, it
seeks to teach followers to create Instagram content. In one of the publications
that has already been done also it detailed that will show users how to improve the
role of content creators, sharing ideas, tips and tricks. In addition, also
it will reveal how the algorithm works Instagram, among other things. According to Brooke Ozaydinli, marketing
product Instagram, the account also tips on how to win will be offered
money to publications on the platform. And … considering that at the moment,
is not something that officially can do Instagram, it is curious to see how the
company will address this type of content. We’ll be alert… 4. New button “Send Message” on
ads from Facebook and Stories Instagram Facebook executives have announced
the launch of a new function, It can be very useful for advertisers,
because now, may include a new button CTA, a call to action, to start
a conversation in Messenger. Thus, marketers may include a button
in the Sponsored Stories, Facebook or Instagram, so users can open
a conversation. With this new announced from California,
advertisers using one of the above platforms, they can receive messages from
users as part of their ads, as these, they will appear the possibility to
start a conversation, within images and advertising videos. I think a tool
extremely useful … 5. New sticker for product launches
in Instagram Stories And more than Instagram, and that the social network is
not for releasing new features, reaffirming its commitment to developing,
in an e – commerce platform, a platform, where users can
shop easily and without leaving the application. For months, companies can use
the Calls, to directly sell their products. But now, the social network has launched a new
sticker, which will remind the release, of a particular product in Instagram Stories. The new sticker will allow indicate the
date, which will be put on sale a product, provide more information to
users and most importantly serve as reminder to the completion of the purchase. And, those users who have so
indicated to see the sticker, receive a notice at the time when the product
is available and thus may acquire, without having to leave Instagram. So far, these new features,
are reserved to a few partners Instagram, such as Adidas and Levi’s and depending
on the test results, implement Instagram functionality in other markets and more
partner brands. 6. Twitter and lets you search through your messages
direct Twitter is one of the social networks most
used to find information. But… when it comes to search through messages
that you send things get complicated, at least until now. It turns out that the social network bird has
enabled a new feature with which you can find, any messages that you have
saved in your mailbox private. For the So it ended the pulling movement
vertical, if you know the name of the person you sent the message. This way, you
only have to put your name and appear results. At the moment, this feature is for iPhones
and soon will be released for Android. 7. WhatsApp test messages that self-destruct The messaging app is testing phase
beta this function, which resembles, of course , to which first launched Snapchat,
and has served as an inspiration to others applications like Gmail or Telegram. The new feature of WhatsApp, let
configure messages to self – destruct, after a period of time.
For now, the beta, you can choose from 5 seconds to an hour. Then, as
Inspector Gadget, messages will self – destruct … And with that, WhatsApp expands its options
related to security and privacy. Do you like this new feature? Did You will wear? 8. LinkedIn is the social network in which more
trusted by users For if curious, according to a report from Business
Insider, LinkedIn, the social network is more inspires confidence among Internet users
for the third consecutive year, followed closely by Pinterest. And on the opposite side, it stands
as Facebook … Thus the user experience on LinkedIn,
the relevance of the use of this platform, protection of data and the ability
to share content, are the four aspects most valued Internet,
when say about the professional network. Moreover, this is very important, because a
consumer will be more likely to consume a service or product, when it is announced
on a platform you trust. 9. YouTube creators alert when
your videos can be controversial YouTube has introduced an improvement, which is
focused on a program to deal with scandals on the content of its platform: videos
related to extremism and exploitation childish. Neal Mohan, YouTube product manager, has
said that to cover these two problems and besides, video creators who
we have complained about the rules of YouTube for demonetization, we can get
profits on advertising, they are experiencing with a program of “self-certification”. That is, alert YouTube creators,
when your videos can be controversial. For Therefore, we will inform YouTube about
what is in our videos and if they contain rude or controversial content. The idea
is that video creators, let them know YouTube, which of our content, follow
the guidelines monetization platform. Thus, creators can move all this
information and the platform “trust” the creators … Yes, Mohan also confirmed that the company
carry out audits and controls to prevent abuses. So, if someone violates that trust, it
will be difficult for them to be part of this Program. What do you think of all this? 10. Youtube looking for an even more addictive algorithm A new report by Google, has proposed an
algorithm update YouTube, intended recommend even more personalized content
to users, in order to increase visits. As explained on the website of MIT, which is
eco filtration Google document, the proposal for the new algorithm Youtube,
passing avoid what technology calls “Implicit bias”. In simple words, the company wants to
have more tools to find out if users watch videos because they are interested
or because they were recommended to them, so launch better recommendations that result
in longer within the page, and of course, also increased exposure to advertising. Google document explains that the new
model could be: whenever a user clicks on a video, should be considered
also, the place that video on the recommendations bar. If you are at
the top of the bar, such content will have less weight than if it is
in the middle or at the bottom of the list recommendations, because to get there,
the user must do more, meaning which it is content that is really
interested. Google researchers, found
greater user participation in Youtube, when they tested this new system,
so they give their approval to the setting algorithm. What about you do you think? Well, here ‘s the best news
of the week, next week more and better. How you have fallen curious and inquisitive? What do you think of this video? What
news has impressed you the most? You can leave your opinions in the comments,
read them all … Just as the answer to the question I am going to do. Let ‘s see, who
knows. What is the origin of the name Whatsapp? Good luck to everyone… And nothing, apart from giving like the video, subscribe
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and Stories of History. And remember, knowledge is an essential requirement
for survival. Many thanks.

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