✅ ➡️ Kids Branding Tips Where Does Branding Start for Children ❓
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✅ ➡️ Kids Branding Tips Where Does Branding Start for Children ❓

Hey, Showstoppers, it’s Steven from stevenshow08
and this video is Part 2 of my Branding Basics Series where if you don’t answer this ONE
important question, your branding will NEVER work. Ever! This is all about Kids Branding Tips and where
we’re going to see: where does branding even start for children? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! So make sure you hit that Like button if you’re
excited AND be sure to Subscribe to get help with online marketing and branding that’s
meant for Digital Natives like us. PLUS make sure that you watch until the end
so that YOU can learn how to give yourself the best start, and why not, since Stevenshow08
is all about making YOU the star of YOUR own show! Now, if you’ve always wanted to have your
own business but you’re kind of young and you don’t think the people around you are
taking you seriously OR they don’t know the best way to help you become a star, well,
YOU’VE come to the right place. Because this is Part 2 of my Branding Basics
series. We’re building the foundation of the house
of your brand’s success. But before we get started, if you’re looking
for all the support you need as a young entrepreneur, you definitely want to sign up for the stevenshow08
Branding Quick Start Guide. So you can register by clicking on the link
below this video. Confused people don’t buy. Confused people don’t just like you…just
because they should somehow. You can’t just put out any old stuff online
and think that you’re going to get a huge following just because you’re awesome. So you have to get really clear on WHOM your
target audience is. The next videos in this series will help you
make your brand work for you after you decide on WHOM you’re trying to please. So be sure you subscribe because you don’t
want to miss a single part of this series! When you know WHOM your target audience is,
then you have a pretty good idea WHAT they want and WHY they want it. Your target audience is your niche. They’re your future followers. You just haven’t met them yet. When you nail down WHOM your target audience
should be, you’ll know how to put your product out there so that they will love you once
you DO meet up online. You’re a kid. You’re cute. We all know it. But that’s not enough, Showstopper. First, you have to know whom you’re creating
your dancing or singing or rapping or YouTube experience for. Plan both your customers and branding together. Exactly what do the people do and should like
you LOOK like? What do they LIKE? How do they act? See, you have to FIND your target market. NOT make them out of thin air. When someone shows up to your YouTube video
or sees the show that is you and your content, they have to say to themselves…. I’m in the right place! This is just for me! But how do you get the people to think THAT? Again, decide WHOM your target audience is. And then cater everything that you do to them,
so that someone exactly like them would love it once they see your stuff. So like I said before: the confused don’t
buy. The confused don’t care. For people to care, you have to be exactly
what they like and are already looking for. That’s what they care about! You already know what you want to give them. Just make sure it’s that it’s the form
that they already want! Your brand experience will be just right. Check out my video talking about the brand
experience. The next video in this series will help you
get more specific about how to convince your audience that YOUR brand is better than any
other one out there. Now you know that you have to know exactly
WHOM your target audience is to have a brand experience that they want. And know that you’ve got to keep watching
this series so I can help you refine this stuff. But do YOU have a way to get your show off
the ground once you’ve launched it? No problem. I’ve got my stevenshow08 Branding Quick
Start Guide to help! Click the link in the description below to get your copy right now. No worries. It’s free. If you like the video, hit the Like button
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YOU the star of YOUR own show!

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