✅ TOP 5: Best Laptop For Music Production 2020
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✅ TOP 5: Best Laptop For Music Production 2020

Are you looking for the best laptop for music
production? In this video we’ll break down the top laptops
for music production available whilst comparing them for price versus performance. Before we get started with our video detailing
the best music production laptops on the market, we have included links in the description
for each product mentioned, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your
budget range. Starting off at number 1 we have the Apple
MacBook Pro 15” Retina. Apple has been well-known for years as a leader
in computer technology. The MacBook Pro 15″ with a brilliant 15.4
inches of Retina display and Touch Bar is no exception. This computer is usually the first choice
when it comes to producing music. You get to choose between the Intel Core i7
or i9 processor, either of which will give you more than enough processing speed to do
what you need to do. You also have the option of a 256GB SSD or
a 512GB SSD. It also comes with 16GB of RAM, upgradable
to 32GB. At number 2 we have the Razer Blade Stealth
Graphics Model. The Razer Blade Stealth may be small, but
don’t underestimate its power based on that. With a quad-core Intel i7 processor it delivers
4.6 GHz in processing speed. Combined with 16GB of RAM, up to 11 hours
of battery life, and 256GB of disk space, the possibilities are endless. This computer is an excellent choice for music
production or gaming and has the power to do both. Equally impressive is that all of that power
is packed into a super thin, 13.3” frame, making it very portable for the DJ always
on the go. You won’t find any other ultrabooks with
this much power. At number 3 we have the Acer Predator Helios
300. The first in our video to be below $1,000,
the Acer Predator Helios 300 still meets the minimum requirements for producing music. Packing a 6-core Intel Core i7 processor it
delivers 4.1 GHz of processing speed. It also comes with 16GB of RAM and an Nvidia
GTX 1060, making it an excellent choice for gaming as well. If you’re looking for a cheap laptop that
meets all of your needs for producing quality music, you can’t get much better than this
one. At number 4 we have the HP Spectre x360-13t. The HP Spectre x360-13t is one of the best
options available for music production, video editing, or gaming. With a Quad Core Intel i7 processor, 16GB
of RAM, 512 GB of disk space, and an Intel UHD Graphics 620 card, this literally has
everything you need for whatever purpose you need it for. And with all of that power also comes the
convenient 2-in-1 convertible feature, meaning that one minute it can be a laptop, and the
next a tablet. With a 13.3” screen size, it’ll be super
easy to take this one on the road and have all of your files with you as well. At number 5 we have the Microsoft Surface
Pro 6. The Surface Pro easily blows people away with
how powerful it is, especially given that the battery life easily sits at 13.5 hours. And that’s even with standard video streaming. You get to choose between the Intel Core i5
or i7 processor; either way, it’ll perform well enough for your music production needs. Although the RAM sits at 8GB, you won’t
be able to tell unless you usually do a lot of heavy work. And at just 1.7lbs, this will hardly add any
bulk to your mobile set up. This is the most affordable laptop on this
list and will work well if you’re on a very tight budget. At number 7 we have the Dell XPS 9570. The Dell XPS 9570 is probably the most powerful
laptop on this list, sporting an Intel Core i7 processor, 32GB of RAM, and a 1TB hard
drive. This laptop not only matches the MacBook in
power and speed but exceeds it. And the Dell XPS 9570 costs about $400 less. Serious music producers, video or graphics
editors, and gamers will love having this powerful piece of hardware to do whatever
they want with. This is by far the best Windows laptop for
music production. At number 8 we have the ASUS ROG Strix Scar
II. For hardcore music producers and DJs who also
need the perfect gaming laptop, look no further. The ROG Strix Scar II brings you superior
power and performance, along with the most stylish features you’ll find for a high-end
laptop. It has a 144 Hz narrow-bezel display with
ultra-fast gray-to-gray response time. It also brings the best in video graphics
with the GeForce RTX graphics card. Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of RAM gives
you the right amount of power and speed, and the Hypercool Pro thermal system keeps the
hard drive cool and dust free. Do what you want on this laptop without fearing
it overheating. And for our final pick at number 9 we have
the Huawei Matebook 13. Don’t let the simple design of the Huawei
Matebook fool you. It still packs a punch with an Intel Core
i7 processor, boosting performance up to 40% over its predecessor. And it comes with the Nvidia GeForce MX150,
making this a great laptop for video editing or casual gaming. 8GB of RAM allows for light to moderate music
producing, and the precision touch screen makes it easy to navigate any of your programs
or apps. Packed in a slim 13” frame and weighing
only 2.86lbs, this laptop will be easy to take with you on the road. So that sums up our top music production laptops
of 2020. We hope you enjoyed. If you did please leave a like on the video
and if you’re new here hit that subscribe button. Until next time have a great day.

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7 thoughts on “✅ TOP 5: Best Laptop For Music Production 2020

  1. Anyone have more reviews for #5? I’m trying to start producing my own music and want to know if this is a good computer to start with

  2. So MacBook or razor ? I live in a box … but so it seems as if a razor has both or both worlds gaming and music production could a Mac do both ? Or maybe it can do both but which would be better for both ?

  3. Budget laptops for music production:

    – HP 15S-FQ1041NS (i5-1035G1/16GB/1TB SSD/15.6") 600€

    – HP Pavilion Gaming 15-DK0020NS (i5-9300H/16GB/512GB SSD/GTX 1050/15.6") 700€

    – Asus X571GD-BQ352 (i5-8300H/16GB/1TB+256GB SSD/GTX 1050/15.6") 700€

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