✅ Video Marketing Blaster Pro Review With Tutorial & Proof
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✅ Video Marketing Blaster Pro Review With Tutorial & Proof

– Hey guys, this is
Chris with AffiliateTube. Today we’re looking at
Video Marketing Blaster Pro, it’s one of the products available from The Blaster Suite Tools. You can find that link
directly under this video. Just click on it, it
will take you to the page where you can learn
more about this product and all the other
marketing tools they have. Many of them even integrates flawlessly with Video Marketing Blaster Pro. Here we are inside the software, first thing you’re going
to see is the dashboard, which gives you an overview
of all your campaigns and things you’ve currently done. Over here, you’re going to
see the popular searches available within the
United States on YouTube or any of these other
countries that you select. As we move on to the
next tab for keywords, this allows us to enter a main keyword and find a lot of information very quickly that would otherwise take
us a long time to do, such as finding your competitors,
getting search results, generating video details,
and also researching other keywords that we
may find of interest to use within our campaign. The first thing we want to do
is type in our main keyword, and for this example I’m gonna be looking to do a possible project with
portable air compressors. I want to go ahead and just
type in that main keyword, and we’re going to click
on “Research keyword”. Now sometimes this can
take several minutes, maybe upwards of five minutes, and so what I’m going to do is pause the video until it’s done gathering
this information, and then we’ll review it. So it took nearly about five minutes, and now we have a list of keywords that Video Marketing
Blaster has gathered for us, as well as the source where
the keywords came from, the ranking and the search results. What we can do is, we can
skim through this list and we can go check some of
the keywords that we like. For example, we’ll go down here and just check some of these. We’ll just leave it at that for now. Now what we can do is, we can
copy these to the clipboard, and we can move on to the next step, which is the video details. When we move over here, you can see here that it’s already taken our main keyword, “portable air compressors”,
and it’s created a title, a description,
and some tags for us based upon the top
ranked videos on YouTube. We can change these if we want to, by simply double-clicking on any of these pre-selected titles
that it’s given for us, as well as the suggested phrases and tags, we can change any of
these by double-clicking and it’ll add them to the information here that we upload for YouTube videos. What I want to do is,
we’re going to go over here and we’re going to do “semi-automatic”, or actually let’s just do, we’ll do “from competitors”, and for our keyword, we’re going to paste in the
ones that we just copied, and we’re going to click
on “start generating”. What this is going to do
is, it’s going to take all those keywords,
gather that information, and for each one of those keywords, it’s going to create a
title, a description, and tags for us based
upon the top ranked videos and what it suggests for us. That will help us to increase our chances of being in the top results on YouTube. What I’m going to do, you can see it going through the process
here of collecting all the information, it’s scraping data from Google, putting
together titles for us, descriptions and tags, all
this so we don’t have to do it. I’m going to go ahead and let
it run through and do this, and then I’ll be right back. Alright, so now that we have
all of our keywords here and all the information has been built and put together for it, we
can further refine it by adding our own information
to it if we’d like. We can also right-click
on any of the keywords, and it gives us additional
options to adding certain text before
descriptions, before tags, titles, you can also
capitalize the first letter of all the words of the title. We can replace items, there’s just different things you can do here. And you can generate more video details for your particular keywords so if you want to duplicate a keyword and get more content for
it, you can do that as well. Once you’re satisfied with these, you can simply select all of them, oh I forgot to mention too, if you select one of these keywords and
click on “view suggestions”, it’s going to give you an estimated amount of views, likes,
comments, and subscribers that it would take for you to get in the top ranking position
for this particular keyword. Now remember, this is
just an estimated amount, and Video Marketing Blaster Pro, all the Blaster Suite products, within here you can also
use their own service that they have for buying views, if you do that type of YouTube marketing. Once you have your keyword,
you can simply select them all, click on
“export” and you can export all the items and the details to the Mass Video Blaster Pro
software to a CSV file, or to the Live Event Blaster. All these other tools that they have integrate so well together. You’d simply open up the
other tool that you’re using, such as the Mass Video Blaster Pro, you would import the file,
it would automatically load it, and then from there you can, if you’d like to further
edit, refine it, you can. If not, you can schedule the videos to go out within multiple
YouTube accounts, within a single YouTube
account, and you can schedule it for certain days to be put
out onto those accounts. The same thing with
the Live Event Blaster, you can have it scheduled to
go out to different accounts or live events, and this
is a great way to also kinda test the water with certain keywords using Live Event Blaster,
and kinda find out where they’re gonna rank. Using Live Event Blaster
is a great tool to kinda get your feet wet within a certain topic, niche, or keywords
because with most live events, they do rank very, very quickly. Within a matter of a few minutes. Once you post your videos up
on your live event stream, or one of your YouTube
channels, you can go in there and you can see where they’re ranking, and find out for sure if
it’s ranking well enough, if those are words or keywords
that you want to target and focus on to really build
a huge campaign of one. Overall, if you do YouTube marketing, and if you want a quick way
to find a lot of information based upon keywords, based
upon your competitors, and also how profitable they may be, then Video Marketing Blaster Pro is an excellent tool to do that with. I also want to mention
another keyword tool that I use for all my
projects and campaigns, and I want to show you
guys just real quickly what it does, how it works, and how it may benefit you as well. Okay, so this is a tool called KWFinder, you can find a link for it
underneath this video as well. For this tool, all you have
to do is enter a keyword and either click on the “suggestions” tab, the “autocomplete” or the “questions”, and it’s gonna give you back a variety of keywords related to that. You can go through here
and you can select the ones that you like, the ones you don’t like, it’s going to show you the search trend based upon the Google search trend data, as well as an estimated search volume, estimated cost per click, the level of competition
in paper click advertising, and how difficult it is to
rank for these keywords. What it does is it takes this data here, and it puts it together
on the right hand column for whatever key word you click on, for example if we was to go down here and click on “80 gallon air compressor”, it’s going to load the data over here, it’s going to show us the search trend, its going to show us whether this keyword is easy or difficult to rank for, as well as the top 10 search results. We can see more information such as the domain authority, the page authority, links, Facebook, and how difficult it is to beat each one of these. Now we can even research further than that by clicking on “analyze surfs”, and it will go into more detail and break each one of these down more. Just to give you a
quick idea, this tool is extremely beneficial to anyone who does online marketing,
and I do highly recommend it. Before I end this video,
there’s a couple other things that I do want to talk about. One is the “competitors” tab up here. If I click on that, it’s going to show me a very colorful and bright screen here. It kind of breaks down everything of the top ranked videos
for that particular keyword. You can scroll down here
and you can see the details. They have little images
here showing you whether the SEO is good or bad, it tells you how many views the video has had, the comments, the likes, the channels and its overall score as
well as the views per day. There’s a lot of different
things you can do with this information,
if you work with YouTube. Lastly, there is the “rank
tracker”, which will allow you to add your YouTube videos in here, it’s going to show you where they’re going to rank on Google. That’s all there is to it
with Video Marketing Blaster. Less than five minutes, you can have a whole campaign set up for
a massive list of keywords for something that you want
to promote or get traffic to. I do highly recommend this product, it works extremely well
for affiliate marketing, it works great for local marketing, and pretty much anything that you wanna start getting traffic to. That’s my review of Video
Marketing Blaster Pro. You can get more details about it by visiting the link under this video. Overall guys, this is one
of the best tools out there available for YouTube marketing. If you liked this video,
if you found it helpful, please like the video,
subscribe to my YouTube channel, and you’ll be notified of all
future updates that we have. Until then, have a great day.

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