❤️How to Grow a Marketing List + FB Group Hack! | Constant Contact, Optin Monster and More
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❤️How to Grow a Marketing List + FB Group Hack! | Constant Contact, Optin Monster and More

I appreciate you guys all being here
Catherine Robyn is a lender welcome so same very similar principles for you
Catherine we have Linda in Northwest Arkansas and executive broker perfect
alright so I’m really not seeing anything to be outside of the real
estate industry primarily real estate agents lenders ok so wonderful you guys
are in the right place so really quick before I switch this screen on I assume
you guys are all here because you’ve already you already know who I am
if you if you’re a first-time or let me know my name is Lori Ballen and i own a
real estate business here in las vegas nevada and been a top agent in Vegas
since I started in 2007 got really into short sales hated short sales but
decided I had to own it in my market or I wasn’t gonna survive so I got really
two short sales quickly found myself in the top 1% of all real estate agents
does a brand new agent and have just kind of like everybody else failed
forward along the way I built my team up really big and then took it back really
small changed my model a few times not ashamed of any of it because I think we
have to figure out what’s right for us and a lot of times I have a tendency
I’ve liked others I’ve had a tendency to chase shiny objects or here’s somebody
on the stage I go yeah I need to do that and you know got really influenced by
you need to expand you need to expand you need to expand which set me back
about a year trying to do that too big and too fast right so I also am a
six-figure affiliate marketer and basically what that means is I talk
about products and services and I get paid a commission when people purchase
through my link and I earn six figures pretty passively on the backside and it
took me about five years to build that up and it was accidental more than
anything as a teacher trainer I teach software people just naturally want to
use the tools that I use they sign up and I benefit so that is my favorite
thing I’ve ever done on the planet because
it’s security it’s it’s life I just took my entire family to audit Alaska cruise
and I and I paid for the entire thing for six of us brother’s daughter fiance
daughters fiance and I credit affiliate marketing to that
that being said real estate pays my bills so all my basic bills are covered
by real estate I have an unconventional model I won’t get into that too far
today but at highly generate and they close so I don’t actually work with
clients I haven’t now for nine years so still sell homes but I don’t work with
clients I just do the lead jet all right so all of this ties into what we’re
going to talk about today which I’m going to pop open on my screen here and
that is the ability to lead generate and convert through a mailing list or I
really want to call it a list now let me click my turn turn screen on oh yes I
remember having problems with this last time okay we are gonna share just the
application window and see if that works for us okay now let me look on my screen
last time I couldn’t see it what was happening is so today I hooked up an
external monitor so I can see what you guys are seeing hang on you didn’t lose
me I’m just trying to get this to show me ah
I see it okay I have to keep in mind there’s a 10-second delay on this
software which isn’t optimal but I love the platform in so many other ways that
I’m willing to deal with the 10 second delay at least for right now alright so
on my screen you guys should see my constant contact dashboard now constant
contacts is an email platform and what I want to stress right out of the gate
here is that today’s concepts are going to carry with you whatever software you
are using so I’m going to demo today some some principles on software that I
use so today I’m going to show you how I do certain things on Constant Contact
and I’m going to show you optinmonster because oh my gosh how much
I love optinmonster and I want you to understand that you can do many of these
things with many different platforms from Infusionsoft to Salesforce to I
don’t know what you use and follow a boss tu-2 command soon although not yet
right it doesn’t have all the customization abilities of your Keller
Williams agent I know we’re all talking about the new technology and we’ll
hopefully we’ll be able to do more of this with that platform but as of today
I still need to keep my constant contact and my Infusionsoft going because it’s
still updating okay all right I can see the chat I’m gonna keep this open and
it’s working for me great so far so if you are having questions as we go
through this that I can see your chats so keep that open I like us to be super
interactive I know I just I just made the screen squirrely it’ll it’ll fix
itself a second so keep it up so the more we engage the better value you’re
gonna get out of this okay so alright so Angela you’ve been using
MailChimp now here’s what I don’t know I don’t
know when i show you my processes I don’t know weird necessarily some of
these platforms would do whatever I’m gonna do so you might have to dive into
there okay I personally have not been a super avid MailChimp user in years but I
do understand that with Kate you command which I am gonna be teaching
on so I think it’s important to use that in my trainings today as well talk about
it with command they did tell me yesterday that MailChimp is going to be
our email software now I put in a request that they integrate Constant
Contact a bunch of us are integrating requesting integration for Infusionsoft
and I’m sure those things will come so don’t freak out today is my point with
whatever platform you’re using please listen to the concepts and then see how
it might work near platform I also want to tell you a couple other things my
brother’s over it ballon brands it’s a company that I founded but they own and
they provides a service service department if you say after you watch
this webinar and you say you know what oh my gosh I want what Laurie has with
her email campaigns or her texts tyler’s or whatever you can call them and say I
this is what I want and I’m using MailChimp or this is what I won and I
love it on Constant Contact or on often monster or on Infusionsoft and they’ll
kind of work with you on what you have and they can help you build this out a
lot of you guys are not going to want to sit and do this stuff but I do want to
show you how easy some of it is if you do want to do it yourself is that fair
so kind of give you a couple choices so I chose Constant Contact / MailChimp
because of a lot of a lot of the one MailChimp is really strict and not as
friendly for affiliate marketers and when you’re building a massive email
list that’s something to consider so for me that was one of the reasons also I
wanted some of the features and I can’t really remember I wrote a blog on it on
Lauri Balan calm on the differences I first chose Infusionsoft is still my
favorite when it comes to all-in-one everything everything
so if you if you’re geeky enough and if if you like bells and whistles like I do
you know if this then that and I can tag this and if this tag happens then this
list happens and you want to add in you know third-party integrations and
e-commerce and you know other kinds of drips in text Infusionsoft is super
amazing but the reason I switched over to Constant Contact one of the main
reasons why I’m not using fusion softest of primaries because I’m a teacher
trainer and I was finding that and there weren’t enough of you guys willing to
adopt the process to learn Infusionsoft and so I wanted to give another option
okay okay so you guys are asking for a couple contact things so um I thought
I’d pin to the chat log but I don’t see it so well then let me see here let me
throw the in case anybody has to go let me just throw out a few of these
contacts things for you super quick here first one I’m gonna give you is I’m a
little slow at this part sorry offer let me see if this works okay so
first thing is the contact info no contact info for my brother’s at valid
brands hold on shoot here we go offers sorry my offers tab disappears
what I’m sharing my screen ah it works okay just ignore the middle piece for a
second let me do this turn screens you’re off for a second okay so there’s
valid brands and then here is I’m still here I just wanted that squirrely thing
in the middle to go away for a second there is the valid brands info because
once I start training I’m gonna go fast here is okay oh it looks like I can’t
post two at a time so let me take that one down so that’s Balan bran 702 nine
one 707 55 or Balan brands com I also put in your playback email so don’t
panic if you’re gonna get a playback email and then here’s the offer for
Constant Contact I’ve got a free trial link for you do
you want to check this out whoops hold on there it is publish okay
I’m figuring this out that’s constant contact and again I put a link in your
email and if for any reason you need just message me after I can get it for
you I am an affiliate of Constant Contact I do benefit if you wind up
making a purchase I am with most of my software that I use and then so that’s
Constant Contact so if you clicked that you can get your free trial I think it’s
a 30-day free trial and then the other one I’m gonna give you today is
optinmonster so let me remove that one I also can post the links in the chats and
I’m gonna leave this often monster one here as soon as I put it here offers
optinmonster okay achtung monster so optinmonster integrates with MailChimp
with constant contact with Aweber with Infusionsoft so all of these software’s
play together but there is a little bit of integration required to get them to
do that and that’s where my brother’s of Allen brands might be helpful if you
don’t know the integrations and I’m happy to make training videos upon
request too and I also have a training course of Allen Academy comm or a bunch
of this stuff is in there all right good okay we all good I’m
gonna share my screen again here now we’re gonna go back to constant contacts okay I’m
to show you some really cool strategies for real estate and honestly that would
cross over to anything that you’re gonna be working okay mailing list people keep
saying that emails done and I guarantee you that is
not a true statement absolutely 100% false for me I still I
still see a massive benefit in creating lists but what I do want to express is
it’s not just email so now when we’re talking about registering mailing lists
we’re talking about being able to email them being able to textile them being
able to chat bought them being able to direct mail them so please understand
that today I’m not just talking about building an email list I’m talking about
building a follower list a list of subscribers to you the brand not just
burn email so you may reach Mike Smith with email every time but Suzy Jones
never opens an email but if you have a textile or setup and she’s given
permission for tech styling which you do and your lead capture rules in your
settings then she’s getting text from you and then you’ve got you know Bobby
Jackson just using the simplest names I can come up with that’s on that that
will only follow you through chat bot on Facebook right and then you’ve got
YouTube subscribers and then you know that so what we want to be doing is
creating a list that brings all of these in together regardless of how you’re
going to communicate with them because once you segment them you’re gonna be
able to reach them in the best way that that that you can reach that person so
don’t just think email however emails still super powerful when done right
okay now let me show you some examples of this and I’m watching the chat to see
if you guys have questions I’m going to open a new tab here and
we’re gonna go over to my website my real estate website I’m watching the
screen to see to watch when this transfer is over okay I see it coming in
now okay this may not pop up because I
already registered so I may have to show you what it looks like in optinmonster
oh there goes yeah okay hang on another two delay let me let me let you guys
watch this pop up watch for the pop-up in the middle so you guys should now see in the middle
there do you see that las vegas newsletter pop-up you guys caught up
with me so that pop-up is blowing my mind
on how many more real estate numbers and emails that specifically that i’m
getting right now every single day over idx registration holy cow I had no idea
so I you know I’ve always loved to offer photos on a property listing and then
pop up force lead capture because that was working right but the conversion was
really low you know people are registering because they have to not
because they want to and that’s oh that’s a much harder lead to cultivate
then somebody who says yes I want your item of value please email me which is
what this is over 90 x-force registration of oh hey visitor you have
to subscribe to view any more information on this property does it
work yes especially at the photo gallery I tested everything on leaf registration
and I would get the most registrations on forest at photo gallery when they
would view photos on a property so I have no problem capturing you know I
don’t know 20 30 leads a day whatever through ID acts registration but this is
more powerful and it’s converting open rates and click to rates at an
astronomical number higher than any average I’ve looked up and all it is is
a newsletter now I would have thought people would shy away from a newsletter
and that’s not at all that’s not happening so this morning I got one
somebody registered for this exact pop up and
they were on my website page that was about snakes in Las Vegas snakes snakes
not real estate my blog was all about what snakes are in Las Vegas and they
registered for the newsletter now they key is what are we gonna send
them after which I want to go into a little bit okay but let me talk about
how these pop-ups work so I see a question here hold on
Arielle wants to know are all of your websites built with WordPress let me
close this so I can see your questions I’m pausing just because I want to make
sure I’m answering this correctly and I yes yes they haven’t always been I used
to build I’ve built on as far as real estate goes I built on market leader I
built on the agency websites I built on point to agent I built on several of
those and the reason I wound up adopting WordPress was for this exact reason
because I wanted to be able to add these kind of codes and pop-ups and and
banners on the top of the website in a way that I could control that wasn’t
offensive like for example see how this little there’s an X up here so the the
visitor can close that out they’re not forced to do anything I also can control
when it pops up so I never have my own pop-up it at the first landing I want it
to be like 15 seconds later cuz I don’t want to offend anybody when they first
land on my website are they’re gonna bounce off that’s gonna hurt my search
engine rankings it’s gonna provide a poor user experience so I’m I play with
these in tesam some of them will slide out some of them all show up only the
top sometimes it’ll be at the bottom and then I watch the conversion rates everybody else do with me Judy says she
lost me I just want to make sure that that I’m still here for everybody else okay looks like it cuz Ariel is
answering great I have my domain I’m gonna start building soon okay um I have
lots of training videos you guys on set in several places I’m a teacher first a
salesperson never I am NOT a salesperson I offer our teaching product service
consulting as a byproduct of teaching because people need it more than
anything else and of course yes entrepreneurial wise I’ve got businesses
built around it but I always will help you go to where
you can get those resources based on whatever your budget is whatever your
needs are so invalid Academy where I created a courses I have lots and lots
of training on this if you can afford I call it the Balan method which is my
training course also YouTube okay let me type this in here for you I think I can
do it here youtube.com slash Lorie Balan let’s see if this works to everybody okay
ah but the links not live okay so I got to do it differently anyway go to
youtube.com type in Lorie Balan I’ve got a few YouTube channels but the primary
one of where I do all my training is here so I’ve got like how I’ve got a one
video that is how to build your own real estate website using the agent press Pro
WordPress theme so I’m trying to meet you guys where you are and give you
training if you want to build your own website here are some ideas if you know
my brother’s over Vallon brands build WordPress websites so you know you want
one you don’t want to build it call them if you know you can put your hands on it
or your admin can then I want to help you with that too and I’ve got some
training on that too WordPress is my favorite because and not all wordpress
by the way like if you’re using WordPress on a platform where they lock
up your features so you can’t add temp you can’t add codes you can’t you know
whatever there’s a lot of companies it’ll give you a WordPress site but they
don’t help they lock up all the they’ll lock up a lot of the settings well
that’s not good either so my suggestion is you own your own
WordPress you own your own domain you own your own hosting and you put in
these you put in things like this I have no idea as of yet where Keller Williams
comes in how how this will play with their platform I believe this is going
to be more lead gen and that’s gonna be more the culture cultivation but we’ll
see so today I’m gonna keep going as I go as we go and then I’ll show you how I
kind of am using all those other processes as we continue alright so let
me show you next step so guys this is so so simple so here’s optinmonster now
watch how simple this is I learned this in like minutes ok now yes I’m naturally
inclined to this kind of stuff but look how simple this is so what optinmonster
does is optinmonster provides the pop-up forms the slide informs the floating
bars inline content forms now Constant Contact also has a couple they just
don’t have as many options so for me I thought you know what it’s a like a
one-time payment for the year I can’t remember I want to test all this so I
went ahead and got it and here’s what I love often monster when somebody goes
through one of their forms which let me show you an example here let me pop this
one up when somebody goes through one of these forms when the email comes in to
me I get their IP address now what the IP address allows me to do is I can put
the IP address in my analytic software it’s it sounds geeky but it’s it’s just
a simple process and I can see where that lead came from I can see the source
was at Google was it paid Google was it Facebook was a Facebook ad was it a blog
did they what what what page on my website did they register from you know
I can see their location not their address but where they’re at their
mobile device or where they using a desktop like I mean there’s so much I
can see what I have their IP address so I’m not getting the IP address from
Constant Contact but I am getting the IP address from optinmonster and then I
monster also gives me way more options on how to control my farms so if we look
at constant contact in itself if I were to go set up one of these pop-ups I can
do that so let’s just say you go I just I really want to see what caused the
contact does we go in here I go to create and I say I’m gonna create a
landing page okay I love this landing page very simple I can add an image on
the top I can control the forms and if any of you guys have signed up for any
my list recently you recognize this although it has on my brandy I so for
example I did a list yesterday hey everybody that wants all of my kW
command training here’s a list to sign up for so in this particular case I’m
giving them a link and I’m sharing out on Facebook so this is not popping up on
my website okay so they do have a couple options to get these forms to pop up on
the website but they’re very simple and you’re not going to be able to control a
lot on it okay fine to use but you’re just gonna
have limitations on your choices okay so I’ve got a page here could pop it up
where you can see what some of this looks like and then you can measure your
conversion rates when your contacts come in that’s so super cool your contacts
show up in a list so when you build your landing page you say all right over here
on Lorri balance on my website my Las Vegas website
I want everybody who signs up for this Las Vegas newsletter to go into my
mailing list called balint biggest newsletter I think it’s that one I’ve
got so many knots the back and like it’s not that one it’s one that has hundreds
people in it but it’s a simple setup when you build your landing page you
just click a button and say when people register put them in this list okay now optinmonster does the same
thing once you click the button got to integrate optinmonster and Constant
Contact or optinmonster and MailChimp or optinmonster and Infusionsoft whatever
it is you’re using then any of those needs to come in through optinmonster
will also drop into your list now here’s the beauty of this then you can go into
campaigns and create automation and it’s way way way easier than Infusionsoft
however it doesn’t do anywhere near as much as Infusionsoft would do if you
want to get super advanced that’s your choice but it does what you needed to do
in the sense that if you set up a campaign you can say if someone fills
out this pop-up then send them this series of emails
even better than that you can measure and segment based on
their clicks so I sent you guys all hotter newsletters those of you guys are
on my meat on my mailing list last month excuse me hmm sorry about that
let’s see I think it looked like let me see if I can pop it up here for a second
okay right here let’s look at this one oh you guys these newsletters are so
awesome and so easy to make I am in love in love with Constant Contact Nuala
newsletter platform in fact my daughter Sabrina who is then my marketing
director for the last few years and is now working in our off main office as a
marketing director for Debbie Zoe’s she emailed me yesterday told me how much
she’s in love with my new emails and that they’re I’m doing them through here
and I’m using template so that they’re stupid easy because I’m not super into
graphics so I need it to be really simple for me new branding I just made
so that’s going away up there as it this month but anyway guess what I do when
somebody gets this email not only now can
I measure the open rates the click-through rates right how many
people got it how many people opened it how many people clicked on it and I’ve
got a real estate one and coaching one I can measure see watch this if they click
on this Balan Academy right in the middle let’s just say that’s my real
estate newsletter and it says real estate market report when they click it
they go to another list so I can say if someone clicks on the real estate market
report then put them in the monthly real estate market report list
they’ve already subscribed they’ve already subscribed to all my mailing so
I’m okay to email them with permission-based
settings now I don’t want to put them in so many lists that they start getting a
barrage of emails from either aren’t relative but what I do want to know is
what’s interesting them so I’ve got take a look at this I’ve got I call to action
for my real estate course some of you guys saw this last month I’ve got a
little script here about my trip to my summer with my the teenager how great my
summer was you know because you want to personalize things you don’t want
everything to be generic so I’m letting them know I’m a real person but I’m not
going on and on and on about myself I’m just putting a quick little relatable um
bit in there and you do the same thing with real estate you should always have
a little on a personal note because people do business with people they know
or think they know they have to feel like they like you that they care about
you that you’re you’re trustworthy or you’re a mom or you’re a dad or you’re
friendly or you’re you know you’re a gold go-getter
whatever it is they will find relatability and that’s how you’re gonna
generate business okay this can also be done through text I’m not going to get
into all of those processes today again ballen brands can set that up for you and
I can bring more training on specifics if you guys say hey Lori I love what
you talked about with XYZ can we do a training just on that I’m all for it or
I’ll make you videos whatever so I’ve got that and then in this next one I’ve
got upcoming events so I have
my call to action for that the webinar that month and if the person clicks this
this is a constant contact feature if the person clicks this they’ll go to the
either you can add a tag or they’ll go to my new list it says monthly webinar
so now I know that person is interested in monthly webinars it doesn’t mean I’m
gonna email blast them all the time but at least it’s segmented that I can
choose to send a very specific message that person guys if you get one thing
out of today one thing here what I just said you have to reach your audience
with a specific product and message sorry so now so dry that reaches that
person a generic messages jack-of-all-trades it’s not going to
reach everybody it has to be specific so if I know my real-estate clients are
clicking on the hyper local blog portion so in the middle I’ve got here’s what’s
happening this week in Summerlin or here’s what here’s where to go see Santa
next month and I can see that the most popular thing on this newsletter is the
hyper local one I could increase the hyper local information offers so that I
get more click through more engagement to I know I can segment the list and
then start another drip email that specific only to or drip text or trip
treads drip bought or more YouTube videos on hyperlocal so we’re learning
by segmenting we’re learning and then we’re able to reach that person somebody
on this webinar just asked me about WordPress Lori you build all your all
your stuff of WordPress well have you guys don’t care about that stuff you’re
here to learn about email you’re not even thinking about that but if I know
specifically was it airing that air our aerial if I know specifically that
aerial is interested in WordPress well now I don’t have to nail Ariel with all
of my other stuff that’s generic but maybe I reach Ariel with my wordpress
trainings this is making sense share do you like this product better
leadpages yes 100% 100% I like optinmonster better than
leadpages now leadpages had some what I was using leadpages it was great
remember we teach what we have at the time and there’s almost always something
better coming out or whatever we’re using and we may not know about it so
levy just had some really cool features the ability to plug it into WordPress
and have those landing pages be actual URLs on your website but then you had
slow down on your website so it had Goods and Bad’s love some of the
templates on leadpages that were already all created for you and you could just
plug in the pictures but I I find and I haven’t used leadpages now my admin was
using that for the last year or two I haven’t used it in a while so I don’t
know what they got today versus two years ago and it was a great platform
and I was using it but I personally like I like this combination like
optinmonster and Infusionsoft optinmonster and Salesforce optinmonster
MailChimp Austin monster and Constant Contact
I like those integrations because I like what I could do with the forms on
optinmonster the best you watch this so look at all of these templates so you
can do a pop-up you can do a full-screen where it literally takes up the entire
space so watch let’s look at something like you’ve seen this before haven’t you
these little shopping wheels that pop out I’ll pop up when you’re going to buy
your shoes or looking at that product or that shirt of that skin cream and this
little thing pops up as I spin the wheel and you get a discount that’s that’s a
optinmonster feature and there’s other software that do these kinds of things
too but this is that this is one of the optinmonster features so the ability to
change the offer to fit is incredible and you want to know my absolute
favorite thing without getting too overly geeky you can change the offer
per page oh my gosh did you just sing to my segmenting audience
is passion my passion for segmenting audiences and reaching audiences in the
right place is huge it because that’s marketing that’s just marketing at its
best when you can when you can reach somebody with the interest that matters
to them and optinmonster’s allows me to say okay on my website about snakes that
has nothing to do with real estate but there’s a reason I do all that you can
learn that my other trainings being the hyper local expert helps me rank on
search engines primarily it helps generate interest it helps generate
specialty and it helps generate brand awareness so it’s very important to me
to do hyperlocal so what snakes are in Las Vegas I could have a pop up on that
page instead of just sign up for the newsletter which is only gonna have like
a two percent capture rate which is fine I could say download the list of the
most poisonous snakes in Vegas or download this list of steps to take if
you’re if you see a snake or whatever I want to do but it’s gonna be specific to
somebody who’s looking up information about snakes how long would it take you
to do that I could hire a writer and I teach that too by the way how to hire
writers but I get hire a writer for 20 bucks and say write me an article that’s
the nine things you should know if you encounter a snake there it is that’s
that’s what I looking for nine things you encounter if you see a
snake well then I can go into octave monster whoops and I can say all right
I’m going to use whatever whatever I’m going to use a floating bar I’m gonna
have this floating bar pop-up up top and it’s gonna look like this whoops there
it is do you see that popping up at the bottom I’m not sure if you guys can see
that on the screen it’s popping up at the bottom or I say I want a slight
infox let’s do that one and when somebody’s on my snakes page I want this
one to pop so you got on the right hand corner I
love this kind of box too and I’m testing them all you can a be test you
can say you know 50% are gonna get an inline a slide in and the other half are
going to get a you know you’re gonna measure these two based on number of
visits or whatever and you can measure which one converts best and you can use
that in the future so far that big pop in one is actually winning but I like
the looks of this one better my instincts they use this one cuz it’s
less intrusive but the larger ones converting better and optinmonster tells
me that so I love that I can go into my campaigns and say okay I’m gonna use
that let’s just go and pick the slide in and let me choose this one use template okay
what do you want to call it I’m gonna call this a test now look at this which
website do you want to load this campaign on I can load it on all my
websites I can load it just on my Quito website or my real estate website or my
affiliate marketing website so I’ll say let’s put this on Lori Alan calm I’m
just playing let this go too then we go to start building this is how easy it is
I really want you to see just the simplicity once you learn the steps of
doing some of these kinds of things that you may not realize or you’re gonna see
oh my gosh that’s too hard I want somebody else to build it for me and
that’s fine just me just don’t shy away from it that’s that’s the biggest deal
all right so then we go to opt-in settings and we can play with colors
then we go to display rules and what here here’s the magic if this then that
so if this person is on my website for a certain amount of time or clicked or
exited so you can have an exit pop-up or they scroll down to a certain part of my
screen or they visit it on this date okay but here’s the snake thing watch
this if current URL path is any page or is the home page or contains now I go
over here and I find my website that’s about
snakes and I type in that URL I don’t remember what it is on top I’m just
pretending now you click next step guess what happens you set up your
integration to say when somebody registers drop them in a constant
contact oh by the way optinmonster also has all your leads showing up on a page
so you can manage your leads from there but if you want to set up campaigns
you’ll want to have an email program or a text program or chat box or whatever
you’re going to use you can say if current path can’t equals snakes then
drop them into my constant contact then what you can say is send them this PDF
or redirect them to this page that has the answers or you can say in positive
contact set up an automation campaign send anybody registers for snakes this
email there’s a million ways to do this as my point okay I don’t want you to get
caught up too much in the how-to that being said if there was a high demand in
lure you want to learn how to do this step by step I’ll do a webinar for you
but I want you to kind of learn the concepts um
judy judy asked his optinmonster integrate with wise agent and Constant
Contact well it integrates with Constant Contact yes I don’t know about wise
agent so you know what uh let me see really quick opt-in monster integrations
let me see if there’s a list there is okay here we go
MailChimp Aweber Infusionsoft active campaign HubSpot convertkit Salesforce
Constant Contact campaign monitor feed burner web looks blah blah blah what are
you asking uh I do not see why is agent but that doesn’t mean it won’t work
couple answers there one you might be able to use zapier zapier has a ton of
integrations where you it it kind of serves as a bridge gap a gap yeah bridge
gap between the two and Jeff Valin brands jumpin them a battleground to use
out here know how to do the integration so it might you might have to ask wise
agent or you might have to go to zapier and look okay
here’s all the defaults but see here suggest an integration you can also
reach out to them and check that out okay I’m trying to see if there’s any
other questions in there now I need to show you a couple more things that I
think are really important one constant contacts newsletters watch this campaign
this is how easy this is I’m doing my real estate one right now this morning
I’ve just I’m singing I just love it so much create email now look at the
default landing pages that you can use real estate happens to be right there
for you and all you have to do is change out your information and links so you
can send something like just listed you can send these postcards files you can
send a full newsletter look at these gorgeous newsletters this is all I’m
doing I’m no I’m no genius with graphics or newsletters but I could stir plug and
play templates provided for me just so you know this is the one I use look at
this basic announcement newsletter I’m gonna open it and don’t go yet because I
have to show you the Facebook hack that is my favorite thing on the planet I
should have started with that but watch this see how easy this is here’s an
image you want to put your image in you click Edit you browse you upload your
own logo it has drag and drop you can move them around you can drag to reshape
it is easy easy easy not geeky like some of the platforms I’ve used Ark change
this to add your title here’s Lori Ballen’s newsletter okay change this to
add your most recent blogger called action change the text change the link
so easy and valuable valuable valuable valuable now don’t fill this with a
bunch of junk that doesn’t meet your client don’t send a generic new generic
real estate news letter out to everybody so let me give me
I’ve got people registering for that newsletter that are looking for where to
see Santa they’re looking at snakes some people want the real estate market
report so here’s how what I kind of do all have the same thing I just showed
you on the glory ballot I’ve got one Nate but I don’t want to go find it
right now so I’ll put my logo up here and I’ll say Las Vegas September 2019
Las Vegas move letter September 2019 okay or August whatever we’re in right
now or what you’re building for it up here I might say something like hot news
I want to grab their attention and I’ll put something up here that is big in Las
Vegas did you hear about the new waterpark that just opened or look
what’s happening at Sky Canyon for fourth of July you know that kind of
thing something that’s gonna capture their attention I’ll give you an example
coyotes in Las Vegas especially up in my neck of the woods it’s all everybody’s
talking about it’s only just somebody just posted that they saw a six pack of
coyotes down the street everybody pull your animals in crazy in Vegas but um
people are also if it’s a popular topic if it’s a trending topic it might be
important how about our professional sports now we’ve got new hockey team
baseball football so if that’s super popular to anybody in Las Vegas that
might be my top one then down here I might have hyperlocal in the middle I
might have a real-estate market report here I might have a new featured listing
here and then if I want to add to this watch how simple this is you just take
any one of these grids and you drag it in wherever you want it watch look there
it is how easy is that change the image product description you want a double
one drag it in you can make this as long as you want and it’s beautiful on mobile
okay now again I’m not telling you how to use Constant Contact I’m just showing
you how easy it is and how I’m able to get away with some cool-looking graphics
when I suck at graphics all right not my thing
that’s Sabrina’s thing now let me show you the Facebook hack I promise before I
let you guys go and please do let me know if you need any links I talked
about today let me know you have specific training questions I
will make you a training video on whatever you want and send it to you
I’ll put it on YouTube so it’s fine but just let me know what it is if you
said hey Lori can you I already have a how to make a newsletter – I think on
YouTube but if there’s anything specific you that I talked about I mention that
you want more time on please let me know okay now let me show you my favorite way
to build a mailing list outside of the website pop-ups social media okay so
some of you guys may pop up in my example here and I don’t mean it shared
emails if they’re coming across my screen but what I’m driving live those
kind of things happen so I started a new Facebook group okay now whatever niche
you’re in real estate lending coaching weight-loss whatever it is you can use
the same principles okay so the first thing I do is I start a Facebook group
or maybe you’re gonna do a LinkedIn group or you’re gonna do some you know
whatever but I’m gonna use Facebook as an example this is my favorite thing
about Facebook groups okay I started a new Facebook group called Kate at your
command so at your command with Lori Ballen I personally am going to be going
to market centers and skyping in doing one-on-one training everything with
command up representing my own business and as a Keller Williams agent my
brother is over a gallon brands are gonna be providing service so they’re
gonna help you build out your command if your Keller Williams agent okay so I
started this at your command so I started a Facebook group yesterday
morning and put it on Facebook and said hey everybody I’ve got this Facebook
group at your command I’m joining your Facebook group
okay now not too long ago Facebook added the ability to ask questions on Facebook
so now watch this here’s what happens when somebody goes in and asked to be a
member of my at your command Facebook group used to be the requests would be
there and I would just have to approve it oh good Kohli I’m gonna use you as an
example then I see your request so if you have it check your check your answer
those questions for me I could show people how they pop in cuz
you’re gonna show up on top probably anyway you go to at your command
you click the button so this would work like let’s just say you have a Las Vegas
real I have a Las Vegas real estate group or how about Summerlin I’ve done
all this and I’ve taught this how to build local groups but how about my
neighborhood Summerlin so I’ve got Summerlin
locals real estate group right or though we live in Summerland I think I think
mines called we live in Summerlin and I have questions and my questions could be
when that person clicks the button do you live it what what neighborhood do
you live in Summerlin and they have to answer we have dodged on you remember
now how many how many neighborhoods we have in Summerlin Summerlin has a
hundred thousand residents forty thousand homes its massive so they’d
have to answer I live in the vistas where I live in the or I might say which
village you live in I live in the hills I live in the vistas I live in a Sun
city I live in whatever right and that’s one thing I can say what’s your name
what’s your address what’s your phone number now of course the more of that
you ask the less likely they are to join your groups you have to be careful so on
this one once you guys are now checking it out in real life I can see it says
are you at Keller Williams agent what’s your role and do you want to receive my
emails they can answer yes and they can answer no and when they answer yes they
put their email in there and now manually I go over to cause to contact
let me show you what it looks like real quick and then I’m gonna let go in just
a minute so right here I’m gonna go over to moderate group and I’m gonna go over
here to member requests all right there we go yay so Cole ease in Sela Morrigan
it would love your referrals all right so I get that right I think I got that right
that’s what I’m seeing here okay see this is why your facebook profiles so
important because I’m learning you to at every glance every time I see your name
every time I see your location this is so important all right but that’s a
whole nother branding class isn’t it all right so he answered the questions and
said yes I’m an agent at Keller Williams I’d love your email guide so here’s what
I do I’d over here to class me contact you can have your admin do this you can
have a virtual assistant do it or you can take the time every day just to do
this simple activity because to me this is lead gen and it’s a very important
thing you could do this every day for depending on how many Facebook requests
you get no or LinkedIn or Twitter or whatever you’re doing you just manually
here’s how easy does watch so I think he’s already in my database let’s just
take a look I’m going to copy that I’m gonna go to contact contact search
contacts click little magnifying glass all right already in there watch this
I’m gonna click he’s already in three of my other lists but now he’s in my
Facebook group so I add at your command tag and kW technology email training
whoops now from here I can actually add a tag and I can add a list without
leaving that’s one of my favorite features about Constant Contact is the
ability to do it all in one screen okay so now here’s what happens my email when
I send out an email now this only has command training I can make sure it gets
to Coley without because he specifically requested that information okay he’s
also on my general newsletter list he’s like he’s requested webinars so now I
can communicate with the way he wants to be communicated with not with the way I
think he should be communicated with he’s already telling me what it is that
he wants what he’s interested in and that will grow as you grow you know so
for example now I send Coley out an email newsletter on Friday and in that
newsletter I have a command training I have how to how to how to build your
real estate business on youtube I have you know those kind of things well
whatever he clicks on I can now say add a tag when he clicks on that item then I
know he’s likely to be interest in that item so I might include a tool like
optinmonster at the bottom so Kohli were to click on the optinmonster I know he’s
curious about optinmonster and now I can reach out if I want to its some capacity
what optinmonster has a big sale or I have a training on it I might if assumed
cold he might be interested in that it is that making sense incredible right
I mean this is just this is marketing this is just Margate doesn’t matter what
platform you’re using you just have to figure out how what how your platform
will do it if you want to use whatever you’re already using okay now let’s say
they’re not in there so let’s take a look here and see if I’ve got somebody
else in there all right so we’ve got Diane Diane says yes now they say no I’m
still gonna let them into the group I’m just not gonna put them on my email drip
I’m still gonna put them in my in the group because I still want to
communicate with them so if your person lives in your neighborhood and doesn’t
say yes your emails they can still come in your group you just don’t email it
right you might have an option on there to ask for phone numbers that okay if we
text you for our upcoming webinars yes or what is your phone number is it okay
if we text you for XYZ yes or no okay fine don’t that’s not a bad thing they
just want to be texted but maybe they’re okay with email or maybe they’re okay
with a chatbot or maybe they’re right there’s other ways to do all this so
Diane was not in here yet so I’m going to add contacts I’m gonna type in a
contact and let’s see Diane is in Orchard Park New York and would love
your referrals as a licensed real estate salesperson at Keller Williams Realty
Lancaster New York thank you for being my example today we’re gonna I just
simply look how fast this is Diane Annie and I always double check to make sure I
did it right Diane Hany one end okay good I might put in her job title put in
her email and she is I’m gonna go on my Lori Ballen Associates List which is
where my newsletter goes to and she’s also kW technology okay I’m also going
out of tag that she is an agent now real estate agent I also have ALC
team leader you know I want to also identify their role if you’re an admin
for a team I would like to communicate with you differently than as I would the
Rainmaker because I’m gonna you’re gonna understand certain things possibly the
Rainmaker wouldn’t or we’re gonna talk at a front as an administrative approach
rather than with a Rainmaker we’re talking about production a big picture
and leverage and things like that so I like to know what role you’re in
to communicate with you the same principles apply to your real estate
clients what neighborhood are they in are they a first-time homebuyer I think
somebody is struggling with a credit score are they a seller or they have
future seller and use all of these things you can tag and segment to better
learn are they an investor well you don’t want to blast your investor with
your newest real estate listing that isn’t an investor’s bargain or they’re
gonna is unsubscribe you want to you want to communicate with them with it
best investment advice and top reason you have to segment segment by tags
lists right so now she’s in here and um if I want to get complete I can go look
up her phone number I can have different different things but listen to this
here’s one more + now let’s say I got Diane’s email Diane is now on my lists
but now I wanted to get birthdays well depending on your landing page it will
now scan for duplicates well if you’re using any of these tools it’ll scan for
duplicates and it will update Diane so let’s just say my next thing says join
my birthday club I’d love to remember you on your birthday and I’ve done all
that before – you guys have probably seen that and I want to send you a card
on your birthday well on that landing page I’m going to ask for your address
and I’m going to ask for your birthday well guess what you fill it out it will
not add a new contact it will not overwrite anything it will add it to the
contact record huge so you don’t have to get all the info from day one you can
build it Ariel says you don’t have admin as a checkbox on the Facebook group
pop-up unless that’s other um I don’t okay I’m gonna add that thank you
in fact what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna change that to a draw I’m gonna change
that to a text field you can actually change it you have drop-down so you can
have checkboxes you can have gosh that sounds like a great webinar doesn’t it
on how to set all that up for a Facebook group I think I should do that maybe
next month um but you can have I can change it but
the reason why sometimes it’s good because you might have an integration
that says if somebody fills out these forms then enter that map that field on
my contact record but that’s complex so I will fix that anyway
I will work on that so um alright so um you guys reach out to Paul and Jeff
Valin brands if you want any help setting the stuff up if you want more
training from me you can actually hire me one-on-one for a 30-minute training
consultation if you want hands-on or checkout Vallon academy you could buy my
course or go to youtube and subscribe and follow along I mean I’ve got a
million ways so that I can help you wherever you are at in your business
whatever you need talk to us and if everybody likes the idea of having that
Facebook group next month I’ll go ahead and set that webinar up so that we can
we can learn more about Facebook groups specifically and how to how to take
advantage of that all right so I don’t see any other questions thank you guys
so much for joining me I’m going out now to take my knees to school shopping and
I’m super excited about that because they start school on Monday so thank you
so much for joining me I appreciate all of you go out there and have a fantastic
day playbacks will be sent out in one hour
and I will talk to you guys all later you

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