🏆 Awards Event Checklist: How to Put on an Awards Show Non-Profit Style
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🏆 Awards Event Checklist: How to Put on an Awards Show Non-Profit Style

hey how are you stop right there for
just a moment and pay attention if you are the owner or a volunteer for a
nonprofit organization in your area and you were often pulled into event
planning or you’re about to be pulled into event planning this one is for you
and I specifically want to talk to you today about award shows so if you’re
about to put on an award show if you’ve ever thought about it for your nonprofit
if you ever said to yourself we should really do an awards show but you
thought oh it sounds like too much I want you to listen to this video we’re
gonna go through just some of the very top highlights of what it takes to put
this on and how you can do that with your nonprofit but I also want to
encourage you to download this checklist so there’s a simple checklist which you
can download right now and it is available for your use and it’s free so
if you’re listening to this you can watch this video and then also download
this checklist which I tried to include absolutely everything that you would
need to think of and know about putting on an awards event alright so let’s
get right into this now this checklist has like 30 key core area items on it
it’s fairly comprehensive it’s everything you need to be considering
and thinking about I will be here over an hour going through each of these
items that’s why I wanted you to know about this checklist to begin with but I
do want to encourage you to download this checklist it will be available and
it’s a simple way to just you know think of everything up front up front alright
so in my life this is my second award show that I’ve been asked to help with
from a nonprofit standpoint and I’m Andrea with The ADS Agency which is a
marketing and branding firm here to bring you the very best and marketing
and branding tips as well as business tips for
those of you who are entrepreneurs solopreneurs and personal branders and
today for the nonprofit organizations out there who are looking to do award
events so I did an events awards events years ago with United Way back in
Greenville South Carolina that was a mentor of the year event it was a
first-timer awards show and then now we’re putting on an award for the first time
here in Atlanta and we just did an award show for NOMAtlanta which is the
National Organization of minority architects and we called it NSPIRED – the
NOMAtlanta NSPIRED awards for Noma so very fun for the architectural community
really awesome for the first time doing it as a juried awards show really
kicking it up a notch for the first time this year and so I thought this would be
valuable to share with you lessons learned things to look for what to start
out early what to do three months out a month out and then considering all your
communications and marketing associated with all of this all right so first
things first the number one thing of course you want to start with is your
date your target dates and your target venue it seems like duh but I promise
you everything snowballs with those two things nothing happens until that venue
is secured with a deposit and a date happens in a dates locked in so you need
to have a couple of target dates in mind to share with your potential venues you
have a couple of venues in mind that fit with your theme and all of that and so
that stuff needs to happen early especially the bigger the market that
you’re in the more these things get booked up fast so start now if you’re
looking at an awards event next year this time this is the time to start now
and start locking in your venue if you can with a deposit ideally so a lot of
locations want half down they all kind of depend have their own thing going on
but whatever it is be prepared to put down at least a grand dish for your
venue alright so that
just something to look out for first so you need your date you need your venue
once those two things are locked in you are cooking with grease ha so you’ve got
those two things you also want to look at your award guidelines very important
so you want people to submit for awards or to nominate people for awards you
need to have some award guidelines in place so that’s before you can even
announce that you’re having an awards thing and you want people to submit for
awards and what’s called a call for entry you need to have–you the rules
for all this in place so how do you do that the number one thing I promise you
this is so consistent with what we do in marketing all the time the number one
thing I tell people to do is you must must must do your homework you got to do
your competitive research all right so let’s start there let’s do some
competitive research go out there and Google it Google makes everything so
easy it makes your life so much easier so go out there and Google some
comparable events right you want to Google some comparable events that have
been put out there and you want to see you know what was their look and feel
and look at those submission guidelines and also look up their sponsorship
package those are all things you want to try to find if you can from other awards
events but even if you can’t find it for awards events just find it for other
genres of events you know especially if you don’t have a template yet so if your
organization doesn’t really have a good sponsorship package in play
this is the time to get one together so just google around for sponsorship
packages you’ll find plenty of examples you need to kind of give you an idea of
where you can start from and how you can build a package that makes sense for you
and your organization and your budget as well as you know for your audience your
potential sponsors you don’t want to give packages that are not going to feel
right to sponsors that you’re approaching so that sponsorship package
is super important and those submission guidelines are going to matter as well
all things that you have to lock down before you can even begin to put the
word out there that you’re having an event all things you got like
first so your venue your date your award submission guidelines your sponsorship
package and ideally if you’re gonna do a keynote in MC that would be something
you’d want to lock in early this year we kind of decided ah you know what kind of
last minute it was suggested to have a keynote so magically thanks to some good
friends in the in the community we got our keynote this year which was
fantastic but your keynote ideally they’re gonna be busy people they need
plenty of time plenty of notice so give them as much notice as possible and try
to lock them in early make sure it’s someone that makes sense for your
industry for your space try to make it sure that it’s somebody with some kind
of name recognition or brand recognition the community people know their face
people know their name they know the company or the organization they’re
associated with and it draws some kind of interest okay so that’s very
important all right so then you want to look at what happens
a year out and six months out for sure you know try to lock in if you’re gonna
have entertainment like a band DJ blah blah blah you wanna lock them in as
early as possible they’re likely gonna require a deposit you want to look at
your budget okay budget drives everything budget will drive everything
so I want you to look at your target revenue your and your revenue is going
to consist of a couple of basic things you probably already know but that’s
gonna be your ticket sales so you want to come up with a number you want to get
from your ticket sales your jury fees so if you’re having juried awards or some
kind of submission fee associated with submitting a name for an award then you
want to include the revenue you plan to get from that you also want to include
your sponsorships so money you’re gonna get from sponsorship dollars all those
are potential sources of revenue for you and they can also include some things
like ticket table sales associated with ticket sales and that kind of thing
though that’s mainly gonna be your source of revenue for
or this project these are the expenses this is all the things you need to think
about upfront ahead of time so expenses you have your venue of course that’s
going to be your number one biggest thing next to the food which is the
catering and sometimes those two go together sometimes they’re separate just
kind of depends on the space some venues will let you have Brut you know will
allow you to bring in your own caterer and others won’t so you need to know
that upfront especially depending on if your your heart is set on a particular
venue for any reason so venue food if you have jurors it sometimes it’s nice
just to like throw them a pizza party on the day that they’re gonna be
deliberating over your awards so if they’re gonna be in the same room budget
about a hundred bucks for your jurors uh also decor so you want to plan on some
decor that can be done through a number of different ways but just make sure
you’re thinking about what do we want for centerpieces what’s you know the
theme of our event we had wings at our recent events so you know next year
might we do feathers and blah blah you know we’ve done it so but whatever kind
of theme you want to go with for the year it’s totally up to you and this is
a fun area that you can really play with a lot but you also to be sensitive to
how much you allocate towards that for your budget right so there’s decor
there’s your a/v which can also be included with your venue there’s
entertainment which is your band or a DJ something like that your photographer
you want to budget about 200-250 depending on the photographer you know
that usually can find a pretty good one in that range depending on your market
other photographers may charge a good bit more 750 and up think about how much
wedding photographers are for one day you know so just depends on the level of
quality that you want but just know you do get what you pay for so it needs to
be someone with a quality camera and a quality eye and make sure you leave room
in the budget for a photographer do not leave this to your cell phones and
you’re you know you’re a high school kid brother don’t do that
all right hire a photographer okay and you’re gonna also want to budget for
your awards for trophies if you also have a mixture of awards with trophies
and certificates you want to budget for the frames associated with that and
printing printing by itself is its own line item because there’s plenty of
things to print your program your flyers you want your crew to have ahead of time
to be able to you know pass out have some kind of handout while they’re
talking to people before the event months before the event to spur ticket
sales and all that so good number of printing items associated with this
event social media ads you’re going to want to put some level of a budget
towards social media ads especially if this is your first one so the level
amount of what you do kind of depends on what you’re trying to do but you know if
you’re a non-profit at least put a hundred dollars towards social media ads
that’s at least a little bit you can work with so social media ads and then
banners for sponsors banners or sponsors so if you’re planning that into your
sponsorship package just know that should be in there as well and then in
your budget you want to include like a break-even scenario so what’s the mix of
tickets and sponsorships what’s the final you know dollar amount we have to
have to break even with our expenses so you just want to play with the scenarios
there you know if we hit you know our if we hit our attendance goal what in
addition to that do we need in sponsorships to make sure that we’re at
least breaking even with this first event and then eventually you want to
grow the event over time as it gains a reputation so more of those dollars can
come from sponsorships you can ask for bigger sponsorships the more notoriety
and the bigger the event grows so you also want to set your ticket price very
very important to set your ticket price that’s really going to be dictated by
your budget so you want to really consider the audience size that you
intend to be there is it a hundred people are we talking three
to 500 people is just a massive humongous event with like 800 to a
thousand people you know that all of that really plays into the ton of ticket
price that we’re going to end up with along with the sponsorships we expect to
get so there’s a balance at play there between ticket prices and audience size
and the budget for sponsorships or realistic target for sponsorships which
we’ll get to as well he also setting your ticket price
depends on the expenses you need to cover right so again that delicate
balance and mix of revenue and covering our expenses all right sponsorship
targets are super super critical sponsorship targets are going to be
super critical for you and so when talking about sponsorship targets you
really need to think about who has the best relationships with what companies
and organizations so you need to sit down with your team and this is an
all-hands-on-deck because we need the biggest circle of influence that we can
get here in this room right so all hands on deck leadership on down everyone we
can get to who’s the best networkers who has the most influential contacts at
what organizations that can help get us sponsorship dollars in the door that’s
what that’s about this first year it means a lot and you need to start that
ASAP start talking to people ASAP start you need your targets
together ASAP so I recommend using Google Docs use a Google Doc spreadsheet
it’s shareable everyone can access it it can be updated real-time and people can
go in there and add in you know who who their person is who the company is who’s
the person approaching that company what’s to ask so what dollar amount are
we gonna pitch them and then you want to like a status column to say like here’s
where we are with that asked to date and then next that you want your actual
dollars committed so what did they here’s what we asked for here’s what
they committed to you and then you also want to come and check off when that
money is received all right so that’s your full checklist for sponsorship
targets that my dear friends is a very critical part of any event that we ever
do for nonprofits is that sponsorship target list it matters so much we must
have it and those sponsors matter okay so that’s everything to keep track of
and every meeting you need to be referring to that list and people need
to be you need to encourage your team to use it in between meetings in between
meetings during the me and all that but every meeting you need to refer back to
that document and stress the importance of getting that sponsorship money in the
door in the door who are we talking to who’s talking to them what’s the ask
what are they committing all that drive that home every meeting very critical
you do not have an event without sponsors they make your event happen you
must have them so that’s super critical that’s a big part of this and along with
that is your sponsorship packet because you can’t talk to your sponsors without
their sponsorship packet right they need something to look at I kind of view a
sponsorship package a packet as like the beginning of the negotiation negotiation
piece so you’re talking to sponsors you need something to talk over so it just
gives you a baseline but be flexible with your sponsor if you’re talking to
them they’re like well yeah I can give you a $2,500 sponsorship but we’re not
going to be there so we don’t need eight tickets or sixteen tickets to the event
so that’s not really gonna be helpful for us but what we would like is an
opportunity to do like a webinar with your audience you know say post event or
before the event whatever like be flexible see what you can do see how you
know see what’s important to them what they’re trying to do the goals they’re
trying to accomplish in their own business submission is best we kind of
have a feel for that beforehand so you know how to talk to them when you’re and
when you’re actually approaching them and say hey I won’t even become the
I didn’t think this was a great opportunity for you and your business
and let me tell you why you need to be able to sell that to these potential
sponsors so sponsorship packet super super important okay
mm six months to three months out six months to three months out we want to be
looking at photography and decor we a little bit talked about photography
decor before this goes through a couple more things basically you want to make
sure that your again your cat your photographer is capturing quality
quality photos that you love and also very important you want to make sure
that you get a list of photography a list of photos that they need to make
sure they’re getting you know of course they’re gonna know what’s due and how to
capture all of the awardees as they’re getting their Wars and all that but
after the event yeah if people don’t know they’re getting awards we need
photos of these people afterwards with their awards so everyone can see who the
winners were very very important you also probably want team photos so
whoever the committee was that put it on and especially your board you want a
picture of them so there’s a list of essential photographs if you came after
this event and was like oh we didn’t get that photograph you’d be so mad about it
make sure it’s on this list okay decor we kind of talked about decor gives a
couple of tips in here for that three months out do your call for entries
about three months out is pretty good why three months out because you want
those entries in about a month before the event so it gives people two months
lead time between the call for entries when you’re asking them to actually
submit for an award call for entries to two months two months later it gives
them two months to actually fill out all that information think about what they
want to do is I’m trying to pull it together
unless they’re all procrastinators which many people are but they’re lazy at
least they can’t blame you for saying that you didn’t give them enough time
and that becomes their excuse for not submitting so you never want to say that
you didn’t give them enough time two months is it fairly well pretty much
enough time for most people most companies to get an award submission
together and then we give them two months then you’re gonna be a month out
from the event that gives you a jury time so you need your team to have time
to go through all the submissions package them up nicely make sure they’re
uniform if they have to read that information okay
you know but they need a time to do that your team needs time to do that and they
need time to get it over to your jurors so that’s another point is selecting
your jury which ideally you know you want to think through what are our jury
requirements do they need to be out of state can they be in our organization
obviously they need to be experts at looking at this kind of information
whatever awards you’re giving and there may even be opportunities to highlight
it showcase your jury so you know as a way to thank them for their
participation you can do a little visibility plug for them who their
pictures and your social media posts and your email blasts just to say thank you
to the jury for what they did for you also just like you had a sponsorship
target list in that Google Excel spreadsheet for sponsors you also want
to have the same kind of spreadsheet going and I would recommend just keeping
this all in the same document for your budget do tabs for your your sponsors
and do a tab for your targets for entries for submissions so you got a go
after a beat the bushes for these submissions for awards as well who’s
going to submit like we need people to give these awards to and it is not as
easy just putting it out there and just saying if we put it out there they will
submit no they won’t you have to like go after people and say
hey hey are you going to submit we hope you submit please
you know ask them several times put out communications to them several times
individually ask people behind the scenes ask your team to ask people
there’s a lot of asking going on between sponsorships and a call for injuries so
you need a target list for your entries as well alright next is your
communications plan critical critical critical for your event okay
Communications is the next thing next sponsors communications makes this all
happen so you need to consider first consider all your communication vehicles
available to you and what’s going to be the most effective so you know your
audiences but typically it’s gonna be your eblasts you’re gonna have your E
Plus you’re gonna have a landing page you’re gonna have your social media
right and you’re also going to have some publications that may do some things for
you you’re gonna have your in-person thing so there may see beefs there may
be some opportunities to directly announce your event at other events so
other events that you go to other events that other board members go to there may
be that opportunity to plug your own event there and say hey we have
something coming up I think you should know about if it makes sense for that
audience right if they if that’s an audience that you want there you may
watch data and when you make that announcement it’d be great wouldn’t it
if you had Flyers to pass out with you so as people are hearing about they’re
getting a visual and they’re like oh this sounds good yeah you know if you
can swing it putting it on a PowerPoint behind you is even better you know
everything that can kind of get that message hammered in that this is big
it’s important there should be a part of it
so consider all your communication vehicles and opportunities also consider
your audiences it’s not just your attendees you have your jury to
communicate with and I recommend point people for all these things if you can
spare them your jury needs communication your team needs communication so you
need team leader you need your keynote speaker if you have one needs
ocation you need potential award submitters those people need their own
set of communication they need their communication they need their submission
guidelines they need deadlines reminders deadlines reminders are super important
so they can’t say like I missed it I didn’t know you never want that to be
the problem because you didn’t send out that information they should very well
know and as a matter of fact we even put like a time clock you know a a countdown
time clock you know for when our submission deadline was going to hit on
the landing page for the event so people were literally referring to that time
clock mmm you know it was funny to see but they
actually used it which was great so your award submitters need communication your
potential attendees of course need communication about early bird tickets
when things are gonna go on sale even when early bird is over when regular
ticket sales and how many days they have they’ve got a month until ticket sales
and they got two weeks until the event a week until the event the day before you
know do can they buy tickets at the door I mean really consider the fact that a
lot of people wait to the very very very last minute most of the time people wait
to the very very very last minute because I don’t know if they’re gonna be
able to go to your even less it’s a super critical event for them they have
options to go to all the time so you’re gonna need to stay in front of people
and remind them how much time they have to still get in on your event if they
like so talk about ticket communications and flyers we talked about that the
month of is going to be very very critical so the month of social media
contests are awesome I’m gonna do a whole different video about this social
media contest but we did a social media contest called the Village Voice and
it’s where people could vote it’s basically a popularity people kind of
vote between Facebook and Instagram for their favorite designs so again this is
architecture awards that we did recently and we just put the we just put the best
images up from each design that was submitted and let people vote it turned
out fantastic when I tell you I mean literally this is 50 times 50 X 50 not
1555 Oh 50 times the normal amount of engagement that we ever get we had we
had 23,000 impressions organic impressions this was not boosted at all
there were no ads around this we didn’t boost the facebook photo album on this
or anything else all we did was we put out email communication and we kept
people up to date through our Instagram stories and Facebook stories about
standings for these competitions online people just picked it up and ran with it
so I mean 23 thousand impressions organically for a patient like just
great to get 90 of each of 90 people on a typical post is amazing it’s
absolutely fantastically phenomenal and so I highly highly highly recommend
coming up with your own social media thing that can get people going and get
people competitive it was awesome I love that so another time we’ll talk about
that also you want to think about care for your keynote so in this instance we
kind of got our keynote very last minute however going forward yes
care for your keynote make sure they have premium VIP care you know they have
their own premium seating up front people greet them they’re taking care of
a plate is safe for them and you know a lot of people don’t like to eat before
they speak they have plenty of water they are well photographed and they get
their pictures after the event and all that so do you know total keynote care
it’s nice to assign them a point person who can just be dedicated to them for
the evening so that’s great also next most important thing to sponsors and
awards is getting people there to see it so you need to
your ticket sales and so one thing we did I thought was good was that we
incentivized our team to get you know to sell tickets so we said to our board
anybody who sells five tickets or more you’re going to the event for free and
of course we’re gonna give our board a discount but it was just the fact that
if you sold five or more tickets you get to go for free that’s kind of nice you
know and so it gives you a reason if you’re not normally an outgoing
salesperson you don’t pushing things on people that’s kind of a personal
incentive like oh I can get my ticket paid for free if I just get five people
to go do give special discount codes via Eventbrite most people will use
Eventbrite for events give special discount codes there’s an area where you
can do that it works well people love to feel like they have the inside track and
they’re like they don’t even care if 5% of the ticket means all they get is two
dollars and fifty cents off they don’t care it’s the fact that they got more
often somebody else next to them so give a discount code also tie-in seats with
submissions so if someone submitted for an award we automatically gave them two
complimentary tickets to the event which i think is great because it’s making
sure you have a packed room the key to that is not just saying they get two
complimentary tickets they need to understand they have two complimentary
tickets and you need to get two names from them so don’t just tell them they
have it actually actively go pursue them for two names I need two names of people
who can attend this event for you and once they know oh I’m accountable for
giving names then they have to think through like oh who can come you know so
that’s way different from oh you know oh I get to confer a ticket something you
forget about it this is actively making sure people and
butts are in seats and so you gotta track people down same thing with
sponsorships if you’re giving away tickets with your sponsorships they need
to understand hey don’t forget you’ve got eight tickets with your sponsorship
are you going to use them you know because if you’re not we do
have other people you could gift them you know to and worthy organization or
whatever so just make sure those complimentary tickets are being utilized
and if they’re not use that as leverage to invite others you could invite
community dignitaries politicians community leaders who are important and
you want at your event just for exposure purposes so make sure you are keeping
track of those complimentary tickets use them wisely okay so also VIP care VIP
care so your award submitters your honorees and your sponsors double-check
triple-check that their names are spelled properly ensure that they’re
gonna be at that event it’s very important bodies need to be there this
event doesn’t happen with everyone you know submitting and not coming they need
to be at the event actually and so ultimately you want to create a seating
list so that your guests of honor are hat they all have premium seating so
they need to sit up front the people who pay the most need to be front and center
all those things is think through who should sit where and why very important
very important to people that they get treated that way a month ahead you also
want to prep your PowerPoint it takes time it cannot just be whipped together
you have to prep your PowerPoint ahead of time and you also need to select a
vanna vanna white so while that may seem quite sexist every award show benefits
from having a Vanna that just do and you know it’s great if they can be lovely
and young but it’s even better if it’s somebody who can be connected to the
organization has some kind of story associated with it you know so as you
announce them and they’re coming up when it’s time to get awards you can share
you know at people can already see well that’s a lovely face
that’s so sexes they just put a pretty face up there no it’s not just a pretty
face it’s a pretty face with a smart a smart
head attached this is not just a pretty face here just for your eye candy
purposes it is actually somebody who cares about the organization it has
something to do with that you can share their credentials and all that so people
can respect it more right and that’s good visibility for your vana as well so
very good to have a vana that is appropriate for your organization also
months of you want to create your script creating a script takes some time if you
want access to my script let me know because it does take time to write all
this out you have to be thoughtful about what goes into this script and also
importantly for your MCS they need to practice this thing because everybody’s
not great at reading some people are great at like just extemporaneously
speaking which is wonderful but you need people who can also read on the spot so
it’s important to try to build in practice time for your script and this
is also important for timing purposes so this way you know ideally ahead of time
you would do this at the venue have a day where you can just run through the
hours worth of the actual program with your MC have your presentation up have
the sound going have your cued up music that’s not associated with a band or
whatever ready so that you can kind of do a run-through and make sure
everything flows as smoothly as possible because the key to making this work is
let’s keep this thing moving in motion so we can get people on time and out of
there right not just out of there but on to the fun stuff so they have time to
enjoy it you know because everything you has a closed down time so you don’t want
to use up all your time with plenty of people pontificating you know and taking
up all the stage time just because they love to talk this is why it’s important
to stay on script so you need people who will stay on script and a script is
critical to your event make sure you have three copies of this that they of
volunteers you’re going to need plenty of hands for volunteers specifically for
your registration area you’re going to want it for placing
programs and seeds that you want people who will place the table ten cards in
the right places according to your seating chart you want to have your band
in place of somebody who’s responsible for dealing with the band making sure
their get paid they know where to go they know if they get food or not
they’re all things that are seems small to us but matter that night so you’re
gonna also need volunteers for setup and breakdown and also award arrangements to
arrange the awards in the right way again another bonus of having a vana is
she can help he or she can help make sure that the awards are improper not
only in proper order but that they’re given to the right people so you just
want to make sure that the wrong awards aren’t given especially if they’re
already engraved ahead of time so you don’t want that mix-up happening if anna
helps with that okay also you want to design your program
ahead of time so you want to consider your budget with that make sure all the
names and logos are on there properly and you want to also include time frames
on your program so people can kind of have an idea of when to expect things to
happen during that night and again is sure it’s a packed room so you want to
double-check and make sure all the sponsors that they’re giving names of
people who are coming to this unit that means they talked to people and said hey
will you come to the event can you do you have time as your evening free you
know they’re actively getting names of people who will be there so double-check
all that stuff and also double-check with your award submitters same thing
but you also want to check with your community dignitaries as well and make
sure that they’re gonna be there like they said they would you have to just
keep reminding them because if people don’t get reminders they forget and they
didn’t put it on their calendar and they’re like oh man I really want to go
but how about that you know so far that happens all the time so you want to give
people as little excuses as possible try to make sure they there’s no way
possible they could have not heard about this so if they committed and we’re
reminding them they should be there right and finally countdown yay this is
so much to run through I told you I could be here
over an hour talking to steer with you but again this is all in this document
which I gladly would give to you for free in exchange for sending it for my
email list which I hope you’ll enjoy so you want to do a run-through we already
talked about the run-through ideally you know week of with all your people
there’s a whole list of things you want to print out and bring with you in
addition to your awards you want to make sure you have your certificates if you
have certificates that they’re signed and framed that your table tank cards
are sorted with their logos and all the VIP people are assorted along with your
you’ve got your table your table assignment sheet as well you want three
copies of your script award envelopes so fun for drama purposes so how fun is
that to actually like open a no untoward envelope on stage so if I’d do it okay
three copies of the scripts three copies of your attendee lists bring permanent
markers for your volunteers to check people off and make sure you have
someone else prepared to print back some backups of these the day of so huh some
of you may know this if you watched my last video you know that I was on my way
to this award ceremony that one I’m talking about right now I was on my way
to this last week literally to this day and somebody ran into the back of me and
I had all the award stuff for all this major stuff I’m talking about right now
the printables and everything to get with the programs at the everything in
my car and I was just in time to be just on
time when I wanted to be there and because that happened it threw
everything off and it made everything late
and this happens however what I learned from that was let’s give other people
let’s have other people you have everything but let’s have everybody
someone else have backup copies or there at least they’re able to print that
stuff you know day of on the fly if needed if something should happen to you
so huh that is like the hard lesson I learned
seriously the heartless and I learned have backups for your backups
alright enough said about that make sure you know your final communications to
your team people understand they know what times to be there and how critical
it is for that for the timing of your event so make sure you have more than
enough people to help the more hands the better and they all know what to do
finally is your post even communications you want to send out an email with a
survey along with the photos so you want to put up a photo album link to all that
stuff you want to create a blog post and a social media post announcing all your
winners very good and also if it’s possible you know if you’re in a
national chain of all this stuff you want to encourage your award submitters
to also submit nationally to whatever national award is available and finally
thank your sponsors and keynote speaker again you want to thank them personally
and you know just make sure that they feel well taken care of after the event
and that you appreciate them and their sponsorship and their presence and your
chemo also so that is it whoa a lot right awards are so much but
this is the video I wish I had you know cuz I done an awards event before but it
was years ago for a mentor of the year so I had in mind some things but when
you don’t do it all the time you know you forget some details and the success
the success of these events are in the details so I created this video for you
I may watch it again for myself when I’m ready to do something like this again
and I’m also giving you gifting cue this awards checklist I hope it’s helpful for
you it’s the checklist I wish I had when we started out on this process over a
year ago so that’s all for today if you like this video please take a moment
give it a like below and also leave a comment for me on a tip you learned or
questions you have if you want templates for any of this stuff I’m happy happy to
give it to you I want you to have a great event and finally do me a favor
and subscribe to this channel whether you’re listening to this on podcast or
you are watching this on YouTube Facebook whatever like my page on
youtube what you need to do is like and subscribe like this video and subscribe
to this channel and click the little bell for notifications because if you
don’t do that you’ll never like you’ll likely never see these videos pop up
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all people thank you so much for being here I hope to see you again soon and
otherwise have a great week Cheers you

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3 thoughts on “🏆 Awards Event Checklist: How to Put on an Awards Show Non-Profit Style

  1. About to put on an award show? Be sure to download this free checklist: http://bit.ly/awardschecklistdownload

  2. Excellent and comprehensive. Although I've never put together an awards specific event, I have done several events of varying focus. That being said, I believe your checklist is valuable and easily adaptable to any event for which someone is serious about making it successful. I'm glad you incorporated leveraging material with sponsorships in lieu of funding because I have learned that it's easier for smaller businesses to do donate material or services than financial support. In using this method I have been able to minimize (if not eliminate) extreme expenses leaving a larger profit margin for the nonprofit. One must simply be mindful and use accordingly for the organization's specific need and not overuse causing an extreme decrease in funding. The connections you make today can be of great value in the future, use them. In doing so, I've been successful in offsetting $100's in center pieces and $1000's in print. Again, awesome job Ms. Smith and congratulations to the ADS Agency and NOMAtlanta.

  3. This is the second time this week the term non-profit has come up. The leaders of the event I'm helping with at the end of April are already working on turning it into a non-profit, so…naturally now i'm looking into non profits in general. Nice opening by the way! I like that 🙂

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