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100 thoughts on “💃 5 Products That Will LOSE You Money If You Sell Them Online…

  1. when i ran a single product store and got multiple cease and desist for the product as well as a threat of legal action, that store was naturally taken down by me shortly after. it did make me almost $100k but if i would have ended up in court that money would have been gone in a second lol

  2. i’ve been watching your videos for awhile now and i only got 5 points lmao!! just learned ALOT ! great info – thank you!

  3. Hi, I love the video and I'm about to open my shop, but I was wondering if there is another marketplace where I can find suppliers besides Aliexpress or Alibaba? this is coming because of the statement that Apple and other big companies are doing about not delivering their products on time because of the Coronavirus in China, also I have seen some products that were fast shipping having delays, just worry me, thanks alot

  4. @Wholesale Ted I wonder why you did not mention the liability issues with dropshipping products. depending on where your company is located different laws apply. So an EU store for examply is held accountable for every singel product they sell. Dropshipping can be a very risky business if you don exactly know the material contents and certification for each shipment. People from around the world watch your content so that should be mentioned, liek you do with copyright.

  5. I have seen T-Shirts and other merchandise with famous quotes from TV shows or movies. Can any random person like me design those and sell? Or will that be a copyright infringement?

  6. Help please 🙁 I can't connect my google domain to shopify the CNAME is gsh. … and I need to change to shops.shopify ….I try and try but nothing works 🙁 HELP please

  7. People also don't realize that licenses can be bought that will allow you to sell trademarked material. Obviously, it's expensive and not anyone can buy the license, but it is possible. (Licensed distributors with deep pockets)

  8. What is your outlook on selling embroidery Print on Demand products in general when the colors do reflect the thread options? Printful.com provides embroidered aprons. I think my buyers will enjoy them , yet, I'm cautious. I am enjoying your course by the way.

  9. How come when you go on ETSY the whole site is full of copyrighted material eg the baby yoda shirts go look your self and see what I mean and they're selling.

  10. Hey Sarah,

    Your videos have been both inspirational and informative!

    would you be willing to have a look at my store and see if it looks ok? your constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

  11. Just wanne thank you for all you videos, tips tricks, do en dont's, etc, being busy writing a new business plan for the last couple of weeks now, such a great source

  12. Hi Sarah! I'm fairly new to your channel and subbed. May I ask if you think I should trademark a phrase before I put it on clothing?

  13. Why are the comments so horrible? I love the dancing videos! Learning with a smile, how can you go wrong!
    Also, only 10 points… a couple of tricky ones in this video

  14. 5:12 The Fan Art Program is also available on TeePublic, since Redbubble bought that company last year. I've already had a couple of my designs approved and officially licensed.

  15. Hi Sarah, how do you deal with the verification process from AliExpress. They asked me to upload photos of my credit card etc. have you or anyone ever come across this? Normally I’d tell them to take a walk but I have customer orders to fulfil. Thanks

  16. Except for the people wearing Disney Character Costumes in NYC , at Times Square, Disney will come after you. There was a restaurant, in Bensonhurst Brooklyn, called "Aladdin" (owned by a guy who's birth name was Aladdin) that I frequented. They had a beautiful mural on their wall of the Disney Aladdin along with Jasmine on a flying carpet. A Disney rep visited, made them paint over the mural, and said they couldn't keep Aladdin as the the name of the restaurant even though Aladdin was the owners real name.

  17. Little question which not too much related….if I will add to the original image or video (from other person) it will consider as copyright? (Every thing even little part no matter what and how it will be not allowed ,I realy not sure about it )

  18. I was close to get kicked out of my house and this web-site saved me, search in Google with-out spaces E a s y L a p t o p L i f e .c o m

  19. Ok like wow, honestly i thought you were going to post a generic repeat of your older quizzes, but honestly this had information that I (a recent clubhouse member) was wondering about. As an employee of another YouTuber, I'm consistently amazed at your drive to go above and beyond, even when you really don't need to.

  20. In relation to creating a business dropshiping via aliexpress, which payment methods should I use?
    I am stuck between PayPal and Stripe.

  21. Hi Sarahhhhhh I have one important question for you.😆😆 Basically from your answer it depends if I will open my store or not. I would like to open a print demand store and i have watched the video about the copyright and trademark. So my question is: if i have a costumer that ask me to customize his/her hoodie (example) with a trademarked words (ex.NO PAIN NO GAIN)? I don't have it in my store it is just that costumer ask me that special words for his/her activity (ex. gym). Is it still valid the fact about the trademark? Can I sell it to him/her or not? Thank you very much for your video I love it. Keep going 😁💪🏻💪🏻

  22. Hi,
    I recently found a barge-load of newly introduced products that look great, but have as yet no real data to judge their sales performance on. I ordered samples and they seem excellent. Do I take a chance and catalogue them for sale on a dare? What would you do?

  23. I have a topic I'd love you to talk about! How do companies like Qwertee and Teefury get away with clear copyright infringement? I'm not trying to get away with it, it's just baffling to me how and why they do. This is probably why so many people get confused. I know your not a lawyer, but I'd love your take! I need to understand this mystery 😂

  24. It was so awesome to meet you! I still can't believe it 🙂 Thank you so much for your free contents on YouTube you are such an inspiration.

  25. Ah, the food containers, I was really worried you were going to say something really bad about them. I’m glad they are just boring, I have a very similar set and they are my favorite!

  26. i have madea store, but i have lots of ideas for very niche in general 🙂 i can not focus only on one, is there a way to do that and to be able to make money ?
    https://ipa-emarketshop.com/ , this is my shop can you look at it ?

  27. I had my Etsy shop closed 🙁 …I set it up with the goal of print on demand clothing, but because sales were slow, I added a jewellery section with some Aliexpress stuff. It worked. I was getting 7-10 sales a day. Then someone snitched and that was that. I did exactly what you warned against in previous vids. Shop is reopened now without the jewellery, but views and sales are pathetically low.

  28. Hi Sarah – quotes from movies on print-on-demand tshirts. Some say avoid, others say they come under 'Fair Use' others say you can use them if they're around 3 words long such as 'I'll be back' – what's your take on this? Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere

  29. I am pretty interested in doing something like a PoD business. I wondered whether reading the thread is actually involved in that business, successfully?

  30. Hey Sarah, so I started a drop shipping store called Nitimini.us and I have received a few conversions. I’ve had 4 sales within the last two weeks and I’m not necessarily focusing on Facebook marketing as I am a college student and I don’t have much funds to put into that. I’m more so focused on Instagram marketing and creating a community around my brand. Please let me know what I can do to improve my website in order to have more conversions without having to go into Facebook ads.

  31. Hi, tried to be a member to your course since 3 days but no luck it says "Authorization Error Retrieve Customer: Your card does not support this type of purchase." & I've sent your support team an email but till now no answer, please help.

  32. Hey Sarah! If you have some spare time could you give me some feed back on my store
    I haven't had any sells and I'm taking the steps you talk about in order to make it better


  33. Dancing videos are interesting. keep doing them. I have an impotent question , how , in your opinion , will the new Corona virus , will affect the industry of ecommerce business , given that so many products are manufactured in China, and its unclear what is going to happened to its Economy..

  34. Hey Sarah, I'll like to start a B2C adventure, dropshipping seems interesting since it's a lot of experimentation of what works and what doesn't, but I'm curious if the coronavirus situation has hurt the business, since to my understanding economic activity in China is on hold and suppliers in AliExpress are Chinese. I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter!

  35. I know its a long shot as it seems you get thousands of these requests, but i have been watching for a while now and figured i would throw it out there. I run boogbrand.com and would love it if you review my store. we do print on demand and im curious what you would think of what i have going on. TIA

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