💹What is Share Market for Begineers ? in Tamil (“Kindly adjust my voice in this Presentation”)
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💹What is Share Market for Begineers ? in Tamil (“Kindly adjust my voice in this Presentation”)

உடல் நிலை சேரி இல்லாத நேரத்தில் இந்த ஆடியோ ரெகார்ட் செய்யப்பட்டதால், எனது குரலில் சற்று தேய்மானம் ஏற்பட்டிருக்கும். மன்னிக்கவும். For updated presentation, (https://youtu.be/Pkymf0ZI5Nw)

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100 thoughts on “💹What is Share Market for Begineers ? in Tamil (“Kindly adjust my voice in this Presentation”)

  1. hello brother i am new to this i want to know this so which website gives full details about this

  2. sir if i need to invest money in a share market then which basis our share will be divided. share divided monthly or yearly or daily pls give some more details for beginners

  3. Sir… na alredy bank A/C net bank yellam use panitu irukan…
    thn na yeppadi share market account open pandrathu….
    online laa yaa yellam open pannikalama?

  4. H,i sir how to create share market account and extra more details i need so i want your mobile number thank you sir

  5. Hii sir I really loved ur vedio iam beggeiner for market Pls clear My doubte ;
    When iam selling my stock then
    when my Acc will get that cash???

    Thank u soo much!!!

  6. I have two doubts ? 1.who can enter into share market investment? 2. We can only open bank account idbi bank only?

  7. Good evening sir. Thank you for your help. But I have one doubt. For each and every shares we see some values. For example: Adani ports +0.7(+320.06). Like this we are seeing some values. That's what I can't able to understand. Please do reply for my query.

  8. Sir. ஒரு doubt share எதனால் ஏறுகிறது எதனால் இறங்குகிறது

  9. Hai sir,I'm Ramprasath from Singapore can u give me one miss call please because i have sume questions can u answer me please call me sir marketing oriental questions only thank you my number 85544031

  10. Hello, sir I'm doing my UG first year B.Com I'm have interest to know about the full details of share market. can u help me sir pls??

  11. Kindly view the latest Video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pkymf0ZI5Nw

    Apply for Paid Equity Tips, Rs.500 / Annum only. https://youtu.be/ZYOY2QxyBs8

  12. Hello Sir,
    I am new to this share market and didn't know how to invest in share and other procedures. Please guide me sir and how to contact you to get the procedures sir..

  13. Ganesh Gandhi sir I need more brief info about share market in Tamil if you give your what’s app no it’s better for me to ask doubts and ask doubt in voice msg in WhatsApp sir so pls give your WhatsApp I’d pls

  14. Apply for Paid Equity Tips:(Intraday / Delivery/ F&O)

    Apply for Training Program:(Equity in Tamil)

    Apply for Trading Account:

    For More details, visit : http://mrgaga.in/sharemarket.html

  15. ரூ,1லட்சம் முதலீட்டிற்கு தினசரி ரூ,1100/- லாபம் ஈட்டி தரப்படும்… மேலும் விபரங்களுக்கு CFC னு டைப் பன்னி க்கு வாட்ஸ்ஆப்ல வந்து voice message 7449184388 விளக்கம் பெற்று கொள்ளலாம்.

  16. Ji, Voice theimanam yerpatta maathiri therila, Space travel pannitte pesara maathiri irukku, Nice Tutorial

  17. Knowledge is wealth and sir u have that. Please share it with full clarity of words by sitting somewhere by taking time. A better audio can be delivered.doing a great job.

  18. Very honest I wanna learn more from you sir abt stocks, stock market and etc., i have studying UG degree and I wanna develop my knowledge. can I get ur whatsapp number or anything else to contact you sir…

  19. Hello boss , Nice video, Thank you for this video.
    nega common a over all sonnega, begineer epdi sharemarket invest pannurathu kjam procedure detail a solluga bro.

  20. நீங்க பேசுரது மூச்சு வாங்கிட்டு பேசுறீங்க ஒரு சில இடத்தில் ஒன்னுமே புரியல.

  21. vaangurathu vaangurathunu soldreenga….entha things vaangorom, athai yaarukitta vikkirathunu ….kunjam detail'ah sollunga sir!

  22. How to Apply for Paid Equity Tips (Intraday / Delivery/ F&O)


    How to Apply for Training Program:(Equity in Tamil)


    How to Apply for Trading / Demat Account:


    For More details, visit : http://mrgaga.in/sharemarket.html

  23. Sir ne ga sonna thu pathi puri yithu but konjam conuse sa irukku.. Please sir i want to another vedio for share market detail..

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