🔥Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2019 Step By Step! – High Ticket (New Strategy!)
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🔥Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2019 Step By Step! – High Ticket (New Strategy!)

Hey guys Victor Paquette is here and welcome back to the channel I am super stoked about this video high ticket Affiliate sales seems to be a sticking point for a lot of people You may have seen my recent video about high ticket affiliate sales and why they work and how important they are to your online business, but it seems like everybody is Offering selling and trying to close these sales the exact same way Especially with these fully automated systems that are out there now I’m not I have nothing against these systems but the problem is you’re you’re putting all of your Customers in the hands of somebody else to close the sale on your behalf That’s why I’m super excited about showing you this incredible new system that just launched created by a super affiliate a Seven-figure super affiliate who happens to be my mentor and a friend of mine as well I’m gonna introduce you to my friend Josh and he is going to go over the details of how this system works And I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. He is using a strategy that Nobody else is using to close high ticket sales. This will probably be the best ten minutes you’ll ever spend Watching a youtube video. I promise that so without any more delay I’m gonna turn it over to Josh Josh take it away, my friend Thanks. Let’s get into the video Hey guys, what’s going on? Joshua elder here? Welcome back to the channel in this video I’m gonna show you how to make high ticket affiliate marketing sells without any prior experience Whatsoever. First of all Let’s cover what exactly high ticket affiliate marketing is typically in general affiliate marketing if you’re promoting Clickbank products You’re typically promoting products anywhere between like a few dollars all the way up to about a couple hundred dollars That’s considered low ticket and you have mid ticket That’s right around three to five hundred dollars. And then you have high ticket which is typically over five hundred dollars and anywhere between $1,000 all the way up to ten thousand dollars Now there’s a misconception that people think that high ticket actually takes more effort and more work to make money from versus low ticket So a lot of people and they sort of shoot themselves in the foot by doing low ticket affiliate marketing So in this video, I’m going to prove to you that You know Undoubtedly that you could be doing high ticket affiliate marketing with the same effort the same work as low ticket Affiliate marketing now even ask my brother. He will actually tell you that high ticket affiliate marketing works and it works extremely well So we’re actually gonna dive into this if you’re excited for this video Give me a like on this video subscribe to the channel and don’t forget to tick that Bell icon To be notified of all future videos that I upload when I upload them So as you can see right here, we’re logged into my stripe dashboard. We’re logged into my merchant account And as always, I like to show proof of concept. I like to show that what I’m teaching actually works So we’re gonna go ahead and refresh the page right here Give it a little time to load. So as you guys can see if I go back from last week Monday June 24th to today July 2nd just a little over a week 11450 $3.62 following the same exact process I’m about to show you and some of my other students have actually Implemented this same exact process and this is a brand new process you haven’t seen this process before I just recently uploaded the training to my membership site and my boy Scott took this immediately went out there implemented it and got his first one thousand two hundred and fifty dollar commissions so huge shout out to him for taking action guys this stuff works if you suspend disbelief if You put your limiting beliefs aside and just go for this and be consistent with it you can see the same exact results and then we’re here in my Obviously private Facebook group and you could see the testimonial here. Once again, we got lots of different testimonials here again, Scott Anther Anderson says seriously. Thank you so much. You are an awesome mentor, and I’m excited to keep implementing You’re the man and he’s this came from YouTube and Facebook Messenger So that’s we’re gonna show you how to do we’re gonna show you how to leverage the power of social media whether it be YouTube Facebook or really any other platform online how to leverage that and use Facebook messenger combined and make 1000 and even two thousand dollar Commission’s okay. I’m gonna go ahead and scroll up here Obviously you can see tons of other you know People that are just joining our program that are a part of this private Facebook group. Obviously Brian Dixon one of my business partners He’s doing Facebook training in here. We’re welcoming brand new members every single day We’ve got Dylan Osborn who is fired up and obviously getting results from the training within here too as well So let’s go ahead and let’s show you the process you guys actually saw this in the previous video kind of a 30,000 foot Overview of what it takes to sell how you take it but we’re gonna go into more detail with in this video So this is the right way to sell high ticket obviously most people always try and just take traffic and send it to an affiliate link and what they’re doing is they’re just Bombarding people with just sells affiliate links and you do not want to do that You need to be building a relationship and a bond with people before you even send them to a checkout page They should even know that you have something to offer unless they contact you personally or one of your team members That’s the one of the best ways to market because then you’re doing Completely opposite of what most people are doing because right now most people are just spamming you with their affiliate links inside of Facebook groups on YouTube videos You can’t actually get access to any of my products right now Unless you connect with myself or one of my team members personally That’s the only way you can get access to my programs because we need to genuinely see if you’re a good fit. So Here’s the process that we follow and the process that we’ve used on other students Like obviously you see Scott here. So let’s go ahead and walk you through it. So number one you need traffic, right? Traffic is the lifeblood of your business traffic equals eyeballs to your sells funnel Your website’s your sells pages without customers coming to your websites. You’re not going to make any money So it’s obvious that you can leverage traffic from forms like the platform that you’re on right now You know YouTube you can leverage Facebook. You can leverage email marketing solo ads you can leverage banner ads You can leverage CPA networks. There’s tons of traffic online. The idea is to focus on one, right? I’ve been doing YouTube for the past five years and Essentially, what I do is I take people from my youtube videos and you’ll be able to obviously go through this process you can click The link below and check it out. But essentially it’s going to take you to this page right here first and It’s going to give you a free training For you entering your email address So I show you within this training how I predictably get 10 to 20 high ticket sells every single month promoting other people’s Products and then you go to the case study video right here in which I show you kind of the process that I went through from January to till now to do over three hundred thousand dollars in profit in my affiliate marketing business and then I obviously give you the ability to get access to all my Assets get access to everything that I used in my business including the traffic sources To make three hundred thousand dollars within the past six months or so So if you’re somebody that’s obviously a good fit You’re more than likely going to click the link below and that’s going to send you straight to Facebook Messenger Now with in messenger, there’s a method to the madness. You might be thinking Okay, you’re not getting on the phone with people. You’re not selling over the phone? You’re you’re selling through chat and you can actually promote products that are you know, two thousand dollars plus over chat and Create income from this without talking to people on the phone. Well, of course, yes this works The proof is in the pudding as you can see here Once again, eleven thousand dollars within the past about week and a day. So this process works So how does it actually work once somebody goes from the opt-in page right this page here? to the pre sell page which again this page here and then to the pre-qualification process which is this page here same process that you would pretty much put people through if you were to sell just a forty seven dollar product the only difference is you’re not setting them to the sales page you’re sending them to Facebook messenger and then within Messenger I asked them specific questions that pertain to their situation So there’s about 11 or 12 questions that I asked Right, and this is the actual script that I use all the way from message 1 down to message I mean, there’s multiple messages Message about 12, right? I got I even got a financial Check question that I asked people in case they’re in a position where they can’t invest in my program so you’ll notice that everything is systemic and it doesn’t require you to go out there and get on the phone and talk to people for hours and You know learn all these one-liners and go to sell seminars or anything like that This has all been proven over the course the past five years and just having multiple conversations I developed this script from doing just years and years and years of just in the trenches work So the question is right. This is blurred out Obviously, this is just for my students. I can’t just give away this for free What if you had access to this though? What if you had access to not only? This script but you had to access this whole entire sales process That you can copy and pass off as your own heck. I’ll even give you this case study video I’ll give you the whole entire funnel All you need to do is click the link below have a chat with me or hey See if you’re a good fit for the program. And that’s the number one goal. We don’t approve everybody We get a lot of people that come in and say Josh, how much is the program? Well, we need to find out if you’re actually a good fit first Because we don’t just want to be bringing people on board because we’re gonna make money We’re all about success stories if we can create more success stories We’re gonna make more money and we’re gonna help our students make more money as well So how would you like access this whole entire process? No stone left unturned if that’s something that you’re interested in That’s something you want access to go ahead. Click the link in the description below. Check it out If not use this in your own sales process if you’re an affiliate marketer One of the cool things about this not just an affiliate marketer But any other type of market or out there is the fact that you won’t see a decrease in your in If you are an affiliate marketer A lot of people are plug into these automated businesses and automated systems that claim that their automated when they’re really not Right you send people through like a $1 trial offer they connect with a coach and Then pretty much the whole sell is out of your hands because now it’s up to that coach that your lead was sent to to close your prospect and so what happens with a lot of coaches and a lot of sells people is They might have one really good month and the next month their cells decrease. And so that’s why as an affiliate marketer You’re reliant upon another company upon another person for your livelihood and your income So what if you have access to this? messenger process where you could actually close people through chat and not see a decrease in your income see an Increase in your income if you want access to it. Click the link below We’ll see if you’re a good fit and if you got value from this video like this video subscribe to the channel and Take that Bell icon. If you like videos like this you want to receive more and we’ll see in the next video Take care of Thank You Josh. That was a great presentation and guys I hope you enjoyed the video and got great value out of it If you did give me a like and a thumbs up and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and also Share it with all of your friends. That link is down below if you’re interested in learning more about this incredible new System with this brand new strategy that nobody else is using and remember guys It’s time to invest in your business and it’s time to invest in yourself

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