🔴 National Sovereignty & Commerce Hanging By a Thread (w/ Steve Bannon and Kyle Bass)
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🔴 National Sovereignty & Commerce Hanging By a Thread (w/ Steve Bannon and Kyle Bass)

KB: I said on my radio show, and everybody
quotes me on this, back in 2014-2015 that in five years, we’ll be in a shooting war
in the South China Sea. As a 22-year-old Naval officer, I was on patrol
in the South China Sea on an American destroyer. OK? And I said, where in the hell am I? Right? What is this place? Because every tanker in the world coming through
the Straits of Malacca from the Persian Gulf– you’ve got every huge tanker. You’ve got every boxcar. It’s a superhighway. KB: 40% of China’s energy needs come through
the Strait of Malacca. SB: I think it’s one third of the world’s
trade. It’s $5 trillion. KB: It is. SB: My point. When people say the South China Sea, what
you have to understand is it’s a superhighway of commerce. They have the biggest ships in the world 24/7,
365 days a year. China came to the Rose Garden in 2015 and
looked the American people and American president in the eye, and lied to him. They built, essentially, seven or eight stationary
aircraft carriers. They call them reefs. These are stationary aircraft carriers– Mischeif,
Scarborough Reef. All these– these reefs are basically aircraft
carriers. And what they’ve done is they’ve put fire
control, radar, search radars, and combat planes on them. These things can go. KB: They’re 10,000-foot runways. So China said to us, specifically, when Obama
was president, we will not militarize our islands in the South China Sea. We will not go to the Spratlys. Everything we’re building is just for research
purposes. How do we engage China now that we see that
every single one of these islands, whether it’s Fiery Cross, or Mischief, or the others
have 10,000-foot runways, missile batteries on them, and all of the weapons that they
said they never put there? Now they’re landing nuclear bombers there. How do we engage them? Do we engage them over this? Or do we just let them keep going? SB: When I got into the White House as Chief
Strategist with Mike Flynn when we first got there on the National Security Council in
the transition, I said the three things you got do is devolve fighting capability to the
combatant commanders. The White House was running the wars against
ISIS. KB: Give it to Harry Harris. SB: Yeah. Well, no. In this regard, give it to the guys in CENTCOM
and let them take on ISIS. You’ve got to devolve the power to fight wars
and the ability fight wars back in combatant commanders. Number two, we’ve got to figure out, in this
National Security Council thing, the Obama appointees and how we’re going to get our
own people in there over time. Number three, I said, we have to go back and
get every document related to Obama’s pivot to Asia. I said, I want to see exactly what they looked
at. And people should know. In the White House, I worked seven days a
week, 18-20 hours a day. OK? 50% of my time was on the pivot to Asia, and
why Obama did it, and what we were going to do to counter it. KB: It was Kurt Campbell’s. SB: Kurt Campbell. KB: He wrote the book. SB: Here’s what I found. I thought it would be a whole room of documents. It was pretty thin. And what I found is that the United States
itself was not really engaged institutionally against China. You had some great people. But there wasn’t all forces that kind of thought
through, hey, an economic plan or a war plan against China to engage in this economic war. In fact, what you saw, the entire pivot to
Asia became I think putting a marine brigade in Darwin, Australia, was basically the issue. Everybody told me Harry Harris is the man. So I got Harry Harris back. I spent a lot of time with him getting schooled
on exactly what was going on. And the one thing I found that was shocking
is that the South China Sea– when I was a young Naval officer, we went through the South
China Sea guns up, radars up, and everything moving. It’s called free navigation. We did, in international waters, what we wanted
to do and when we wanted to do it because we’re the United States Navy. OK? We keep the sea lanes free. What I found out now is they got these reefs
and everything like that. And China– we only go through in what’s called
safe navigation. You go through with your radars off and no
fire control solutions like a good little boy. You just kind of go. And you’re basically asking their permission
to go. KB: I was unaware of that. SB: When they lost the International Court,
China considers the South China Sea to be an internal sea to China. KB: I know. The Nine-Dotted Line of 1949 is a joke. SB: Well, they think it’s a territorial sea. They are not prepared. The first thing they’ll tell you is that the
territorial integrity and the sovereignty of China is not to be questioned. The more people that put it into documents,
the more people that put it on TV shows, the more people that the re-emphasize that meme,
they want because they believe that that’s reality. You asked me what’s going to happen. I said on my radio show five years ago they
would be in a shooting war. The situation in Qatar, and the Persian Gulf,
and the South China Sea are the two greatest hotspots of the world for global conflict
to start. OK? It’s not Korea. Korea’s a vassal state of China. The whole Korean thing is nothing but a Chinese
drama. OK? And President Trump is doing an amazing job
on it. The South China Sea is a flashpoint. And you saw this the other night. As a former Naval officer, those two ships–
KB: 50 feet apart. SB: The USS Decatur was on patrol. And you basically had a Chinese destroyer
come up and play chicken with it. They were 50 feet apart. If those two ships had hit, 200 or 300 sailors
would have died. Absolutely. If those two ships had hit at the relative
speeds they were going, we would have had a catastrophe. I don’t know what could have happened to the
weapons or what could happened to the fuel, but I’m telling you, at the speeds, what the
Chinese did was reckless. And that was a challenge to us. Remember, what the Decatur did was go 12 miles
from one of these reefs. OK? Now what the Chinese say is within 15 miles
is their territorial water. They said it was a violation of their sovereign
territory for a United States Navy to come 12 miles off a reef that they built into the
South China Sea. My recommendation is I think the President
of the United States, Donald J Trump, who to me has been very evenhanded with China
and really tried to build a relationship– I think you ought to give the Chinese 72 hours
to take every radar, every offensive thing on military, all the jets, everything out
of the runways, and everything off the island. You get 72 hours to take it all off. And on the 72nd hour and one minute, the United
States Navy is going to go in there take it off for them. And then I think they ought to take those
reefs, and they ought to dismount them and turn them back into international waters. They say the United States is provocative
by putting the United States Navy back into the South China Sea to keep the sea lanes
open. I happen to believe where this relationship
is going, and the lack of a real response the Chinese are going to have, that they’re
going to try to do something provocative in the South China Sea to try to initiate a response. And I think the president ought to be proactive
on this. I think you ought to tell them they get 72
hours. If you don’t take it off, we’re going to take
it off for you. And then dare them to stop the United States
Navy going in to do it. KB: You’re saying go to a kinetic conflict
in 72 hours and a minute. SB: I didn’t say go to a kinetic conflict. KB: Well, if we go try to take this off, they’re
not going to let that happen. SB: Well, the international courts ruled that
it was inappropriate for them to be there. Why don’t we enforce that? The Party of Davos– when she came and gave
that great speech at Davos that they all jumped up about, they failed to say what you just
mentioned. They looked the people of the United States
in the eye and lied to them from the Rose Garden in 2015 with the President of the United
States right next to him. OK? KB: And no one called him on it. SB: And never call him on it. And then you saw when the international courts
came, they said, hey, this is totally unacceptable. There’s no argument for it. It’s got to be undone. They just sat there. They’ve sat there and said, hey, this is our
territorial sea. And I realize people saying, Bannon, what
kind of crazy whack job are you? We don’t even know where it is in the South
China Sea we’re going go to war. People have to understand the global economy. And I’m a nationalist. OK? But the health of the American economy is
based on trade. Populist and economic nationalists are not
anti-trade. They’re antiradical concept of free trade
when you’re trading with a totalitarian, mercantilist society. What Trump wants and what he said from day
one is fair trade and reciprocity. OK? And I think now we’re going to get down to
it with China. China is going to have to understand that
Donald Trump is never going to back down on this. OK? He’s a fair man. OK? He’s a decent man. He’s tried to work with them. But the days of the United States being pushed
around like this are over. KB: Let me ask you a provocative question
then. SB: How can we get any more provocative? I just said we’re going to war in the South
China Sea. KB: It’s just the derivative of that. We’re just going even more. It’s equally as provocative. What if we were to just take our seventh fleet
and go home? SB: Here’s the thing. I think it’s very important for people to
remember is that the United States is a Pacific power. The whole development this country, the transcontinental
railroad, and the whole West coast– the West coast– we are inextricably linked to the
health of Asia’s economy. KB: Well, Article V protections of Japan would
be a real issue. I say that because if we were to have to go
to– let’s say we were to get to the point where we either had to go to war or had to
come home– SB: Coming home is not an option. KB: Not an option. SB: Not an option. The world would get to be an incredibly dark
and dangerous place. You could have appeasement. You could have a Munich. Right? You could have people say, hey, let’s just
pull out. They built the islands. They’re a rising Naval power. KB: We don’t want to fight. SB: And one of the cores about Trump’s is
it is non-interventionist. However, what America first stands for– national
security– is where it’s in the vital national security interest of the United States. It will be in the vital national security
interests of our local partners. That’s what America first means. Trump is not going around the world looking
for fights. He’s trying to calm things down with Russia. He’s trying to calm things down in Syria. He’s trying to find a solution in Afghanistan. He’s trying to find a solution in Korea. He’s trying to find a solution in Venezuela. And your viewers should understand Donald
Trump didn’t create any of this. This is Richard Haass and all the fucking
geniuses of the Party at Davos. They’re the ones that dumped Korea. They’re the ones that dumped Afghanistan,
Venezuela, and China on his lap. What Trump is saying is that our allies–
it will be in their vital national security interests either. And you go around and talk to Singapore, and
Thailand, and Indonesia, and Australia and ask them, hey, is an American Naval presence
in this neighborhood a good thing or a bad thing. And they will tell you, no, it’s a vital thing. We need America. We need America here because if we lose the
South China Sea, we will lose any type of commerce. China would control the whole place. And the Chinese understand that. That’s where they’re trying to push us out. And they’re starting to already have the psychological
warfare of exactly that. Hey, it’s 12,000 miles away. It’s really Asia. What are we involved here for? This is another debacle. KB: You’re already hearing it. SB: This is another debacle like Iraq and
Afghanistan. Look, I’m the biggest proponent of America
first. South China Sea in engagement with China is
absolutely vital. KB: Interesting. OK. I have two more questions for you. One is why has the US not had a people management
process in the US? And what I mean by that is you read the DIUX
report. They call it declassified. Actually, it never was classified. Defense Department report on the infiltration
of China into our research universities and our labs. SB: And our weapons labs. KB: Weapons labs funded by DARPA and the Air
Force. Why haven’t we put into place a proper people
management process? SB: I want you to go back because I don’t
think people understand these reports. These reports are essentially declassified
reports that showed that the 300,000 students are here on student visas and the 10,000 contractors
that we have the weapons labs up to I think 2/3 could be intelligence assets. And some percentage are intelligence officers
or agents. KB: And they’re working in our labs. On weapons technology funded by our government. SB: This is political correctness and greed
and avarice writ large. How did contractors– and let’s call them
out– Booz Allen and all these contractors– how do these contractors and these big government
programs get so many Chinese nationals working into our weapons labs? Our weapons labs are at the cutting edge of
national security. How did it happen? And so this has got to be done right away. I don’t know why it’s been a huge, I think,
bone of contention inside the administration. The political correctness of it all– the
Financial Times of London leaked the other day that my colleague, Stephen Miller, who’s
a terrific young man, actually had the plan in place to get all 300,000 Chinese students
out of the country with a way to cut the visas off right away. Not that we we’re going to execute on it,
but it was even in thinking. And obviously, it got leaked. In the Times, it goes around the State Department,
et cetera. Look at all the appeasers. I am so glad. I take great pride that someone like Susan
Thornton now owns a farm up in Maine because she was part of this kind of rational accommodationist,
this softness in the Defense Department, in the State Department, in our intelligence
services that basically went along with what China wanted to do and looked the other way. KB: So I’m not a proponent of throwing all–
there are 340,000 students here. SB: I am not a proponent. Here’s what I am a proponent. I’m a proponent of if they’re intelligence
assets, I want to know that. What Miller’s program was is that hey, if
we can prove this, they’ve got to go home. OK? KB: And I’m not even focused directly on China,
or India, or anywhere specifically. But why can’t we have a policy with the sovereignty
and national security of our own country? Why can’t we say if it’s a weapons program,
you just need to be an American citizen and maybe should be a naturally born American
citizen? SB: You’re asking basic, fundamental questions. KB: It’s simple. SB: I think, actually, that’s on the book,
and they get waivers. I believe that technically, when you look
in the details, that’s actually the fact that there’s kind of waivers given to this because
people look the other way. KB: OK. One more issue is the Confucius Institutes. The Confucius Institutes are on many of our
colleges. They’re funded directly by the PLA. Why do our colleges allow Confucius Institutes
on campus? SB: It’s unacceptable. It would be like in China, having something
funded by the CIA that was directly– KB: Or the Catholic church. SB: Or the Catholic church. But not the Catholic church because the Catholic
church just cut a deal that lets China– no. But this is a huge issue. Pope Francis just cut a deal that lets the
atheist that run the regime in Beijing actually pick our bishops. So the Catholic church would not be a good
idea since they’ve already kowtowed. It would be equivalent of having CIA or DNI
have a student center that promoted CIA culture in China. OK. That’s not happening. OK. You know why it’s not happening? Because the Chinese say, hey, that’s not going
to happen because that may affect our sovereignty. You’ve got to unwind them. KB: How? SB: I think you just sit there and just shut
them down. Right? KB: Under what law? SB: Hang on. This whole thing about people saying, oh,
well, they’re not that bad. They’re pushing culture. And they’re helping students learn Mandarin. Hey, they’re financed by the PLA. KB: They have server rooms in the Confucius
Institutes. What the F’s going on? SB: All of this is going to be a shock to
the American people. Here’s why the American people don’t know
this. Because nobody reports. Has 60 Minutes ever gone and done a Confucius
Institute? KB: They should. SB: They should have done it 20 years ago. The reason this is coming up is there are
people now fed up with this. And that’s why in this Trump movement, it
was Donald Trump. And when he came into the government that
changed it that now other people and other voices are coming up, and you’re seeing a
real pushback. But to allow this to happen at our universities–
Let’s be brutally frank. Why is it always Hudson Institute that’s having
Miles Kwok, or last night Mike Pence, and Dr. Pillsbury? Why is it always Hudson Institute? Why is it not the other institutes having
these kind of conferences? KB: Well, because China has paid many of them. SB: The last thing that maybe I’ll close on
is Li Hu, the economic strategist for President Xi. And I’ve had the opportunity to know him and
build a little bit of a relationship. He’s a very brilliant guy. When he came to do the major negotiation that
didn’t work out in June of this past year, and the very first day, he didn’t go to the
White House at first. He didn’t go to Treasury first. He shows up, and the very first day, he spent
on Capitol Hill with the quote, unquote, “free traders” in the Republican Party. Remember, the greatest blowback Trump got
on this was the Republicans. It was the Republicans that went crazy. Oh, you got to do free trade. You got to do free trade. All the nomenclature that we’ve been using
in regards to China has always been dismissed as oh, that’s just China. And so all the nomenclatures have just been
happy talk. And the words don’t really mean what they
are. And it’s people like yourself, it’s people
like Miles Kwok, it’s people like Dr. Pillsbury that are now starting to question this. And I think you see this whole thing that
from quote, unquote, “engagement to confrontation.” What they’re pinning us on now is engagement
versus confrontation. And we’re being painted as the war party,
right? We’re the crazy guys who want to go to war. No. What we want to stop is an economic war that’s
been against the United States. And if you look at the group that’s in the
engagement process, all they’ve been in is being tapped along by China in these strategic
economic dialogues that didn’t go anywhere for 25 or 30 years, and put us in the place
where we were de-industrialized by a predatory power. And China’s predatory capitalism is what they
stand on. So I couldn’t be prouder than President Trump. And for people who have not seen that speech,
that speech is going to go down in history as an inflection point because Mike Pence
yesterday essentially threw down and said, hey, no more games. We understand what you’re doing. We understand what you’re up to. We understand you have a full force of government
against us. And we’re going to counter that. And we’re going to win. KB: I appreciate that. When you pull into the Commerce Department,
right above the entry way where you drive through, there’s a quote from Benjamin Franklin. It says, commerce must be fair and equitable. And I think that’s where we need to be. I don’t think we should be overly punitive. I don’t think we should be combative. I think we should say we just need a fair
shake at things. And what you’re saying is we haven’t had one. And that’s something we believe too. And the good news is is I think in the last
six months to a year, culminating with Pence’s speech a day ago is finally, the narrative
is changing despite all of the efforts from those in China. So thanks for being here today. SB: Thanks. Thanks for having me. It was great. KB: It was really nice. SB: In this undisclosed location. KB: Undisclosed location. We’re here with Miles. SB: You’ve got to be undisclosed. Except he’s live streaming it constantly,
so that’s– KB: I don’t know who’s more controversial, you or Miles. But we’ll see soon. SB: Miles is a whole different league. I’m junior varsity compared to that. KB: Thank you. Thanks for coming. SB: Thanks for having me.

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