🔴 What is the CCP’s Grand Strategy? (w/ Guo Wengui & Kyle Bass)
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🔴 What is the CCP’s Grand Strategy? (w/ Guo Wengui & Kyle Bass)

Kyle Bass: Welcome to an undisclosed location
in Texas, Miles. It’s a pleasure to have you here. Miles Kwok: Nice to meet you, sir. KB: Nice to meet you too. MK: Thank you very much. KB: Yeah. Well, we met before. We’ve become friends quickly. MK: I’m already, proud of. KB: Me too. We share some similar views and come from
very different angles. But we’re going to have a great time today,
and I just want to announce to those that are listening to us today. There’s going to be a third voice. It’s a voice that will translate, clarify
anything you say in English or anything that will be sent back in Chinese. So that third voice will come in and out of
our conversation. And I think that will provide clarity for
our whole audience. So we’ll stay there. So your story is one that is hard for anyone
to believe. Your story is amazing. Your rise in China, your exit from China,
and now the position that you’re in, in the United States is one that people find hard
to believe. I don’t find it that hard to believe. I believe almost everything that you say. And I think telling your story to the people
of the world and the people of America, and China, and everywhere else is very important
for the world to understand what China’s grand strategy is. Who is Miles Kwok? Why are you in the United States? All of these questions are going to be great
questions for you to answer. And then I’ve got some other very specific
questions about data, and the Chinese Communist Party, and more importantly, the two currency
worlds that you and I seem to believe exist and be so important to China’s success or
failure going forward. So please, share with me, why are you in the
United States? What happened when you were in China and why
did you leave China? MK: Thank you, sir. KB: Yes. MK: I’m English no good. Sometimes I need help. But early, I want use my “Chinglish”. Give you answer. KB: OK. MK: If you don’t understand, I want the translator
to help. KB: Perfect. MK: I think it’s very easy to answer. I mean, the America, because, I’m anti-CCP. KB: The Chinese Communist Party. MK: Yeah, Communist. I want to clarify that. I don’t anti-Chinese. I don’t anti-China. I love Chinese. I love my country, as in China, but I hate
CCP. I want to take them down. I want to take this regime down. KB: You love the people. You love the culture. MK: I love the culture. KB: You do not like the government. MK: Yes. The government and the CCP, Communist Party. KB: A lot of people in the US feel that way. MK: Then I want to give America the warning. You are in danger’s way. You are too naive to believe the CCP. KB: Yes. You say that America is too naive to believe
what the CCP is saying. MK: Yes. This is why I want to provide about the CCP
any truth. Political, culture, army, and the economy. KB: Yes. MK: This is why I’m here. This is why the CCP want take me back. They paid the billions. They send people to come to America. Want to use any solution, make the deal, send
me back. And that’s why killing me, killing me, you
know this story. There’s many story about me. KB: They’ve tried. So basically, what’s known is the Chinese
Secret Service, the MSS, has come to London, has come to America, to try to take you and
take you back. MK: Yeah. Also they try to use anyone to kill me. KB: They would love to kill you. I think you are potentially China’s number
one enemy. MK: I think so. KB: The government. The government, not the people. MK: I’m number one. Steve Bannon, number two. Now maybe you is number three. So I’m here. Now I have political asylum in America. KB: Yes, you have political asylum. MK: Yes, asylum. I got this. Then I want the world to know about the CCP,
the truth, everything. The world now is very dangerous because CCP. You look before one year ago, I talk YouTube,
Twitter [INADUIBLE] about the CCP. KB: Yes. MK: Bingbing, actor, HNA Wang Qishan with
HNA and Jack Ma, everything. Nobody trust me. KB: OK, so don’t tell us yet about Jack Ma. At the end of the interview, you have a very
bold prediction. And I’d love to hear your view on what’s going
to happen to Jack Ma, but not yet. KB: OK? So you’re talking about this. What happened with the HNA chairman being,
let’s say– they would say he died or fell off a two-foot wall this summer. Others, including yourself, would say that
he was assassinated. Fan Bingbing was put into jail for, supposedly,
tax treatment. We’ll get to all of that. But let’s go back to the CCP. In your opinion, what is the grand strategy
of the CCP, in relation to in how it governs its relationship with the United States? What is the CCP after? MK: I think one year ago, it’s the September
fall. It’s the same year today, just one year. I went to speech in the Hudson, but they block
me because China government threaten the Hudson. Year today, great day. It’s after one year is the west [INAUDIBLE]
there. KB: There you go. So you were going to speak at the Hudson Institute,
and they stopped it. MK: Yeah, stopped by China threaten. They influence. Then one years ago, I have a press conference
in the DC. I told all the Americans to work. China CCP have the plan, called 3F. Is one, it’s weak America. KB: Weaken America. MK: Weaken America. KB: Yes. MK: Two, kill America. This is very seriously. Three is make terminal America. [Speaks Chinese] Terminal, terminal. Translator: He said make US unstable. MK: No stable. KB: Oh, OK. Got it. Unstable, yeah. MK: So I give the warning, but very bad. I think one year ago, some might think that
this guy’s a crazy guy, liar guy. KB: Correct, correct. MK: Reaper guy. Don’t me trust. Then this year, you look before, right? KB: You look back. MK: What has happened? What has happened? KB: Yeah, and you see everything that happened. MK: Yeah, this has happened. This is why the few months about the HNA,
the chairman died, Provence in France. All the people, oh, maybe Guo maybe talk us
the truth. So CCP have a strategy, 3F America. KB: Got it. MK: If you doubt, this is the strategy. No doubt. KB: For those that haven’t seen you before
on video, one year ago, you predicted that the chairman of HNA would be killed within
a year. MK: Yes, sir. KB: And 363 days later, he fell off a wall
in Provence. MK: Yes. KB: Right. Maybe it was just coincidental. MK: No. You know, this HNA, the chairman die? One year ago, I see it. The two guys, HNA. One is the president, one is the chairman. Must be one die. One die, it pass in the one year. Because Wang Qishan want kill him. Because they want disappear any qualified
information about corruption. They owned HNA. They kill people. They play in the all side official passes
them. So this a habit. Then only one, me. I see the guy, not as the take a selfie, die
afterward. It’s the Wang Qishan, China, CCP government
kill him, murder him. KB: Right. And this is the concept of the government
edifice of the Chinese Communist Party– in, theory they don’t earn much money each year. Right? In theory. But in practice, what you allege is there
was this magical 28% shareholder of HNA that The New York Times wrote about, that no one
knew who owned HNA. It was an insurance company that started at
zero in the last eight years and rose to prominence. MK: Yes. KB: And there was a shareholder that no one
knew who they were. Miles Kwok, you say that that shareholder
is Wang Qishan and his family. MK: Yes. KB: And originally, I think people thought
that that was crazy and that you were bombastic. And now as things are happening as you predicted,
people are starting to believe more in you. MK: Yeah. KB: You and I have had the opportunity to
spend many hours together. And I believe many of the things that you
say because everything is connected, whether it’s Miles Kwok talking about the chairman
of HNA, or Wang Qishan, or Fan Bingbing, or what’s going to happen to Jack Ma, which we’ll
still talk about a little later. Those things are all related to how the CCP
enriches itself. So what you’re alleging is that there is a
lot of corruption at the top. That’s correct, yeah? MK: Yeah, that’s correct. KB: And so what do you think the Chinese leadership
is worth today? How wealthy do you think they are, personally? MK: Oh, this is very easy. China’s, every year, GDP worth $10 trillion. KB: Right. It’s about 12 and 1/2, yeah? MK: Yeah, yeah. 12 and 1/2. The money goes where now? You check the last 10 years. KB: Where does the money go? MK: Yeah. KB: It goes, well, to the printing press. MK: Yeah, today I was with Steve Bannon talk
with you about one question. KB: Yes. MK: Why China print too much currency, China’s
not efficient to up? KB: Yes. MK: Why? Very easy. KB: To keep the order. MK: Order. And American all read that the country, the
cost by GDP 90% gave the people. KB: Yes. MK: Chinese all read that the country 10%
give the people. You check. American all the social housing here. How much? More than 20 trillion. KB: Yeah. MK: China how much? Half trillion. Maybe lower. KB: All the housing. MK: Yeah, all the housing. Why? China adds already the very low cost. We take the money to the outside. KB: So you’re saying it’s the same thing as
a government kleptocracy in Africa. MK: Yeah, definitely. Corruption in the outside and your country. KB: Yes. MK: But this is very dangerous. When one day, they use this threaten you. Now this is happening. This is why you look at American, any entrepreneur,
any US and Chinese company know they get threatened. KB: In a bigger picture, there is this concept
that a nation state, like China– and China has said, globally, that their economic system
is superior to that of Western capitalism. MK: Yes. KB: And when you peel back the onion, you
see that there is no larger income and wealth dispersion than there is in China because
the elites are the kleptocrats, and the people have very little. And those that actually rise through the ranks
of this hybrid system end up going to jail or falling off a wall in Provence, right? It’s a very important distinction to draw
when you look at the economy of the CCP versus the economy of Western capitalism. MK: Yeah. 100% correct.

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