01-Herbalife Marketing-Plan:Opportunity Overview
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01-Herbalife Marketing-Plan:Opportunity Overview

then hai re body and left the stand for
and i’m john cardone were absolutely thrilled to be here to talk about the
best marking plan in the industry here of a life marking plan today john and i read explains you how works
and how i can work for you in this video we’re gonna give you a
general overview of the marking plan and show you how quite literally it can
change ur life and will also try to answer some of the
most common questions that people ask about the plant that’s right now both of us as independent distributes
have benefited from men this leap from the air blake
marketing plan and we’re really excited to invite you
into the herbalife business but first it’s important that you get to know obit
more about the company so let’s take a look at what makes
herbalife simply the best in nineteen eighty markey’s founded
herbalife selling products out of the trunk of his
car and devoted his life to making the dream
of herbalife come true thanks to millions of people using the products around the world herbalife is now a global company
publicly-traded on the new york stock exchange operating in over seventy five countries
around the world we’re simply stronger than ever or more than thirty years herbalife has
been a pioneer leading company in rate nutrition beginning with mark uses
introduction of the formula one nutritional shake in nineteen eighty and
continuing to leave by adding great you science-based products herbalife is committed to providing the
best quality nutrition products to its independent distributors and their
customers quality is the foundation of the
herbalife mission for nutrition and the company has adopted the highest
standards to ensure the quality and benefit herbalife products herbalife has invested millions of
dollars in the scene to feed and they should it tube guarantee the very best
science the highest quality products and complete competence in the manufacturing
and supply chain herbalife sponsors more than one hundred
and fifty professional athletes and teams to reflect verbal x commitment to
excellence health and active lifestyle and helps
them to excel an elite level where these athletes high-performance nutrition is a
necessity and herbalife is proud to be a part of their success herbalife also
actively sponsors supports and participate in a wide range of sporting
events around the world and takes pride in contributing to events that promotes
health and fitness herbalife is proud to support the
herbalife family foundation and its casa herbalife program which includes nutrition for children at
best by providing funding teacher ridable
organizations around the world markey’s began this important work in
nineteen ninety-four herbalife also supports disaster relief efforts around
the globe by raising funds to reconstruct damaged areas of communities
and to help evacuate survivors at herbalife successes build on great
products and all of its products are based on proven science herbalife is dedicated to developing
innovative affected products by using the highest research
development manufacturing standards herbalife sweet management targeted
nutrition energy and fitness and personal care products are developed
highest scientific leadership team who work with him expert staff herbalife
scientists and chemists to develop innovative beneficial
products that are based on the biggest nutritional research and it conducts clinical studies with a
major universities around the world in order to benchmark the benefits of areas
products herbalife is committed to changing people’s lives by providing the
best business opportunity in direct selling and the best nutrition fleet
management products in the world wout john you know i mean in this
business for thirty years and it’s a raising how far we’ve come cheer is less
and now more than ever it’s really a great time to be in curb like
independent distributor so i’m sure our viewers are wondering
exactly how they too can become interpolated independent distributor this is how it works to become an herbalife independent
distributor you need to purchase an international business pac from a distributor who will then become your sponsor then you’ll need to review the contents
of the business pac and fill out the distributor application but this is really important because
until herbalife receives an exception completed distributor application the company doesn’t know who you are or who your sponsor is interpolate doesn’t know who to pay based on the business that you do when you become eligible it’s really
important that your application is received by verbal i_q_ entered into
the computer and in some countries you can even sign up very easily online once the company processes your
application that’s when you become an official
independent distributor and you’re on your way that’s right and once you’re disturbia
you immediately get a twenty five percent discount on herbalife products
and you can begin to earn money right away on your retail sales then as you do more business that you
can move up the discount scale this progress is measured in herbalife
currency which we call volume points now let’s show you how this works by purchasing five hundred volume point
for the products in one month you were eligible to move up to the
second level in the marking plan called senior consultant which starts at eight
thirty five percent discount and you can get it forty two percent
discount for the remainder of the month in which the order was placed by placing a one-time success builder
order worth one thousand volume points you can also qualify for the next level
in the marking plan the qualified producer or at the kyuki level which gives you a forty two percent
discount for an entire year class additional ways to earn money by
opening the door to a whole cell profits which you can earn on the distributors
you recruit and retain if they place orders directly with
herbalife if you reach the supervisor level and
the team levels are above this you’ll have a dissimilar earning opportunities a supervisor qualifies turning up to six
different areas that may include al fifty percent retail profit between eight and twenty five percent
wholesale profit up to five percent realty arrived on the
first three levels of active supervises in your downline and a monthly production bonus once you
reach the top of the cheaters business status touting there is also the idea marches
bonus as well as opportunities to qualify and be eligible for a blaze
exclusive promotions and vacations the higher you move up the marking plan the greater you’re earning potential the herbalife marking plan is really
designed to let you work in your own peso let’s discuss the three ways to qualify
for the supervisor level you can call fine whatever time fits
your lifestyle in circumstances depending on how much time and a half
rededicate your business you can qualify in one month two months or in a three to twelve month period
isn’t that great that’s right and how much you burn with
herbalife is up to you the volume from every sale comes towards
qualifying to the next level in the marketing plan now you can do the business part time to
supplement your existing income or full time to burn more once your in the computer system you can google up the marketing plan on the basis of your sales in your
downline sales the plan is designed to reward you for
your performance and help you along the way as you sponsor in the inner new
independent distributors and help develop them into supervisors
with retail customers and downline distributors of their own your organization grouse and you can
qualify different royalty overrides if you’re royalty overrides grow you may have cheap the world team level
which is a tremendous milestone that demonstrates your leadership
ability as well as your success at boat-building and retaining a robust team of distributors as a world team member you also qualify for special recognition
and trainings that teach you additional methods of
developing your downline distributors in supervisors as well as additional methods of growing your royalty overrides which
are based on wonder five percent of the monthly volume of your first
three levels of active downline supervisors and if you continue to grow your royalty
overrides you can reach even higher levels if you qualified to become a member of
the property vers business team or taps team level you may qualify for an additional become opportunity production bonuses it’s simple the more volume your downline cells the bigger your earnings maybe now once you reach the get team level which is the first level in the tab team things can really happen for example unmentioned if you recruit developing retain to downline supervisors and each of them recruits develops and retains to active supervisors and those active supervisors recruit everyting tumour active supervisors and every one of those levels are
generating two thousand five hundred or more in
volume each month here than eligible to current a two
percent bonus on all of that as an inactive getting number it’s possible to earned one thousand
five hundred dollars or more each month from royalty overrides in production
bonuses now imagine if you recruit develop and retain three active downline supervisors in each of them recruits mentors and
retains three active supervisors and those actors supervisors recruit mentor in retained three more active supervisors you could become on millionaire team
member and you can qualify took earned four percent production bonuses on of
their volume wahl can you imagine gave tell people that you’re part of the
millionaire team it’s such an honor and hasn’t as an active millionaire team
now it’s possible to hurt a total of five thousand five hundred
dollars or more from royalty overrides a production
bonuses alone and what about being a member of the
president’s team the president’s team is made up of the
very elite group of distributors and they’ve all worked very hard to
reach this level those of reach the president’s team
level have the developing their herbalife business parade average of
seven years or more but if you recruit and develop their retained five active supervisors and in each of those active supervises
recruits mentors who retains five more active supervisors and each of these supervisors recruits manners and retains five back to supervisors you could potentially achieved the
president’s team level as well you can become eligible to qualify to
current production bonus checks of up to seven percent on your downline supervisors hasn’t been active president team member you could potentially be earning a total thirteen thousand dollars and up every month from royalty overwrite of production
bonuses that’s right and if you can carry net
and work are you katie that’s it’s all up to you the more active you and your downline
supervisors are the quicker you can move up the marking
plan begin earning royalty overrides production bonuses a march hughes bonus
and any of her life fabulous promotions at the president’s team level you could
potentially be earning up to a seven-percent reduction bonus on your
income higher downline sales volume it really is incredible and you know the coming provides a lot
of support to help herbalife independent discourage succeed which is why the
county has created this series of videos that explain different aspects of the
marking plan as you move up it’s a lot of information so we’ve
organized it into captors just referred to a specific chapter
whenever you need it these chapters cover the fundamentals of
retailing and recruiting and how you can qualify as a supervisor
and the upper levels of the marking plan this series of also covers the
importance of recall fication production bonuses royalty overrides and
so much more that’s right as you watch these videos remember there
is no limit to what you can achieve with herbalife the company in your upline will support
you at every step you have the potential to succeed so go
for it for

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