1 Page Marketing Plan By Allan Dib Book Review
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1 Page Marketing Plan By Allan Dib Book Review

the one-page marketing plan is an
entry-level marketing book obviously that you can make on one single page in
piece of paper why is this important it’s important because the old style of
a marketing plan takes up a whole entire book that you’re probably never going to
look at making it one concise little page makes it so it’s an easy to read
for you and easy to come back to to make sure you’re on plan and on point
following the same pathway that you have set out for success although it is entry
level it can still benefit those who are a little more advanced in marketing I’ve
learned a ton of great information from this marketing book I feel like will
highly benefit a ton of other people who have already been running their company
for maybe 5 10 20 years especially those running their company for 20 plus years
there’s a lot that it’s change in marketing and you can be making a ton
more money if you learn a little bit more so the author of this book’s name
is Allan Dib Dib and he is some Australian guy who for the life of me I
cannot find any information on any past businesses he’s grown or anything like
that but that does not change the fact the information held within this book is
not just pure gold especially for those who have been running a business for a
long time or those just starting out so there are five key points from this book
that I absolutely loved and feel like can really benefit those watching this
video the first being unique selling point a lot of people ask the question
when you’re pitching an idea pitching an idea to a friend or just telling them
about an idea maybe talking to a family member is why are you different how are
you different and I feel like a lot of people overthink this to an extent you
don’t need to be drastically different let’s say you’re starting a coffee shop
your unique selling point might be something else that another coffee shop
in Colorado if you’re not in Colorado maybe you live in California another
coffee shop in another state could be already doing that as long as within
your little two to maybe 10 mile radius around your coffee shop it’s just that
much different than the coffee shops around you that is a perfectly fine
unique selling point you don’t need to sell these
practically crazy different coffee flavors you just need to be different
enough to stand out the second key point that I absolutely love from this book
was retargeting warm leads and already existing customers for best marketing
eventually you should hopefully be able to simply continue to remarket to your
existing customers and warm leads exclusively to help grow your business
to an extent that you haven’t seen before with ease that you haven’t seen
before at a lower cost there was one story in particular from this book about
a car salesman from a dealership I believe there’s a Chevy dealership who
did something absolutely remarkable that I’ve never heard of another car salesman
doing no car salesman has ever done this with me and I feel like it’s really
lacking it’s such an easy thing for them to do what this car salesman did and
this was I believe this was an example before the internet you could use the
Internet but I like this idea a little bit more is he would write happy
birthday cards handwrite them to all of his existing customers all his past
customers he would write out handwrite again and hand address letters for every
big holiday Happy New Year’s Christmas all that and he would send these out to
all of his past customers he was so booked and he had so many letters to
send out every holiday every day for birthdays and everything like that he
actually had to hire an assistant on to help him with this in this specific
example taking from the book I believe these sold this one individual sold more
than the equivalent of three other car dealerships combined him alone sold as
much as three car dealerships that is insane he must been selling so many cars
every single day the third and personally my favorite point from this
book is about copywriting for sales I’m gonna read you a little quote here from
the book rather than using conventional boring professional professional
sounding copy we use copy that is like a car accident no matter how much you
don’t want to you can’t help but look and what he’s talking about here is
making your copy the biggest print on your ad whether that be let’s let’s use
a newspaper list in newspapers a hole that would be the headline of the
newspaper the best way that he says to do that is using
a subconscious little tick that humans have and that is to ask a question when
you ask a question when you read a question being asked you can’t help but
answer it and let’s use the coffee shop for example I don’t run a coffee shop
never have I’ve never marketed for a coffee shop
but maybe your headline would be are you tired of having lukewarm coffee every
morning or or burned coffee if the person uses too much too hot of water or
some question that that maybe asks if you’re having a problem around coffee
and then following that you would make yourself the solution or click here
below to find out how you can blankety-blank length solve problem
explore customer B Y X Y Z a second quote taken from the book on this exact
same topic that I loved like I said I absolutely loved reading this chapter
the quote was don’t use your marketing material as a screen to hide behind use
it to give opinion insight advice and commentary and above all be yourself and
be authentic this will instantly your create Wow create report and will
differentiate you from all other boring bland marketing around you so use your
marketing to give opinion insight advice and commentary on the issue on your
industry this is in itself making you the talking head for your industry or at
least so it may seem you may think of the health and fitness industry in
picture one person or you might think of one program maybe like the South Beach
Diet or something like that and they were able to the South Beach
Diet let’s use that an example they were able to make themselves so loud and they
voice their opinion inside advice and commentary so wildly creatively and
wrote the book and promoted it so well that they became that talking head for
that industry second the last number four the advice from the book is to
market like a farmer what he means by this is if you get a lead don’t just go
and contact them one time contact them repeatedly and over and over again over
extended period of time and this does not mean being
obnoxious and salesy this means providing value in their lives helping
them with an issue helping them solve a value providing massive upfront value to
this person to improve their life and then at the end they’re probably going
to be a raving customer if you’ve helped them solve a problem already chances are
they’re gonna give you some money you solve problems for people they’ll
probably pay you some money the title market like a farmer comes
from the idea if you plant a seed let’s say that’s the warm lead someone enters
into your email list they plant that seed what if the farmer only came back
once to water that seed it probably wouldn’t grow into a ripe tomato plant
or pineapple wherever you are instead you need to keep coming back
over and over again with helpful honest advice to help and provide value to this
person to improve their life like the farmer keeps coming back to put manure
and fertilizer on their plants and to water them and help them in any way that
it can so they can grow and thrive same thing is what you need to do with your
customers help them grow and thrive without really expecting them to pay you
money but always have that option there for them and number five my last tip is
to become a voice of value to your tribe the great dream Rhone had a wonderful
quote on this topic as well that I’m gonna read to you straight from the book
look at that don’t spend most of your time on the voices that don’t count
tune out the shallow voices so that you will have more time to tune in the
valuable ones and this is great advice for everyone not just business owners
but what Jim Rohn is saying to an alluding to is you need to become that
voice of value to your customers that they are not going to weed out because
that are actually gaining value from it and we talked about this a little bit
earlier about providing lots and tons an amazing upfront value to your customers
but you need to become the voice of value to your industry you need to be
the industry provider of value and information you need to be the go-to
person in your industry whether that means a two-mile radius around your
coffee shop a restaurant or if that means for your entire
industry if that’s where you want to be if you want to be the next I don’t know
Jimmy John’s for the sandwich industry or subway I guess there’s quite a few
for sandwiches because it’s not that great an example but nonetheless you get
the point become that voice of value to your industry and really help your
customers in any way that they can and if you solve people’s problems for them
they will generally then pay you money for that thank you so much for watching
this video click right here to subscribe and go down below and in the comments
section please please please let me know what videos you’d like to see in the
future if you have any specific book reviews that you want me to read and
then review give my opinions on please go ahead and leave that down in the
comment section below alright guys thank you so much have a good day

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