10 Companies That Secretly Control The World
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10 Companies That Secretly Control The World

ten companies that secretly control the
world number ten Nestle most of the products that you buy are owned by
surprisingly small number of monopolistic companies take Nestle for
example they own over 8500 different brands in 80 countries they start off of
the kind of brands you’d expect arrow KitKat Milky Bar etc but then there are
some products that you probably never imagined would be owned by the chocolate
giant such as shredded wheat Gerber baby foods hot pockets and Purina pet food
they also an approximately 23% of cosmetic powerhouse L’Oreal which cell
phones huge brands Garnier Maybelline and The Body Shop and Nestle isn’t the
only food company whose Reach is greater than you think
Kellogg’s owns big brands eggo Pringles and cheese it Pepsi Co owns Quaker
Oatmeal Cheetos and Tropicana and crafts acquisitions range from Oreos to
Vegemite and Cadbury to daringly so how have Nestle used their massive clouds
well as it turns out not always for good in 2013 the company was accused of
depriving locals of water in a small Pakistani community by repurposing the
local well for their bottled water production company Pure Life number nine
Lockheed Martin with global military expenditures standing at over 1.7
trillion dollars every year it’s no surprise that companies producing and
supplying weapons exert a huge amount of power over world events Lockheed Martin
is the world’s largest weapons manufacturer they employ 126 thousand
people and rake in 69 point three billion dollars a year in profit
national militaries around the world rely on Lockheed for example it’s the
USA’s largest government contractor receiving 10% of the Pentagon’s funds
they also supply weapons to Germany India Israel Japan the UK and numerous
other countries showing the wide-reaching extent of their influence
over worldwide conflicts however Lockheed Martin’s control has spread
beyond even this they spend a great deal of money on lobbying especially in
America investing approximately 10 million dollars a year into this they
tend to offer their financial support to political candidates who advocate higher
national defense spending in order to ensure more investments in their own
products clever number eights quanta Computer Inc Mac
versus PC it’s been one of the biggest rivalries
of the technological age when buying a laptop a lot of people have strong
loyalties to one or the other and it’s a battle that shows no signs
have died down anytime soon but at the end of the day doesn’t really matter
max Dells HP Sony’s Toshiba x’ all these laptops come from the same manufacturer
quanta Computer Inc quanta is a taiwan-based manufacturer of notebook
computers and other electronic hardware which was founded in 1988 the company
has an estimated 31 percent worldwide market share of notebook computers with
approximately 70% of adults in the Western world
owning a laptop this equates to a simply gigantic reach for quanta it has also
grown beyond laptop production and now has fingers in many technological ties
quanta has influence in mobile communication GPS systems and home
entertainment in 2011 they even collaborated with Facebook as part of
the Oakland compute project which aimed to create more efficient servers storage
and data center hardware designs number seven in bed it’s no secret that alcohol
plays a big role in society 56 percent of American adults questioned in a 2015
national survey admitted to drinking in the past month an estimated eighty eight
thousand people die from alcohol-related causes every year an excessive drinking
cost the health services staggering two hundred and twenty three point five
billion dollars a year with such a variety of temples available you would
expect the responsibility for alcohol consumption to fall into a large number
of different companies but there is actually only one company who has a huge
monopoly of the beer industry InBev it owns 46 percent of the beer markets in
America and as a net profit of 3.4 billion dollars a year in fact most of
the beers you can buy from a store belong to the in that beer Empire
including Stella Artois Budweiser X and Corona InBev also have majority states
and other huge companies such as grupo modelo which makes most of the base in
Mexico basically whenever you’re treating
yourself to a beer or two there’s a very strong likelihood that your money will
at some point end up in embarrass pocket number six Pfizer the industry for
painkillers antibiotics and vitamin supplements is currently booming with
experts estimating that the global farmer market will reach one point one
two trillion dollars by 2022 this basically puts a large portion of
the world’s population under the thumb of the planets big pharmaceutical
companies such as Pfizer Pfizer is an American
is global pharmaceutical corporation making forty billion dollars in profit
every year it’s the largest research based drug maker in the world with less
products marketed in more than 150 countries the company therefore has a
lot of control over millions of people’s were beings a responsibility that they
had a questionably in 2016 the drug giant was fired over 100 million dollars
for illegally hiking up the price of an anti epilepsy drug by two thousand six
hundred percent overnight this directly affected how much the UK’s National
Health Service had to pay and strip fifty thousand people of potentially
life-saving medication the production of prescription drugs is the company’s
primary source of revenue but Pfizer’s worldwide control doesn’t stop there
they have behind numerous well-known healthcare products such as Listerine
and sudafed as well as being a massively influential
player in the animal health industry number five Pierson Pierson is one of
the biggest publishers of educational material in the world despite being
based in London 60% of its sales go to the states and it operates in more than
70 countries the company owns numerous educational publishing giants for
example Penguin Harcourt and prentice hall its influence over the American
education system is so great that theoretically you could be taking
Pierson designed test from kindergarten through to eighth grade you could study
a piece and design curriculum using Pierce and publish textbooks and be
taught by teachers certified by Pearson tests and with such a monopoly of the
education sector Pearson has been able to hike up prices without anyone really
able to stop them over the last few decades the cost of textbooks has
arguably increased more than any other aspects of education yes even more than
college tuition according to The Huffington Post textbook prices have
increased a whopping eight hundred and twelve percent in the last 30 years
allegedly because of the reduced competition brought about by Pearson’s
monopoly number four ICBC bankers are ultimately responsible for stabilizing
the economy which ripples through every aspect of our lives their power
influences everything from the big scale decisions of governments to the prices
of individual food items in your weekly grocery shop
if you combine the wealth of the world’s 10 largest banks you’d have twenty five
point one trillion dollars which would be enough to fund the entire US
government for over seven years the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
the state-owned Banking Goliath is undoubtedly the most powerful bank on
the planet it has over three trillion dollars in assets and
market value of 215 point six billion dollars media reign supreme at the top
of Forbes as well as biggest public companies list and the bank’s influence
isn’t limited to China I CBC has a foothold in every continent except
Antarctica employing nearly half a million people globally and they have
also extended their control by turning other major banks into ICBC subsidiaries
for example Turkey’s textile bank and South Africa’s Standard Bank number
three Monsanto Monsanto the American giant
specializing in agricultural biotechnology is estimated to be worth a
huge sixty five billion dollars Monsanto has a near total control over the
American seed market for example they trademark nearly 80 percent of the corn
grown in the country this may not sound like the most influential monopoly in
the world the corn is actually an integral ingredient in a surprising
number of products corn corn syrup and corn starch show up in gas glue makeup
soap toothpaste aspirin diapers and even the humble house brick despite its
impressively diverse market influence Monsanto has established a troubling
reputation it was described by modern farmer magazine as the face of corporate
evil this is in part due to his controversial use of GM crops but also
largely the result of their ruthless treatment of competitors in the 90s
rumours are most at the company had produced so-called Terminator seeds
designed to sterilize the plots of anyone who tried to pay to Monsanto
seeds gathered from neighboring farms number two Disney over the years the
Walt Disney Company has acquired a few high-profile media production companies
most notably during the purchase of Marvel Entertainment in 2009 and
Lucasfilm in 2012 both of which cost over four billion dollars more than half
of the highest-grossing movies in the last decade were owned by the company
which shows how tight their grip over the film world is and while Disney a
best known for their billion dollar grossing movies and the world-famous
theme parks the mass media giants reach doesn’t stop there
Disney also owns or partly owns loads of other companies they own TV networks ABC
ESPN and even the History Channel with the media playing an incomparable role
when it comes to public sentiment and knowledge Disney’s vast empires makes
them one of the most powerful companies in the world number one alphabet Inc
unsurprisingly Google regularly tops Forbes list of the most valuable brands
in the world with the reported revenue of fifty point six
billion dollars in 2016 over 40,000 search queries are made on Google every
single second and YouTube has a reach of well over a billion users almost a third
of all people on the insects with it’s algorithms determining what we see
online and what information we have access to the control it exerts over our
daily lives is arguably unmatched by any other company but did you know that
Google is actually owned by another lesser-known company relative new kid on
the block alphabet Inc alphabet Inc was founded in 2015 by Larry Page and Sergey
Brin the two founders of Google so in a nutshell Google has spun off from Google
and renamed itself alphabet which now in school the point of alphabet Inc as a
new umbrella company is to separate Google’s core internet businesses from
some of its more ambitious diverse projects so the services we all know and
love is part of Google YouTube chrome Android and Google Maps I’m not going to
be put at risk by the company’s new ventures such ventures include research
gun the X lab which is developing driverless cars and the Coleco life
extension project so that was 10 companies that secretly control the
world did you know about the full extent of these business superpowers already or
did any surprise you let us know in the comments below and if you enjoyed this
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10 Apple secret police Apple has a
reputation as one of the most secretive companies in the world but do you know
how far the Tetrarch go in order to protect the privacy of its upcoming
projects well allow me to introduce the worldwide loyalty team
animals very own secret police

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100 thoughts on “10 Companies That Secretly Control The World

  1. These companies in the video do not control the world.The Four Horsemen of Banking (Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, Citigroup and Wells Fargo) own the Four Horsemen of Oil (Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch/Shell, BP and Chevron Texaco); in tandem with Deutsche Bank, BNP, Barclays and other European old money behemoths.the majority stock holders of the federal reserve and the majority holders for the four horsemen of banking have the most power/control of the world.

  2. Us military industrial complex … really if u all want to know world biggest controller, enforcer, bully, war monger… that control u all, no if and butts about it, no comparison as western elites us it as war for profitering enitities to control the world .7


  3. Pfizer recently admitted to having sat on the cure for altzheimers for years, because the product wouldn't give them enough profit.

  4. The USA government is at the top of their selective genocidal game last I checked….WAKE UP SHEEPEL ,read your rights and DUTIES as a citizen against a tyrannical government !! Time to erase , cleanse this world of such selfish, self-centered greed !

  5. Next we examine the owners of these companies and and their agendas. Most are zionist jews who feel that non jews are are only here on Earth to serve them.

  6. You missed Facebook, it is by itself the largest social media platform by FAAAR. 2.3 billion users a month, 1.45 billion users a day with 80 BILLION in revenue a year damn. But wait, they own Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsap. Google even tried to compete with Facebook with Google+ but failed; You also missed apple. Even if they don't have the most phone sales, their revenue is double that of Samsung. The BIG TECH are the largest firms in the world. No wonder many people want the tech giants broken up.

  7. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. In a related vein, I wonder when Skynet will become self-aware?

  8. Smoke and mirrors. Which other living entity is conditioned to believe in money?
    Who said we have to buy and sell? Was it your slaver? Was it your slaver?
    Who told you about heaven and hell? Was it your slaver? Was it your slaver?
    Think logically, accept the truth, and, live accordingly.

  9. Compagny making over 60 billions dollars each years spends only 10m in lobbying, 10 millions is like nothing for lobbyists wtf

  10. History Channel won't remain historically accurate for much longer… gonna be "Everything is *EVIL*ism" soon enough, cuz politics…

  11. They don't 'control the world', really they just have huge influences on industries and even though they still do bad things every now and then, well they still don't freaking control the world.

  12. Earth is a slave planet, run by ravenously greedy, luciferian pedovores 🔥
    – Let’s Ascend together, & drop these invisible shackles 🙏🏼
    Put on the FULL ARMOR OF GOD 🎚

  13. Such a list without the greedy monster company that manically works to monopolize all the world’s drinking, COCA COLA, is ridiculous. But Monsanto is definitely the most evil of them all, followed by Facebook and Alphabet, and then Coca Cola. Four companies that should be terminated.

  14. Alot of this video is wrong mondlez owns Oreo not Kraft Listerine is a Johnson and Johnson brand a division of McNeal Heath

  15. They make some the components of the laptops and the companies buy them. You make it sound like quanta builds every laptop. This is misleading.. sometimes in electronics a company like sony will get components from other sources because its cheaper than making it themselves.

  16. Youre really going to let on like every laptop comes out of one factory? Lol 😂 ah man the internet. They sell components, if you know anything about electronics you should know this happens a lot.

  17. Ooh the evil companies how is that any better than fear mongering on youtube so you can try to get money 💰

  18. so would this be fascism? as alot of the owners of these or ceo are also in gov …also the companies that own the real shit natural resources…so it seems imo we are owned by companies. he sited huff post…lol thats like using wiki as a source mate

  19. They don't rule anything, They primarily rely on infiltrating the mind and we're all very much aware of everything they do and don't do.
    They are under arrest in fact.

  20. “The increasing disparity between the rich and the
    poor is a major destabilizing influence in the world. It produces or
    exacerbates regional and national conflicts, environmental degradation, crime
    and violence, and the increasing use of illicit drugs. These consequences of
    extreme poverty affect all individuals and nations. Increasingly we are
    becoming aware that we are all members of a single human family. In a family
    the suffering of any member is felt by all, and until that suffering is
    alleviated, no member of the family can be fully happy or at ease. Few are able
    to look at starvation and extreme poverty without feeling a sense of failure.”

    The Bahá’í approach to the problem of extreme poverty
    is based on the belief that economic problems can be solved only through the
    application of spiritual principles. This approach suggests that to adjust the
    economic relationships of society, man’s character must first be transformed.
    Until the actions of humankind promote justice above the satisfaction of greed
    and readjusts the world’s economies accordingly, the gap between the rich and
    the poor will continue to widen, and the dream of sustainable economic growth,
    peace, and prosperity must remain elusive. Sensitizing mankind to the vital
    role of spirituality in solving economic problems including the realization of
    universal equitable access to wealth and opportunity will, we are convinced,
    create a new impetus for change.

     A new economic
    order can be founded only on an unshakable conviction of the oneness of mankind.
    Discussions aimed at solving problems related to extreme poverty based on the
    premise that we are one human family rapidly expand beyond the current
    vocabulary of economics. They demand a wider context, one which anticipates the
    emergence of a global system of relationships resting on the principles of
    equity and justice.

    Although it will resemble the present system in many
    ways, the evolving economic system which Bahá’ís envision will have significant
    points of distinction.

    Let us take as an example the Bahá’í view of income
    distribution, which allows for differences but would eliminate both extreme
    wealth and extreme poverty. The accumulation of excessive fortunes by a small
    number of individuals, while the masses are in need, is, according to Bahá’í
    teachings, an iniquity and an injustice. Moderation should, therefore, be
    established by means of laws and regulations that would hinder the accumulation
    of excessive fortunes by a few individuals and provide for the essential needs
    of the masses.

    The Bahá’í writings anticipate the development of
    communities in which the well-being of every member is the concern of the
    community as a whole. The centre of such a community would include social
    service institutions which shall afford relief to the suffering, sustenance to
    the poor, shelter to the wayfarer, solace to the bereaved, and education to the

    In the New World Order envisaged by Bahá’u’lláh,
    rights are inseparable from responsibilities. A fundamental purpose of life is
    to contribute to the advancement of civilization. Idleness and begging are
    unacceptable in a well-functioning society, while work performed in the spirit
    of service is elevated to the station of worship. Thus the right to work, the
    right to contribute to society, takes on a spiritual dimension, and the
    responsibility to be productive applies to everyone. This attitude toward work
    profoundly influences the Bahá’í approach to social and economic development.
    Communities are encouraged to identify their own needs and initiate their own
    projects, many of which focus on alleviating poverty. Such locally initiated
    projects often receive support from national or international Bahá’í

    The fostering of grassroots initiative is essential to
    the elimination of poverty; this concept has both moral and educational
    implications which demand profound study. In his report to the Sub-Commission
    on the Protection of Minorities, Mr. Eduardo Suesun Monroy pointed out that
    extreme poverty is often compounded by the deprivation of a constellation of
    rights guaranteed by the Declaration of Human Rights. Not only are the
    extremely poor in many countries deprived of their right to an adequate
    standard of living (article 25), and the right to choose one’s place of
    residence (article 13), but they are also often deprived of the right to work
    (article 23), the right to education (article 26), the right to social security
    (article 22), and the right to recourse in the courts (article 10).

    The Bahá’í International Community welcomes the
    establishment, in 1992 by the 47th session of the General Assembly, of an
    International Day for the Elimination of Poverty, designated in resolution
    47-196 as October 17. We also support the request of the Commission on Human
    Rights, expressed in resolution 1992/11, that the Sub-Commission study the
    question of human rights and extreme poverty and report to the Commission at
    its forty-ninth session. Mr. Leandro Despouy, Special Rapporteur on this
    question, can count on the full cooperation of the Bahá’í International Community
    as he conducts his study.”

    International Community, 1993 Feb 12, Human Rights Extreme Poverty)

  21. Amazing.
    I love Nestle fresh milk and KitKat but I don't like that they steal water from a poor country like Pakistan for water biz Pure Life .
    Hmmm 🤔🤔🤔

  22. Reliance Group (which belongs to Indian industrialist Mukesh Ambani) is currently one of most influential company on this planet – for better or worse.

  23. Just remember , the world is just a weird booth at a carnival.
    Jesus owns the carnival and puts up with the weirdo booth

  24. Control would imply tha lack of ability to make decisions, which is pure poppycok, YOU have the power to buy these products or ignore them, no one is being coerced to participate.

  25. Quanta is just the manufacturing arm of those products, the IP and other intangibles belong to the owners, ie-Apple, samsung etc.


  27. They missed the biggest. Walmart is the richest. And they are Evil. It's like sugar. It is 8 times more addictive than any drug. But what makes sugar is . people don't consider it bad for them, but yet it is in every food as is vinegar again another drug.

  28. Use my link to get $5 to invest on Stash! They even have learning guides on investing if you don’t know where to start.

  29. Will then … Hidden riches .. Hidden names … Not good !! Transparent should be in our law books & no one Will & can change it. Period

  30. The ten riches that power our world … Sad ! The elite & them .. If they only knew perhaps the ten Thou shalt not … The'd rid the end & start the glorious begaining please Forgive me Jesus Our lord father in heaven give us this day our daliy bread & forgive those who trust pass against us die will be done on earth as it is in heaven but lead us not into temptation but deliver us from this evilness .. In the name of God Jesus & the holy spirit we trust & believe in the mighty god AMEN.

  31. Actually all companies whether mentioned here or not have been somewhere controlled directly/ indirectly by Zionists

  32. PepsiCo owns the largest Whey Protein manufacturer Network supplying a large majority of Dietary Supplement Companies

  33. Monsanto is the most evil & influential company. Far more than described. Monsanto has always from its inception created scandalous & dangerous products. They have done sooooo much shady shit and always gotten away with it. In fact one time they purchased land then incorporated it's own town so it could use that town's judicial system and laws to protect it from criminal charges. The worst thing they have done is monopolized GMO seeds. They have patented their gmo seeds and everyone who produces gmo crops must buy their seeds. Worse then that organic farmers who don't buy their seeds had their farms stolen because monsabto literally secretly dumped their seeds onto these organic farms. Then after dumping their gmo seed onto those farms they sent people to test the crops of those farms to essentially frame the farmers as thief's. Monsanto actually won these cases and stole the farms away from organic farmers. Worse then all this Monsanto's seeds are extremely dangerous to humans but deadly to any bee that tries to pollinate their seed. Which if you're capable of going to such lengths to destroy your competition like stealing organic farmers farms. Your also capable of trying to eliminate your biggest competitor in regards to crops. Which are bees. I have no doubt Monsanto wants to totally control food production entirely. The only way to do this is by eliminating organic farmers and worse yet bees. Once this happens then Monsanto will appear to be our lifesavers rather then our oppressors.

    Also that bit on Nestle and privatization of water goes directly into what I am talking about with Monsanto.

    Henry Kissinger said if you want to control people you do it with food & water.

    After someone asked T. Boone Pickens how can he charge money for water. His response was if you don't pay your water bill tough shit you don't get any water.

    These companies want power as much as they want wealth. The problem is one day they will achieve total supremacy because no one cares to fight against it. Most don't even know it's going on because these companies control all communication.

  34. Why everyone insist on veganism? Monsanto is lobbying for it, investing billions of dollars on marketing so everything you eat comes from their seeds, which grows from their agricultural products while farmers and peasants struggle to pay for their absurdly high interest rate they have.

  35. I only new about one of these, which was DISNEY!!!!

    However, there were some major businesses that weren't listed in these Top 10 & I'm just going to name one name but I will add to this one that there's an extremely large number of of the same industry


  36. Repent and be baptized into Jesus name for the remission of sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
    Jesus said Unless a man is born of water and the spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

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