10 Trending Marketing Ideas for Your Business
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10 Trending Marketing Ideas for Your Business

– Are they liking, are they sharing, are they retweeting? – You sleep right, you can’t always respond to them, but they get that response immediately. – Perfecting your social media. – Welcome to The Journey, I’m Nealey. – And I’m Emma. – And today we’re talking about 10 marketing ideas you
can use for your business. So let’s kick this thing off. – Yeah, ’cause we’ve got
a bunch to go through. Starting with storytelling. Yes, your story, that’s
what makes you unique, so telling a story about how it all began, what’s your passion, why did you open up your business in the first place. And also sharing a story of how it comes together. And even share some behind the scenes while you are going day in and day out of your normal tasks and activities that bring your business to light. – Yeah and I know not everyone’s super comfortable in front of the camera. You don’t have to go
on there and just start spitting out your entire story. Like Emma said, add photos, add pictures, add videos of just the
things that are going on around you in your business. – Another one of my favorite things about storytelling is
actually getting to know you, the business owner or the staff, the employees. Like, who brings it all together. Okay, so next trend, number two, chatbots. I mean this is something’s
that really great. I know I see on it Facebook a lot and it’s just a greet right, they’re greeting you, it’s
instant gratification. Hi.
(chuckling) And that’s what were expecting more and more today, consumers are, is to be responded to quickly, acknowledged quickly, so that’s I think where the inception of the chatbot began was consumer behavior. They want something there immediately to greet them. – That instant gratification. – Yeah. – Especially on Facebook
too, like they give you the tools, so instead of having say, a frequently asked questions, a person on Facebook can
message your business and you can say “Hey do you
want to know our hours?” And they go, yes or why, or whatever your response is, up pops up your hours. So, you wanna hey what’s
your phone number, up pop your phone number. And it makes it super easy for them to get that information
quick, without having to actually contact you
’cause you sleep right, you can’t always respond to ’em, but they get that response immediately. – So that leads me to trend number three, which is e-commerce. And this is really about your consumers. They like convenience and… – They want it now. – They want it now and maybe on the go, so having your products, whether that’s music to download, bathing suits to buy, an option for them to do that all online versus offline. And I know GoDaddy
offers a website builder and features to help you do this also… – There’s WordPress, with WooCommerce, tons of flexibility and functionality. – So that leads us to trend number four, video ads, which you could shoot your own. And there’s also an
option, I know my favorite, Instagram, you could do a Boomerang. Keep it short, keep it sweet, but it’s another great way to get in front of your audience plus it’s the preferred way. Your consumers want
video more than a photo. – Right, and you don’t
have to be a professional, you can use your smartphone. Most phones cameras are
amazing to shoot video and there’s an app I use called InShop. There’s plenty of other ones where you can edit it on your phone. You don’t have to be super techy or just in to that industry, you can edit your own. – And also, this is really powerful, video will show up more than photo or a normal status update. Okay, so believe it or not, we are on marketing trend number
five, which honestly the expert’s Justin on
this one, livestream. – Livestream. Livestream is becoming
more and more popular. It’s a way to instantly connect to your audience right. It’s like live TV. And I know Instagram has put a huge focus on live TV. I’m sure you’ve see the notification of such and such person is going live and that’s exactly what they’re doing. – Oh, that’s right. – They’re going live. – Even if I don’t necessarily like get excited about that person, I’m not a huge fan, I’ll tune in because there’s something about live that makes it exciting. – Yeah, you at least pop
in for a few seconds, see what’s going on, you can comment directly to that person. That person can actually
invite other people to livestream with them, so you can really get a collaboration going. – Oh, yeah that’s true. – And I know a lot of people use just their Instagram Stories or their post just to promote their Instagram Live. – Oh, like people know
about it and get he hype. – Right, so like say
you’re a business owner and every every Tuesday at 4:00 you’re gonna go live and answer your customer’s questions,
now you promote that on IG story, put that on Instagram, put that on Twitter, everywhere else, and they know 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday you’re going live, you’re gonna answer their questions directly and in real time. – I love it. All right, that brings
us to trend number six, which is influencer marketing, also known as brand ambassadors. And this one’s really fun for local businesses of all kinds to hop on board with
because what you’re doing is, rather than you always
promoting and selling, you’re gonna actually
get your fans excited about your brand and do it for you. And this doesn’t have to be a celebrity. I mean by all means, if you know one, leverage it. (chuckling) – Right. – But it could be a friend, it could be one of your favorite
employees, who just has a great following at your business. And then what you do is you encourage them to represent you and your brand. And you could even reach out to people who have a lot of followers, you know we all know
’em, and offer them maybe a free product, a free… Have you ever been approached? I’ve been approached with the skateboarding stuff but. – Right, like they’ll go and say hey, you get an exclusive discount code, it’s almost like affiliate marketing, but with influencers,
and if you promote that and talk about my product,
you get a kickback of some sort or you get
free products or swag or however that works. You’re essentially promoting it for them, you get money, they get paid. It’s a win win situation. – Yeah, all right and that brings us to marketing trend number seven, perfecting your social media. Your strategy, your posts. So, you wanna basically run an audit. How are your post doing? You don’t wanna just get into this habit of oh, I went and I posted
three times this week, I’m doing good, I’m
crushing it on social media. No, check those insights, the metrics, the analytics and see how are those post performing. Also, are people commenting? Your audience, your
customers, are they liking, are they sharing, are they retweeting? If it’s crickets out there, then you need to rethink your social media strategy. So to perfect it, start with that audit. – Yeah, and if you have posts that do exceptionally
well, try to figure out what it was about that
post that did so well and reproduce it. The post that aren’t do so well, you probably wanna move away from and focus on what’s working. It’s the same thing when you deal with business right. We do what’s working, we
get rid of what’s not. – All right, marketing trend number eight, YouTube podcasts. So YouTube, you’re
familiar, you’re familiar, it’s the second largest… – You’re here. – You’re here. (laughing) Speaking of YouTube. (laughing) So, it’s the second largest search engine. So, how can you get on there? Podcasts. You might already have
one, now bring it to life, put some video behind it, rather than it just
sitting on your iTunes. I know we’ve talked about this a lot, ’cause we’re huge fans of YouTube, also podcasts, but
bringing the two together is great way to get in front of consumers. – All right, marketing trend number nine, offer educational content. Now, you’re already and
expert in what you do and you’re already doing
this stuff day to day so spread the love, share the knowledge. And there’s a lot of
great ways to do that. I mean, there’s social media, there’s also online courses, and take that expertise,
turn it into content. And your customers, your
patients, your clients, they’re truly going to value that and you’ll build rapport. – All right, and I know what some of you are thinking, wait I’m not expert enough to talk on
camera or film whatever. You are an expert, you’re
at least a few chapters ahead of someone just starting out and they can absolutely
use your knowledge right. So, that leads us to our
final marketing trend that we’re gonna share today, and that is personal interactions. We’re seeing more and more of a push and a wave towards this. User generated content is a perfect example of that. Businesses leveraging what their customers took a photo of at the business or what their customers are saying on Yelp and Google and the business is now taking that and putting
it on their social media ’cause it’s that personal touch. Also, if I go into your business, and I mention you, you
should respond to me. That’s that personal
touch, it’s almost like you would if we were face to face right. Also another great way
to really personalize your approach here is if you have photos at your business or you’re doing Instagram
Stories, be sure to tag the people in it and
then it just makes it that much easier for them to go and share that content and get you more word of mouth, but also makes them feel valuable. – Yup, and that content doesn’t always have to be something that they’re in, but if you have some super
loyal loyal followers that just love what you do or love when new products come out, you can let them be
basically the first to know by tagging them in your
post and saying hey, cool, I’ve got this awesome new thing, I want you to be the
first one to check it out. – All right, that’s a
wrap, you just learned ten marketing trends, so get out there, try them out and I hope
at the end of the day, everyday, they help your business grow. – Hey, and let us know
what was your favorite tip from today in the comments below. And while you’re there, like this video, subscribe to our channel
and ring that bell when you wanna see these videos first. But hey, that’s been The Journey, thanks for watching.

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