10 Ways to Market Your Business On a Shoestring Budget
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10 Ways to Market Your Business On a Shoestring Budget

you’re watching duct tape and popsicle
sticks with Mike and Maria Keiser because sometimes you feel like your
business is being held together by duct tape and popsicle sticks on this show
you’re not gonna hear the latest business bag you’re gonna get useful
information that you can apply to your own business right now hello and thanks
for watching another amazing episode of duct tape and popsicle sticks I’m Mike
Keiser along with a woman who was recommended by four out of five dentists
who chew gum Maria Keiser how number all those stupid commercial what I want
maybe I want to hear what the other dentist has to say why they don’t chew
that gum but that’s for another show thank you so thank you so much for
joining us as usual everything you need to know is in the show notes how to
reach us how to get to our website how to get to the other videos so please
spend some time doing that but I’d really like to get right to today’s
content because it’s a question that comes up so often with small businesses
I hear it over and over again because let’s face it most small businesses
don’t have these huge marketing budgets can’t spend a bazillion dollars a month
on marketing maybe you can only spend $500 a month on marketing so things like
paid search and SEO and other things might just be out of the question so on
a limited budget what are you where’s the best bang for
your buck so and a lot you might end up doing yourself as a small business owner
but what what are pedalo Maria what are like eight or ten things that people on
a limited marketing budget should be you know wildly focus darling well I mean
one of the things you can do is that social media is fast and it’s you know
it’s free and I mean it takes up time sure so you could post really good
content whether it’s written content video blog posts things on your website
but what I’ll add to that is when we say good content think about your end-user
what do they care about don’t post things that aren’t relevant to the
person who’s interested in buying your stuff right build a strong email list
and send out weekly emails I know weekly sounds like whoa too much but it’s not
people aren’t gonna open your email every week and if they do awesome and if
they complain they can unsubscribe so you know think about sending out
something weekly network you know get out there then talk to the people or
this baby shake hands do all that stuff I mean your presence you are your brand
most likely so go out there and talk to the people if you have educational
topics books speaking events right that’s been a great source for us you
know – public speaking like that I don’t want you to ignore that one that’s a
good one yes yeah um create content for other people’s publications lots of
times other publications are looking for information so be that resource fully
engage in your social media so you know talk to people on social media friend
people accept connection requests do all that kind of stuff make sure your
website is optimized and compelling once again talk to your end user what are
they looking for when they are looking for information you know do they do they
care that your family-owned business has been in business for 60 years if they do
make sure it’s on your website right but there might be things that are on there
because of your own vanity and ego so so do a check um do a podcast they’re not
you know they’re not very expensive to set up once again it’s time-consuming
but you know marketing takes time it’s either time or money and sometimes it’s
both get testimonials if you have happy customers get them to talk about what
you’ve done for them that goes a long way that’s a great social proof yeah and
then finally be personally accessible you know be there when people call
answer your calls do what you say you’re gonna do that at the end of the
day is really that’s what exactly very good stuff and there’s probably a
hundred other things but you know we just wanted to give you some some big
ones if you’re on a limited budget and it is your time or your money right
here’s some things that you can be doing that’ll be highly effective for you
anything else you go no I guess so that’s it all right very cool so good
stuff um please go back and watch any of our other videos if you haven’t seen
those yet in the meantime thank you once again for hanging out with us we really
appreciate it we love your feedback you’ve been watching duct tape and
popsicle sticks where we make your business better three minutes at a time
ciao for now you’re watching duct tape and popsicle sticks with Mike and Maria

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