10 Work From Home Hacks For Mums
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10 Work From Home Hacks For Mums

how would you like to know 10 work from
home hacks for moms hey there I’m Tracey Rose and welcome
back to my channel and this is my very lazy cat and Daisy
today I thought I’d come up with a list of things that really do make my life
easier as I’m building a business from home I thought you might like these
because some of them are apps some of them are practical things for home with
the kids and around your family and other hacks are marketing style things
so I want to give you these 10 did I say 10 I think I’ve got a bonus that might
even be 11 so I’ve got 11 of these actually now if you are new here welcome
and make sure you subscribe to my channel we talk about all things
motherhood marketing and mindset here to help you build your dream business from
home so let’s get into the list the first is actually an app and it’s an app
that I recommend to heaps of moms and it’s audible audible is an audiobook app
so that you don’t have to read books all the time ps. this is actually a pretty
good book if you are trying to build a YouTube channel I will link it below but
it’s pretty rare that I would actually buy the hard copy instead these days I
actually use the audible app which means that I listen to audiobooks on my phone
or in the car or when I’m walking I want to give you one other little trick that
you can do on audible which is really cool let me show you what I’ve been
doing with another audio book that I was reading I’ve been listening to vlog like
a boss by Amy Landino I’ve actually listened to this several times
I love to listen to it over and over again obviously this is something that
I’m really into but I want you to have a look in the little bottom corner I don’t know
if you can see that but it says speed and instead of it just having readout at
normal speed I like to put the speed to 1.5 times faster than normal and in the
beginning when you’re listening to it fast it’s sort of like “lalalalalala” and you’re like oh my god that’s sort of fast but just keep listening to
it right and you actually get used to the speed of the narration of the author
so I highly recommend doing that because you get through books a whole lot faster
another great time-saving idea is when you’re actually doing your work so
obviously I highly recommend doing videos for your business but a lot
of people feel like they can’t be doing videos all the time so one hack that I
recommend is to batch your videos then you can actually batch your editing in
fact I go through before the videos I actually batch like coming up with my
video topics I’ll come up with the keywords and the titles of the videos
I’ll even make me script out some points for the videos that I usually script out
word for word but definitely put things in point form and then when I’m ready to
film I always film a couple of videos at a time my next two little hacks are
really about the type of marketing that you choose for your business and I would
definitely recommend a searchable style of marketing and so what I mean by that
is you’re really going to leverage your time as a parent you know when you’re
doing Instagram or Facebook once you put it out there it’s usually gone in 12, 24
or maybe even 48 hours and no one really ever sees it again whereas something
when you’re doing maybe blogging which has SEO which is picked up by Google or
YouTube marketing actually YouTube I find it easier to rank for people who
continue to watch your stuff over and over and over and for years to come so
my strategy here or my hack here is to choose an SEO based for a searchable
based marketing strategy so my choice is YouTube it may seem like it takes a
little bit more time in the beginning but it will really leverage your time in
the long term I have videos that I get leads from every single day that I’ve
put those videos out five years ago like that’s pretty incredible I don’t think
people really realize the impact of searchable based marketing so I
definitely would think about choosing one of those as a marketing strategy
that you focus on my other hack is to choose a marketing strategy that you can
do around the kids really easily via mobile
so there’s times I’m sitting in the school pick up line in my car I might
have to wait for 10-15 minutes there’s a block of time to be able to upload
things to Facebook maybe message people choose something that is easy for you to
do around family and that works in with having
kids and being a mom and having heaps to do in your day speaking of having heaps
to do in your day a lot of people don’t choose maybe YouTube because they feel
like it does take too long and I want to reassure you that you can actually use a
couple of really cool apps to easily create videos for your YouTube channel
so my two favorite apps this is my hat these two cool apps super super simple
is the iMovie app you can easily edit your videos so just do your videos on
your phone most phones these days have HD quality videos they are more than
enough to put on YouTube to create a great channel to be honest it’s more
about consistency and I’m gonna give you one other little one which helps you
create really cool videos they’re different shape that that Square style
or maybe that tall rectangle look for Instagram and for Facebook so that app
is called InShot in fact I have a class on that which is how to create square
videos and I’ll link that below in the comments as well now for my next little
hack I’m going to show you something that I’ve got back heeeere … let me show you up close what this does you put essential oils into these and it creates this
aroma that can help you change your mood so that you are more productive when you
work or you can use it to help you calm at night to help you sleep better or to
help you feel a little bit more grounded and balanced if you’re feeling a little
bit anxious about maybe getting on camera the reason I use these every
single day is because our sense of smell is connected to a part of our brain
which affects our emotions and if you are able to control your emotions to
help you be more productive in work or to settle down when you need to calm
down at night then that to me is definitely a really really cool hack the
specific oil I’m using today is called Motivate this is super super nice it has
actually a real peppermint-y flavor to it I want to be productive doing
paperwork or editing or just get stuff done I definitely use these types of
oils OK let me show you a couple of other things that I have in my office which I think have really really helped me so there’s
sometimes people don’t want to do videos because they think oh no I don’t have the right lighting and I don’t have the right you know cool stuff I have to say look I
just walked over to the window the sunlight is free and it is the best
light that is my hack use sunlight walk towards that we don’t have the light the
natural light coming towards your face to make a great video
no need for all this fancy stuff now we’ll show you I do have a pretty cool
ring light you can get one of those if you want to please don’t let it hold you
back that you know if you don’t have fancy camera equipment or lighting or
anything like that that you can’t do videos this is my ring light mine has
different dials so you can turn the light up and down and yeah when I’m
working with parents who are building a business from home and they’re wanting
to do videos sometimes I get the excuse of I don’t have anywhere nice to film my
videos there’s no way nice in my house or there’s no way tidy in my house my
house is crazy I don’t have a nice blank wall or you don’t have a nice office
setup or I don’t have an office at all like that’s totally fine what you got to
do is make do with what you’ve got so a little hack is put up a painting
or a canvas or something that hangs behind that gives you a nice clean look
for your videos so this is actually a backdrop so it’s actually canvas but
here’s the best thing about having a backdrop is that you get to hide all the
mess behind so I know what it’s like I used to have stuff in my office
and often maybe like a washing basket or kids have gone and piled stuff up like
there’s drink bottles, there’s iPads and they’ve totally messed up my office as much as I
say do not put stuff in my office sometimes it still gets done these are
really great at hiding the mess amazing hack this is more about being a mum at
home and getting ready in the mornings because I know that when I have
stressful mornings with my kids that are really kind of shakes me up in the morning and I’m not as ready to like dive into my
work if we’ve had a morning that’s been really out of control
okay now let’s just remember I am definitely not telling you how to do
your job as a mom let me just share with you what I have found really really
helpful getting things ready the night before and I’m not talking about me in
my business I’m talking about my kids we lay all the clothes now for the next day
ready for the morning we even go as far as choosing what breakfast we want the
next morning but we choose it the night before I have all the lunches ready as
well so that there is no decisions to make in the morning now there has been a
lot of things written up about decision fatigue and so I help my children in the
morning as well as myself make less decisions until it’s really necessary
when you’re making less decisions you’re thinking about less trivial things in
your morning getting ready for your day you’re able to use that brainpower for
the things that really matter we’ve got two more and number 10 is maybe not a
hack like I hope you don’t get upset at me but it’s something that I find that
I’m definitely coaching a lot of people on and that is about being yourself on
camera I know that sometimes we can get in that mode where we feel like we have
to be super professional we’ve got to be like the absolute superstars but the
thing is people connect with people so I want to make sure that you really bring
in your own personality into your videos and your marketing because that will
help people feel closer to you I love having my cat in my videos she’s really
not doing anything today at all she’s not being entertaining I often put my
kids in the videos I love having them intertwined because I’m sharing with you
that yeah I’m building a business from home but I’m also a mom so I guess my
advice here is don’t be afraid to be yourself because when I started being
myself that’s when I had people feeling like that they could reach out to me
they were closer to me that they could resonate with me more making much easier
sales because there was yeah just that connection and the last one is what’s the last one is to outsource things that
you don’t like doing now depending on your budget you can actually start
really small I had a beautiful VA from the Philippines who is doing some work
for me you can outsource editing your videos but you know what I’ve been doing
lately I’ve been outsourcing making food it is just not my favorite thing to do
and I think about what are the things that take up most of my time that takes
me away from either family life interacting and being present with my
kids or building my business I don’t like cooking you could outsource maybe
cleaning you could outsource your laundry start wherever your budget is
but start outsourcing the things that you don’t enjoy and that take up your
time away from you doing things that could be money-making activities I hope
this video has been helpful and you’re able to take some of these hacks and
implement them into your own family life and home business life all the things
that I’ve talked about as resources I’ve linked below in the description
underneath this video I hope you enjoyed and got value out of this video I
appreciate you so much for watching if you liked this video give it a thumbs up
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  1. Brilliant hacks and I so agree on being prepared.
    We have a weekly planner (whiteboard style) on our fridge on which we put everybody's scheduled things, colour coded for each family member, as well as the most important to-do items for the weekend our dinner menu. It gives a visual reminder at all times and is right next to us at dinner time which is usually the best time for catching up with each other.

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