100% Natural Skin & Hair Care Products Review || 100% नेचुरल स्किन और हेयर केयर Product Review
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100% Natural Skin & Hair Care Products Review || 100% नेचुरल स्किन और हेयर केयर Product Review

Hi friends, first of all I would like to inform you that this video is NOT sponsored in any way. For the last few years, products made by big companies which are endorsed by big celebrities after taking crores of rupees are being bought by the general public Out of these products, those which are actually beneficial are usually very expensive and out of reach of the common man and those products which are within budget are loaded with fragrances and are attractively packaged but are usually of medium/mediocre quality and they also contain several chemicals But slowly people are beginning to understand this this is the reason why many people ask me about natural products which are chemical free and which keep the skin and hair healthy without negative side effects So people ask me to recommend such products This is a good thing, because in our nation’s of thousands of years many illumined masters have identified fruits, leaves and other natural compounds which are of benefit to us and which benefit our body, skin and hair without causing any harm to us Nowadays, Isha Foundation run by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Art Of Living run by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Baba Ramdev are making several products from natural sources for skin, hair and general well being Today, I am going to tell you about some good Skin & Hair care products of Isha Foundation (Isha Shoppe) These products have been used by me personally and these products are made of natural ingredients and their quality is comparable to any product made by MNC’s minus the harmful chemicals All these products can be purchased online through Isha Shoppe the links for which are in the video description First of all, Oil which is Isha Arogya’s Coconut Oil This is extracted from the coconut by cold pressing, which means no heat is used in extraction furthermore it is 100% pure this oil can be used safely for cooking also and consuming this slows down the ageing process also It controls cholesterol and blood sugar keeps the liver and brain healthy aids digestion and it also assists the body in burning fat, thereby helping weight loss It is also a great moisturiser for applying on your skin which reduces stretch marks and blemishes Applying this oil in your hair strengthens hair follicles and reduces hair fall and also helps to grow healthy hair The next oil is NILIBHRNGADI THAILAM this oil is made of many medicinal herbs this oil strengthens hair follicles and reduces hair loss it also promotes hair growth and also prevents premature graying of hair and protects the scalp from itching and dandruff Using this oil for a daily 5 minute head/hair massage is quite beneficial Now, shampoo The Herbal Aloe Amla & Brahmi Shampoo is excellent It does not damage hair and is very suitable for dry hair This costs Rs. 105/- and keeps the hair very healthy If anyone wants purely natural hair wash then they can use Isha’s KESH JYOTHI HERBAL HAIR POWDER this hair wash powder is made from pulses and herbs it also contains shikakai which is a cleanser and anti-oxidant it keeps the hair clean and also assists in hair growth The other medicinal herbs present in this fight against dandruff provide a cooling effect to the scalp and also promote hair growth This powder can be used to wash your hair daily For best results, soak the required quantity of powder overnight in water and in the morning, wet your hair first and then massage your hair thoroughly with the paste Massage your hair until a good lather forms, and then rinse off with water Now I’ll tell you some creams and masks for skin care I have already told you about Coconut Oil Isha Life has a very good cream TURMERIC CREAM this contains Turmeric Oil & Jojoba Oil This is excellent for dry skin and it can be used as both a day, as well as night cream This cream costs Rs. 180/- but is comparable to many far more expensive and high end creams available in the market and the turmeric oil present in this cream helps to get rid of skin infections and also clears up blemishes from the skin This moisturises skin, and is good for both DRY, as well as NORMAL skin types Those who have dry skin with pimples can also use this cream Now, I will tell you about some good face masks The first is TEJASVINI FACE PACK This is made from the mixture of many herbs and spices and people of all skin types can use it but people having different skin types need to mix different bases in this face pack before using it People having oily skin should mix this powder with Tomato Juice or Orange Juice People having dry skin should mix this powder with Honey or Curd and those having normal skin, can simply mix this powder with water and apply it this mask should be applied and left for 5 minutes and then washed off with cool water this mask costs Rs. 95/- and one packet is good for atleast 10 applications The next mask is KASTURI MANJAL or WILD TURMERIC face pack using this face pack daily has a lot of benefits this heals pimples, and pimple scars rejuvenates skin tone clears up your complexion gives a natural glow to the skin and also reduces hair growth on the face Mix 1 Teaspoon kasturi manjal powder with Water, Curd or Buttermilk and apply it to your face leave it on your face for 5 minutes, then wash it off with cool water and then apply some coconut oil on your face those people who have pimples and blemishes on their face can benefit a lot from this mask this face pack costs on Rs. 45/- and can be used daily and one packet can easily make 5-6 applications Friends, please keep one thing in mind that no skin or hair care product in this world can suit 100% of people that is why, before you begin using any skin or hair product then please do a skin test first apply the product to a small patch on the side of your neck and leave it overnight If, in the morning there is no itching or redness then that product is safe to use for you Friends, I hope you have liked my video These products of Isha Yoga Foundation are 100% natural and will certainly benefit you Thank you!

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