11 Marketing Strategies For Limousine Companies To Increase Sales Super Fast
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11 Marketing Strategies For Limousine Companies To Increase Sales Super Fast

alright alright you guys this is 11
marketing strategies for a limo or limousine companies that will work
superfast is gonna blow you guys up that’s a guarantee
why can I guarantee that because I do this for a living my cell phone the
couple limousine companies and I also consult other limousine companies and
help them get to six figures per month and beyond alright so if you want to
increase your limousine sales and pay attention to take notes you should have
a pen and a pad out or if you’re a new school open up a notepad on your
computer and take notes do this they don’t think of this as a sales video or
me trying to get you to work with me or something like that I’m good I’m great
you need to become great you need to stop struggling you need to stop waiting
on corners riding up to the airports and hoping and hoping and hoping we want to
get this down to a guarantee okay so I’m gonna do is bootleg right 11 marketing
strategies for limousine companies that we’re actually doing let me show you one
of my clients all right Wichita Kansas alright I showed you guys in other
videos if you watch the whole playlist you know what I’m talking about as I
said before these guys were not anywhere to be found you can find them anywhere
it was only these other bigger companies they’ve been in business for twenty
years two and a half weeks after working with me they are dominating everywhere
everywhere for every search term prom limo wedding limo bachelor party limo
birthday limo Hummer limo stretch Hummer limo airport limo all of that limo
service which is all limo service everything corporate executives they are
everywhere if you need to see that then go back and watch the other video I’m
not gonna waste your time running through all of that but the reason why
they can dominate is because they’ve done
at least half of the things on this list with me at least half of the marketing
strategies and I’m going to tell you today they’re implementing me and when
they get their budget bigger they’re going to increase the things that
they’re doing and they’re going to pretty much take over everywhere and
expand and open up new locations and different cities okay so pay attention
number one since we’re already on Google is the rank hostage method what is the
rank hostage method well I told you about it in the last video this is
basically where we want to make it a guarantee that people choose you you
don’t want it to be up to that person you want to take away free will now what
do I mean by that well sometimes you might be worried okay David you can get
me in here but how do I know they won’t choose this person what if this person
has better prices than me okay well that’s this is usually how it
is it doesn’t matter all right you’re gonna give sales if you get in here
these people have more work than they can handle right now but how do you get
rid of that option well it’s very simple when was the last time you went to page
two or three when you googled something you never do it what does that mean you
want to push all of your competition to page two three four and and beyond that
that way nobody can choose anybody else this means you will have these three
spots right here what do we do we will create multiple websites and verify
multiple addresses to take over the Google snack pack right here we call it
the snack pack because this gives 80% of the phone calls okay and then you will
take all ten of these spots right here that is the rank hostage method and it’s
super powerful that alone can pretty much take you to the next level without
doing anything else on this list but you definitely have to have a budget all
this ski cheap crap mentality that people are having
when you make 15 or $2,000 in in a couple hours at a wedding or something
like that you have to stop doing that you have to be willing to invest in
yourself if you want to do amazing things you have to invest alright so
number two bi-weekly ringless voicemail blanks what does a ringless voicemail
blasts well let’s come in here let’s go to go ringless all righty all right so
go ringless is a software that communicates with the computer of a cell
phone so no this is not one of those robot callers or robot dollars that you
pick up the phone and and it just automatically starts playing a message
or something like that no it’s something entirely different way more powerful and
I’m going to show you in a minute all right all right all right so this is an
extremely expensive software but I invested in myself key word in this okay
so what can it do it can communicate directly with the cell phone’s computer
that way they’re numbered their phone never rings so imagine being out in
public you get a vibration in your leg is your phone but the phone that ring
you look at it it says it has a notification a voicemail message
curiosity causes you to check the voicemail or call the number back okay
well this is what you can do to pretty much scrape the barrel the bottom of the
barrel in your area so we already talked about the rank hostage method where you
pretty much set for life but if you add something like this to it now let me let
me pretty much show you what you would do so I have a guy I have a guy that I
can give him any zip code in any city or country and he can access the mobile
cell phone numbers in that area and bring them back to me within 24
hours so what does that mean well if you tailor a 30 to 60 second message you can
blast that message out to the voicemails of thousands of numbers in your area and
we can filter it so we’re only the people that are interested call back and
get through to you this is something you want to set up and we do this by weekly
so this right here gets the phone ringing close to immediately for the
limousine company so you just have to have a very special pitch a very special
you know deal that you have going on something about a birthday night on the
time romance I will free if you book three hours or something like that you
understand what I’m saying so it works is very very powerful so
that’s the ring list voicemail blasts if you want more of a detailed tour of this
man you just comment and I’ll make another video all right
so number three the stalker package stalker package I was all about the
Google starter pack all right Facebook all righty all right all right okay
so Facebook and Google gives you something called pixels to put on your
website a lot of you might already know about pixels pixels there I’m gonna send
our fan request and I’m so sorry about that
I’ve been looking for them all right anyway um the pixels allow you to
retarget anybody that comes to your website video or page alright so we put
the pixels on to your site and anybody that comes there for the next 60 to 90
days your ads will show up everywhere that they go online so I know you know
what I’m talking about I’m pretty sure you visited a website so far
and and and you saw a freaking ad everywhere you went you went back to
YouTube and you saw our ad retargeting you trying to get you to come back to
the site you saw you went to Instagram and you saw their ad again trying to get
you to come back to the site eventually you will buy or they will be you they
will be on your mind you heard about a sight out of mind right well as long as
someone is in your eyesight and on your mind when you do need a limo or when
they do need a limo they would immediately think to call you alright so
that is retargeting in this basic form just getting people that come from your
website to come back to your website now what we do is magnified a hundred times
today all right so this is not just retargeting we retarget on steroids now
what do i mean by that we joint-venture with a crapload of local websites to you
local local websites all right local well we want them to be at least
closely related so we can do taxi companies all right so we will joint
venture with them what do i mean by it i would offer them maybe a month of SEO
have off each of these I will offer something different or something similar
or something very easy for me to do that it won’t cost me money or anything like
that in order to put our tracking pixels on their website what does that mean
anybody that comes to their website now will also be retargeted by your ads so
now when they’re thinking of looking for transportation and they were about to
call this cab company or something like that they’ll call you instead oh oh it’s
super powerful so now you have a couple of hundred or at least 10 to 20 local
sites local websites which are retargeting pixel one they’re
retargeting these local costs now motels there are motels by the
airport writer on ok so when a person is at the airport they’re thinking of
booking a hotel or a motel so we would joint-venture with these guys do the
same thing that we did with the taxi company put the pixel on their site so
anybody there’s at the hotel there’s about to call it Ober or that’s about to
call a cab they will see your ad while they’re strolling through facebooking
and instead they will call you so that they can show up and staff the same
thing with hotels same thing so use your imagination remember what I told you
retargeting in his basic form is just taking this pixel and putting it on your
site that right there and itself is super powerful but what if we take it
and put it on a couple hundred sites locally and your ad is just being shown
for free to all of these thousands of people every day how fast will it take
for you to scale up beyond belief alright so yeah I know you’re excited
probably pissing your pants right now but we’re gonna keep going these are
things you’ve never heard of before I know
so never compare me all right let’s go back to Google so multi language SEO
domination that’s was next we already talked about the rank hostage method yes
we did we already talked about the rank hostage method but guess what Spanish is
the second most dominant language in the United States but we seem to only want
to market and promote and do advertising in English that’s kind of stupid you’re
leaving money on the table let’s go to Google Translate let’s see if people are
searching for a limousine service in Spanish limousine service all right
Google Translate now let’s put it right here all right
so as you can see limousine service in Spain
has 260 searches per month so all you have to do is hire a bilingual customer
service rep which is cheap to do bilingual customer service rep which is
cheap to do and you will immediately get this why because no other limousine
company is thinking outside the box like that nobody ok so as you can see over
here in Chicago limousine rental in Chicago so when he searches per month
whatever this is right here 20 searches per month San Jose California 10
searches per month these people are searching in Spanish and more and more
and more so there’s multilingual SEO domination
so basically you want to not only rank them in Google and start getting calls
in English you want to be at the top for Spanish also that will immediately
increase call volume and booking why they will book with you because you will
be the only one catering to their language the only one that thoughts
should think outside the box and help the people that can’t speak English all
right they still have American money so think outside the box
okay alright next news radio podcast coverage all right so let me show you
what we’re gonna do the dream of every local business owner
is to be covered by the news and to be featured on a radio and become that
local celebrity correct yes I know but air time on the
radio is super high and getting on the news is nearly impossible yes it is but
not with what we do alright everybody wants to be a famous musician
but if you go to the regular label and just tell them hey I’m not a sing or you
bring them some stupid demo that doesn’t work this is in the 70s anymore same
thing with the news and radio you can’t just say you want to be on the news and
radio are you gonna have to pay out there to get on it
alright so what you want to do is build up a buzz now musicians they build up a
buzz they create their demos or their mixtapes they sell them up the street
sell them out the stores sell them online build up a big following on
social networks like YouTube until the whole world is backing them and then
soon the record labels come looking for them now what does that mean in limo
terms you build up a local buzz then the news will have no choice but to cover
your story of how you blew up so fast so how will you blow up so fast
okay so we want the actual news and we want the actual radio station without
paying right okay this is what you do you go around a back door there are news
stations at the colleges there are news stations with websites and there are
internet radio stations if you build a buzz so big a buzz big enough locally so
big you collect all of the you collect all of the comments you collect all of
the reach out so the reviews that you get locally and you package it is sort
of a demo it’s sort of a demo and you’ll make a lot of money while doing this
process trust me it’s sort of a demo so when you submit this demo to the local
news station and to the actual radio station and you show them the buzz that
you got from being on these other networks they won’t have a choice
but to feature you for free on their stations so let me just show you a
couple of things this is a site called fiverr.com all right on fiverr.com you
can get something called press releases oh-oh press releases so what is a press
release Oh press releases syndication to news stations news websites so they’ll
write up a press release or will write up a press release and will submit it to
over 600 websites this one says 500 so 500
websites news websites so these are actual real news websites that get
traffic look at this look how many orders they have right there
so they actually give traffic so you can actually start getting some sales from
these press releases because they rank they actually rank locally so you’re not
just gonna stop there because the goal isn’t just ranking so you do multiple
press releases will do multiple press releases per month now as the comments
and the reviews and the buzzes and the traffic go up from these press releases
we start to package that and then we also internet ready and I will air your
company commercial on my internet radio show alright I will create you internet
radio show I will play a promote your song blah blah blah I will play your
audio commercial on internet radio show so you do a couple hundred of these you
will build a buzz you will build a bus alright and we will package that you are
now branded you are now somebody other than just a limousine company owner okay
so you see what I’m saying we package that up and we take an in
so there’s multi language that is the news and radio coverage alright so let’s
go back to Facebook because I got to show you life event marketing I showed
you this in another video if you if you didn’t see will go back alright life
event marketing what is life event marketing what everyday it is somebody’s
birthday everyday somebody is getting engaged everyday somebody has been given
a promotion everyday somebody reached the age where they can move out of the
house so it’s always somebody I mean something to celebrate every day is
somebody getting their first car or something like that so it’s always
something to sell brain okay so let me show you life event
marketing why do you want to go after life events because as I said every day
somebody is doing these things celebrate so that means you can have a consistent
flow of new customers every day and you can turn those new customers and Terrell
regulars if you could okay all right all right let’s go back I was trying to
see something we’re doing all right traffic which it was traffic all right so the audience is this choose Los
Angeles this is just for an example alright so right now says you can reach
2,200 to six 900 I know what the hell I’m talking about
alright so follow this exactly 18 the 65 you keep that regular all men are women
you know do men call you more than women car all right you can do English and
Spanish if you have bilingual customer service or you can just use English
alright so so far 2164 same thing now this is where you pay attention life
events life events boom so it pretty much shows you some life event new job
new relationship anniversary every day is somebody’s anniversary birthday and
you can also target the friends of those people that way they can have someone to
celebrate with because you are a limo company and you don’t want to just pick
up one passenger it happens but you know alright more money right so you can
tailor an easy add sand celebrating an anniversary this week in Los Angeles you
want to call out exactly and it could be a simple ad even you can do this without
me celebrating the limo limo celebrate an anniversary in Los Angeles this week
the reason why I’m saying Los Angeles you want it to really call out to him
you say a book a book a limo now and get one hour free call right now people are
gonna call you want to do something romantic for your anniversary right call
all right what about birthday is it someone’s birthday every week and you
don’t want to ride up to the club in a bucket do you you want to ride up and
style for your birthday when you rent it out rent out the club you see what I’m
saying so it’s very very very very very simple so that’s life event marketing
and if you’re not doing that with company I know it’s hard to do Facebook
ads for limo companies trust me I don’t really even like Facebook ads but life
event marketing makes Facebook a super simple even you can do it a caveman can
do it all right now Wi-Fi magic what is Wi-Fi magic this go back to Google yes I
want to leave I want to try to about it Wi-Fi all right
so Wi-Fi magic I’m just showing some imagery so that you guys won’t get bored
all right so Wi-Fi magic is this all right so you guys know like when you go
to the doctor two dentists are you going to restaurant you get a notification
that you can connect to the Wi-Fi yes we all know that usually you answer your
email address or some kind of password code or something to connect to the
Wi-Fi yes yes yes yes but this it shouldn’t stop there
all right leaving a lot of money on the table when somebody get in the vehicles
you can you can install this to where when people get in the vehicles and
connect to the Wi-Fi you collect their email address their cell phone numbers
and you collect all of their social media account information so what does
that mean they still log in as usual but we have a device that will connect to
the regular internet so that anybody that connects to your Wi-Fi signal
you’ll automatically collect all of their information and yes it is legal
all right so what can you do with someone’s email what can you do with
someone’s cell phone number what can you do with their Facebook account all right
well I just showed you a couple minutes ago about retargeting you can retarget
them and say hey what did you think about the ride that you took with us
last week or for your birthday or blah blah blah you want to ride again I’ll
let it let me take you to the store let me take you to the movies let me take
you to the zoo let me take you to the airport hey whatever what
able to get them to call you back and now that’s not it you can retarget their
friends and family also you can say something like a your cousin rode in the
limo with us you want to do the same thing it’s very very powerful now with
their cell phones you can do that ringless voicemail blares about just
showed you a minute ago with their emails you can do a follow up sequence
inviting them to come back asking them how much they enjoy their experience all
right so that is the Wi-Fi magic okay so number eight setup email and SMS
follow-up sequences well I would just told you about that you want to set it
up to where when people come to your website or connect to your Wi-Fi magic
if you get that when they connect or gum to your website you want to capture that
email and they might not want to buy right then and there they might not want
a book they might be just looking around but if they start getting automatic
emails from you not being too salesy but just emphasizing the good time that they
have with doing the specials that you have going on then they are more likely
to convert and the same thing with Texas if you can send them text messages
through a sequence that we set up they’re more likely to convert also okay
next set up automated local outreach and referral systems using software’s
now this is fun okay I’m gonna show you a live demonstration let’s show you a
live demo all right so you want to be able to reach out locally to your people
reach out locally to your people and Facebook is not the only way you want to
do what we call multi-touch point marketing all right you can use Facebook
but you can also use dating sites why because fun dating sites have people
on them also and you might be thinking with the other head when you’re on the
inside but what we have the realize is these people or people also
they need rides also they need to go places also they catch planes at airport
also okay so my point is that so this software
it’ll be tedious if you just message these people manually so we have
software as running daily for you all day
now I want you to watch the mouse when I press play I’m not doing anything I’m
not doing nothing manually watch this okay so I’m talking to you and my hands
are up here you should be able to see him this is going to send them an
automatic message and it will just keep going all day until I press stop it will
keep going okay and these people will contact back you just ask them simply
like what do you have coming up right now I’m trying to give people some
enroll in my marketing school that’s the message I’m sending out so as you can
see if you look in is sending them the message on his own it just press ENTER
is gonna close out and go to the next person on his own some of you might have
heard it is before it’s called imacros so you can program imacros to do a lot
of different online tasks and duties that become tedious and boring or take
all day and all of that so what you want to do is have someone that you know
program is not difficult or you know if you’re working with us that have come at
eclis will just automatically do that because you think we want to do you
think we want to do outreach manually okay no we don’t all right so joint
ventures what are joint venture creations that’s the next step the joint
venture creation alright so another thing like let’s say we have this set up
on your computer or we’re doing is I can also come back over here and it is still
running okay so joint ventures remember what I
said we would do with the pixels and everything yeah that’s kind of a joint
venture also but what I mean by that is just having a
virtual assistant or a regular assistant make a list of all of the local motels
that are near the airport are the local hotels that are near the airport and you
literally do outreach to them so that you can become the designated limo
company that works with them just taking their passengers back back and forth
from the hotel to the airport from the airport to the hotel you can do that and
you can do that for free all right why do you want to do that they have traffic
this is free traffic for you just as one thing if you take one thing out of this
this is one thing will increase your limo sales exponentially you never see
anything like this if you do this correctly you will have you have to buy
more limos and everything I promise you joint ventures work all right last but
not least traveling billboards all right most of the things that I’m teaching you
guys about the reason I could take limousine companies from zero to six
figures per month in less than a year is because I am an innovator most of the
things I’m going to teach you guys is nobody else doing which is why we
dominate which is why you can dominate because it’s not oversaturated we’re not
doing billboards like actual billboards out there we’re not doing what else
we’re not doing flyers when I handed out cards we’re not asking for referrals
unless the software is doing it as you can see we want to make life easier
all right so traveling billboards are something that will do that all right
so depending on how many vehicles you have this will work super easily and
cheap but if you don’t have them it can be expensive which is why I’ll leave it
to the end but it can take a business this is one of the factors that are
taking businesses no matter what type of business it is but really
companies to the next level now let me explain now this is a billboard that
you’re used to billboard a look at the billboards alright so what is the
problem with the billboard Netflix isn’t only a joke the Billboard is a joke why
is that when you’re driving are you coming up the highway you’re going 60
miles an hour we’re almost 80 miles an hour or something like that you don’t
have time to look up and write down the number or or collect the information or
whatever you literally have like three seconds to collect the information from
a billboard but unless you have somebody in the car with you and three seconds
still isn’t enough and you’re not gonna get off at the next exit to go back and
look at the billboard that’s kind of desperate and crazy right so billboards
are like eight thousand to thirty thousand dollars a month and people are
actually paying for this crap I can’t believe it but take the thinking behind
a billboard they wanted to be so big that it’s up in your face up in your
face so what can we do that has the same effect all right well what if the
billboards traveled the problem with these billboards because they stay right
there but what if the billboards traveled let me show you a close example
of that they were pretty good but they were close but not what we’re doing
Las Vegas tax you know where I’m going with this hey look at the billboard on
top of the taxis see they were close so these are in this in his own right a
traveling billboard but it still doesn’t it still doesn’t work that good it’s
still not gonna work that good you know I’m saying when you getting into the
taxi you just go straight there you’re not really paying attention nobody’s
paying attention today okay so what are they paying attention
to they’re paying attention to their phones when they’re inside the limousine
right or inside the taxi but inside the limousine
they’re paying attention to their phones so I don’t know how much you guys know
about geofencing or a beacon marketing but let me show you something man
all right so beacons are little devices around the size of the end of your thumb
right here that have the power to leave messages on cell phones Android iPhone
iPad if you’re connected to the Wi-Fi when you are the Bluetooth when you get
close to these things then a message can appear on your phone now what do I mean
within the football fields reach that’s very powerful just one of these can
reach a football out football field out okay so how does that apply to us if you
have a nice amount of vehicles in your fleet what you can do is put one of
these in each vehicle what is that okay well when the person gives in your
vehicle you can have a landing page display on their phone and as usual you
can retarget anybody that comes to the landing page so they ride right they
ride with you and they leave and you want them to become a regular now your
ads will appear to them all over the internet inviting them to ride with you
again but not just that that’s not just that remember it can reach out a
football fields length okay so what if you’re downtown what have you at the
airport and you program this beacon in all of your vehicles remember you have
vehicles all over the city and they’re in highly populated areas every cell
phone within the football fields reach will get a notification on their phone
you can program it to say like let’s say you’re a downtown and one of the real
busy rich buildings or something like that where you know
a lot of people can afford to ride in your limo you can get close enough to
that building to send a signal inside that building where it says your limo is
waiting for you outside it’ll just pop up on people’s phone so you’ll see
people start walking out the buildings and what the hell my limos outside and a
lot of people are just just waiting for a ride home or any anything they are
already waiting so having this say your limos outside is that well I’m gonna
call it over but why not in it hop in the limo it’s super simple it’s like
fishing with freaking dynamite right okay so is going to work now that’s on a
small scale just putting them in all of your vehicles
what have we contracted a couple hundred vehicles in the area got people that are
out of work or ex-cons or whatever they need to make a couple dollars and we put
these beacons we hire we buy them in bulk we put these beacons in a couple
hundred cars and we park them in all of the riches locations of the city and
then signal lingers into all of the houses and residential areas of these
rich wealthy people inviting them to give you a call to their meetings to
their corporate events to the airport or whatever it may be whatever special you
have this increases conversions greatly increases sales in a crazy way so hope
you enjoyed the video of the day I know it was kind of long but we had to get
through at 11 marketing strategies for the limousine companies to scale up
increase sales super fast all right so I think this might be the last video in
this playlist just watch it again if you have any more questions watch it again
if you don’t have any more questions my number is in the description go ahead
and call me or go to the website look around but you need to do these even if
you don’t contact me you need to do these are you will be
the same forever and as hella scary but if you want to scale up go to the next
level then you need to contact me okay

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