12 Book Marketing Strategies You Need to Be Successful
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12 Book Marketing Strategies You Need to Be Successful

hey guys it’s ryan from pinnaclepublish.com today I want to talk about effective book marketing strategies and techniques book marketing is one of the toughest things to do out there I mean creating the book is easy publishing the book is easy marketing the book not so easy it’s and is where almost all authors stumble fall and actually fail so I created a list of all of the book marketing strategies that I’ve used that have been very effective and that created lots of sales so let’s get started find your audience this is probably the most important part about the entire marketing strategy and I’m gonna tell you if you don’t know where your audience is all of these efforts will be wasted so each niche each individual book is going to have a different audience of people going to have… they’re going to hang out in different places.. they are going to be different people.. they are going to be in different areas online and into different things you know.. you might have a book on resumes and people interested in that book might hang out on facebook they might be in forums on facebook they might hang out.. on you know blogs.. they might be big readers of blogs however then you might have a book on dating and they don’t hang out in forums you know they don’t hang out in groups or facebook.. instead you’ll find them hanging out on reddit or you know on pinterest for instance so you need to know where your audience hangs out and where they are in order to market and advertise to them effectively so once you’ve done that then you can move on to the next part of this whole strategy here .. and again without that you’re going to be ineffectively advertising so a book promotion and marketing strategy starts with two different sections pre-launch and post launch strategy pre-launch are all the strategies that you do and all the effort that you put in before the book has actually been published.. this is very very important and then post launch is all of the marketing efforts that you put in after the book has been published so we’re going start with prelaunch pre-launch strategies.. first one author website so you need to build a website for your book or website for you as an author or even for you as a publishing company whatever you are whoever you are trying to advertise a book thats who you need to create a website for not only does this build authority for your book and for your brand but it also gives readers a way to connect to you.. they can find out information about you and you can even link them to sales pages or just get them to sign up to your email list which is a second one here.. create an email campaign so if you have a website or you know.. social media following or whatever you want to start getting those peoples email addresses.. once you have their email addresses you can create an email campaign where you advertise to them.. you can tell them when your books going on sale when they’re going to be published you can even tell them you know you can even actually give them access to your book before it’s published and ask them for review you can even ask them for reviews after the books been published.. you know that there’s an endless amount of things you can do with email so it’s a very very effective marketing technique.. next is social media you want to take over social media you know use every available asset you have with social media if you have a facebook account with friends you want to advertise to all your friends you know post on your account and say hey guys i’m releasing a new book download and review it help me out spread the word go again go onto you know social media groups and advertise for if you have a dating book going to dating groups if you have you know a book on raising chickens go into chicken groups and raise.. raise awareness for your book so those are all things that you can do pre-launch know there’s probably a few more you can do basically you just want to gather awareness of your book you want to spread the word and you want to try to get as many people to read it and know about it before you publish it so that you can get more reviews and get more sales right out of the gate now we’re going to post launch strategies post-launch can be divided into two different sections organic and paid organic is basically where all your marketing efforts don’t cost immediate money so this is going to be things like posting to group’s posting on forums you know doing blog advertising and blog posting and you know tweeting to your social media on Twitter tweeting and posting on Facebook Instagram all those different things you know they don’t cost you money they might cost you time right now and right when you do them it might take some time but you’re not paying anything for these paid is self-explanatory that’s going to be advertising campaigns and different things like that so we go into organic first so organic strategy the first one that you need to be aware of and this mainly applies if you create a website like i said earlier is optimize search engine now or SEO search engine optimization now it’s not only important if you create a website you know you can also advertise your listings but basically what this is.. is google you know Bing Amazon Yahoo all of those are search engines and you can make your website or your book show up higher when people search for related keywords and i’d recommend you do a little research into it exactly how to do that but the basic gist of it is you get other high-profile websites that are related to your niche and you have them link back to your book or link back to your book listing on amazon or wherever you’re selling your book and this will actually tell Google or whichever search engine you’re optimizing for that you’re a popular book or you’re a popular author or a popular website and they’ll rank you higher on their websites because of that so this is a good way to get you know search traffic which can turn into sales the second way is to maximize revenue streams this is a very important one many people may be surprised many people don’t do this if you publish a book and you publish an e-book you know you then should go along and publish a paper back book and then also publish an audiobook and then you can make a bundle of different books that you have or try to try to cover as many different streams of formats of books that you can make an audiobook CD you know whatever you can.. because i can’t tell you how many authors miss out on the opportunities for this but like there are customers out there who will only read paperback books there are customers out there who will only read ebook and then there are other ones who will only read audiobooks so if you have an ebook and you don’t have an audio or paperback version you’re missing out on a huge amount of customers and potential for sales and money and just extra revenue you know you can also create.. let’s say.. i talked about emails earlier.. maximizing revenue streams you can also create an email list where you gather people emails from within your book you know so they put a little advertisement in your book hey give me your email and then you can send them affiliate advertisement if you wish to after that you know you can make more money from that.. there is a ton of different ways but maximize your revenue make sure you’re getting as much as you can out of each book that you sell and then the next one on the list the third is blog posting if you have a book let’s say again we’ll take resumes as an example you have a book on how to write a resume or how to have a job interview or something.. you would then want to find blogs.. related blogs online you can go to google and you can search for them and talk to the owners of the blogs and ask them hey can I guest post on your blog can I you know write an article or can you write an article about my book and then link it back i really think it will help your customers and by doing that you are taking advantage of that blogs entire traffic of customers and giving them the opportunity to buy your book and this can be thousands of people hundreds of thousands of people depending on what the blog you target so that’s a huge way to get traffic and and book sales another one is a youtube trailer so this ones more complicated and you have to actually put your face out there but you can go on youtube and you can create a video about your book or a review of your book or a trailer for your book and kind of build hype that way it’s more complicated with keywords and targeting and stuff but it’s very effective if you can do it correctly so that’s definitely worth looking into.. another one is forums.. so you’re going to want to go on google and again we’ll take resumes as an example if you have a book on resumes or a book on interviewing you can go to google and you can actually google forums for job hunting or something similar and get in there and start you know building a relationship with the audience of these forums and actually start selling your book to that audience and those people you say hey i have a great book i think it will help you out and even give them a discount say hey i can get you half off or something or i’ll give you for free just leave a review you know these are all ways that you can market it.. forums are great for that and they’re very targeted you already know that people are interested in whatever topic it is you’re searching for so another one is a social media again I mentioned this before but i’ll mention it again is go on to social media and go into th..e like Facebook for instance facebook has groups you can go in and search for specific groups of people and they’re already interested in that topic so you know.. again.. job interviewing there is a job interview group there’s probably 10 or 15 on facebook join them all and start advertising your book in there or helping the people out and then advertising I mean you don’t just advertise immediately or they might ban you from the group.. but that’s another great one I mean you can advertise the same way on Twitter and on facebook and also advertise on your forum for your social media your Facebook your Twitter your Instagram.. post about your book on there.. so now we have paid advertising so this post.. again this is after the book has been released already so this is really three main ways here and these two are kind of similar.. but we’ll talk about that.. but pay-per-click or PPC that’s the first one and probably one of the most effective but pay-per-click is basically you go into Google or Amazon or Bing or somewhere like that you create an advertisement campaign where you target specific keywords so again take resumes for job interviews are you everytime everytime somebody types in the word job interview into google you can create an advertisement that shows up for that and when the customer clicks on it that is when you get charged money so you’ll get charged like maybe five cents or ten cents per click but people who are already searching for this information will then click on your advertisement and be taken to your page and have a potential to buy your book.. very very effective you can do it on Amazon do it on Google you can do it on Bing and honestly so many more places but that’s.. it takes a little bit of playing with but you have some money to spend that’s a good way to make extra money another one is list promotion so these are people who already have the large email list or following on their websites or wherever and those people sometimes will take money to advertise with them so we’ll take an example bookbub.com they’re a great one they have a list of i think over 1 million subscribers so you can pay them about $300 to advertise your book on their list and over a million people will view it and that’s a ton of exposure.. a huge amount of exposure and if a million people view your book and you’re bound to get sales so if you spend three hundred dollars you might get a thousand dollars in sales from that one promotion so those promotions are good.. there’s a ton of different places again you’re going to have to find ones that are relevant to your audience and your book and your genre but that’s very effective and then the last one here is paid advertising with followings on social media so again you can have followings on facebook or instagram pinterest twitter and they can have upwards of a hundred thousand a million people following them and let’s say you have a person who is like a guru for job interviews you know he does a ton of stuff on job interviews he might take fifty dollars you might contact him and say hey can you promote my book to your followers and he’ll be like yeah sure fifty dollars and then you pay him and he’ll tweet he’ll send out three or four tweets saying hey guys here’s a great book and download it and then his followers will download it so that’s more exposure that’s like you know potentially millions of more.. of more people that you’re exposed to.. so that’s about it for marketing strategies you know there are more out there but these are the main ones that work and the main ones that will get you with the most traffic so if you follow these you’ll without a doubt increase your traffic you’ll increase your sales you’ll make a lot more money so that’s about it I want to thank you guys for watching if you liked this video like it below comment subscribe that’s all i have for you guys today have a good day

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