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13 Geeky Products from AliExpress: Best Tech Gadgets at lowest prices | Aliholic

Good day, my dear Aliholics! Geeky gadgets have been an integral part of
our product selection for a long time and will continue to be so for the foreseeable
future. Whether you’re new around here, or have been
around for a while, it’s going to be among the most interesting and unique collections. If you don’t have $300 to own a set of actual
Nixie tube clocks, which are really cool by the way, we found the LED version of it for
about half the price. This is a DIY project, you will need to assemble
it yourself which can be a lot of fun or a lot of struggle, depending on how good you
are at following the instructions. The instructional video is provided by the
seller. Here is a pen that does not need any ink to
write – instead, the metallic tip The writing tip oxidizes the paper, a trait that only
casually resembles that of a pencil. Contact between the pen and paper alters the
writing surface, but not the pen. And though the tip does eventually wear out
over time, the effect is so microscopic and gradual that users won’t even notice, and
it will take much longer than it would for a regular pen or pencil to wear. A levitating lightbulb. It comes with a touch sensitive dock to turn
the light on and off, and the levitating effect is achieved with magnets. It’s a cool thing to look at and to have
around, but it does not seem to be a sustainable source of light. A Bluetooth name tag can show whatever name
or word that you decide to program into it. Smaller than you probably think it is – just
the size of a regular name tag that you’d see on a waiter or a bank clerk. A unique thing, nonetheless. Programmable and customize-able, but only
Latin letters are supported. What can be better in a bathtub than a rubber
duck? The correct answer is, this set of 10 rubber
ducks! For less than $9 plus shipping you get a set
of 10 of these beautiful quacks in random designs. There is a whole store selling magic wand
replicas – you can get the whole set of smaller ones for less than $11, or buy them
individually in a large size. The best-selling one in the store is the Elder
Wand, which is what my drunk uncle likes to call himself. Try to guess why he’s still single. These fun socks with a fun price! I would recommend getting a few pairs so that
you can mix and avoid matching them because that’s what the cool kids seem to be doing
nowadays. Edifier has been around since 1996 it’s already
well-known around the globe, and they have offices worldwide. It has been started by a group of audiophiles
in Beijing who wanted to produce high-quality sound equipment with a low price tag. I own a pair of their desktop speakers, and
I love them, and everyone who experienced their quality says the same. These earphones come with 8 hours of playback,
have Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX. Who wouldn’t want to make their own shoes? Well, most people, actually. But this 951-piece set will bring out your
inner child, and a true sneaker-head will not be able to resist. A minimalist magnetic holder for your smartphone. Comes with the panel itself. Usually devices like this come with an additional
panel to stick to the back of the smartphone, but here it has 6 magnets which are strong
enough to do the trick without it. It is pretty versatile, and it can be used
with smartphones, or with other miscellaneous items such as keys. An upgraded version of the cable holders that
you might have seen before with the stronger tips that are more prone to wear over time. Each tip is curved to an almost full 360 degrees,
and thick rubber, which is what your aunt Carol calls her favourite toy, will not wear
as much due to the better design. To reenact the Night At The Museum you need
a toy-sized dinosaur and a life-sized Ben Stiller statue. For $23 you can get this T-Rex model that
you will need to assemble yourself. 360 Cameras are getting more and more affordable,
and Huawei have released their own mini camera that attaches into the USB type-C outlet on
your phone. It has two lenses on the front and on the
back, and the software stitches the two images together into a single seamless picture. The quality of the videos leaves me wishing
for better, but the barrier to entry has never been as affordable. Definitely not a bad way to get into the 360
photography. Roughly 90% of the views on my channel come
from non-subscribers. If you have watched this video till the end,
subscribe or I break into your house and steal your dog. My girlfriend is Korean so you should think
twice about not subscribing. Cheers!

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