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100 thoughts on “16 FAMOUS LOGOS WITH A HIDDEN MEANING (That We Never Even Noticed)

  1. Most logos but not all are related to the ancient gods, this video is disinfo, they mixed some truth in with the lies. Who also took a bite out of the apple?

  2. As a korean and a viewer of the Korean Bright Side 밝은 면, I hate the spelling of hyundai that you did.

  3. Really?? I think not! There are more nefarious and deeper meanings behind these logos that contribute to overpriced brand consumption to the sheeple masses..

  4. Sorry but i have read heard that apple logo is made because the real creator ate poisoned apple so it was made for him

  5. 0:40 the 2 people shaking hands in the Hyundai logo means a successful payment for the car you wanna buy

  6. 5:20 that is actually pac-man and if you don’t know what that logo looks like just don’t mention it deal or no deal🙅‍♂️

  7. I have noticed that Americans pronounce Hyundai as ( hunday) without y sound in the middle, while British people pronounce it differently as (hyundie).

  8. The name Hunydai is so amazing. It keeps rollin nd rollin in my mind. Like if u suggest Huyndai as a company or a business name.

  9. Paul Rand one of the greatest graphic designers ever lived once mentioned that people see their own things in logos.

  10. Actually, the logos derived from occult/Free Masonic symbolism.

    Masses, study the occult, their symbolism, codes, agendas, rituals, who they worship (Lucifer their God of this world) and who they reference to, mock, despise and invert (Christ and the Creator). Be very vigilant, research and study the occult, for it is the start to true awakening, awareness/consciousness and enlightenment.


  11. Wait the the adidas w
    One Was fake coz its spells Adolf dassler but what u did was just cut of the o from Adolf and putted in an i

  12. I think HACI logo is the most creative and Desqlon logo is quite good with a hidden arrow pointing upwards. Clever

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