16 of the Dumbest Content Marketing Mistakes We’re Still Making – Content Marketing Tips
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16 of the Dumbest Content Marketing Mistakes We’re Still Making – Content Marketing Tips

– I admittedly still
make a lot of mistakes with content marketing
and you’re probably making the same ones as well. Hello my name’s David Spark and welcome to Content Marketing Tips. So let’s just get into it, 16 of the biggest content
marketing mistakes we’re still making and we should avoid. Number one, let’s just publish it and hope something eventually happen. You gotta measure your content. You gotta measure what you’re doing and then actually have a follow-up plan. People rarely do that. Shorter is always better, right? Ugh, I deal with this all the time. Clients are constantly saying, “Oh, you gonna make it
shorter, gotta make it shorter. “People have short attention spans.” People with short attention spans are never, ever going to
become your customers. Look, data shows it’s not true. Long-form content ranks
really, really high and converts really well. Number three content marketing mistake, my content takes off by itself. I don’t need to pay for promotion. Yes, there was a time that was true. Guess what, not true anymore. Everyone’s creating content,
there’s tons of it out there. You must pay for some
type of distribution. Number four, create it, publish it and then just forget about it. This is really common,
create a piece of content and then just move on to the next one. If you’ve been doing it
a lot, you probably have an amazing library so
index your existing content and search it before you
begin any new content project. Number five content marketing mistake is everyone will enjoy this
post that’s not for everyone. Okay, I know this logic
is gonna sound reverse but you will actually get more people to consume your content
if you narrow the focus of that piece of content because it’s going to
speak to the audience. That’s why it works so well. Number six, create targeted content off of incomplete direction. Sadly, this happens all the time. Client just wants to see something but they won’t tell you what they want. (sighs) If you go ahead and create it, no one’s gonna be happy. It’s your job as a journalist
to just keep plying them and asking questions as to what they want. Number seven, come on,
everybody, you’re all invited to collaborate on this Google document. Ugh, too many cooks in the
kitchen never works out well. One editor, you can have
tons of multiple ideas but just one editor, not
the other way around. Number eight, my audience
loves everything I do. Stop assuming you know your audience, even if you work in that market. You always have to verify the consumer, especially when you’re creating content that’s deeper into the funnel. Now, content marketing
mistake number nine, before we get into what you
want, a moment of my brilliance. You’re gonna think that
you have a great joke or a great story to tell and
you definitely wanna get it in. You gotta shoot the darlings, old industry term, it applies here. Number 10 content marketing mistake, I said no content without product. In traditional marketing, this is true. You can’t market without product but in content marketing, you can. And in fact, it’s
extraordinarily valuable. That kind of feedback will
give you the information you need for product development. You can do content
marketing to build brand and also just to gauge
the audience’s interest. Number 11, new idea, new
process, don’t repeat. This is really, really
common, one-off campaigns. Don’t do this yourself. Figure out what the whole
process is gonna be. Here’s a great idea, when
you’re writing the contract with the customer, ask
for the customer story up front in the contract
rather than after the fact because that takes
forever to get agreement and you might not get it. Number 12 this case study
will be epic in length. Yes, I was promoting
long form but guess what? Everything still needs to
be edited, even long form, and often, sometimes that
content can be explained in a much shorter format. Number 13, if you don’t
have time to review it, don’t sweat it. I don’t care how brilliant
the writer is of the article, everything needs to be edited. Number 14, email address
first before you see anything. Do not gatekeep top-of-the-funnel content. That is a recipe for no one will see it. Number 15, now that’s done, what should my next piece of content be? Similar to the one-off problem, you gotta have an editorial calendar. If you don’t, you waste cycles without it. And the last content marketing mistake is a single-edit round
will be surely enough. If you’re creating a big form of content, like a book, which is what I did, you can fall into the
horrible, horrible vortex of death by a thousand paper cuts. I published a book and
(chuckles) we kept finding tiny, tiny mistakes. Each time we found a new mistake, we had to republish the
book four different formats, in PDF, Kindle, iBook and print. Don’t fall into that trap. Do multiple-edit rounds for big content. It’s hard to not still make
these mistakes, here’s why. It’s easier not to do all these things. It’s easier to not have
to measure the success of your content efforts. It’s easier to just create
one piece of content than develop a whole editorial plan for all the pieces that
have to come after it. It’s easier to write what you want rather than what your audience wants, and it’s easier to eliminate
or do a minimal review process. Look, don’t do this to yourself. You can avoid all these
content marketing mistakes. If you’ve got them tips and advice, please leave it in the comments below and if you like this, please
tell your friends, subscribe. I really, really appreciate you watching Content Marketing Tips.

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