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1976 Mercedes-Benz w123 development – design, testing, pre-production

[Music] [Music] the development of a new automobile is a year long process it is now more than ever increased safety and performance as well as increased comfort at the same time improved economy to reach under these objectives emerge the first constructive designs in one so-called load book are those of the development goals set goals summarized he represents one for all development departments catalog of requirements on the basis of numerous detailed investigations and first simple conception models the possibilities become the Realization of the demands of the burden they discuss the form basis of further considerations and decisions [Music] various designs are made by stylists created jointly discussed and with the technical requirements in brought in harmony [Music] the essential dimensions of the new trolleys are stuck with it now is one form the line of the house harmoniously continues the vehicle should be recognized as a consequence type immediately but not fashionable currents follow but meet the taste of the times at the same time, the aerodynamics have favorable values ​​around the reduce fuel consumption while the vehicle next to the high daimler-benz internal demands too the many regulations numerous countries are enough based on the mas concept in natural Size can be the space exactly to be examined Here is the streamlined and thus fuel-saving exterior contour with the optimal sitting position of the occupants of the arrangement of aggregates and of the fuel tank as well as the size of the to bring together trunk space the stylized by the stylists contour is checked transferred and if necessary accordingly corrected the determined zones are with the related claims in the daily staple after these confirmed or corrected measures Different models are scaled up one to five made on which the most promising ideas win the best variations chosen in this form should later Models of natural size are created to the small models with using a scanning machine scanned arithmetically enlarged and on a scale one to one with a hole strip drawn sign machine drawn arise from these drawings templates with their help the contour which is molded one-to-one models The surface will be carefully edited and constantly monitored parallel produced items the stylistically significant are the Trim panels radiator cowling lights and bumpers are in the model enclosed in the design of the Interior play the harmony of Material shape and color as well Aspects of ergonomics comfort and safety decisive role the finished models finally put the most important basis for discussion therefore the most suitable stylistic variant for further development of the vehicle is of importance out this is where the final shape is decided by the board for the selected model is using a biometric data processing system a mathematical plane model determined and thus a form in the scale one to one automatically recorded next emerges line judge and then follows the careful construction of the structure individual parts only then will the dimensionally accurate Production in the trial workshop and in later series production allows more and more it comes now to the systematic cooperation of Calculating engineer experimental engineer production planner and tool designer to all details calculated and constructed functionally tested and Production engineering are examined as Here, for example, the connection of windbreak pillar and roof frame the Construction of the landing gear is supported largely on the one with the s-class gained experience anyway, the transfer ceases other weight and space conditions new tasks Here, for example, will be the new one Design of the front axle cleared all from the road to the vehicle acting forces and moments measured and on magnetic tape recorded the country controls a simulation test stand of the same load sizes as in road traffic in the Axis introduces these modern methods Permission the vehicle testing relocated to the laboratory with the help of a computer, the constantly monitored and audited test report created on the test bench Success first testing the new Engines They work after the war principle that a clean and therefore environmentally friendly combustion at extremely good performance yield of the fuel is guaranteed with the models controls the proven mechanical working the injection system precisely the the corresponding air flow fuel quantity the combustion stroke so results for each operating state the cheapest fuel air mixture and thus activatable at any time power reserves at significantly lower Consumption of the five-cylinder diesel engine is in the already proven conception accepted he combines the proverbial economy of all diesel engines with a favorable performance yield of 80 ps through various measures could Also four other improvements such as example, a quick start device achieved as well as the maintenance work for All diesel engines significantly simplified will be an accurate survey of the construction prepares the assembly of the engine in front of the bonnet can be vertical set up the installation of this Aggregates without removing the hood allows the position of the engine will be with help of three-dimensional Measuring machines exactly according to the drawings documents measured and accordingly controlled the same applies to the rest gensets such as this one steering in the years testing can the General status of development in progress be controlled special electronic devices allow one almost complete registration of the Driving behavior the front axle Conception with the link radius 0 creates in conjunction with the extended one wheelbase favorable conditions for excellent straight-ahead characteristics these advantages show themselves especially clear when exposed to one-sided stooping forces such as for example, in the case of risen breakdowns on the slip plate will be the maximum possible measured curve speeds even at strongly lowered Mature air pressure is allowed to mature do not loose the rim by a trailing substitute gold the Behavior of the vehicle in the turn be further improved careful adjustment of kinematics and bearing stiffnesses on the front and rear axle allows a balanced combination of driving comfort and Safety at all in practice occurring driving conditions precise and with directional stability, the car reacts to each one the steering wheel movement specified by the driver [Applause] also to extreme driving maneuvers to Avoidance of accidents without danger to to try the test driver a driver simulator was developed [Applause] This automat operates the brake pedal and steering any driving programs be preprogrammed and anytime driven reproducibly The aim of the investigations is a vehicle that is manageable even in emergency situations remains [Music] but despite all accident preventing the traffic accident remains one Reality about the bad consequences for the occupants as much as possible will reduce measures for years seized their need from the Derive daily accidents this is how accidents research works out Bases on which the development can build new vehicles In many accidents you try partly with a rigid passenger compartment on an acceleration sled facility can be performed measures to protect the occupants tests the short-circuit anchoring is located on the seat itself whereby the Right bass strap angle in all seat positions will be retained if they try on structures and Body parts are used for checking the calculated strength values [Applause] which can behave complex deformation in part problems like here at the engine Displacement simulated experimentally first conversations will lead to new ones suggestions and changes Improvement of the behavior of the steering in accidents could by the new developed venro be achieved [Applause] the testing with complete vehicles However, it still provides the crucial part of the accident attempts there here comes the vertical frontal impact with 50 kilometers per hour against an unyielding concrete wall fundamental meaning to the Results are based on deceleration values ​​for the vehicle and inmates with mass writers and magnetic tapes are recorded but also at first direct contemplation leaves doors open after the trial with normal open up force they are already in the class with that proven pull door handle Equipped also for the rest considering accidents loads are standardized tried They represent the vehicle in each the hardest test there arranged much above the rear axle fuel tank remains at the rear impact damaged the ease of repair will after practical oblique frontal impact examined for durability Examination of the expansion will be on one artificially created bad distance the movement of the wheel recorded the the wheel’s going to be on the servo hydraulic testing system over magnetic tape is controlled electronically after driving this way occurs in 70 hours of stress Built on like a vehicle that’s more than 200,000 kilometers on normal roads has covered the forces acting on the vehicle occupants Vibration load is also on the bad distance measured in the measuring lab, the recorded ones will be recorded values ​​are analyzed using the in diagrams presented results can make decisions about required Changes are made lateral guidance of the occupants could through appropriate seat backs be improved under extreme weather conditions may the functionality of the vehicle are not affected try in the event of contamination Wind tunnel will form and seal the Doors designed so that the entry the field remains largely painless is due to a new arrangement of wipers especially on the enlarge the driver’s side [Applause] The vehicle functions are also in the cold chamber examined in the Temperatures to minus 40 degrees Celsius can be generated a soundproofed room with attached Four round test bench service systematic noise investigations which are reproducible at any time data such as load on the vehicle speed driving speed and sound pressure in the interior will be in one affiliated mess room with recorded on highly sensitive devices and accordingly analyzes the under idealized conditions on test benches their findings should be theirs confirmation in practical driving receive this is partly already in the with camouflaged vehicles continuous testing in the nearer environment of the work achieved [Applause] an important often crucial Supplement are test drives in others Countries and continents where the vehicles due to the prevailing streets and climate conditions tough though quite practical be subjected to operating conditions the test of the temperature behavior of lubricating oils and cooling water corresponding burden by strong slopes and rest to let the towing through for simplicity of another vehicle also finds pass roads practical conditions in practical driving the success critical assessment of the chassis of the body noise of ventilation and the brake Here also the customer service receives friendly brake pad wear opportunity to testify a problem on our roads does not seem very essential the mortality of the vehicle A ride through the desert you come However, significant importance to are the low-traffic straight roads made for a long time temperature testing at top speed and at the same time such a strong heat as well as here will also be in other parts of the world test drives under extreme conditions performed around all vehicle parts and aggregate the most unfavorable in the practice conditions exposing [Applause] moisture and heat for example ask for the air conditioning of the Vehicle highest demands also for engine oil and cooling water can here are further important comparisons and measurement results are obtained Of course, that has to be vehicle not only at extremely high but also at extremely low Temperatures prove their worth cold ice and snow is the winter performance of the vehicle under proof and rounds the test in the world parallel to the development and have been in testing for years preparatory work new manufacturing plants erects the series production of the vehicle can begin the items molded in the press become body shell put together the respective ones Subgroups are in a lot of points Welding machines welded together and about sponsorship facilities to the three so transported mentioned expansion stages The individual plants are among each other chained this chain is going through a comprehensive conveyor system did that because of its buffer capacity at the same time the guaranteed production although still some devices such as welding and soldering from hans must be carried out the runs production largely mechanized from the roof transfer takes place on a command tax impulses the increased mechanization degree was the rough construction Production makes an extremely possible Assemble reliable the electronically controlled ensure monitoring devices doing an exceptionally high quality standard after passing through reason we and Paint shop is the finished body for assembling assembly work to disposal an assembly section for example is the installation of the front axle the Hinterachse comes first to one Assembly device the finished Body with the meantime entire interior was provided is placed on the rear axle the Engine hood becomes vertical in assembly position brought so that the engine lowered and mounted easily accessible can be it still follows adjusted and control the eg the attitude from fall track and wake at the vorderachse at the end of the assembly leaves the now ready cars with their own power that ties and drives on one roller test bench where he got a flight subjected to a specific driving program becomes the engine will be at the fulfillment of respective exhaust gas regulations of checked different countries the result of many years Development is a vehicle that the proven characteristics of its predecessors has indeed taken over by incorporating new ones trend-setting techniques, however already the constructive answer to the challenges of the 80s is because this mercedes meets him optimal requirements he offers increased comfort and increased safety and performance improved at the same time economy and he is one valuable car mobile because he regarding material processing and technical standard the highest offers value and with expensive energy and sparing raw materials sparingly but in everything strive for thrift is the preservation of health and power of the driver decisive economy aspect an automobile he does not let himself in take the numbers and that is the sum all engineering art of all care building an automobile this gentle responsible use of you experience human energy nowhere more conscious than in one vehicle from mercedes-benz Mercedes

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