#2 Define your Mission Statement ~ Tips to Market your Business Online | #10Days10Tips
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#2 Define your Mission Statement ~ Tips to Market your Business Online | #10Days10Tips

Hey everyone here’s my second video from
10tips10days challenge my second tip on how exactly can company
market themselves online after my first tip which is market survey is going to
be define your brand’s mission statement yes defining your brand mission
statement is very very very important and why and what is it.
Mission statement is basically the passion of your company why is your
company even existing what’s the purpose of the company what is the value your
company wants to give to the audiences that we defined in the tip 1 so yes
that’s the mission you need to inform and be sure about before planning or
trying to build trust with the with with those audiences and I’ll talk about an
example here Nike. Nike they have a tagline saying ‘Just do it’ but that’s
what their mission statement their mission statement is
to inspire and innovate all and every athletes in the world so they know it’s
all about inspiring athletes across the world every athlete and that’s where all
their brand campaign ideas their brand identity their color the personality
tone and manner everything is surrounded around this
mission statement so yes this mission statement is that important and now I
will just add a tip to the tip is once you have your mission statement get a
voice to it when I say wise it doesn’t mean a voice over but voice to it which
means that define in what tone and manner you’re reaching out to the
audience whether it is professional friendly conversational informated or
promotional or let’s say any tone and manner but keep that tone forever for
your company at least till the time you are looking for a rebound at stuff but
keep that forever let’s say for example Apple Apple has a professional tone and
they have maintained it for years and we are in a habit of taking it so we
resonate with Apple with that tone the purpose
to us exactly same thing you need to come up with it known which girl in
sales resonate with you and it makes sense to them that’s that’s all so yes
this was the second tip tell me how you find it and I would love to know what’s
your mission statement of your life or let’s say of your company in the comment
section below and do feel free to share your tips occur about marketing or even
beyond stay tuned for the other eight videos that’s gonna come up soon ciao
bye have a nice day

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