2 Minute Tips with Kody B  Relationship Marketing Strategy
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2 Minute Tips with Kody B Relationship Marketing Strategy

Hey everybody, Kody B here. I want to talk to you today about the chart we put
up last time traditional marketing and relationship
marketing and how they work together and we just show the charger quick
traditional marketing is on the left side of the chart it’s all about finding
acquiring and managing a customer base relationship marketing is on the right
side it’s all about retaining customers generating incremental sales from those
customers and having those customers referred new business to you which gives
you more people to put in your pipe we also talked about the value proposition
of relationship marketing how strong it really is how powerful really is it so
if it is that good we probably should go into detail about what a relationship
marketing strategy would look like so to do that we’re just going to continue on
with this how do you retain customers in your customer base how do you get them
to generate incremental sales how to get there to refer business to you relationship marketing is all about
relationships first about 80% of the time and then marketing second about 20
percent of the time so anytime you’re reaching out to your customer base you
want to focus on the relationship first most of the time and it’s pretty clear
libitum marketing the optimum times to do that would be thank yous birthdays
holidays recognition opportunities time to celebrate their lifestyles keeping in
touch with get more into the marketing side and then an actual marketing
promotional piece so you’ll notice the chart we have now it talks about you
know those opportunities as they go down the list those tough 45 they’re all
about relationships eighty percent of time and he’d be doing that in the final
pieces down at the bottom where it’s more about marketing reaching out asking
for a referral may be promoting your business or something new that you doing those types of things you want to have
sprinkled in about 20 percent of the time so that is the strategy that’s
really important to keep that strategy that is how you’re going to optimize
relationship marketing so we’ll see you on the next one take care buddy

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