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$20 Million Facebook Ad Strategy Tutorial (Ad Manager Reveal)

Hey everyone, welcome back, it’s Kevin again Super sorry about the cliff-hanging ending the last video, but I promise you’re not gonna be disappointed with this one I’m about to do something. I’ve never ever done before and show you guys something I’ve never shown anyone outside of my team. Yup I’m going to break down the core ad strategy that I use across all of my ad accounts and this is the exact strategy that generated 20 million dollars of Profitable sales in a single year now keep in mind with every single ad account I’m always experimenting with other strategies Some that I get from friends in the space Some that I come up with myself and this is really really important because some of these other strategies have worked well But across millions of dollars of spend on Facebook today I always come back to this strategy and this strategy hasn’t a hundred percent Success rate and all of our ad accounts that we actually end up driving to profitability In fact, I’m gonna break this ad strategy at a conceptual level to educate you guys But you’re gonna want to stay until the end of the video because I’ll demonstrate this ad strategy and I’ll walk through a one of my active at accounts that started just a few months ago that has been absolutely crushing it so I know a lot of these gurus and these Prophets and these experts out there flash those Shopify sales Well, they’ll claim they made this amount of money that amount of money, but hey You don’t really know how much profit they got from those sales. Even if those sales screenshots are real well you’re gonna see my ad manager a Glimpse into the type of profitability that we drive on a day to day basis and I’ll just give you guys a clue We make twenty percent take home from all the sales that we generated So you’re not gonna want to miss this and for any gurus that are proclaiming that they’re an expert in the space Ask them to show you a live view of their ad manager so you can see their return on adspend Before I break down this ad strategy Let me just give you some insight into the principles that I buyed by by running ads Now what I mean? My principle is it’s sort of invisible I keep in my brain whenever I’m making ads strategy decisions, I approach Facebook advertising in a very very different way than most Advertisers out there and I believe these principles are really what drives the type of results I’m looking for which are sustainable results. Not just very profitable and flashy results. So number one I’m conscious and maintaining the quality of traffic on my ad account, especially in the beginning I’m a strong believer that terrible traffic can ruin the way your Pixel learns which can lead to long term Consequences that you may not even realize that’s really hard to reverse on the flip side If you maintain high quality traffic throughout your learning experience with the pixel Then it will become laser precise in finding high quality traffic that is actually interested in your site Regardless of the group that you’re targeting so that’s what we’re gonna go for here I’m not gonna be spanning a lot of random things I know a lot of people approach ads in a very different way But just know I’m very conscious and keeping my facebook pixels secure and loved like a little baby Principle number two. I favor scaling in a gradual and Sustainable way in case you guys have an experiment with other advertising platforms like Google or snapchat Facebook is actually Notorious for being vulnerable and you guys have probably seen it in your ode and managers sometimes performance rockets up Sometimes it drops down and you can drive you crazy So I actually think an effective ad strategist is someone that’s able to maintain as much stable growth in both budget and performance as Possible. I view Facebook as a ship on a very very rocky ocean day of great performance You’re rocketing up the budget and then once you get a day of bad performance You’re dramatically cutting you’re causing even more volatility on top of a very volatile platform So yes, I’m talking to all of you that make decisions impulsively those of you that rocket budget after one day of performance and decrease budget after a day performance and don’t give for Facebook’s algorithm to actually learn and just This is not the way to achieve sustainable scale and for people that love Flashing those sales numbers in a single day or sales in a single week. All you have to do is ask them Hey, can I see your ad manager and Shopify store on a long-term view? I? guarantee most of the results are gonna go up and then dramatically fall down because this is the common theme in this industry and this Is why so many people are struggling right now the common theme and everything I will teach you guys is to achieve business Performance that is not only profitable but also sustainable Who wants to work so hard on something that has the potential to make a lot of money? Only to lose it after a week two weeks or a month, obviously This has to do with infrastructure and a quality customer experience and feedback But a lot of it is also how you pursue the ad strategy I know a lot of really well-known as strategies out there that really favor Adjusting the budget a bunch in a short term period often in a single day I tried their approaches, but I haven’t been a fan So just know that this is a big guiding principle for how I’m gonna teach you guys Facebook a strategy number three And this is a really important one that’s really neglected And all you have to do is look at the YouTube educational videos out there. No one covers this topic I believe that ad strategy is only half of the equation I place a big emphasis on creatives and design adding the other day. You’re targeting could be terrible But if you have a very very good creative you’re still gonna be able to make sales because your creative is so engaging that even the wrong audience of people is gonna be susceptible to it and find Engagement in value by clicking on to your ads now Let’s talk about the flip side If you have terrible creatives you will never get sales no matter how good your ad strategy is a simple example is Imagine if I was trying to sell lawn mowers and my creative was just a picture of me standing the bathtub has nothing to do With lawn mowers not very good. Obviously, no matter how well I car get people that are interested in lawn mowers No one’s gonna click on a picture of me in a bathtub and want to buy so the ad Strategist is like a racecar driver and the creative is actually the car that you’re racing in So no matter how good the driver is at driving if you’re driving a used Camry How are you ever gonna out-compete something like a Ferrari? So this is really important that we invest a lot of time and resources always testing and perfecting new creatives that are engaging Well that said I’m finally ready to do the grand reveal so let’s get started before we talk about Facebook ad strategies that you can actually implement on Facebook ad manager or as I like to Call it algorithm hacking it’s important to understand the psychology and theory behind the conversion funnel which is essentially the process that a customer goes through or the by Experience a customer goes through with you as a merchant and I’m gonna make this really clear by breaking down conceptually with this handy-dandy digital whiteboard we can visualize a conversion funnel as a Massive triangle in which there is traffic at the top and finally Purchasing at the bottom. So here’s a triangle and we’re gonna put at the top right over here. This is going to be the facebook Population right. This is everyone that’s on Facebook whatsapp messenger audience networks everything that Facebook has a stronghold of and this is essentially billions of Individuals that is at the top or the highest level of the funnel So what does ad strategy actually? impact well as strategy impacts a very Important but not the entire process to earning profit in e-commerce, right? It is just the first step and it’s a very very important step but what I want to really demonstrate conceptually is that there’s a lot of things you have to do to get a profitable ecommerce business and a strategy is just one of these a very Important but one of these components so the first thing is obviously going to be your targeting Right. So traffic from all of Facebook is going to essentially flow through and you have to decide what traffic you’re actually paying Facebook to show your advertisements and this is targeting and This is all this video is going to cover so any ad strategies any Tricks and tools you learned for Facebook algorithm hacking this is all It will influence the other parts of the funnel are just as important and you have to make sure that you have control over Those and the other parts are very high quality Before the data for targeting actually makes sense. Right? For example if your website is really really bad It doesn’t matter how good your targeting is if they go into a crappy scanning website. You’re not gonna get any sales So then how are you making a determination? If your ad strategy is actually good or if your audience is actually good. You don’t know if it’s your website That’s bad or your ad strategy and you’re targeting that’s bad. So that’s what I’m trying to illustrate with this funnel So after you target the right customer the next step is you have to show them the right advertisement, right? So that’s the next step to the funnel. This is going to be your advertisement and This as we know is influenced by two things One thing is going to be the offer. So this is the sales strategy. You’re using. Are you telling them? It’s free shipping or the language you’re using some people call it copywriting This is also your sales tactic and your offer and also the creative right? This is the actual media that you’re showing to customers and we went over in previous lessons how to make really engaging Creatives so make sure you watch those videos before this one people tend to love focusing on a strategy and they love neglecting the other pieces which is why this process is so important after you show the right advertisement right to the right target Then you’re driving a traffic to a destination and that destination usually is going to be your website Right. So this is actually your Website now if your website isn’t a very effective website You can see how it ruins the data now for Advertisement and also ruins the data for targeting because if your website is bad you don’t really know if your advertisements are actually converting or if your offer is actually converting and also you don’t know if you’re a Strategy is actually good After they click on to the website, they’re gonna be looking at all the different products. And what’s the next step? Of course that’s going to be your product page so I’m gonna pick another color for this one and we’re gonna call this one your product page, right and what’s Affecting the product page. Well, there’s gonna be three variables here one is the actual product, right? If you’re targeting people and your website is all built around athleisure and all of a sudden your product is a spatula Obviously, that’s not very good for this niche. That’s not very good for this site The second part of the product page is going to be your images this Influences how you source products from sites like Aliexpress? You have to make sure that the images on my Express and we taught you how to tun These all Express images into highly converting product images in a previous lesson you have to make sure the images are at least enough to where you can work with it and work some Photoshop magic and Finally, this is going to be your description, right? how you describe the product through text is really going to convince or Sketch out consumers that have expressed interest at this point because they’ve gone from the very top of being a general Facebook Population to all the way clicking to your product page right the lower you go in the funnel The more interested people aren’t finally completing the conversion event Which is going to be purchases now after the product page assuming it’s very very engaging. What’s going to be next. It’s going to be the checkout experience, right and This is where it’s very important that you figure out things Like are you offering free shipping if you’re offering free shipping. Is it very clear that’s free shipping Are you upfront about taxes? Right is the checkout experience a clean one? Do you have the right payment processor in place? Right. Do you have the right fraud detectors in place? this is a very Important part of the process and the beginning all that matters and the checkout experience is that it looks clean It looks professional and it looks like it’s not going to be placed the steals or credit card, right? After someone completes checkout and means they actually purchased then you have something else. It’s very important ecommerce, which is what we call The upsell and There’s also down styles involved. Right and this is essentially after someone buys a product on your website You’re going to be selling them another product and usually this works best as a complementary product, right? So if someone is going on an apparel store and the Parrot buy a pair of jeans Maybe you’re up selling them on a wallet maybe Sunglasses, usually something small and we’re gonna cover up cells and down cell strategy It’s a complete strategy in its own in a later video But this obviously will boost profitability and what’s so important about upsell and down sells is that you’ve already acquired this customer? So it’s essentially just free money that you can get on top And lastly what’s super important and something I’m going to teach you guys how to do and a big differentiator in my business We’re gonna make this one goal It’s going to be the post purchase Experience, right and this has to do with customer support this has to do with Product quality this has to do with logistics, right? essentially not pissing anyone off so much that they write terrible things about your products and also if you’re able to drive value Give them good products. Add a good speed right giving them high product quality giving them something branded That’s gonna go a long way for them to buy again again You don’t want to just acquire a customer once you can acquire them for several times And we’re actually successful doing this and drop shipping so again This is the entire conversion funnel from top to bottom and add strategy only Impacts this element, but don’t worry I teach you guys very comprehensively how to influence all these variables for today. We’re jumping into add strategy So in the spirit of optimization, how do I structure my campaigns? Well, I go through this in a previous video in more detail So make sure you’re caught up but it’s quite simple facebook obviously has three levels to it. Right? We’ve got the campaign level we’ve also got The ad set level and finally we’ve got The creative level and how do I know when someone’s experience with digital strategy especially on Facebook It’s how they’re thinking about optimization novices really know about optimizing At the ad set level they know about changing targeting they know about changing windows of conversion. They know about la A’s, etc They’re really focused here slightly more advanced people after they’ve been around the block a few more times they know to optimize on The ad set and creative level they know that they need multiple creatives within an ad set They know that they have to be cutting creatives and testing new creatives alongside with targeting experimentation Now what do the pros people have spent millions of dollars on Facebook ads? No They approach optimization in the golden way, which is optimizing across all Levels and this is something that is probably the biggest Value loss and Facebook ad strategy when people are teaching it and people are doing it and this is a big driver for my success because what people don’t know is that Facebook is learning at the creative level ad the Excel level as well as the campaign level and while most people view campaigns as an Organization tool and purely just that they’re losing a lot of money on the table from an optimization perspective So what’s the best way to optimize campaigns? It’s going to be Geographically The campaign is learning right this thing is learning from all of these units all the learning of the creative and asset level all that stuff you’re doing to get Better targeting and better creatives. It’s feeding into this campaign so when you group campaigns by geography It means that people and countries generally have similar tastes and preferences, right? So now the campaign is learning from all the activity that you’re doing, right and Facebook also supports this recently They announced the power 5 you guys can go check it out They emphasize fewer campaigns right a more simplified campaign structure for so for people that are having Tons and tons of campaigns for every new initiative that they’re doing. They’re really wasting a lot of learning. So for me I’m keeping campaigns centered in a geographic level which means that we have a campaign here for USA a campaign here for let’s just say Australia Canada and The UK grouped together a campaign here for rich Asian countries Etc. And don’t worry. You might be wondering. Holy crap. How’d you come up with that? I reveal my foreign country target list and the generation-e group so you’re gonna want to join it Make sure you answer all the questions For joining the group and you’ll see the insights of my targeting list that I spent millions of dollars of testing that will give you the best countries how to group them and how to target them effectively But all the activity we’re going to be doing the United States is gonna be happening in this one campaign this means all of the testing all of the targeting all of the creative work and You’re gonna see the strategy really come into play So in Australia Canada United Kingdom these campaigns do not touch at all, right? They’re not interfering with one another not getting put into the same thing and there are some special exceptions that I will cover Wishes when you’re ready to move on to a new ad strategy and the one I’m teaching you That’s we can start a new campaign, but that’s a very rare exception So this is the general rule for you to follow all of this stuff that’s going on in Australia, right? This is happening down here. And this is also happening Down here. Now. This doesn’t mean that you’re not leveraging learning in the USA for Australia I can be liking them you can you can do that through the form of LA’s which I’ll cover later in this video But this is how I structure my campaigns And again, these campaigns are conversion campaigns optimized for purchases So you understand how I structure my campaigns time to unveil the conceptual high level of the strategy, which is what I call The spiderweb Approach right, and this is By far enlarge the strategy that I use for all of my account hat accounts Especially how I start these add accounts to get them to profitability And again what it does is it gets you really really razor crisp? Clean data that turns your pixel into a laser that finds all the potential interested customers and a large audience And here are the phases of the spiderweb and don’t worry again This is high-level really good context for you guys to have I’m gonna dig in granularly for each of these steps So, you know exactly how to execute on your ad manager there’s multiple phases phase 1 is going to be us a interest Testing, right? We like to start in the United States because it has the cleanest data customers are very high quality traffic here is very high quality I don’t really mess with worldwide on day one again. I’m very conscious of making sure that my pixel is learning the right way after we do interest testing in the United States, we’re gonna be doing scale in the USA through a combination of LA’s and also following the spider method scale approach which obviously I’ll go into further details Next we’re going to enter high quality foreign countries, right There are foreign countries out there whose customers base is very very similar to that of the United States So we’re actually able to leverage the data. We’ve gained through this initial phase and feed directly into these high quality Foreign countries these foreign countries are almost going to be one-to-one identical to the United States after the pixel It’s very effective And usually what ends up happening is the results are actually higher than the United States because CPMs where the cost of advertising Is a lot lower in these tier 1 countries Next we’re going to be entering Middle quality foreign countries and again I release all this stuff in the generation-e group on the specific countries and how to group them that I’ve tested with millions dollars and spent right after we enter high quality foreign countries middle Claudia foreign countries Usually at this point you’re gonna be able to scale high quality foreign right? Then you’re gonna be able to scale Mid quality foreign and at this point your pixel has built a lot of data so you can actually go after low quality Foreign right and these countries essentially what happens is the majority of the population in these countries are either fraudsters The very low traffic a place like India, for example, you’re going to get a thousand add two cars for every single purchase It’s really really bad. If you start off here with low quality foreign countries, but once your pixel it’s learning throughout this entire entire process now when you go after low quality foreign countries, it’s leveraging all Of this learning and precisely finding people in places like India That are very similar to your premium u.s a higher quality foreign audiences and then finally we’re gonna be scaling right these little quality for ends and then all of this right all of this spiderweb Learning is gonna go to the crown jewel of a strategy which is gonna be very low involvement, but very very high profitability You know It’s a great situation when you don’t have to do much work an ad manager anymore from an algorithm hacking perspective And you’re still getting killer results and doing you’ll see all this play out and a live ad manager. This goes to something I like to call the crown jewel of Facebook ads draw a little crown for you guys. So it’s conceptual which is going to be broad Targeting right and this is when you can leverage massive populations with little to no targeting but because your pixel has learned so so much doing all if it translates into Really really good data, and that is how you hit high numbers Consistently and in a very profitable way so what does all of this look like at a granular level something that you guys can actually take home and Execute and keeping all those principles of mine because I’m not gonna cover those again. We understand this at a high level now So let’s actually break it down at a micro level where you can actually implement this as an effective ad strategy So what’s phase one we’re gonna go to USA interest testing move this whiteboard down here and bam You’ll notice right away that we have a USA specific campaign So everything I’m covering that’s gonna happen in the United States, right? all the different maneuvers we’re gonna make is gonna be happening in this very campaign and We’re starting out with interest, right? So let’s just pick some interest that might have worked on UFC and I talked to you guys about the processes to find interest already Right. It’s very very intuitive. Google is honestly my favorite interest finding tool so it’s just just use a lot of common sense and do some research on the industry involved in and you’ll come of the interest and make sure They’re actually targetable by Facebook. I haven’t cross-checked. These interests are targetable. This is only for the sake of this exercise so let’s just say the interest that we’re rolling with are going to be UFC right, this is the MMA niche that we’re gonna work with right the story that we built together I’m only using this as an example. Let’s just say we’re gonna have Conor McGregor has an interest right? We’re gonna have khabib Great fight, by the way, I’m a huge Conor guy myself, but kabhi is a great fighter We’re gonna have jiu-jitsu right muy Thai these are kind of like fighting styles We’re gonna have you know Everlast this is kind of like an MMA brand I know something that makes them many products maybe like kind of a relate a celebrity that isn’t a fighter like Joe Rogan great podcast guy and then just something kind of out of the blue very creative like Worldstar you’ll notice that and selecting these interests. I came from very very different types of areas You have some celebrities or in visual figures you have some brands you have an organization like UFC and you also have Something kind of random like world star and kind of a related but not super one-to-one celebrity like Joe Rogan This gives Facebook a broad breath a different types of interests that show logically work I would say out of all eight of these interests Right and each budget is going to be fifteen dollars because we’re assuming three creatives. So again within one of These ad sets where I am gonna draw this little ad set right over here, right you’re having three different creatives There’s gonna be a image There’s going to be a carousel and this is assuming you’re starting on day one So you don’t know exactly what’s the most effective form yet? This is a slideshow slash video and I’ve taught you guys how to make all these creatives a-to-z step by step in previous lesson Because we have three creatives. We’re just starting out. We don’t want to be too aggressive with the budget, right? Maybe you were broke. Like I was starting with only three thousand dollars in the bank account These budgets are going to be fifteen dollars per day right $5.00 per creative and we have three Creatives again, we’re buying those principles that I taught you guys Now I’m going to give a random number out there for target cost-per-acquisition This is just for the sake of our exercise This number is gonna change as you put in new products, especially the beginning of the store You don’t really know what this number might beef So you just have to make your most Educated guess based on what you think will sell and also with some initial data points of your average order value So, how do you actually calculate? Your target cost per acquisition, right? You just take your average order value reported by Shopify or if it’s day one you kind of have to make this guess multiplied by your profit margin, right and What this literally means is just the revenue you’re earning on your average sale Minus the cost. You have to pay to oli Express or your supplier, right? and let’s just say what this happens to be is we have a Forty dollar average order value. Let’s just say our profit margin is going to be 3/4 or 75% so actually on every single sale, you know, we’re gonna take home $30, so that means that if it takes $30 supposed to require a purchase it’s gonna break even and we want to do is break even On ad manager Right. So why is this the case as you guys may know and manager doesn’t record all of your purchases on Shopify Right, and this is a lotta recordings. It usually record 60 to 70 percent of your purchases in reality So this means that if we can break even on Facebook ad manager then we will actually go up by 30 to 40 percent of Purchases, right and that’s gonna be the profit in the very beginning now We’re going to tolerate break-even on ad manager in order to acquire more data and do more testing so we can scale further So if your ad manager is at break-even point you can figure out the row s it takes or breakeven with some simple math Then you’re in very very good shape in fact You should be celebrating because you’re actually making money in this testing phase So our target CPA as we just calculated together It’s going to be $30 and let’s just keep this number and the back of our head is gonna guide all of our decisions moving forward So you guys must remember the cutting rules because I’m not repeating those principles again Two times CPA has been spent and the ad set has been running for at least three days. So two times CPA That’s going to be $60, we’re not going to make any cuts unless an ad set has spent $60 or it’s just so so so bad like let’s say you notice that the cost we’re then click is like 4 times worse than All the other access them sure you can prematurely cut this but in general that’s the rule that I gave you guys, right? So 3 days has passed now This has spent $45, right? this has spent a total of $45 after three days, is that enough to make it cut? No, so in this particular case, we’re gonna actually have to wait another day four days for that $60 value, right? This is all logical all makes sense so assuming four days have passed and all these assets now have spent a total of $60 two times cpa rule has been satisfied. So now we can actually make some cuts Let’s assume again. We’re cutting on cost per purchase, right? So let’s assume and where our goal is to get a thirty dollar cost per purchase. So let’s just say that UFC does not make the cut. Let’s also say that Ever less does not make the cut and also let’s just say that, you know Joe Rogan also dinner – too hot So we’ve cut three add sets now at a four day mark Are we gonna be scaling the assets that we haven’t caught meaning? They’ve been meeting performance metrics? No, because we’re gonna wait at a 7-day view as I mentioned before before making any decisions, so we’re gonna fast forward Let’s say seven days has passed. These assets have been cut these add sets Let’s assume are all doing really well the ones we didn’t cut they’re still doing well There hasn’t been any cuts and made between those four days and the seven days So how do we actually scale and this is why it’s called the spider web You’re gonna be doing two things every single time you scale in the interest level right And I’m gonna write this down for you guys number one you’re gonna be duping and This is what’s called a shotgun Which I’ll explain later and two you’re going to be adding like Interests, right so Duping and why it’s best to do even though intuitively if you’ve never done Facebook ads you might assume Hey, can I just increase you know this budget from? $15 to whatever a higher budget no Because when you increase the budget on ad set what it will actually do Oftentimes as they’ve asked many times it will reset the learning on Facebook So you’re not actually capturing the most value from a learning and optimization perspective I use a shotgun approach or a dupe approach because Honestly speaking at a very low budget. I would say anything less than like $1000 per ad set. You can think about it It’s a massive massive audience Right, if you have an audience size that’s like three million and one of these interests right if you’re spending $15 you’re really only getting a small fat fraction of that 3 million. So if you have three different $15 ad set each is going into a different pocket of that 3 million It doesn’t mean that these audiences are even that alike in any way So when you shotgun and do this dupe approach What you’re doing is you’re giving Facebook more chances to find the right Pocket and this may sound like it’s shooting in a dark because it is at lower budgets it is but this is a discipline Systematic way to gradually get to the right answer which is what the spiderweb approach is all about So all these accents that we haven’t cut we’re gonna assume we’re going to be scaling them right and obviously it’s gonna be more nuanced you might decide to only scale the ones with really good CPP and not scale the ones that are just Average it’s your call. That really depends on your risk level tolerance and how aggressive you want to be You have a lot more budget. You have a lot more money saved up. You want to get to the answer quicker? You’re not are scares risk You can be a little bit more aggressive and scale things or even break Even if you’re a little tight around the wallet, you want to be a little bit more conservative Then you can just scale things that are doing better than breaking even so We’re going to be scaling these assets. And what do we do? Well, We just do them out and I recommend do pay By 2x and we’re gonna be duping by the next budget threshold And I’ll give you guys the thresholds right now So I’m not making all this up, right these are thresholds and everything I’m teaching guys has been confirmed through millions and millions of dollars and testing. This is what works best for me the first layer is $15, right. This is sort of your base ad set and the next one we’re gonna do is going to be $50, right then. It’s gonna go to $100 then it’s gonna go to $200 then it’s gonna go to finally $500 I’ve noticed that the $500 level is where you really want to keep things you don’t want to go up to a Thousand or even more because what ends up happening is you start blasting through the audience a little bit Inefficiently and you won’t be able to make moves at a very precise level There’s things like ad fatigue an audience fatigue that really becomes part of the equation Once you have massive massive ad sets at a smaller population and will cover those problems at a later date So you’re duping this out. And essentially this is the same settings as before, right? I’ve already taught that ad set settings to you guys in in previous video So this ad set is still going to be the same thing as this one except now it’s going to be at a higher budget So this is still Conor McGregor, right? Except now It’s going to be at $50, which is that next threshold. I taught you guys Oh, right. And again this thing right here is That same ad set same Settings 50 Dollars, right and again, this is all going through that theory of shotgun approaching and getting to the better answer so you’re doing this for essentially every single one of These ad sets that you want to scale right? I’m gonna be a little bit more aggressive So I’m scaling all of these even if they’re at break even so we’ll just draw squares Real quick To symbolize that these are new ad sets. But again you guys get the point It’s going to be the same ad sets. I’ve before just now at a fifty dollar budget, right so Everything is 50/50 50/50 now you win another three days and these $50 ad sets have matched that rule this time a lot quicker, right? After two days, they’ve already spent 100 bucks So the threshold of two times market CVA has already been satisfied or winning three days just for it to learn Now, let’s just say three days have passed and some more changes happen Let’s just say you know this ad set isn’t good. This one isn’t good. This one isn’t good. This one isn’t good This one isn’t good. This one isn’t good and maybe some earlier ones, right? Another three-day window has passed and let’s just say All of a sudden this native won this 15 dollar ad set turns bad So you’re cutting that but this one is still good So we’re going to keep it right just because this core ad set has been cut It doesn’t mean we have to cut the new one because they’re getting very different pockets within the same interest and you’re scaling out this gradually, so the next level And you’re scaling these ad sets out and the thresholds that I taught you guys right so now these What threshold are they going to be? Yep, you guessed it $100 and you Get the approach Overall the better ad says we can get scaled out and scaled out and scale that on higher budgets So we just addressed what the duping scale Shotgun means now what about the second part of scaling that you should be doing? Wow, you did this, right? Well, you should be plugging in new interest as you decide, which interests worked well from start So we noticed that Conor McGregor did well and khabib did well Who are Conor McGregor and Kebede they are actually UFC fighters, right So after the seven day period you do this stuff out, right? This happened after seven days is happening seven days this having seven days well, you’re simultaneously doing while you’re scaling the ones that work is you’re adding more interests that are like the interest that are working so you’re also adding in and We’re gonna extend this Canvas, so it’s easier to conceptualize all this stuff right again. This is happening within the same USA Campaign, right We’re just gonna say USA and this is all one big Campaign as we mentioned earlier. We noticed that Conor McGregor is doing well, right. Khabib is also doing around the UFC fighters So we’re gonna do we’re gonna add other interests that are like UFC fighters So who are also UFC people that we might be able to target? well I’m a USC fan so I kind of know this but this is something you can google and get basic and research with right Nate Diaz Right is someone that we could test now Daniel Cormier, right? It’s someone that we can test and these are gonna start off at that $15 budget because don’t forget about the budget ladder right over here, right? That’s how it always works $15 is going to be your base and these creatives that are using and these ad sets for these new interests are still going to be the same creatives that we did and These ad sets right? it’s the same creatives as before so you might be wondering what happens if we blast off through the gates and All of these interests that we’re testing is completely bad right meaning after three days I have to cut all of these That usually means the rest of your funnel is bad and you should address the funnel from step by step So remember creatives or advertisements is right under targeting? So the best thing to do is now try a different set of creatives and what you do is you still cut All of these initial ones, right? Because they were bad And what you do is you just dupe them out Once you whine all these same interests again, and now test a new batch of creatives I would say if another batch of creatives is still not doing well and you Saw maybe an increase in CTR or let’s just say the CTR stayed same and you are really confident this time The creatives are different enough and better enough that usually means you go further down the conversion tunnel Maybe it’s your website. Your product pages, etc Right. So that’s how you approach this. It’s very logically driven very hypothesis testing very very data-driven and that’s what wins in the world of e-commerce and a strategy so We’re gonna go back now, right We assume that this these assets did well and now you’re adding these new interests in obviously more Thai and jiu-jitsu Also did well what are more Thai in jiu-jitsu their forms of fighting so you’re gonna add another form of fighting right maybe Tai Chi at $15 maybe another form of fighting is going to be kickboxing at $15 and you’re following this same scaling approach here for these new interests So how many interests new interest should you be adding every single day? I always recommend that you’re testing at least 20% more interest every single time So you might be wondering how many new interest should you add every single time? There is no limit I always recommend adding a lot of interest. But again this happens with your risk tolerance Just remember that you can’t just only be scaling things that are working and not branching out to more interest This is what keeps your audience size pool and keeps facebook learning in a very tailored way, right and you’re gonna scale this out Continuously, but you should always be testing new interest all of the time So, you know, we’re gonna keep scaling these out keep scaling these out keeps getting out following this pattern Right over here So what is phase two right? I know I mentioned phase two It’s the start to la A’s. So this is always going on at the interest level, right? This strategy will maintain throughout this entire process as long as interest keep performing at a higher budget your and keeps getting them out There’s no world. We would ever get rid of interest and you’re always testing new ones. Well something happens. That’s very magical You’ve hit a hundred conversion events on Facebook ad manager and that’s going to be the next phase of the United States and this next phase could be parallel Processing what you’re already doing at the interest level So the next phase is going to happen at a hundred purchase Events, and this is purchase vents recorded on ad manager not Shopify remember ad manager under Rewards you got to make sure you have a hundred conversion runs here And what you can do is something very magical. You can make look-alike audiences I’m not gonna teach you guys how to make them. You can google that very intuitive. And these are the look-alikes That should work pretty well if you’ve been doing a good job getting to hunger conversion events based on a spider web method of how you launch your store and The LA is I want you to make are going to be purchased One through three percent and these are going to be inclusive so basically it’s gonna be zero to one percent zero to two percent zero to three percent because again, we want to work with larger audiences that allow you scale and Internal competition or cannibalization at the hatch strategy level doesn’t really come into play until you had a pretty high budget I’ve noticed I don’t really get any problems with cross competition on some running budgets of around 7,000 dollars or more a day You’re gonna make these Add to Cart La’s I won a 3% right you’re gonna make these initiate check out la is at 1 2 3 % view content is at 1 2 3 % why these Ali A’s these are the closest to purchase and also actually including purchase So these hypothetically should be working very well and this whole process this next phase in the United States It’s kind of like a litmus test, right? This really is testing how good your creatives are how good your interest testing has been so far again This can be parallel process with everything that’s already going on at The interest scaling level, right? So what does actually look like well It’s the same thing You know, we’re gonna extend this campaign is still the same campaign. This is just a visual way of representing it What budget are you putting these la is that obviously 15 or decided that’s the base with 3 creatives. So This one let’s just say is purchase 1% right this one. It’s going to be a TC 1% This one is going to be initiate checkout 1% you know, this one is going to be you content 1% and of course, they’re all at 15 and I’m not including the other ones there But right we’re including all these la A’s and I think day one when you get a hundred purchase event So you’re gonna want to use all these Ali A’s, right? So there’s 2 B 3 ad sets for purchase 3 exits for a TC 3 ad sets for an issue checkout 3 ounces per game new content We’re already very very much propelling our budget for how do you scale these la A’s in the same way you’re scaling Interest everything is the same right? Same theory. This is a spider web method so after 3 days You know you’re cutting the ad sets and of course they have to have spent at least $60 2 times your targets pa right You’re cutting them how and the good ones and there should be a lot of these right purchase two percent purchase three percent You’re scaling them out Just like I taught you guys I have $50 $50 $50 $50 $50, so all this is going on within one campaign your interest our scaling Your la’s our scaling as well and things are really really looking good You’re progressing you’re progressing. I would say if the LA is one through three percent work Well in the United States meaning after three days, you’re not making that many cuts. You would say overall Hey at the campaign level. This is pretty good performance. Now, you’re ready to move into your high quality Countries and for him right and how do you do that? Well this time it’s going to be a new campaign, right so We’re gonna go into your high quality foreign countries And this I’m gonna give you guys is going to be Australia grouped with Canada grouped with United Kingdom Don’t ask me why this has been group. I’ve done a lot of testing That’s the best way to group these for some reason these three countries Really thrive off a data that has already been collected in the United States So usually if your allies have been good, I want the three percent That’s a good indicator. Your data click and has been so far. Your target has been good. Your creatives are good You can leverage the same creative Right and add sick concepts now by making Ali A’s for these three countries using Facebook’s la a makers So Facebook actually allows you to take data from one country like the United States and make la ace from then on other Countries and when data from the United States to these three countries is almost one-to-one and similarity It usually means really really good performance and by the time people get to this stage. They’re probably already doing $1,000 plus a day in sales, right? This is already pretty good scale So how do you actually enter a foreign country you? enter with initial la A’s for that foreign country as well as Interest and I would say you want to structure the budget So the initial LA’s are around 75% of the budget when you enter a new country And then the rest of the budget is going to be interest that you can actually take from us a campaign But you just have to make sure that it’s relevant to that country. For example, if the United States has an interest in there That’s Dick’s Sporting Goods, and it has a lot of people you have the very conscience Do you think Dick’s Sporting Goods would do well in Australia, Canada? No new Kingdom when maybe they don’t even have Dick’s Sporting Goods in those countries So even though you see a big audience facebook gives you audience sizes at a global level. That’s mostly driven by the United States So just be smart an interest that you’re picking for these different countries. So what does that look like? Well, you have a block Of these assets rain. These are going to be your purchase ATC the content, they check out 1 2 3 % right? These are all these different hat sets and each ad set is going to be at $15 right and these are individual ad sets and you’re gonna be adding some new interest so maybe in the US, you know, maybe UFC obviously is an international brand people in these countries probably know about it and Connor is a pretty big celebrity right? I’m just leveraging the interest. I was already starting out with the United States not much more thinking work and Could be I would say it’s pretty big as well because the USC is very international. So, how do you approach for him again? same thing same principles of scaling you’re going to be duping to adding interests by following a trail of interests that are like the ones That are doing well, and now the interests that do well in the United States and interests that do well in Canada, Canada Certainly United Kingdom. These tier ones might be completely different that doesn’t matter. You’re just taking the principles I taught you and applying it in a whole new campaign. That is not Australia Canada and the United Kingdom, right? It’s gonna do hopefully really really well You’ve been very purposeful the United States and these creatives for all of these ad sets right these creatives, right? Here are all going to be identical to the ones you’re using the United States because they’ve already been proven So now we’re already playing in three different markets right that are happening and I’m not even cover all the Logistical stuff you have to do to go into these countries. Just know This is an ad strategy approach to what you have to do. So this is all going really really well What are you gonna do next? Well, let’s just say, you know You’re really scaling out in the United States this these la aids alone in the United States can already get you into $10,000 a play plus in the United States in terms of sales But let’s just say you want to get even more aggressive you want more pockets to even scale So then I’m going to share with you the advanced That’s how our Ellie’s you can really leverage when you feel like you have a good grasp on creatives You have good grass on your website and your ad sus are doing well So far the initial la xyv doing really well, what you do is you simply expand the scope of El AAS So now you’re gonna have purchases There are gonna be one through ten percent made in the same way in this sort of inclusive way through the alley a maker You’re gonna have eighty seeds that are gonna be one through ten percent View content that’s gonna be one through ten percent Initiate checkout, that’s gonna be one through ten percent and also we’re gonna expand the scope even more because all the data has been go so good so far right like things are really really Trending positively we’re gonna throw in pageviews one through ten percent which are the people that go onto your website You might be do things like page Engagements one through ten percent you get the point and we’re starting all these out again at fifteen dollars Right, each of these asses fifteen dollars. You can see how this is already slowly Expanding your budget getting more more audience members involved It’s increasing the pool of potential customers that you have going to your website right and it’s scaling and scaling and scaling and scaling and you’re Using these scaling tactics throughout for all these different holidays. Now, what do we do? Obviously we’re going to write riskier countries But they’re still pretty high quality and you go into riskier countries the medium quality countries Usually after this has worked out Well, we’re at the very least your USA stuff. And these la is advance eyes are going really really well So these are kind of your mid quality Countries and don’t worry about these because I give you guys a list of how to group things I’ve said so many times in the generation-e group and You’re starting this how in the same way as you started this thing right over Here, right. So I’m just gonna copy that and put it over here right BAM and You guessed it would eventually move into lower quality countries It’s the same thing and when you moon lower qualified countries when the medium quality countries had given some signs right or at the very least when the United States is doing really really well and You’re scaling again in the same way that I already taught you guys through that spider web approach and eventually Australia Canada United Kingdom, they’ll move on to advanced la A’s right so You know this interest testing stuff is gonna do really really well your scaling out these interest continuously your scaling out these initial holidays continuously and then you move on to advanced la A’s and also there’s gonna be a lot more interest as You’re adding more and this principle of scaling also applies for these medium quality Countries right? So where is all this going to write? What is all of this driving to you know? I mentioned the sort of crazy situation where you don’t have to spend that much time on ads anymore But they’re still going to be super super high performing Wow. This is where it’s all headed It’s all headed towards something called broad Targeting And how do you know when broad targeting is gonna work give you guys a rule. Usually it’s at around at least two thousand conversion events meaning purchases Right recorded on ad manager and by this point you’re probably already making money But you’re already doing pretty well at a strategy perspective But this kind of just takes the ceiling off of growth and this is how you can get twenty thirty Forty fifty thousand dollars in sales per day and this is how we got to a Black Friday situation We did four hundred thirty thousand dollars in a total day What brought targeting really is and this is gonna sound so dumb and counterintuitive is when you have an ad set And you don’t put any sort of segmentation in it whatsoever Meaning you’re not putting an interest in not putting a highlight in you’re just blasting to every single person in the United States For example, that would be us a broad. You’re doing Auto placement You’re doing no targeting except for country and These assets you want to start off because they’re very learning intensive at least at two hundred fifty dollars per ad set and You want to use these ad sets the first time maybe some of you guys are added already at this point, right? And you’re really looking for some strategies taking a next level at this level What you can do is I would start with at least three of these right at least three So if you guys are gonna try this immediately have at least three of these and where do you place this ad set? You guessed it. You’ve been listing this whole time a Us a broad it’s gonna sit right into this USA campaign And What’s going on is this campaign is basically fueling this ad set all And I mean all of the alarming that’s happened over here already It’s finally finally cultivating and just something really really cool, which is your target Everyone in the United States and the pixel is like a laser finding every single relevant audience member in there and at this stage of a strategy things get very Very easy and very fun So you’re at 2,000 conversion events? Congratulations for getting here and let’s say you launched this broad ad set strategy that I just taught You know targeting and it’s working out well three times 250 dollars and it’s going well and you’re scaling it now This is why a strategy gets so easy and why it’s so cool and why all this hard work through the spider web being so Purposeful with treating or pixel the right way like a good woman you treat a girl the right way So it’s for you the right way. It’s because you can finally do this Because this is not working. We’re just gonna make more and more of these broad USA Adsense, right So this will be broad broad and eventually be 500 bucks 500 bucks more and more and more and more That’s gonna be the way we scale, right? That’s the move way we up the budget and What happens over here? We can turn off and forget about for a very long time as long as this campaign keeps living Turn off the interest Turn off all the laa s Right. We’re turning all this off this will be our only Vehicle of scaling moving forward and you can just imagine how easy that is It is still the same creatives that we’ve been spider webbing this whole time right now It’s just broad targeting and your pixel is a laser that’s finding all the relevant Audience members which is why this simple a strategy is just duping out more and more broad ad sets have 500 dollar budgets Is gonna be so effective? it’s a testament to the quality of your data and your traffic and your ad strategies so far if you follow the principles and the spiderweb strategy This is where you’re gonna get to So what does a mature ad manager that’s followed? My spiderweb strategy look like let’s say a site that’s doing twenty thirty thousand dollars in sales or more Often this broad strategy and remember all of this has been happening in the same campaign, right? So we’re gonna make that campaign again This is just for conceptual. It’s still the same campaign that we started out with in the United States Right, this is that USA campaign What does it look like? Well what you’re gonna see is a lot of active ad sets Miss the auto shake correct there These are all active right and What types of assets are these of course? your broad ones you’re gonna see a lot of these broad ad sets and these are all turned on right and what’s turned off is going to be the remnants of Everything that we covered over here right all within the USA So it’s going to be all this stuff that is gonna be turned off which is basically like the skeleton for this Beautiful beautiful thing to happen, so you’re gonna see turned off Le A’s, right and these are all turned off you’re gonna see it turned off Interest these are all turned off and within these there’s gonna be dupes When these is gonna be dukes just like a spiderweb method and obviously how the Dukes are gonna be arranged is in That sequential order, right? Cetera you’ll see it if you organize the ad manager by budget you’ll see it and I’ll show you a live a manager to show You that I’m not full of it. I actually use this strategy and it’s the best strategy out there in my opinion in 2020 I do a lot of experimentation, so This is what we’re really working for For those of you guys that are super proactive super curious you might be wondering Okay, Kevin Now what happens if I keep duping out this broad stuff and later on they really start sucking right? So this method Starts dying what happens then? well The good news is this single campaign That we started out with right in order to get to this point within that same campaign. You can usually spend between 200 to I’ve seen $500,000 on my own account ad account using that same spider web strategy Getting to this broad level But of course there is a point where it could very much die and all you do now if this campaign has died and no Matter how much more broad ad sets you create? It’s just not performing. Well anymore and this again, this is like 200 to 500 thousand dollars of spend at this campaign from start to now this sort of mature Mature point where it’s kind of getting fatigued all you do and this is what’s great about the strategy I’m teaching you guys a system you just Cut this campaign and guess what? start all over and Implementing the spider web strategy brand new campaign brand new creatives You start interest Ali A’s all over again until You get back to this Destination. So what do you do and I’ll share that kanahani Kingdom. Remember everything is the same? essentially following the same trajectory Right of the United States and you’re trying to get to again this magical broad a You see a UK situation and budget-wise are going from 250 Times 3 that’s when you first started to eventually 500 and then you keep duping out the 500 So imagine a situation where you have multiple campaigns across different countries different regions Right and you’ve arrived upon this broad? Targeting and that’s all you have to do literally your ad strategy Every single day is just duping out more broad ad sets and once it dies right and I’ll show they can United Kingdom just like it did in United States you just cut the campaign right cut the campaign and bam Go back To where it all started interests la’s brought again and you try to come back here. I Started this ad strategy lesson by teaching guys about campaign level learning it recognized the fact that Facebook’s powerful algorithm is learning at the ad ad set and Campaign levels and not leveraging campaign learning is one of the biggest mistakes made by both beginners and veteran Facebook ad strategies So we learn to Center our campaign structure around geographies because people and similar countries and the same country have Similar tastes and preferences and this really results in powerful learning and Facebook’s egg So we learned to start off we will start off in the United States and All the US activity will then our ad account is going to be starting with this campaign and continued throughout beginning to maturation of the spiderweb method all within the same USA Center campaign and obviously We are starting off with interest testing And we learn that an interest testing is very important to have at least three creatives To an ad set at least five dollars per creative Giving us a minimum budget Fifteen dollars for every single ad set that we’re testing We also learned to test a wide variety of interest from figures to organizations to behaviors to honestly random unaffiliated interest that may be vibing with the same audience and we learned that You scale interest testing through the spiderweb approach spiderweb approach consists of three different parts One of them being scaling the dupes at higher and higher budgets one of them being scaling through New interests that are similar to interests that are already doing well and then finally cutting Bad ad sets after they’ve been given the appropriate amount of time and spent in order to make a decision from the spiderweb and interest testing we went into Your basic La this is the first step into scaling along the parallel processing interest and finally from basic la s We went into Advanced la is This further expanding audience pool and giving even more conversion related events other Than the ones that we start off with the basic le is and what is all this driving to? the goal of the overall campaign and all the learning is taking place is to go to an ad set with broad Targetable meaning you’re targeting everyone in the United States this usually happens around 2000 conversion events meaning 2,000 purchasers record on ad manager not Shopify you’re targeting everyone the United States on auto placements and this Basically takes over the rest of the entire strategy and you’re only scaling by duplicating more ad sets Starting out at three times $250 and Moving forward to $500 per ad set and then scaling more and more 500 sets While this is all going on in the United States we learned about high quality medium quality and low quality countries and High quality countries are the ones you prioritize first then medium then low quality We also learn about foreign markets. We learned that if the basic la A’s are doing well in the United States It’s a good indicator It’s time to move on to foreign countries starting with high quality foreign countries and I gave you guys these countries grouped as Australia Canada and the United Kingdom because of how similar the data is in these three countries collectively Comparatively to the United States and the start for foreign markets is a little bit different because we already have data from the United States to power us through so start a Foreign markets is going to be La A’s Plus interests that are specific to the foreign countries that may That are actually relevant to the foreign countries and that’s something you have to check because not all US entered interests are relevant in foreign Markets and we learn from here We’re using the same spiderweb approach in order to get to Advanced Phase and just like in the United States the goal. All of this is to get Something magical We’re just going to be Broad and the same rules other than to start apply from the United States over to Australia Canada the United Kingdom and all later campaigns and eventually You’re gonna arrive upon a state where everything is on broad targeting and your ad Manager is going to be generating great results with little to no involvement from you So at a high level that’s what we covered in the spiderweb strategy something you guys can always expect for me is to keep things real and Honest and there are some things I didn’t cover in this video that could still impact your ad strategy I’m just gonna go over them at a conceptual high level very briefly. Just so you guys are aware that is not just tweaking around an ad manager that boost profitability and Performance at an ad strategy level again as strategy just one component of driving sales and profitability to your business There’s a lot of other components actually affect Advertising performance that I want you guys to know, so I don’t think I can be more clear than this I’m we’re gonna write out here things not Covered right these things. I’m not touched on in this particular video I’ve touched on some new things in previous videos so make sure you’re watching in order, but number one and If you’re a seasoned ecommerce person or digital strategist, you know exactly what these things are. So number one is going to be fatigue And there’s three different types of fatigue that I like to identify one is going to be add to is going to be audience and three is going to be product and I’m gonna break these downs very simply a fatigue occurs when the audience that you’re targeting is Getting kind of bored of the creatives that you’re running Usually comes with declining CTR and decline row ass over a longer period of time and how you solve it Is you either bring in more people into your audience by targeting new interests or new markets or by changing up your creatives? Audience fatigue very very similar. It just means that the same person has seen your ass way too many times This usually comes when frequency is above 3.0. That’s what I tend to notice How do you get rid of audience fatigue? When you bring in more people into your marketing and target new markets new interests, etc and finally There’s product fatigue if you have ADD fatigue or audience fatigue and no matter what you’re doing new creatives new targeting You still can reverse performance? The last thing to try is to add a new product and make creative sent around those new products Now this is very very rare when it comes to brand and niche drop shipping But it does happen out of five of my sites that are all active right now and approaching eight figures and sales each I’ve only had this sort of product fatigue problem with two of those sites. So again, it’s rare I’m Brandon each drop shipping But you can solve it just by adding new products and also pushing creatives to those new products the next thing that I didn’t mention at all in this video is going to be retargeting and This is a simple concept Retargeting is when someone goes onto your website, they do some things maybe view content Maybe Add to Cart or an issue check out but they don’t actually carry out with the purchase Obviously, this is money I left on the table If you’re not hitting warm traffic on top of cold traffic in the previous a strategy video I go over some retargeting strategies that you can use So make sure you watch that but this can get very very complex and very intense Especially for people that do it right you can retarget on Facebook You can retarget on email get retargeting even with Google Ads. It gets very very complex and the best experts out there Retargeting very very well Number three we didn’t really cover infrastructure This is super super important in today’s day and age because Facebook and make payment processors or cracking down, right? So if you have terrible feedback Facebook’s on the throttle your advertising performance, I didn’t touch on infrastructure at all But this usually comes in several forms it comes in the form of customer service making sure you’re being very Timely and also you’re giving your customers a lenient customer support policy. It comes in the shape of product quality, right? Negotiating with your supplier negotiating with your Aliexpress agent to get better product quality for products that have bad quality or also to speed up logistics and finally it also has to do with expectations, right When you describe your products as something completely different From what someone’s going to receive this is your fault as a marketer because even if an ollie Express product is actually pretty high quality If you blow it up to be something else you’re not going to get good feedback and bad feedback is what kills? Facebook oriented businesses, right? So if you’re selling fool’s gold throughout express you’re saying it’s real gold It doesn’t matter how high quality that fool’s gold is it’s always gonna fall short of customer expectations. So these three things right and Logistics being part of product quality. That’s how you’re gonna make sure your facebook ad performance does not get throttled Next thing that I don’t really go through is sort of the apps, right? There’s a lot of different apps that you can use with Facebook ads use with your Shopify That’s gonna dramatically impact performance right? Whether it’s a currency converter so you can go into foreign markets more easily or if it’s something that’s gonna allow you to use multiple pixels or if it’s a way to make Retargeting a lot easier or even make your site load faster higher converting. There’s a lot of apps with Shopify I don’t cover in this video. But again, some of these things can really impact your advertising strategy performance, right? So this was supposed to be a strategy video and that’s why I decided to leave these things out but I would be very very foolish if I teach you guys and obviously this goes without saying number five Other Strategies a Spiderweb is my favorite one by far I still start every single ad account with the spiderweb approach, but that does not mean that I’m not experimenting with other different ad Strategies that does not mean that I’m not trying different things all the time And that doesn’t mean that something like CB o–‘s hasn’t gotten me higher performance at some time or point I use a wide variety of things I would say 60% of my ad account experience is going to be a spider web, right? Spider web by itself probably took me to the eight to ten million dollar Sales marker before I even tried anything else but in this growing world, there’s a lot of different things to try So don’t be afraid to try other things. I’m always doing it when you try something else. You can do it in another campaign So you can keep all your spider web activity per country in one campaign and if you’re a noob or a beginner I would literally just follow the spider web and only use that because that is a guaranteed way if again if all the other metrics of your business Right all other parts of that conversion funnel we talked about is in check The spider web is definitely definitely to work over course of time if you apply those principles But I also use other strategies and I’m excited to reveal those at a later day We went through a lot of content and all of this content is how I did something that most ecommerce Professionals can’t do even a lifetime and I did it in my first year I generated twenty million dollars in sales in my first year starting out with only three thousand dollars in my bank account again a Strategy was only one portion of this overall journey But just to remind you guys that anything is truly possible in the world of digital Entrepreneurship and no matter how many times I teach you this a strategy no matter how many times you watch this video You’ll never get results until you actually implement it, but guess what? I’m very very excited right now because it’s probably something you guys have all been waiting for in this video What do you to do this? We need to do this. I’m gonna show you the spiderweb strategy in a live ad account That is still active today. So let’s take a look under the hood Alright guys, well that was a big leap of faith on my end And I know my team is gonna kill me for just doing this. So you’ve seen this a strategy at a conceptual level This is literally my favorite ad strategy that’s driven all the sales I made today and I’m still using it on a daily basis as Promised at the beginning of this video. I’m gonna do a grand reveal of my ad manager So, let’s see how I actually implemented this exact spider web strategy in one of my active ad accounts Yes, this ad account is still running and it’s still active in this moment. So let’s dive right under the hood You guys can see right below me is an active ad manager that is still run today This is a dropshipping website that I started on July 4th 2019 great day, by the way, and it’s still going on today Which is January 3rd 2020 I don’t know what time you guys are watching this video but just know that that’s a lot of time that this site has been around and it’s still Going very very strong as you can see. There’s two active campaigns right now And one of these is going to be a post spider web CBO something that I’ve been testing for a few days now This is something really really exciting. I’m gonna incorporate and later lessons It’s sort of a post spider web strategy that is able to generate some pretty awesome results before you have to start over again and a brand new campaign and a brand new spider web and the reason why I want To show you guys this ad manager. It’s a really show that I am living the things that I’m actually preaching to you guys I’m not just giving empty advice. It’s actually advice that has propelled me to make a lot a lot of money So let’s first take a look at the historical metrics of this ad account, which we can do in a lifetime view now I’m gonna teach you guys a hack. All right any time some guru or some expert out there? They’re showing their ad manager, which is already stepped forward because a lot of people just flex Shopify sales They’re gonna show the ad manager, but you have to ask them to do this. You gotta ask them to press refresh and What this does is to make sure that there’s no shine against know HTML hacking people are doing crazy things these days to scan Individuals that just don’t know any better. So make sure they’re clicking refresh on their ad manager. I’ll do it again Just so you know, the numbers are all real so you can see here on this ad manager, right? It spent 1.3 million dollars to generate a 2.7 1 return on adspend Okay. So what does that mean? Well, it really means that this is very very profitable I don’t know if you guys are experienced dropshipping but this we’re 20-odd spent absolutely crushes it for me especially when you account for the conversion events on facebook that aren’t recorded because as we know facebook one records proportion of sales so let’s actually show you the Shopify that includes all the sales data below me is the Shopify we’re into Analytics and reports to see the sales over time You can see there’s the same window of time, right July 4th to January 3rd 2020 which is today, and you can see BAM we’ve done a total of 3.6 million dollars in sales for Counting growth sales, right the front end before Discounts returns, etc. All that good stuff. We’ve done 4.3 million dollars in sales. So if you take 4.3 million dollars in sales, right and you compare it to 1.3 million dollars spent on advertising dollars or even if you take the net three point six million dollars in total sales compared to 1.3 million dollars spam ads I would say that’s a very good return as spent to give you guys come some transparency Just so I can keep it. Very honest a lot of guys are thinking. Well Kevin this sounds great how much money do you actually make I can tell you with this type of return on adspend how you take home anywhere between 20 to 25 percent on the higher end the closer or just a 3.0 around 25% to 30% of the top-line take-home. So there you go This is just one of my many dropshipping websites And this is how much income it’s generated from July 4th to January 2020 and I’m not showing you guys this stuff too flags or to brag, right? I’m really trying to show you that the strategies I’m teaching you the methodologies and I’m teaching you are Actually going to be results driven, right they’re actually rooted and experiences I’ve had they’re actually rooted in things that I’ve actually done and you can actually make a bunch of money if you approach Dropshipping in the same way that I’ve been teaching you all along. So how do you know that? I’ve done the spiderweb strategy, right? That’s the purpose of this lesson. Well, let’s go to my oldest campaign So this is how I started the ad account it is the oldest campaign. I’m Filtering it by budget. You can see right over here, right? This campaign is obviously turned off but then you can see these are broad ad sets right? I’m gonna all the way down What does this start off with interest testing now? I started at a twenty dollar per day budget instead of fifteen because I had four creatives instead of three, right? That’s that same rule creatives multiplied by five. That’s your daily budget of the ad set You can see it goes up all these different interests and I’m not even pouring out these interests, right? I mean good luck copying me just with these interests la is Right initial la haze We’re scaling these interest forty fifty a hundred You know two hundred I guess what we go into broad and this is exactly we’re talking about broad USA, right You can see my campaigns reach geographically structure and this is $1,000 at set I recommend you guys keep duping 500 You can try a thousand dollars I found that across multiple ad accounts duping out five hundred dollars is the best approach but you know Is it really as easy as I preached? Let’s take a look at this broad USA right you can see here united states all Auto placements seven days. Click one day view. That’s it This is it. There’s no LA. There’s no interest. There’s nothing. It’s targeting everyone the United States and what performance is this getting? $33 cost for result and what’s the row a skier two point six four? You can see all these bright assets this one’s crazy two point nine three, right and How much did this at a campaign level do right, this is one campaign right one spiderweb approach the United States It’s spent three hundred and sixty-five thousand dollars to generate two point nine eight return on adspend Even better than an account is historically this is the first campaign ever launched on this ad manager. You can see right Interest, you know, am I lying to you guys about interest? Let’s take a look at this Brad Pitt one seems pretty crazy. Right so Scroll down Brad Pitt, it’s an interest auto placements seven days. Click or one day view, right? We’re targeting men here This is a men’s apparel and accessory business. You won’t be able to guess my niche, but Honestly, if you went to my website, you wouldn’t even know it was a drop shipping one based on everything I’ve taught you you know how to build a website like this too. Right? So BAM, I executed the strategy that I’ve been teaching you and this is the results that you’re gonna be able to get you want to end up in a situation where all you’re doing is duping out this broad ad set right and you really have to do honestly little-to-no targeting at All literally no targeting and what you want to do is starting from interest to la’s And finally to broad right? you’re gonna get in a situation where you don’t have to target at all and all you’re doing is just duplicating out these broad hat sets and generating as high as a two point nine a recorded return on adspend Even higher when you factor in non recorded sales, and that is the a strategy I just share with you guys Alright guys, so you took a look at my ad strategy at a conceptual level you also saw what it looks like an ad manager level and unlike other gurus and other extra out there You also saw my return on ads and just remember that return our adspend has only recorded purchases on Facebook It doesn’t record around 30% of sales that we actually get on a day-to-day basis This is something you guys will realize too while you’re running ads Facebook doesn’t record everything because some people see the ad on the phone and switch to a computer when they buy but our return ad Spent was even higher and that’s absolutely crushing for us and has given us 20% profit margins on our gross sales So now that you have the a strategy that’s completely changed my life It’s time for you to take some ownership and take your business to the next level. I can’t stress enough how Important it is to test test test test as you saw in my own ad account. I spent a considerable amount of time Deviating from my core strategy and testing new approaches to Facebook ads what you learn after Spending millions and millions of dollars on Facebook ads. It’s not one strategy or 2 strategy It’s actually a framework for making good decisions and making data-driven decisions. That will grow your business Despite the ever-changing environment of Facebook ads and never forget just over a year ago I have three thousand dollars in credit card debt and no stable income stream I was facing failure after failure. Every single site I was making was in converting I had no idea what I was doing with Facebook ads. I didn’t have videos even like this one They would at least point me into the right direction Despite all the failures that I was facing despite my Asian parents bringing down my neck and I kept going because I knew that with every mistake every Bad targeting decision every bad creative every website that fails that I was getting closer to the right answer And that’s the mentality that you have to take This is not going to be an easy process But you’re already starting out much better than I am Because of all these free resources that put on this channel and it only takes one Year to change your life and that’s what’s so beautiful about e-commerce It’s so fresh and it’s always changing and the adults and e-commerce. Don’t know what they’re doing Some of them don’t even know how to use Facebook at a personal level and that’s why a broke kid like me with no business background No parents that knew anything About the world of e-commerce or business can go in here and in just a year be consider an expert now big companies Clients from all over are asking me on a day-to-day basis on how they can utilize digital Strategy and run their Facebook ads a lot. So ask yourself. How much do you really want the things that you want? How much do you want financial freedom how much you want freedom of your time? Because that means you have to be purposeful you have to be proactive And you have to never forget the reason why you’re working hard because there’s gonna be some dark dark days And if this isn’t the year that you change your life and your future then when will you actually do it? Because at the end of the day all it takes is a single year Thank you guys so much for taking the time to watch this video. I hope you enjoyed it A lot of people think I’m crazy for putting this content out there for free. So make sure you press like and subscribe Share it with your friends. I’m on a mission to transform ecommerce education, and I can’t do it without you you can follow my journey at Kevin Zhang official on Instagram DM me and I promise I’ll respond to every single DM and join the discussion and my private Facebook group Generation-e, I promise that no question will go unanswered. See you in the next video

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