2017 Inspired Interns
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2017 Inspired Interns

In this summer I had the opportunity to
intern with the Hormel Foods foodservice marketing team and it’s been an
incredible opportunity. I think what surprised me most about this internship
with Hormel Foods is that people really care about each other and the culture
that you get to experience at Hormel Foods is something unlike any other
culture I’ve experienced. You feel like they’re a part of your family, it’s not
just those that you get to work with. The thing that surprised me the most about
the internship was the hands-on experience that we got. Coming to Hormel,
since the moment I walked in the door I really didn’t feel like we had that team
atmosphere and I was meshing well with the brand team. I think the culture
here is phenomenal. You can tell that the employees use it in everything that they
do and I like how the culture represents today and it also focuses on the future.
I would definitely recommend Hormel Foods to other people.
I think it’s an internship where you truly get your hands on what it’s like
to work for Hormel, but then at the end of the day have some opportunities that
you wouldn’t necessarily get to see. Hey Allie. Hello. Just curious you said you’ve got to go behind
the scenes and kind of see what really happens here. Yes, it’s been awesome. How are you? Good to see you again. This isn’t nerve wracking at all. Relax. So if you had the opportunity, would you recommend Hormel Foods as a place to work? Absolutely. Without a doubt. Are you sure you would? I absolutely am sure I would. I would yes I would. It’s a great company
and it’s expanding especially in the IT department where I worked. There’s lots of growth going on. Hi Jesse. Hi. How are you? Would you really recommend Hormel Foods as a place to work? Yes, I would. I would. Definitely. I’m so glad that you would recommend us as a place to work. And I’m glad you enjoyed the culture. And glad you had a great summer. So what are you going to do after this? Go back to school? I think when I go back to school, I’m
gonna keep my head down, study hard, so that I can graduate with the good grades
and good degree. And then what? Hopefully coming work for Hormel Foods. No way, really?
Hopefully. Well let’s see if we might be able to make that happen.
Would you do me a favor? What’s that?Would you read this first paragraph for me? Oh my gosh, congratulations. I am pleased to extend this employment offer to you for
the position of staff accountant in Austin, Minnesota. For the position of
associate technology service analyst at the corporate south office. For the
position of a consumer product sales representative at the Bentonville sales
office which is located Bentonville, Arkansas. You and I will determine a
start date upon your acceptance. And Ryan Gibson is eager for you to join the
team. And will assist you to ensure your career gets off to a solid and successful
start. Well what do you think? That is awesome. Oh my god Denver. Denver, Colorado. I’ve never been to Denver. You will be in a year. Right? That is awesome. Thank you so much. Are you excited? Very excited. Are you coming to work for us? That’s awesome. Thank you. Congratulations. Well what do you think? Absolutely, without a question. Thank you
so much I really appreciate it. So what do you think? I think is it great. You coming to work for
us? Yes, definitely. There you go You’ve done some great things
this summer I’ve heard a lot of great things, so you’re gonna be a great asset
to the company. Were you expecting that today? No? What do you think? That’s awesome. Well we’ve
had a great summer, you’ve done a lot of great work. We’ve heard a lot of great
things about you. Congratulations. Thank you. Way to go. The team’s excited. You’re a real gem and we sure hope that
you’ll come to work for us and that we’re talking to you about being an
employee a year from now versus being an intern. Thank you. Do I need to talk to your
mom and dad? You might have to. Hey, they appreciated the letter they got in the
mail. All right. Congrats. Thank you. That’s awesome. Thank you guys. Love you mom, I’ll call you later. Bye.

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