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2018 marketing review

Hi I’m Janine Coombes I do done-with-you
marketing plans that work and I just was wondering how your year is going so far?
And I know there’s nearly two months left of the year, but now is a really
good time to look back and see what we’ve done that we enjoyed, that worked
really well for us and therefore what we want to do more of in 2019, versus what
we didn’t find so easy to do, didn’t find was bringing
in the results for our business and how we can tweak it and potentially cut it out
of what we’re doing for 2019. In this spirit, I’ve got a series of five prompts
to take you through a simple way to review what you’ve been doing in 2018 to
promote your business and it culminates with a really simple template that you
can whizz through in probably about 15 minutes for a marketing planning
template for 2019. So if you are interested in this then let me know in
the comments or message me and I will send you the link. Thanks very much. Bye!

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