2019 Farmer School Divisional Recognition Ceremony: Miranda Scott
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2019 Farmer School Divisional Recognition Ceremony: Miranda Scott

as a way of recognizing outstanding
students and highlighting the changes that Miami University in the farmer
school have made in our students we asked one of the farmers school
graduates, Miranda Scott, to address the graduating class. miranda is a finance
major with a minor in management and leadership from New Albany, Ohio. her
extracurricular activities community work and leadership roles are as
noteworthy as her academic achievements Miranda’s had two internships during her
Miami years with capital one in Chicago and with Capital One securities in New
Orleans. she’ll be starting her career with, you guessed it, Capital One within
their commercial rotation program. Miranda said that the biggest lesson she
has gained from studying business its how to get comfortable and always being
uncomfortable and that one of her bucket list items is to
swim with sharks. I think those two statements combined with her other
outstanding accomplishments make her the ideal speaker for this afternoon. please
join me in welcoming Miranda Scott. thank you for that introduction – Dean
Rubin, faculty, staff, all the families assembled here today, and my fellow peers,
greetings. it is with great delight that I address
you on this joyous day of graduation from the Farmer School of Business at
Miami University. there are so many individuals to thank on a day like today
it’s important to recognize them all from faculty and staff. academic
counselors. and even the maintenance and Dividends crew that helped Farmer to run
on a daily basis I say thank you, each entity mentioned and some not reflected
in this list have all played a part in getting us to this point on this day and
a great day it is, I stand before you very mindful that life beyond these
bricks is the current reality for most of us graduating today,
I’ll admit that from when I first arrived on campus, I’ve been looking
forward to this occasion but as I stand here today, I am met with the very real
realization that my hours at Miami are up. I no longer have the safety and
routine of a class to attend, a faculty member to meet, with or an organizational
meeting to frequent. gone are the days of the all-nighters at King library and
the all-nighters uptown. Brick, you will be missed. the truth is we are all
standing here right on the edge of these bricks that we have so comfortably been
living within. when this ceremony comes to a close and the various graduation
celebrations come to an end, it will be time to figure out what it
means to live life beyond these bricks. we came to campus wide-eyed and bushy
tailed like so many of those bold oxford squirrels seen on campus every
day. no matter our various backgrounds we each ended up here in Oxford, Ohio and oh
my, did we discover so much from this red bricked campus nestled in between the
cornfields of the Midwest. some of us found comfort in the lifelong
friendships that we made early on in our college experience. some found mentors
faculty who believed in us when we did not believe in ourselves. and some of us
may have even found that Freshman Fifteen. but most importantly, many of us
have found a better understanding of ourselves within these four years.
Aristotle, one of the greatest minds of the Classical period, states knowing
yourself is the beginning of knowing all wisdom. through our challenging
coursework, thought-provoking assignments, and collaborative group environments
within FSB, we each will walk away with a better understanding of both our
abilities and our shortcomings. diamonds, one of the world’s most valuable pieces
of jewelry, is made from coal, which has undergone extreme pressure and heat. many
of us enter this campus as a lump of coal — some better described as a pile of
coal. however we are leaving with something
more valuable than diamonds themselves, and that’s is a Farmer School of
Business education. through our core business courses, we each will leave with
a proficient knowledge of both the technical and personal skills that
encompass this career path called business. for those of us who maximize
this opportunity, it will propel us above others in the workforce to be the
transformative leaders of tomorrow. within these bricks, we have had a
positive impact on the community around us. student-run organizations completed
over 27,000 service hours in the past academic year alone. additionally many of
the organizations housed within farmer that promote women in business and
multicultural student Involvement have a service component this has helped
increase Miami’s philanthropic footprint in both the Oxford area and Greater
Cincinnati community. while we have all taken a part in a variety of experiences
during our time within these bricks, it is important to remember that we are all
unified by this idea of love and honor. although only a three word phrase, love
and honor is a saying that carries so much pride for Miamians. as first-years,
many of us did not know its meaning rather than it was the
beginning of our fight song. however as soon to be Miami alum, we understand this
phrase is complex. this idea of love and honor is it is a unifying agent that
symbolizes an unwavering love and appreciation for our University while
simultaneously illustrating how as students, we strive to surpass the
conventional standards of good conduct. we have learned so much at Miami
University, but it’s time to take that knowledge and begin to reimagine our
future. beyond these bricks we are empowered by our education and
experiences to take on any obstacle that comes our way even if we may experience
failure, whether we must go around it, climb over it, or forge right on through
it, there is only one direction for an FSB graduate to go and that is forward.
we will not sit on the sidelines after today, for we know and believe that it is
better to have tried and failed than to allow fear to keep us from trying at al.l
beyond these bricks, we are the next generation of ethical business leaders.
integrity is the ability to do right when you think no one is watching and
the leader with integrity is a leader respected by all. students within the
Farmer School of Business are taught to not only have integrity, but
responsibility and respect. through the FSB honor code, these principles are
instilled in our way of conducting business to ensure we cultivate both
ethical and sound decision-making. beyond these bricks, we are equipped with the
compassion to understand the global issues plaguing our business environment
today. the farmer School of Business places a strong emphasis on studying
abroad, as two-thirds of students study abroad sometime within their four years.
it is this emphasis on a broader worldview that allows students to be
inclusive and inviting towards others who may come from a different walk of
life. as a participant in the FSB At Sea program, I can confidently say that my
study abroad experience not only reinforced my compassion, but showed me
the overwhelming strength and benefit that lies will we embrace all types of
diversity. in the end, all of our knowledge and
insight can be summarized into a single concept. beyond these bricks, we have the
capability to solve the problems of both today and tomorrow. that’s right, you and
I are on track to work in roles and be team members on projects that don’t even
exist yet. the faculty and staff have done all they can do,
coaches and mentors have provided all the support they can give, parents have
paid all we can ask them to invest. with the current technology advancements,
change is coming in the world of business and we are prepared to create
our own path along this unchartered area ahead. we are enough, we are capable, and
we are prepared to embark on this trek which begins where these red bricks end.
together we can revolutionize the way business is done. to my colleagues, it’s
time to begin this next phase of life to execute our plans and to make meaningful
contributions to this business world in which we are entering. watch out world!
the Miami University Farmer School of Business class of 2019 is about to join
you, and we are going to make a difference beyond these bricks. thank you

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