(2019) Law Firm Internet Marketing: How To Hire a Marketing Company (& Hold Them Accountable)
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(2019) Law Firm Internet Marketing: How To Hire a Marketing Company (& Hold Them Accountable)

Hey guys, I’m super excited about our
latest guide that we’re putting out and it’s going to be available starting today,
completely free on our website. The guide is called “How to Hire An Internet Marketing Company For
Your Law Firm And Hold Them Accountable”. So I’ve wanted to put this
guide out for a long time, and I was kind of inspired by a client that
I just recently signed a couple weeks ago. I was talking to the client, and
basically what he told me is that we are his fifth internet marketing company. He’s hired marketing company after marketing
company after marketing company, all promising to get him number one on Google
and do social media for him and all kinds of stuff. And basically what ends up happening is, is that every company tells
him something different, and he’s a lawyer, he’s not a marketer,
he’s not tech savvy so he doesn’t know exactly what questions he needs to be asking or
if they’re even telling the truth or if what they’re saying is relevant or if it’s old. You know, because SEO changes all the time,
Google’s constantly changing and there are so many marketing
companies out there that are either lying to you, don’t know what
they’re doing or a combination of the two. There’s also companies out there
that just have way too many clients. There’s just no way they can give each client
attention when you have that many clients. So one of the biggest things
that I hear from lawyers after they’ve been screwed over and over and
over again by internet marketing companies is that they just don’t think
Internet marketing works. Well I’ll tell you what; internet marketing absolutely works when you have a company
that knows what they’re doing. I have a client that hired us a few years ago, and he actually just retired
after selling his website. He sold his website for
about half a million dollars, and the reason he sold it for that much, is because it was an asset that
actually made the phone ring. He wasn’t relying on advertising or buying
directory listings or anything like that. We’d optimize his website and we did it the
right way so that what ended up happening is when someone searches for
whatever his keywords are, he’s a DUI attorney, he always
shows up on the first page and he’s always in the maps,
and his phone rings nonstop. He gets about 50 phone calls a week
which is just insane amount of phone calls especially considering his
closing rate’s about 25%. I designed the guide for lawyers. Most lawyers are not very tech savvy,
that’s why you need this guide. What this does is it
breaks down in simple terms what questions you need to ask
an internet marketing company and what types of answers
you should be looking for. I personally have about 50 law firms
whose marketing I handle. The reason I created this guide is because I’m not looking to grow my marketing
agency much bigger than it already is, but there are a lot of attorneys out there
that are constantly contacting us and saying “Hey, we need your help”
and I’m not able to help them. However, they still need to hire
a marketing company and there are good Internet
marketing companies out there. You just have to be able to identify which
ones are good and which ones are not. This guide’ll show you step-by-step which
questions to ask, what answers to look for and what answers should
throw up some red flags for you. If you already have a marketing company
that you’re under contract with and you’re not sure if they’re doing a good job
or even worse, if you’re really not happy with their work,
then you really need this guide as well. If you already have a marketing company this guy is going to help you
hold their feet to the fire. A lot of times once a marketing company
finishes and launches your website that’s kind of the end of
their interaction with you. This guide is going to allow you to understand
what they should be doing and understand if what they’re telling you is accurate. Even if you’re locked in a contract
and you’re not happy that doesn’t mean you can’t get good results. Just keep in mind, the squeaky
wheel gets the grease and this will allow you to be the
squeakiest wheel on their entire roster. So go ahead and download this guide, it’s 100% free and it will absolutely ensure
that you’re making the right decision when you hire an Internet marketing company, or it’ll get your Internet
marketing back on track if you’re not happy with
your internet marketing.

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