2019 Top 5 BEST Websites To Sell T-Shirt Designs
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2019 Top 5 BEST Websites To Sell T-Shirt Designs

so if you're someone who wants to start making passive income online selling t-shirt designs or if you want to start a clothing line but you don't want to print the shirts yourself you want it to be outsourced to their websites this would be a great video for you so the first thing I want to talk about briefly is as you can see up top there's multiple tabs so when you start to outsource the t-shirt production and the printing to do this kind of strategy it's best to do it on multiple sites so if you're going for the clothing line route then I suggest you pick one of them I suggest teespring they have the best customer service the best print quality I would use that one if you want to do a clothing company however if you want to just make passive income online selling t-shirt designs definitely use all of these and that way you can put your same designs on multiple different sites and you're gonna get triple quadruple five times the exposure than you would just on one so let's go over these websites here so the first one is teespring that is by far the biggest one I definitely recommend to use teespring set this one up first I've got an awesome course that I'll link to in the description that I teach it'll have a youtube discount on it'll be 10 bucks by the course learned everything about teespring how to market your shirts the whole nine yards so teespring is the first one what's cool about this is they have an on-site designer so you can go right in you don't need any designs made and you can make them on their website so that's teespring the next one is son frog this is similar to teespring a little bit smaller but what's cool about them is they also have an on site designer so you can go in and you can actually choose from different people's templates and use those to go off of it gives a little bit of I think gives 10% back to the person who had the design however you can create your design and be the seller as well so son frog is a great one you can design on the site then these last three you have to import your own designs you can't design on their websites but that's no problem I'll show you in the course in the teespring one I recommend you take that one it's got kind of all the information they give you a great understanding of how to use all of these and a good strategy to use but it goes over the designers so you can use the designers for these three sites to create your designs without paying someone to do it so this one's RedBubble it's a huge site really easy to use you upload your design and it easily puts it on like 50 different items take you about two minutes to create a campaign with a design so that's RedBubble highly command to use this one the next one is t chip it is very noticeably similar to t spring and the only difference is there's two differences it's a little bit smaller than T spring and the other difference is you can't create designs on the website so you have to import your own but that's no problem if you have these designers that I'll show you and then the last one is T public so again similar to T spring and T chip but you have to import your own designs so between these five sites you can get a ton of shirts out there whether you want to start a clothing line and just use T spring or if you want to just start making passive income with t-shirts then put them on all five of them but check out the course I'll link to in the description that's a top selling course on T spring and I'll teach you everything you need to know really about how to start with shirts and different apps to use to do designs and marketing the whole nine yards so there's a 30-day money-back guarantee on that so if you're not making your money back by the end of the 30 days just get a refund and get your money back so there's no risk at all but let me know in the comments if you have any any questions or anything and give this a thumbs up and subscribe always appreciate that and have a great day guys

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  1. Hi Greg! Thx for the amazing vids! You're a real inspiration.Question- do I have to advertise on social media for all websites? Sunfrog,etc? Thx!!! 👍👍

  2. traffic to teepublic and teespring seems to be low i wonder if there are other congested sites with similar free service

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