2019 Unbreakable Podcast with Thom Shea: A Content Marketing Strategy for Better Conversion
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2019 Unbreakable Podcast with Thom Shea: A Content Marketing Strategy for Better Conversion

Well welcome everybody to Unbreakable
podcast in the search of trying to find passionate people who actually like what
they do I have stumbled on amber so to the light introduction she
represents to Stacy and I somebody who is passionate over time about what they
do and she has a unique business that I would like to present to everybody today
so welcome amber thank you Tom I’m very excited to see what unfolds here today
and the service of others so I really appreciate the opportunity so as
everybody everybody listening I am I’m always in pursuit of what’s next
available one to me and to the clients that I serve and what caught me caught
our eye about amber is she and I want you to describe your business yeah yeah
this idea of scaling is always interesting and you put it right out
there so I would like to know you know you know tell us about your business
first and then we’ll let it unfold yes scaling is a big buzzword right now
isn’t it and so tom is referring to a new system
that I have developed called leverage to scale which we’ll get into but my
journey actually starts back in 2007 when I founded my business which is ng
ng enterprises and that stands for no guts no glory it’s a it’s a phrase that
my mom used to say to me all the time growing up and I thought what better
message to remember every day is I have to step through fears and you know
challenge to get my message out to the world and help others and then what our
message to impart to my clients so that they remember the same and so that’s
that’s a big cornerstone for me now ng ng Enterprises is actually a website and
online marketing agency and so for the past you know 11 years I felt more than
500 websites and what I found tom is that my passion is probably less
the actual technology but my real passion is in helping other people get
their message out to the world and so I work with a lot of authors and speakers
and coaches and these people have such incredible stories as you know and they
have all of these great ideas but they get stuck on what to actually do with
them and it’s a challenge for them right because a lot of authors speakers and
coaches would feel much more comfortable creating in a safe space as opposed to
marketing and putting themselves out there so understanding that personality
trait I’ve been able to take all of my knowledge about you know conversion and
marketing and all the fancy lingo and match it with this personality type to
create something really meaningful for the author to help them get their
message out in a much more comfortable and empowering way and so really it’s
been a website and marketing agency and leverage to scale is a content marketing
system that enables my audience to get their message out more efficiently and
more effectively online so I want to go back to no guts no glory what would
compel you to use that as a as a name what caused you to use no guts because I
come from an environment where that is a lifestyle so you risk everything all the
time not that you’re looking for glory but the the risk which is the guts side
of it what happened they cause you to use that as a name because that story
could be pretty interesting well my mom used to say it all the time growing up
and I was raised by a single mom and she I idolized her she was amazing she
worked so hard and she gave my assist my older sister and I everything we went to
a top private high school like we got to travel the world and we never were
spoiled or took it for granted but I knew it always came from this place and
her of I’m going to take chances I’m going to make bold choices I’m going to
do what it takes to get where I want to go and
kind of mother that I want to be so that was just pretty natural in me although
there was a period of time about five years in my teenage era where I very
much lost my way and I became this very negative depressed lost dark person that
I really didn’t even like I couldn’t even recognize myself at one point which
kind of pivoted to the turning point and so as I came out of that and then
started this business I thought what what name I don’t want to just be a VC
company you know I want it to be something meaningful and I just
remembered back to my mom saying that to me and I thought that’s it I need to
remember this every single day and and having guts taking risk moving through
your fears that really is a lifestyle it’s a it’s a daily choice moment by
moment and I am constantly trying to do the things that I’m afraid of so that I
have to feel afraid of them anymore and I that’s the only way that I’m going
to really live my full potential and then be the leader for others to do the
same what what got you into marketing how did all that shut stuff get you into
marketing um it felt a little divine I’m not gonna lie because growing up I
worked in restaurants you know this bussing tables and serving and by the
time I went into college I was going to the University of Arizona Tucson and I
needed some part-time job and all of a sudden I looked in the newspaper and
there is a little ad for vector marketing and I this was so unlike me
this is why I say it was divine I picked up the phone and called I got an
interview and I women and it was this it kind of took me off-guard because I was
shy and unsure of myself and it was this group interview and they brought out
knives and there it was a nice demonstration for Cutco Cutlery so I
don’t know if you your listeners know Cutco they’re a huge global brand now
and so it was this job for me to go and push Cutco Cutlery to my friends and
family and get referrals and and I did it I ended up going through the training
very I’m me and something about that job changed
my whole lifetime it was like all I did was what they told me to do I followed
the presentation I got paid regardless of whether or not I made sales and it
was a safe environment full of positivity and it worked and I was one
of the top sales reps in my training class I finished number two in my office
that summer I was promoted to management and that’s when it got really exciting
because I started learning about marketing and business and management
and recruiting and conversion and oh man something in me just woke up for the
first time in my whole life and I was excited and I wanted to keep beating my
records and then I wanted to be region records on the national records and I
just it kind of started from there I was in that organization five years when I
honestly a kind of stopped feeling challenged and then I left off and you
know into the unknown and that’s scary to do but at this point I had had enough
life experience where I believe that that saying leap and the net will appear
and so I took the big leap I found myself next and an internet
marketing conference all new to me I didn’t even know what a blog was back
then this was about 2006 and I was fascinated there these people were
making millions of dollars online with sales pages and social media and I
thought what the heck is this world this is exciting and so I set up my own
little blog I taught myself how to build websites from scratch and I thought I
could do this for other people and so I did I created ng ng started offering
website services and then the more that I learned about marketing and applied it
tested it proved that it worked that’s when I would open it up as a service and
then just growing and building from there what uh what’s the and I mention
that and I asked you specific questions of about my business so that you don’t
have to charge me so and the reason why I’m going to just put it
out is so that people the the thousands of people that listen the idea of this
is that they come to you that may be an answer here that question that I have
and an answer that you give will help you and so I’m going to ask a question
about my business ok having screwed it up
a thousand times so having gotten marketing people in to look at what we
do and then pay all the money that we paid how do we leverage our brand into
the space that we’re currently trying to play in to a measurable outcome that’s
I’m always about measurable outcome so another way of asking that how do we use
your business model to help our business I know that you don’t haven’t seen all
the details of what our business yeah how would I bring you in that’s a that’s
a big question and it’s a great question right and every business is going to be
different so everybody starts at a different place I have people coming to
me Tom who just left corporate world and they have this instinct for an idea and
they’re scared and they don’t know what to do but they heard that they could
make money online so they come to me and say now what do I do
everybody needs a website right that’s the hub and heart of everything else
that you do and then after that I believe that the focus shifts to having
a marketing system something that is going to attract in the right kind of
people into your organization so qualified leads coming in which is
actually kind of a key word because that’s not what a lot of people are
teaching a lot of other people are saying well how do we get the biggest
following possible well I would rather have a quality
following that I know is the right people I wanted my organization as
opposed to attracting is everybody right so that’s actually
mindset shift that really needs to be made in the marketing space so we need
to have this marketing system in place that’s attracting and the qualified
buyers back into the website then we need to have a sales system in place
that is taking these qualified buyers telling them exactly what we do who we
do it for how we do it and what we want people to do next and how we handle that
is also something that’s really key because it’s not an approach that most
people are taking most people just slap up offers and they have so much content
and they just throw it out there but a website visitor comes in and they don’t
really know what’s going on if they get a sense of who you are what should you
but they don’t know what to do next is there’s so many options and that’s where
we are right now having done that four times four times I’ve hired marketing
people and I and I’m it may sound frustrating but knowing that I don’t
know anything about it we went and hired great marketing companies and the
websites on this fourth edition and I think it’s vomit I do oh my god there’s
got to be a better method and and I’m sure there’s other people that are
feeling this way like they want to start a business or they want to scale or
business or do something new and the frustration is there are so many options
out there and the reason why I’m asking you is because you have solved it yes in
our mind you’ve solved it and it’s easy to solve it once if you can do it twice
it’s cool if you do it a third time it’s probably relevant and and I want people
to be able to hear from you how that how that’s done yeah absolutely I’m ready to
get the minute II gritty details and I am getting there so with via if we have
the website we have this Marketing System we had a sales system that
really clearly helps you are people coming in they they get clear on what
you do and what you want them to do next this is a call it a customer journey
right and if I may I’ll give an example so on my personal website you go to ng
ng enterprises comm there’s all kinds of stuff going on right I’ve got a blog
hundreds and hundreds of posts I’ve got often offers all over the place you
could go to my social media there’s testimonials portfolio service pages
there’s all kinds of stuff going on but what I had to do is very get very clear
on what I want people to do if I had a choice so Tom would come in and I would
want him to do one thing and the only thing I want him to do is I want him to
watch my homepage video it’s on that home page video he will be very clear on
what I do and how I do it he will be very clear on what I want him to do next
and now he’s focused on me so instead of you know making assumptions or scanning
text and I’m sort of distracted not really paying attention he’s actually
taking a minute of time to focus on what I’m saying which will create a deeper
emotional connection between me and Tom and Todd looks at me and he thinks I
really like that girl she’s too smiling and too happy and positive then he’ll be
right but she seems nice and hydrated self-selection a totally I don’t want
everybody I want this it happened quicker the next thing I want you to do
is go to my website page and watch that video so you understand the process for
building a website and if you get to that point the last thing I want you to
do is download my service menu which tells you all of our pricing and payment
plans and full transparency now the simple three steps I drastically changed
my Ryan results Tom I went from a 25 percent conversion rate and I would have
these hour-long phone calls with prospects and it would be a mixed
audience and some people would be a fed most wouldn’t so that was the before and
after getting clear on my journey in implementing video into the
type of a system I went to an 85-percent close and I pretty much only talk to
people who are really strong fit for my personality and type of client that I
want to work with so I think that in terms of a website it’s less about
having the most brilliant $50,000 design it’s just going back to the basics it’s
honestly pretty simple it’s what’s the key what’s the process how do I get
people very clear and how do I build that relationship and you’re gonna do
that through video so that’s one example that I can give you about using that
website to be more effective for you but if this were my advice to somebody just
coming in hey friend you need a website marketing system and sales system then
my work is really about either helping them develop that website or maybe I’m
just giving strategic coaching advice on how to do these systems based on who you
are what your strengths and goals are I mean it really is going to be different
for everybody and if you meet somebody who has a cookie cutter approach then
you know kind of shame on them because everybody is so different so how you
have a you know solution in a box for everybody it just doesn’t make sense
and last I’m just gonna say Tom that for a business like yours much more
developed than the average person even if you’re unsatisfied with aspects of
your business you’re still you know most people are probably looking at you as
the dream right you’ve got the amazing podcast don’t please don’t don’t look at
me as the model but what I love about your model tom is that it is rooted and
total transparency authenticity you’re about the relationships the people and
you’re in service you are giving all the time you and Stacey it’s amazing on your
podcast right and that is what helps somebody scale I think yes you having
systems and being efficient and having the right customer journey
absolutely plays into it but if you don’t have that at the core what you and
Dez have at the core the I think it becomes significantly harder
to get where you want to go mm-hmm and interesting interesting in the fact
that the so describes scaling and I don’t mean to be weird about that
because scaling in the business setting that I work in means creating a dynamic
within the company it’s not about growth it’s about
positioning it in the next two years to sell I don’t think that’s how you use
scaling true so I believe my my mission with leverage to scale is more about how
do we leverage relationships and human connection to grow our business but
you’re right it’s not you can’t just say growth it’s a little bit beyond that
because it’s it’s almost something that’s more systematized and automated
to a degree now automation is a big buzzword happening in the online
marketing space right now and it was a good idea in theory because if I
automate then I can impact more people in less time but the problem is the way
that they were teaching automation extracted out human connection and
that’s what we found I don’t mean to interrupt you but we we got sucked into
that quagmire automate it so that you you know instead of it taking you four
hours to do something it takes two minutes and then a million people can
look at it it took the connection away and oh my god dang so not that I really
want to be connected to five billion people because I think it’s a to me it’s
it’s very difficult to because when I train people it’s very emotionally
connecting and there’s a there’s a drain of energy involved in that so from my
vantage point it made sense and we got sold into that system of do it once and
then have then it’s going to be automated and it didn’t work that way
because people actually I think require the conductivity of
somebody else everybody brought into it top yeah we paid a lot to buy into that
yeah I know it’s crazy and so what’s really crushing me as I watch business
owners these amazing people with these heartfelt amazing messages of impact and
they are so frustrated and drained right now because they keep spending money
buying into things that and at the end of the day they feel like it’s not
working and they’re frustrated and it’s not like
they’re at the point of giving up right because they still have this belief in
their message and they are making an impact but we are being improperly
conditioned as to what we should be expecting here and so yes this idea of
automation stripped out that human connection we now know that that can’t
happen right so my whole belief system and message here tom is that if you want
to create human connection in a digital world there’s really one way to do that
and that’s through video now video is is not just the future it’s here now right
we’re talking on the ocean those of you who had the luxury of watching this as
opposed to just listening and it’s video that’s really making the difference
which is why now it’s becoming the new it thing it’s just funny watching trends
right but you know I track video success back
to the early years in my business where I could use video one example
operationally a lot of people are might be thinking about using video for
marketing or sales but they’re not even thinking about how they could use this
for operations in their own business and so I love this so I would launch a
website and I would build in time at the end to do support calls with people
training them on the phone how to make changes to their website and it would be
the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever experienced because I’d say okay so
Emily do you see oh yeah you know this was before videoconferencing was hot and
by the end of this hour-long call she would forget what I taught her we’d have to
another call was horribly inefficient right I have a habit of asking to sing
to myself throughout milestones in my life and I think there has to be a
better way so it’s funny that you said that earlier and I thought there has to
be a better way so what I did was I created a series of training videos
teaching website clients how to manage their website and after that I never had
another support call but the thing is what’s interesting to me tom is that I
thought people might feel gypped like you’re just giving me these training
videos I want amber’s time but what happened instead was they were grateful
they still got the feel that Amber was there training them
but they could watch the videos Tuesday at midnight if they wanted to they could
give the videos to a team member and have them learn and manage the website
and I couldn’t even count how many thousands of hours it saved me or my
team and I just created these videos move on to something else I’ve used
videos for hiring for training my team it’s so many ways just this morning
before our call here today Tom I created a ten minute video for a client just
checking in did it on this platform called loom I don’t know if you can loom
just recorded a quick little video checking in tying of him how much I
appreciated him and what we should talk about next send it over to him and my
clients love that because they get doses of amber Thank You connection and man if
you want to know how to scale video is a very fast way to communicate faster than
email makes a stronger connection and people will share word of mouth about
you like you would not believe if you start implementing human connection
where in your organization I agree with that and we were talking offline about
the difference in not that our businesses are comparable but the human
capital of our businesses is people will require the human connection every
business that I work in that’s the the lost commodity that they
they were looking for money so they took the human person that the human being
out of the business and then it gets very stale very quickly and then they
can’t figure out why people are leaving and they can’t get people to come big
businesses little businesses all the same problem and what we do is solve the
human problem and the culture the other buzzword in the industry is culture
create a culture first and then a product line it’s not the other way
around create a culture percent or or the bit
or the the leadership has to model what they want in their business which is the
other aspect about that I’ve seen is it’s very rare leadership doesn’t model
they don’t live the life so it’s hard for anybody coming in especially the
Millennials want to be led even though they don’t think they want to be they
want to be guided and led but there’s no model like I don’t want to be that guy I
want the money but I don’t want to be that guy he’s never around he’s aloof or
she’s aloof or she’s mean or whatever when leaders start modeling again then
it churns it so quickly and then the leaders actually like to go to work
which is another phenomenon so how would we we collectively we and the people
listening and I’m getting some questions that if people are texting me how do how
do we how do you represent or how do you would you show somebody how to market
their videocast or podcast oh great question yes so video like I said is not
the future it’s now here’s the thing content is the backbone of the internet
right the more content you publish online the more valuable Google and
YouTube and Facebook become now these are massive organizations they want to
be more valuable so what’s going to happen is
we’ll reward people who produce content especially regular consistent content
right those who don’t do it you’re not going to get rewarded why do you think
that Facebook is just going to show you your post to your following no they’re
not going to do that so you have to get involved now this is where things get
tricky because business owners don’t know what to do they don’t want to do it
they don’t have the time to do it frustrated by technology so business
owners have all of these issues cropping up but the harsh reality is that if you
want to be successful online you have to find a way to publish content
consistently so I’ve known this what’s the insistant what’s the
periodicity I personally tested I tested a lot of different things and if you
even just do once a week you know obviously the more you do anything Tom
the more successful have with it right just no different than working out in
the gym right business owner out there keeping in mind everything else that you
have to do I think as long as you do a once a week video once a week blog post
you’re on social media probably daily I personally am NOT on the weekends but
that’s a personal choice that I’ve made but Monday through Friday every day I
send an email to my email list once a week because they need to get that they
need to be conditioned right get that experience from me once a week but I
think if somebody has the opportunity to do it more than that then they’re just
going to grow that much more quickly and get rewarded that much faster
what’s a reward more exposure so it’s going to happen inside of Google if you
publish a weekly blog post Google says thank you for making me more valuable
I’m gonna move you up higher in the search engine rank okay
Facebook alternatively will say thank you for making me more valuable I’m
going to show more people your posts to reward you for contributing to my value
right that was the most frustrating thing on Facebook is we grew initially
until we grew to a certain level everybody that were
in our friends lists saw all of our posts then we grew a little too big
maybe and then fewer people see the post and then I’ve talked to two experts like
you it’s that’s how Google or Facebook plays the game they want you to do more
I’m like they’ve already friended me they should be able to see everything i
publishing nope Facebook giveth and taketh away the same
time oh that was so frustrating to see that yeah I mean they do have to keep us
on our toes right I’ve noticed that over the past you know almost 15 years but
still steadily consistently if you it is really predictable the more you just
stick to your guns and stay in your lane and just keep focusing on what they want
the more you’ll get what you want right right so knowing all of this about it
was about three four years ago Tom and I was you know I’d spend an hour to
crafting a blog post and I’d switch gears and I’d spend two or three hours
crafting this really robust newsletter and then I think gosh what something
creative I can say on social media and it just felt like my attention was
pulled like I was spinning my wheels so this was another milestone moment where
I thought there has to be a better way so what I did is that Saturday I sat
down I had about three and a half hours available and I turned on my video
camera and I recorded 25 short little tip videos we’re talking four minutes
each let’s say and it actually was kind of a fun game because I thought how many
can I do in this period of time and I would just you know hit record say this
tip and record I’d go change my shirt come back hit record I was a maniac but
it was really fun at the end I had this batch of tip
videos then I got this idea what if I send these videos to my team my
assistant Jill and I’d said gel I want you to do keyword research so that you
understand the best way to title my videos to get me more exposure I want
you to upload them to YouTube and optimize them
I want you craft a blog post that just has a
summary of what this video is about and invites people to watch it and then
here’s what I want you to do to optimize that blog post for better results in
Google here’s kind of a structure for how I want you to start doing my social
media I want you to post three times a day on Facebook and LinkedIn an
Instagram and five times a day on Twitter that’s kind of what I have found
to be a really solid approach to social media and we have about 10 different
post types Tom’s so anything from a
fill-in-the-blank to asking a question sharing my video sharing a service
offering sharing a related article that somebody else wrote you know so I have
this variety to keep things interesting for my followers and then I said I want
you to take that blog post and send it as our weekly email and I’m not doing
those crazy robust newsletters anymore and I said here 25 videos do this every
week for the next 25 weeks we’ll publish one video one blog post one email to the
list and all the social media go and I swear I could have had a celebration in
my office it felt so good to not have to worry about any of that for 25 weeks
so Jill goes out and she starts implementing exactly what I taught her
she loved it because she had structure she had a process to follow every week
and then that engaged her to see how she could get better results by implementing
different details and we’ve watched week after week my compound interest it just
grew and grew even bigger and grew even bigger and by the end of about the
twenty five week mark I thought well shoot this is really exciting so I
recorded another batch of 30 videos that got us through the rest of the year and
at the end of that year time I had so many qualified buyers coming in to my
website and through the customer journey that I explained you earlier that I
stopped content marketing for two years two years because I was at capacity I’m
I mean it grew like crazy because I also have great word-of-mouth
I have strategic partners big companies that send us website client breakthrough
basis and I just thought I need to slow this down that is the power of a content
marketing and be doing like a short little tip video and repurposing that to
get the rest of it done for you so you don’t have to worry about it and this is
what you provide as a service other than just the word ward guidance correct
so leverage to scale is a training platform that I developed early in 2018
and it’s a way for business owners to log in and they see the step by step
checklist and procedures on how to do every detail of this process and they
can get it all done in less than two hours a week everything I just described
because I were able to get it so dialed in and so refined and so efficient that
I wasn’t spending 10 hours a week on content marketing any more now’s – so
this training platform trains the business owner how to do the same thing
that we do or even better most business owners are giving their
team login access so their virtual assistant goes through the training and
just does it for them that’s what probably 90% of our members do the other
10% either doesn’t have a team they’re not ready for a team or they just love
doing it themselves but the platform has really designed more as an
implementation tool to delegate to your team so you’re not doing it because you
have way more important things to do that so do you provide that service as
well I did for the two years between the time
I started and now and then I was charging about 1,200 a month for it and
we were getting great results but honestly something happened on in the
past year I have really looked at what’s happening in the online world and where
we’re in the mid of kind of a storm right now in the
parking space and there’s so many things contributing to that but a couple of the
top ones number one massive corporations are as we know struggling to advertise
and convert using TV and print and radio so they’re spending their humongous
advertising budgets pushing content online because they know content is the
backbone of the internet right so this huge influx of content and competition
in addition to so many other people are looking at this opportunity to make all
this money online so they’re bailing from their corporate jobs or whatever
stay-at-home moms everybody’s trying to build a business online competition has
never been greater then add to that platform like Facebook advertising that
was all the rage until this year it started around summertime that platform
is a house of cards that is falling and people losing tens of thousands of
dollars online these are just a few things that are contributing to this
kind of crisis that’s happening online now I’ve been watching this for the past
you know couple of years and the people these business owners come to me and
they’re crying because their ideas are being silenced they’re their businesses
are closing they’re having to go get a job because they couldn’t make it work
online and I’m a sensitive soul I really am as much as I have the guts and the
grit and everything else I’m sensitive and I thought it makes no sense for me
to just you know charge a few clients $1,000 a month scale service how this
became beyond me even but yes how can i impact more people and give the business
owner the control back because it didn’t feel right to me even though I was
making money off of it and it was great it didn’t feel right knowing that the
business owner could get the same service done same quality for probably
$200 a month if I could just give their team the training so that’s how leverage
the scale was born it’s a training program only I stopped doing the service
because it’s my way of giving back I have you know
achieved so much it’s such a young age and I’m grateful and this is my way of
helping more of the right people get their messages out and create bigger
impact in the world so it might sound a little you know cheesy or whatever but
honestly it’s such a deep passion I could cry about it like I have to get
this out there I like it three small assassins because a couple
of people just texted me is that the service that you provide and I before I
even listen to your answer I’m like hey you can’t scale service I doubt if
that’s what she’s doing and III teaching people is wonderful
yeah it’s the only way to actually perpetuate things totally and inside of
leverage to scale when a business owner becomes a member we do already have a
community of virtual assistants who are certified and trained that are available
to take on new clients so we could do a matchmaking that way and also the top VA
agency in the country priority VA is a partner of ours they are the only
certified vendor allowed to fulfill this as a service members and so they are
charging 750 a month and they will do the service it’s just that amber wants
to spend time impacting more business owners by facilitating this training
opportunity so taking a step to the to the side tell me something that you have
learned in this journey about people about yourself maybe it’s fun to be on a
journey because I you know I’ve done a lot of incredible things in my life what
I learned from them it was probably more important than what I did oh for sure
and I’m one of those people that’s honestly learning constantly um I I
learn every day but I think that that also comes from pushing myself every day
you know it’s funny we look at others and we compare and we think oh they have
it so great and they just must know something I don’t know but what I am
constantly sharing with people is that I am scared every single day there really
is there’s something I myself in some situation every single
day challenging myself pushing myself pushing myself to be more innovative or
creative or thoughtful or mindful or great blur and I I couldn’t say exactly
when that was activated but that was an important thing and I feel like oh my
gosh Tom there’s so many things rushing to my mind about what I’ve learned what
you learn about people is there a point of something that you were surprised to
find out about the human capital or about people well I’m a believer that
people are really good to the core and that’s something that I feel like our
society is forgetting you know on social media people are so quick to make
judgements and criticize and belittle people and it’s so sad to me know
honestly like I I find myself being repelled from social media because I
just think it’s so ridiculous and at the end of the day I feel like we really are
doing the best that we can and people at the end of the day they just want to be
heard and seen and loved and valued so for me you know I continue to remind
myself that people are good people just need to know that they’re heard loved
and seen and so I just keep showing up in that way that’s why I did that video
for Gary but I feel like you know people are always they are trying and if we
remember that how however that idea fits into your business whatever your life is
or what you’re doing remembering that shifts things it shifts
how you show up in a relationship right so whether you’re a salesperson you’re a
marketer you’re an assistant you’re a president if you remember that people
are good and have good intentions at the end of the day and if you can hold on to
that even when the rest of the world is trying to show you something different
if you hold on to that it will it will shift how you are projected to the world
which will shift how people present themselves to you and then all of a
sudden your reality becomes something so much more fulfilling
it’s interesting what uh where do you like to hike in the mountains and around
Denver I okay i-i’ve done anything from 40 neurs to just normal hiking trails
but one of my favorite things to do even though it’s not filled with activity
I love taking my little two-year-old son on the side of the road any road where
there’s the river and we step there and we’ll throw rocks on the river with
giggle and I like finding a space that’s like you feel like you’re surrounded by
the mountains and just that moment of breathing in that fresh air and looking
up at the trees and the mountains it’s one of my favorite things on earth
because it reminds me that there is magnificence all around me my problems
are small I am scheme of things it helps me to stay present and focused and it
kind of recalibrates me and so I you know we try to get out into the
mountains as much as possible whatever do you ever go what’s that that incline
or that climb that’s right outside of Colorado Springs oh no it’s not it’s a
bunch of steps oh yes can’t remember the name I know you can’t go up but with a
two-year-old but I did with my father and he and I are afraid of heights and
these stairs it’s like a stair July the seven it’s seven fall Falls seven will
remember it hopefully it’s a stair climb but the staircase is like really rickety
and shaky and there are other people walking up it and you can see through
each of the steps yeah and my father and I I kid you not we were sweating and
freaking out it was like and this is what I mean we push ourselves beyond we
want to go and it scared us so badly but we got to the top it was it was harder
going down they think that ah but it was a wonderful bonding experience for both
of us and it was just another one of those meaningful you know moments of
going through something challenging together in the lab
or we shared afterward it was yeah good experience a couple questions just came
up through text how do people get a hold of you if you google me you’ll find me
all over the place um amber bill our but I would say the primary website is ng ng
enterprises comm my youtube channel is a place that people really love because
those tip videos are not just fluffy advice it’s like deep detailed
step-by-step how to do things and people can get significant marketing training
for free just by going to my youtube channel and then leverage to scale calm
would be the website and there’s a video on there that people can get access to
that actually shows them a demo of the system and reminds them of the content
marketing plan and all of that so I am very approachable
anybody can reach out to me I respond all of my emails personally I think it’s
important to take that time so if you have questions or I want to pick my
brain I’m here for you absolutely do you engage on social media at all like
Facebook I do yeah where’s the Facebook page you said
it I totally didn’t hear it so it’s you just find me at ng ng enterprises calm
and so absolutely you can go to that page to connect with me I also have my
personal profile on there for Amber Mel Howard so okay okay yeah and I always
forget that ask that question I’m glad I was reminded of but I’m gonna reach out
after this and engage you because I want to pick not pick your brain I want to
use your brain so I don’t know if that’s possible but yeah so you can yes excuse
me I don’t take that lightly that that means a lot to me thank you
yep and I want to thank you for helping us on our journey since you like that
word and yeah I like the idea of creating a new way to do business
because I get very bored very quickly with things and and so I’m
very interested to to pick your brain and to figure out how to use your
buzzword delivered to scale I want a big long long lever so I don’t have to put
as much energy into it and I wanted to turn I mean
what’s interesting to is this year I’ve worked maybe half as many hours as the
previous year and we were this shy of our best year ever in sales so I feel
like yes there’s a lot that sort of clicked into place for me a lot of these
systems and leveraging repurposing and remembering that human connection a lot
of these ideas clicked into place into a model that is working not just for me
but a lot of people in my community that I’ve been sharing these ideas with and
now it’s really exciting to see what can we all do collectively with this
information on to not just weather this storm the online crisis or whatever but
you know help more people as well so I’m happy to dialogue about this anytime I
think it’s really fascinating stuff yet and thank you really thank you for
taking the time today and more and more to follow
yeah thanks time thanks everybody for listening and as I always try to end be
bold be brave and be unbreakable and Stacy and I love you all thank you so

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