2020 LinkedIn Strategy
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2020 LinkedIn Strategy

Hello everyone welcome to 2020. I can’t
quite believe but we’re here and starting a new year. It’s actually
pretty strange time for those in Australia to be working as there’s lots of very
very sad and tragic news happening around us – obviously bushfires and
droughts are on the tips of everyone’s tongue but the wheels of commerce keep
on turning. And for some of us we’re back to business. So, that brings me to talking to you guys about your LinkedIn marketing strategies and making
sure that you’ve got a plan in place to get that going.
One of the things I want to touch on today was thought leadership
and leading from the front. LinkedIn is just one part of your
overarching digital strategy and it works best with a really great content
calendar. And a content strategy that underpins it. We really need your people
and your leaders to find their voice on this platform. LinkedIn is a rapidly growing
platform and it’s becoming (every single year) and more business-critical tool. So
if you are already doing and creating content, and sharing it across other
channels you need to be leveraging LinkedIn especially for your leaders of
your organizations and brands. They need to be doing it in a way that is
actually getting out to the right people. Which means that they also need to have
a connection strategy. LinkedIn marketing isn’t just about being active
on the platform it’s about actually being “active with purpose” and sharing
really high-quality content getting in front of the right audience and doing a
really good job at celebrating the successes of your business; your
expertise; your community service and your people. So if you don’t have a plan
in place or a strategy you need to talk to me and my team. Let us help you,
because that’s what we do all day every day. So here’s to a really fabulous 2020
may it be full of success for everybody. I look forward
to talking to you again soon. Bye.

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