27 Fun IKEA Product transformation ideas Remake
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27 Fun IKEA Product transformation ideas Remake

Creativity knows no boundaries – you can do anything once you put your mind to it! These 27 IKEA hacks are proof that you shouldn’t restrict your imagination as you can apply it to household items and hone your talent in the process. Give it a go! Here are the 27 Fun IKEA Product Transformations (Remake) you can copy tomorrow. 1. Convert a Trampa Mat to a Fruity Spring Accessory for Entryway. Yes, you can turn a Trampa Mat into a citrusy or melony accessory to welcome the arrival of spring with fresh air and blooming flowers. You are in a good mood, so why not pass on that cheer? Fold the mat in half, ensure your line goes with the grain of the rug, create a line in the middle with a ruler, and cut down the center. Spray it with white and then use the colors for the watermelon or lemon accordingly. 2. Add Few Sheets of Removable Wallpaper to a Bekväm Step Stool. Step stools can become fun, decorative items for your home. Paint the stool. Take your transfer paper, place it on top of the stool, trace the two different steps on it using the crayon, cut them out. Place the transfer paper cutouts onto your wallpaper retrace the outlines, and cut. Paste with glue. 3. Add Some Metallic Drawer Fronts Give your drawers a revamp. Take a bit of gold or silver foil about 1-2 inches bigger than your drawer fronts, use a foam brush to paint a thin layer of screen adhesive, and immediately lay the foil on. Use the craft squeegee to push the bubbles out and use Xacto knife to trim away the excess foil. Groovy drawer fronts are so easy! 4. Jazz Up a Plain Regolit Lamp Shade with Some Bunting. Iron 2-inch strips of fabric into the binding. it is needed to attach the little flags to. Layered 1.5-inch strips (4 to 5 of them) were on top of each other and see-sawed your little ruler along it to cut triangles. After that, sew your little flags to the binding. Then, glue the bunting with hot glue gun following the lantern’s framework. 5. Ikea Side Table Makeover. Unscrew the legs from the table top and set them aside. Lay out a design with masking tape. After making sure all the edges were pressed down securely, bring the table top back and give it a coat of shiny Krylon gold metallic spray paint. Sand the legs with fine grit sandpaper, and wipe clean with a microfiber rag. After everything is dry, peel the tape of the table top, screw the legs back on and flip it over. 6. Add Some Maps and Mod Podge to Recreate a Decoupaged Micke Desk. Cut a small piece of maps that is about a couple of inches bigger than your drawer fronts. Then glue the maps with mod podge and stick it to the drawer fronts. Use an Xacto knife to trim away the excess maps and voila – you get the desired result! 7. Decoupage Illustrations from a Favorite Picture Book to The Front of Some Storage Boxes. Trace the outline of the bins, including the handle on the pages and carefully cut them out. Follow by applying modge podge to the back of the illustrations and position on the cubbies. Then apply a coat of modge podge over the illustration for protection. To help the cubbies slide, tack on furniture glides on the bottom four corners. 8. Mount a Hampen Rug on a Wall. Use a hampen rug high pile bright green as a pinboard. Screw it to your wall, glue clothespins and stick it to the hampen rug. And now your pinboard is ready! 9. Turn a Råskog Cart Into Prettiest Portable Herb Garden. Take a bit of gold contact paper and some washi tape. Glue the gold contact paper, stick it to your rack and then stick some of the washi tape. After you are done, organize your bunch of cooking herbs and plants there. Voila! Now you can talk about a garden on wheels! 10. Wrap Embroidery Thread Around The Lids of a Few Fryken Baskets. Begin by taking the tops off of your baskets. Choose one color and place the thread across the very center of the basket top. Then tie a knot on the bottom side to secure the thread. Map out the area you are going to wrap. Then start to wrap one side, lining up the thread. As you continue wrapping from one side to the opposite side of the “X”, you will start to get a little bit of a twist. When you are done, wrap the thread around the middle of the “X” on the back of the top. Tie it off and then cut off excess. Add another color and continue till the wrapping is all done. 11. Boksel Coffee Table Hack. Time to go retro combined with some stunning smock wrapping paper. Put it under the glass pane, install legs with flat brackets, and add some new legs if you feel the coffee table was too short to sit on the ground. 12. DIY Ottoman Ikea Hack. Remove the metal legs and replace them with some turned furniture legs. Lay the fabric out, flip the ottoman over, stretch and staple the fabric to the under side of the ottoman, one side at a time. Do the corners last. You can also try painting the legs of the ottoman. 13. Transform Mammut Stools Into Toadstools. Turn the stool upside down onto the tracing paper. Then, trace the circular top onto the piece of paper. Cut out your circle and place it on top of your chair. Then, trim the edges to make the circle a bit smaller. Trace some circular objects onto your circle to make the white spots. Cut those out, trace it onto contact paper, cut everything, and lay your circle onto the stool. 14. Apple from The Famnig Hjärta Pillow. First you have to cut your famnig hjärta pillow’s sleeves. Then, sew it so it look like an apple. Knit a petiole and a leaf and sew it into your pillow. We “heart” this apple pillow! 15. Transform a Kura Bed Into an Amazing Bed-Fort Combo The structure has been altered by extending the construction system and wrapping it in MDF with wood veneer, creating a little forest house with two spaces for play and relaxation for the child. The cute house has two levels and can adapted to the different needs of the child as they grow up. 16. Cross-Stitch a Design on The Top of a Frosta Stool Let your creative genius come out to play. Print out cross-stich flower pattern, tape it to the top part of the stool, use a push pin through the paper, drill holes where you made the tiny marks. Paint the edges of the legs and the top part let dry and repeat till you Varnish the painted areas. Let the stool dry for a few hours. Once it is completely dry, thread your needle with the wool and start cross-stitching your way through the flower pattern. 17. IKEA Tea and Spice Shelving. Flip around drawers, paint a clear coat of water-based satin Estapol all over, and use cheap 1-inchers in raw pine as knobs. Use craft paint to mix and paint your colours. 18. Add Color to The Insides of Your Kallax Shelves. Identify the inside faces of the Kallax frame; using the guidelines on the back of your panyl and a sharp blade, cut panyl to each pieces approximate size. For each piece, line up one end of panyl to corners of Kallax piece. Pull away backing. Line up panyl to piece. Adhere Panyl to Kallax piece, matching the corners. 19. Ikea Rast Dresser Hack-Turned Into Cute Apothecary Cab Nighstand To match the drawer pulls, you can stick a slew of screws into some styrofoam and spray-paint them. To make sure the pulls were centered to each faux drawer, you can take a piece of paper and cut it to the size of the drawer. Apothecary themes are quite interesting! 20. Organize Your Make-Up Supply With a Råskog Cart Plus Added Labels Paint Råskog cart, add a labels there, use alphabet stickers and then put an Ordning utensil holder into it. 21. Stitch a Malin Figur Cushion Cover Into a Stylish Tot. You can added lots of pockets for compartmentalizing your stuff. Sewleather bottom and handles. Iron your seams – cover the leather with a cotton cloth and iron at the hottest steamiest setting. 22. Create a Billy Bookcase That Glows Using Some Dioder Light With a white Billy bookcase, cut holes in the shelfs and pieces to accommodate cords. String a Dioder (the color changing controller with four light strips) on the top of each shelf. Hid the light strips and cords with Montera cable hiding strips. 23. Cover a Norden Bench With Crochet. Sew around 100 granny squares that will cover the seat one piece. Dress the bench by sewing the rest of the boxes in place and done. 24. IKEA Rast Dresser Hack. Put Ikea Rast Dresser together by using the directions. Attach the wood shelf by drilling screws into the sides. Be sure to measure, if you have to drill two holes for your hardware. Paint with three coats, use some fabric and paint a thin layer of Mod Podge to the wood backing, to make it stick. 25. DIY Ikea Hack Floating Credenza. Floating credenza can be built once you build the main Besta unit exterior. Make sure you follow the guidelines. It is easy to transform it with a bit of time on your hands. Fill it with toys, blankets, or anything you want! 26. Turn a Rast Chest Into a Craft Station on Wheels. Add black paint in a geometric pattern to the front and follow with some some satin nickel metal hooks, drawer pulls, and caster wheels bingo! You have created a rolling craft cart. And last one, 27. Add Some Ears to an IKEA Fado Lamp Use an IKEA Fado lamp here. Cut out two large ears from a white cardboard and glue them on the lamp. Draw two dots and a cross. Now, you’ll have a cute little rabbit in your bedroom to keep you company! That’s it, Some great ideas here folks – you can come up with your own as well, Do it, document it and share your story using comment area under this video. Before you go, leave a like, or share this video with someone you know loves IKEA as well. 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  1. I’m loving these hacks. I am moving into a cottage soon the dressing room is being transformed into my craft space. I’m so excited. I have the desk top draw unit and I am definitely going to paint and add knobs looks so much better

  2. Just so you know, please say MOD PODGE, not Modge Podge @3:20. Despite that, I think you said it correctly once or twice though @2:58.

  3. #25 " floating credenza" what transformation took place here.? You simply hung a besta unit and added a wood top panel to it.

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