3 Controversial Digital Marketing Campaigns That Made Me MILLIONS
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3 Controversial Digital Marketing Campaigns That Made Me MILLIONS

many of you out there know that I have a lot of haters some of you like me some of you hate me ourselves and that’s okay it’s mainly because I’ve done some aggressive marking tactics in the past hi everyone i’m neil patel and today i’m gonna share with you three bold marketing tactics that have made me Millions have you guys ever seen the who is neil patel campaign yes most of you know because in many cases there was a lot of half-naked girls in it i didn’t just pay half naked girls i paid a lot of bodybuilders makeup artists I’ve even paid one buck dude and he put the name Neil Patel on his pecs and he was like flexing like this and my name kept bouncing up and down I thought it was the most awesome thing people just nitpicked that hey a lot of girls are half naked with your name and I didn’t just pay all these girls and tell them hey go be half-naked more so that they wanted to post half-naked pictures and some of them were friends if I had to take it back yeah I probably wouldn’t do it anymore I was in trying to degrade women I learned entrepreneurship from my mom and I did apologize to the community for doing that but nonetheless that campaign I did it more so to get my brand out there get the Google searches so that way can rank higher on Google and the long run I ended up working and what I found out is that campaign led to a lot of business steals that did make me millions of dollars again as I stated I can’t apologize enough I wasn’t trying to degrade women I had a lot of men doing the same thing that were fitness models makeup artists someone even makeup and kneel on someone’s face and stuff like that I thought the makeup artist did an amazing job but nonetheless you get the point by having a lot of people holding up your name or your company name and I don’t recommend doing it with people who are half-naked they should be fully clothed it’s a great way to generate a ton of buzz and awareness now what you’ll find from this is you won’t get a ton of direct sales you get a lot of search visitors they may not be sticky but in general your brand will get out there think of coca-cola Pepsi McDonald’s Nike you see all these brands everywhere what happens when you keep seeing the brands it just keeps building and building and building over time think of Instagram campaigns the same way when you do the who is stuff it’s not all about having people who are you know going out there promoting you to generate more sales for you but more so it’s just about getting your brand out there and you need to do it with people who are the right audience if I had to do it all over again I would have done it with a ton more business people I tried paying a lot of businesspeople to hold up the signs but the issue with them is a lot of these business people had a ton of money and there’s like why would we promote your brand so I picked whoever I could get to sign up work through ad agency and/or social media ad agency and they picked whoever they they could end up finding the second tactic I have for you is infographics when I first started doing infographics especially on the KISSmetrics website no one else was doing them people liked infographics it takes too much time design time energy why would you do it there’s no text Google it likes ranking text but by creating beautiful design infographics all spending five hundred to a thousand dollars per graphic and people like your crazy these articles and infographics aren’t gonna rank for anything Cheryl is putting a paragraph above the infographic maybe a paragraph below but you know what those infographics generated thousands and thousands of links so much so that I helped build up my blog KISSmetrics over a million visitors a month and I helped build a multi-million dollar company that raised over 17 million dollars sure the company didn’t do as well as it should have but still the infographics is what built up all that traffic and help generate majority of the customers especially during the early days so check out infographics if you don’t know how to design them you can go to dribble DRI BBB le com to find designers or you can go to 99designs to also find them once you have them pay them they’ll create it put the infographic on your website then make sure if you’re on WordPress you’re using an embed code generator called WP embed code generator that allows people to take your infographic put it on their site which will naturally build up your backlinks and generate more search traffic as well the third tactic I have for you is give away everything for free if you see a popular competitor who’s charging first stuff just give away stuff for free for example if you go to keyword tool Al and you want to do keyword research what do you have to do yeah you can use a tool for free but to get CPC data get more keywords you have to pay for it what did I do I bought a bird suggest for a bit more than $100,000 I merged it into Neil Patel calm I added all their paid features I released it for free and you know what now you don’t have to pay for their tool I gave it away all for free my traffic on that new Bursa just section of my site compared to when I bought it has grown by over 50% all I did was one simple thing I gave away other people’s paid features fully for free no pricing plans no login required unlimited usage for free and yes people like Neil you’re crazy spent over a hundred grand on that you probably spent over 50 grand in development I have all these API costs each month that thing cost me thousands and thousands of dollars to maintain each month like how are you making money well I have an ad agency Neil Patel digital that tool helps generate leads one deal one lead makes up for the whole cost of that product sure the profit may not be there but you get the point I just need one lead a month and the tool right now is getting over 400 thousand page views per month as you can see not that hard to generate one lead from that kind of traffic volume I do the same thing on quick spot years and years ago when I released my advance guy it’s like the beginner’s guide to online marketing and I spent 30 plus thousand dollars when I came to design content generation promotion and people like wow you’re giving all this way for free I’m like yeah and I’ll do it in quantity too people thought us crazy help get me a lot of rankings traffic and business those advanced guys have generated me in excess of a million dollars yes it took a long time to recoup the money but they keep producing income even though my costs have stopped on them so if you want to do really well you don’t have to copy my tactics just get really creative do some of these crazy things and the more crazier they are the better off you are again as I learned on early in my career don’t go too crazy and don’t you don’t want people to think you’re sexist or anything like that make sure you respect people I learned the hard way so make sure you don’t run into the same issues that I ran into but when you get crazy like doing things like giving away for free or spending too much on stuff that other people would have it’s okay and long run it could pay off and if you’re not sure what kind of crazy ideas you should be leveraging leave a comment below I’ll respond I’ll give you some feedback and you know we can trade some crazy war marketing stories and who knows you make each come up with new ideas and new tactics and dominate our own industries so if you liked this video like share it let other people know about it and together let’s all come up with some crazy ideas and dominate the marketing world

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100 thoughts on “3 Controversial Digital Marketing Campaigns That Made Me MILLIONS

  1. I want to start my own agency. I don't have a lot of money to invest. What crazy tactic should I use?

  2. Thanks for all the great tips you give, would love to know what are the crazy things that could be done early on in a business; specially when you don't have much money to spend.

  3. Hey Neil,

    love the tactics and also the fact that you stress that along with these, there's a need to concurrently build a long-term brand strategy and moat around your businesses.

    Just had a question I wanted to ask:

    1. You've mentioned you've been into learning human psychology to carry over ideas when running your companies and for online marketing. Are there any specific favorite resources that you turn to for this?

    PS: If ever possible, would love to have a video/blog about whether or not you set aside some time during the day for learning, how you schedule it and what medium your normally prefer (e.g. podcasts, books,videos or talking to other business owners)

  4. The traffic on my site is quite specific yet low. Plz tell me how to generate paid email leads. Maybe fb ads ads or something

  5. Hi Niel, So happy to see you have been fixed a big mistake on your presentation. Earlier you seemed to me over enthusiastic and over energetic in your videos kind of shouting. Now you are more of calm and relaxed person while presenting your videos which I really prefer and I hope the rest of the watchers too. Kudos Man

  6. Hey Neil, I wish to start a personal brand. Getting traffic by blogging is a little hard so making visitors from YouTube to my blog is the plan. I don't have a good camera so I decided not to start YouTube with a low quality camera. So my question is, I have a good knowledge in Programming, Software Development, Blogging, SEO, and Marketing, in which of these niches are better to start with as of now?

    By the way, I was really missing that "N! YOU KNOW WHAA!!!" and finally I saw it now (3:13)

    Mufeed VH

  7. I'm the one who loves your work 🙂
    I'm running a software development business and was trying to relate your tips with business and i find it very difficult for me to work on these bold tips.. especially giving something for free. It's really great strategy but I think not for my business. Earlier I thought of creating a project management tool and give my customers a free access to it but there are other popular free PMT tools are available like Trello.. seems like need to work on other bold idea.. Please share of you've any better idea 🙂

  8. Hi Neil .. Great learnings from your bold marketing strategies ..what to do and what not to ..

    I have a question .. I want to sell fitness band which do all sort of health fitness measurements like bp, sugar level, ecg, stress, sleep measurement, detect heart attack and god knows there are plenty more readings ..

    This band costs around $350 (~₹22k)

    Fitness Band market is too much crowded and this is not even a year old band

    Also my demographic is all metro cities in India and few tier 2 cities as per initial couple thousand buyers data

    Now here my strategy is
    1. Create video content (10 small video stories about how its helping)
    2. Create landing page along with testimonials

    3. Generate leads from fb, insta, YouTube

    4. Nurture leads with content on calls and WhatsApp

    5. Will create campaigns as per persons

    I need your suggestions what should I test and try or may be any bold marketing strategy 😎

    Thanks🙏 keep rocking 👍

  9. Hello Neil,

    I have recently started a fitness website with 58 blog posts on it. You said you have had great success in the Brazilian market. My idea is to translate them into Portuguese. What do you think?

  10. Love, love it Neil. Not the naked girls but the give a way for free stuff. I have a bunch of ebooks. I am page 1, rank 2. Should I give them all away for free?

  11. Another great question!
    I was thinking what to name my RSS feed Blog category, can I name it RSS?

  12. Is Blog dead in an age of video?
    or what's the future of the blog?
    Can you make a video on it? Those just starting out, would you recommend it in 2018 and beyound? Thank you

  13. Thanks Neil! Really helpful, also confirms some theories I've had about upfront value, just so easy to forget with all the negative, selfish and conditional external influences out there as well as internally with any sort of limited thinking.

  14. Neil, I'm working on a listing website, a marketplace where people can find vendors for their needs. Can you suggest some hacks for marketing it?


  15. Sir Neil, i have suggestion about ubersuggest. Can you please Add a filter for wrong keyword? This filter can avoid wrong keywords, and to catch a massive right keyword.

  16. Seems freemium has its place still in the marketplace. I guess the goal, Intent and strategy has to be clear on how to add value first and then monetize it

  17. Hi Neil LOVE THE VIDEOS, I have any leave track /Annual Leave tracking software, Would you have any ideas what I could give away for free? what if i let people use it free for a year ??

  18. Hey Neil Email marketing almost dead, what is the future of web push notifications? Please make a video on it

  19. i build a web app. I will use your crazy tactic. Give people free access and give people money when he success make their friend register for the app. I will monitize with put premium feature to this app. The old tacti, maybe it's works. Thanks Neil.

  20. I was under the understanding that once you start giving away things for free. you will attract to your business people looking for something for nothing. However. I do see the value in it, that it creates a feeling where a potential client feels they need to give you something back. it creates a buzz

  21. Love it. A partner wants to get a calendar with models on it. I said no. But the painting on the bodies is a cool idea lol.

  22. I am doing blogging. I want to give free course on how to start a blog. Is it generate more visitors to my website Neil patel?

  23. I just love how real you keep your videos. Thanks for just being authentic and demonstrating how being yourself can really pay off!

  24. Have a service company, and cant think of anything crazy that wouldnt make the customer uncomfortable

  25. Hello, Neil, I loved the whole concept of your ideas. With a website like mine which is a tech and gaming reviews website, how could I give things away free?

  26. I have a personal style account. What kind of crazy campaigns should i start to reach more? Other than giveaways plz

  27. #bald marketing
    just kidding 😁😊😉
    I've seen sime big companies doing bold marketing
    so good advice but you need to keep it ethical.

  28. What should I create and give away to dominate the Amazon FBA and PLR industries?
    Do you think just long-form of content can do better?

  29. What would you do if you only have $1500 to montly spend on your content?

    Just produce amazing content on your website or to anyway split that budget to produce onpage and offpage content?
    (The content costs me $80/K.)

  30. Hey Neil, you say give stuff away for free. But what about if you are selling products, you just can't give your products for free… what would you do instead…

  31. You know what? If you're NOT at least a little controversial, you're not making change!! Keep being controversial. I need to be a little too.

  32. No worries Neil we're not judgmental or haters thanks for sharing your successes, failures an rebounds with us.

  33. I would love some advice about launching a new ebook. Other than my email list and adding it to my website I don't know how to market it.

  34. Out of all the people i have ever watched on you tube i trust and like you more…. Neil Thank you for being honest upfront and personal its refreshing and feel secure about all that you teach and convey

  35. Neil, F all the haters. They are mad they didnt think of it first. who are these people to judge you. do what you do my brother.

  36. Neil..I'm devloping an ecommerce website. I'd love to create a section of my website that offeres something free…just like you did ubersuggest for your website.Can you suggest me similar ideas to include in ecom website ?

  37. Hi Neil. I am a big fan of your videos and way of making business. One Question: As my industry rely on the pure workforce to issue a product (real estate marketing) what type of "give away for free" I can do? Thanks for your consideration.

  38. I think people are in denial and hypocrites, Victoria Secret models are as young as 14 yrs old, half naked with huge ads placed in Malls that are visible from across, below and above (that children can see) and I don't think there has been a case of that being a big marketing mistake. The porn industries revenue is $57 Billion Worldwide but Neal who had a fun campaign had to apologize..you are super cool Neil!

  39. Does Infographics still work? I thought these were old tactics that everyone does and websites owners don't want/care about them anymore

  40. I love your ideas Neil!
    Im a Rapid Transformational Therapist and love building a cool brand.
    I wonderful what kind of cool stuff I can do to go viral 👩‍💻🤩

  41. Hey Neil I will I’ve used your Buber suggest is brilliant I own a firm of solicitors what can you suggest I can give away free to be my competition

  42. Thank you I think the info graphics could be another way to grab the attention of a visitor instantly. I will try this.

  43. Gracias por el video!😁 ? También hicimos un video sobre el Growth Marketing! ¿Podrías darme tu opinión? Gracias! 😀


  44. I recently read your book Hustle. I would recommend everyone reading my comment to read that book once in a lifetime if you are or aspire to become an entrepreneur.

  45. Neil, I have 3 different blog ideas, but they are not related and would require me to create 3 separate blogs. I am equally passionate about all 3. Do you suggest I abandon 2 of them, go for all 3 at once, or do one at a time and do it because I enjoy it and not for the money?

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