3 Digital Marketing Challenges in 2019
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3 Digital Marketing Challenges in 2019

I think there are three big concerns that
I hear today. I think the first big concern that I hear is: What do I need to do in terms of getting ready for disruption? I think they’re absolutely worried that somebody with a different business model, a different DNA will come and reshape their industry. I think the number two concern, and which actually prevents many companies from transforming rapidly enough, is because they’re worried about either cannibalization, or they’re worried about lowering their margins. And both of those fears keep them in their comfortable space for way too long. Then the third concern that I hear is all about measuring effectiveness. How do I know I’m spending money the right way in digital? Should I be investing more in some technologies? Or should I be investing in more in Google search versus something else? They’re very
worried about this whole question of measurement.

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