3 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019 | Nathanial Bibby
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3 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019 | Nathanial Bibby

– Well we’re almost at the end of 2018 now and you’re probably wondering what are the three
trends to watch in 2019. Enjoy the video. (upbeat melody) Now we’ll do a quick recap. In 2018, I did a similar video and these are the trends that popped up. Mobile. Mobile browsing is accounting
for a lot of traffic online but what we’re finding is on social media it’s a lot more. 85% or more of browsing
on social media sites is done from mobile device. These are still huge, guys. Don’t ignore these ones
just ’cause I’ve got three new ones over here. Trust. Privacy is becoming a
really big important issue. People want to know if it’s
safe to do business with you. Social proof’s become more important. People are looking at
your social media sites to verify if you are good at what you do to find social proof,
find recommendations, find testimonials, things like that. That’s a big one. Video is accounting for majority of the browsing that’s done online. If you’re not using
video in your marketing you’re kind of marketing with
one hand behind your back. Personal branding. This is really for the small
businesses that are out there, it’s a great way for you to compete with some of the larger organizations is by pushing your personal brand. I mentioned in the last
video about Richard Branson and how he competed with British Airways by using his personal branding. A lot of hot air balloon, getting a lot of free
press and stuff like that. There’s a lot we can learn
from Richard Branson. 2019. What possibly could there be to add to the list, you might ask. I’m going to put up here
user generated content. What is user generated content? Well, what’s happening now is that your consumers or your customers can actually generate content to push your personal brand. We’ve seen this first of all on Instagram where influencers are pushing products. So you might see them
posing with a Heineken or posing with the latest
tanning cream that they’re using. A lot of this is done through platforms like my good friend Jules
Lund has created on TRIBE where brands can connect with influencers to push their brands. So the actual consumer of the product is the one that’s creating the creative which I think going to become
more and more relevant. I think you’ll find that on LinkedIn we’re going to see more and more
of this type of advertising. Definitely something
not to ignore in 2019. LinkedIn which as you know it’s
one of my favorite platforms out there, advertising. That’s it. You’ve heard me correct. LinkedIn advertising is
going to be big in 2019. They’ve introduced lead generation forms which means that you can
see look at a LinkedIn ad and it’ll say hey download this free PDF or click here for more information. Guess how many buttons or how many things you have to type in to
submit your inquiry. One button. Bang. Submit your information. LinkedIn sucks all of your data. You don’t need to fill
in your email address. You don’t need to fill in your name or anything like that. Conversion of LinkedIn ads
has gone up a huge amount. You can also do website
retargeting now with LinkedIn ads. So somebody comes through from LinkedIn to your website then all of a sudden can start seeing your ads on LinkedIn. It’s an extremely targeted way to advertise and the statistic is that people trust LinkedIn
as an information source three times more than
other social channels. So the value of a business
to business lead on LinkedIn is a lot higher than one off another social media channel. So, everyone goes yes,
well LinkedIn’s expensive, blah, blah, blah. It’s a lot cheaper than the
likes of Google Advertising and it’s a much more
highly trusted resource. So we’re finding the quality
of the leads from LinkedIn a lot more effective. Definitely one not to
ignore in 2019, guys. Authenticity. Now, this word gets thrown
around a lot, doesn’t it? In online marketing. I think what we need to realize is there’s two different types of content that are out there. There’s content that creates
engagement, that adds value. That you’re really not
asking for anything in return when you provide this content, right? This content needs authenticity in it. People will only connect
with authentic brands and if you’re pushing your personal brand it’s even more important. People want to see what’s
going on behind the scenes. We’ve got a lot of the
information out there. If I can give you these
three trends in 2019 there’s probably 100
or 100,000 other people that are doing exactly the same video but the fact that it’s authentic, you’ve got a relationship with me makes it more compelling to watch. The other type of content
you want to produce is actually content that
produces a return on investment. This is where you’ve already
established likeability and trust and you’re converting that trust into return on investment. Now, a word of warning. A lot of people are out there doing the first type of content, creating that likeability and trust and not actually
transferring it into dollars. From a business perspective
that makes no sense whatsoever. You’re wasting a lot of time
and money on social media when you should be out knocking on doors and trying to get business. So, make sure that if
you are doing content that adds value that you’re also turning it into return on investment. When you sell something,
it’s a transfer of value. If you want to grow your business and if you want to add
more value than anyone else you need to be selling
stuff, really important. If you’re not selling stuff, make sure that you stop what you’re doing and re-evaluate your strategy so that you do generate
a return on investment from every single thing
that you do online. These are the three
trends to watch in 2019. If you enjoyed the video, like it, share it, comment,
tell us what you think, and we shall see you soon on LinkedIn.

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