3 Internship Tips for University Students in 2019
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3 Internship Tips for University Students in 2019

Hey guys JJ here and in this video, I’ll be
sharing with you 3 Tips that I’ve learnt as an Intern back in Xiaomi. By the end of this video, whether if you’re
going for any internship during your summer exchange, or whether you’re going abroad for
your exchange I believe that these tips will be very helpful as an intern because honestly
doing an internship is very very beneficial and you really learn so much more compared
to what you learn in class. So maybe you’re unsure or are scared of the
challenges that lie ahead of whatever internship that you’re entering, watching this video
will be able to prepare you in some way into entering this new work environment. Tip No.1. Be as obnoxious as possible. I don’t mean to say be the obnoxious intern
whereby you literally prod your nose in everyone’s business but doing it in a polite way. You need to be able to stand out and the thing
that you always need to keep in mind in that you’re probably not the only intern that have
worked in that particular company. How are you going to make yourself different
from the other interns who have came and passed by this company? You want to make as much of an impact and
whether if its irritating people or getting to know people. Do whatever it takes to get to know the people
around you and in the office because at the end of the day, at least from my internship
experience, I don’t think your internship experience will actually teach you anything
valuable because a skill is technically a commodity but having personal relationships
with others is not a commodity and that’s where I think its very important to step out
from your department and get to know as many people as possible in the company and you
will never know when all these contacts might come in handy in the near future or whatever
things you do in life. The second tip is literally TALK, so I know
that it seems like a very simple advice. I’m not asking you to talk for the sake of
talking but you need to give you opinions and thoughts on whatever issue that is in
the company. Whether if its small issues, like whether,
should the company be doing a particular procedure in a particular way, or whether should they
change the lighting or change whatever things. Feel free to always voice out your opinion
because your thoughts and opinions matter. If you don’t talk, people won’t really know
what you are thinking inside your head and you don’t want to be in a situation whereby
your colleagues around you or boss is forming impressions and assumptions about you when
they are not even true so i would suggest literally, TALK, because, at least in my internship
experience, I’ve came across other interns who are seemingly so quiet and it seems like
they are just a ghost floating here and there everywhere. So don’t be that intern and let others have
the opportunity to know who you are as a person. So the last tip that I’m going to leave here
is slightly contentious, don’t be so obsessed over the CLOCK, don’t make it a habit to leave
your work always on time. Let’s say if working hours end at 6, I don’t
really suggest to leave exactly at 6. And of course this really depends on the work
culture and company that you’re in but I’d be asking you. What are you doing with your time anyway? At least for me from my personal experience,
our working hours in Xiaomi was about 10-8-ish. In fact, there’s a lot of things that happens
after 8 whereby we’re dealing with international markets so on and so forth. You never know what you can put your hand
to. Of course, you need to be self-aware and access
the situation if you’re needed there in the first place or not and its a very fine line
of volunteering and giving yourself opportunities just by staying in the office so that’s what
I’d recommend. Do not be so calculative and leave work on
a particular time where the official working hours have ended. So that’s my 3 internship tips that I would
have given myself before I even started the journey of being an intern myself. And I believe that it would be very very helpful. After all, internships are really a place
for us to learn a lot of things aside from textbook stuff so i really think that you
should all value this chance being an intern. Whether if its having a BAD BOSS, it really
forces you into perspective and I think no matter what kind of internship experience
that you have its always important to treat it like a gift. What I always like to tell myself, psycho-ing
myself in whatever bad situations that happen to myself. I always like to ask myself. “What if it was a gift?” What if it was a gift that I had a horrible
boss? What if it was a gift if I had entered a terrible
company. What if it was a gift if my boss fired me
so i know this sounds slightly delusional at the same time. Of course be self-aware to know where the
fine-line is in drawing. Where and what situation is this thought appropriate. Because I find me beating down myself at times
for no apparant reason. I think its just natural for us humans to
have self-confidence issues and I think that resorting to other ways in terms of motivating
ourselves would really help a lot. so yeah! That’s it for this video and see you in the
next one

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