3 Marketing Mistakes Aspiring Coaches Can’t Afford to Make
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3 Marketing Mistakes Aspiring Coaches Can’t Afford to Make

Do you feel like you’re working so hard
on your business….but WHERE ARE THE CLIENTS? I’ve helped over 1,000 students build their
own online coaching or consulting or course businesses and go from employee to entrepreneur,
and today, I’m going to share 3 of the most common mistakes I see that derail their business
growth. Before we jump right in, make sure you hit
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on building your own online coaching business. Mistake #1: Hiding behind “tech” This is by far the number one mistake that
I see so many aspiring entrepreneurs make. The reason is because, especially if you’re
an introvert like me, it’s WAY easier to sit in front of your computer and work on
your emails, or your website, or your funnels. And it feels SO hard and scary to actually
go out there and talk to people. So you keep on putting it off and staying
up late to work on these things, and THEN…you wonder where your sales are. Here’s the thing — that’s doing it backwards. You FIRST speak with people, help them get
to know you, get clients, get some revenue, and THEN, you build the systems to help you
scale that. There’s magic in connecting with people,
and the beauty of it is, once you start talking with them, even if you’re not the best marketer
and salesperson in the world, which no one is when they’re starting out, that’s OK. Because forming that connection and speaking
with your potential clients is WAY more powerful and effective. So even if you forget the other tips, and
just go out there, drop the systems for a bit, and talk to people, that will be infinitely
more effective than working on your systems and website. Mistake #2: Sounding like everyone else I see this a lot, even when my students don’t
mean to do it. It’s often because you’re studying other
people who are doing what you want to do, and you start to subconsciously mirror their
language, thinking if it’s working for them, it’ll work for me too, right? But what happens is first, people who are
your ideal clients, see that, and they ignore it, because it sounds like something they’ve
already seen. Not only that, but people can tell when what
you’re saying doesn’t fit the way you usually talk or sound. There are only two people that you need to
sound like in your marketing content. The first person is YOU. To do that, one of the easiest ways to do
this, especially when you’re starting out, is to talk out what you want to say, imagine
yourself talking to ONE person, and type it as you say it. Seriously, try it. The second person is your IDEAL CLIENT. You need to be using their language about
their specific problems, and the specific things they want help with, and the specific
results that they want. This comes from doing market research. There’s no shortcut. You’ve got to pick up the phone and talk
to people. Ask them what they’re struggling with. Ask them why it’s important for them to
solve that problem. And what solving that problem means to them. And it doesn’t have to be a lot of people. If you talk to 3 people who are your ideal
clients, that’s enough. Aside from that, you also want to be talking
about why the way you help your clients is different. Challenge the status quo. Share your opinions. Everything, from the content you’re sharing,
to your personality, IS unique to you, and it should come across as that way to the people
reading it as well. Think about it this way — you might like
vanilla ice cream, but nobody wants to hire a vanilla coach. So don’t be vanilla. Mistake #3: Relying on external motivators
The final mistake is a very popular one. It’s the idea that if you create a sense
of urgency for your offer, like telling people that you have limited spots left or that the
price is going up soon, or a bonus is disappearing soon, that you’ll get them to act. There IS a time and place for motivators like
this, but relying heavily on them to make the sale is lazy marketing, and not that effective. Especially when you’re starting out, it’s
way more important to figure out what the INTERNAL motivators are for your audience. In other words, get clear on these questions: 1. What is that point when your ideal client
says, “I NEED to fix this?” When it’s not just a nice to have, it’s
a MUST? 2. How/when do they get to that point? And finally… 3. What is the cost to THEM if they don’t act
now? And I don’t mean lost savings on your expired
bonuses! I’m talking about the personal cost to them
in terms of happiness, time, love, money. Being able to answer these three questions
will allow you to tailor your marketing content to them. This way, you are first of all attracting
people who ARE ready to take action, and second of all, able to speak to their internal motivators
to remind them of the cost of NOT taking action. Being able to do this effectively will help
you understand your audience so much better, be able to speak to the things they care about,
AND, make you infinitely more sales than relying on an expiring deadline. So, have you been making any of these mistakes? Be honest, because you’re the only one who
will know. And now you know how to fix it. That’s not all though. If you want to know what to do INSTEAD, and
how to market your business the right way to get clients, I’ve got a video for you
on the simple 3-step marketing plan for new coaches. The video is linked in the description below
so make sure you check it out. Last but definitely not least, if you want
my proven 15-second script to help you get your first paying client, make sure you grab
it in the description below as well. This video has shown you how to stop making
3 of the biggest and most common marketing mistakes, and that PDF will give you the exact
action steps to take to get that first or next paying client asap. If you liked this video, please let me know
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5 thoughts on “3 Marketing Mistakes Aspiring Coaches Can’t Afford to Make

  1. The first tip is so important! At the end of the day, building connections and just having human interactions will get you further than perfecting your sales funnel. Thank you 🙂 ❤️

  2. "There's magic in connecting with people" — such a strong statement!! Speaking the language of your ideal client – crucial. So much gold in this – hard to pick a "biggest takeaway" haha! Number 3 is super important too — again, just a fire video! Thank you! Yes, I've made all of those mistakes haha!

  3. Thanks this was great! First point really resonated with me. Actually I see it like this now, if you master the relationship part and really connect with and understand your clients, the second and third point will be addressed beautifully. It's all about engaging with your clients. People support those they connect with, there's a sense of trust established.

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