3 Marketing Strategies you should use in a Sellers Market with NO INVENTORY
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3 Marketing Strategies you should use in a Sellers Market with NO INVENTORY

I’m gonna expoint to you exactly why we do what we do and how everything goes down I’m gonna show you how grow your business These are the things that today’s market, you’re gonna love what we did in here were gonna start making some money, That’s how we do it. Hey guy’s john cochran here and today is system Saturday the day
that I bring a system that I use my business that you can rip off duplicate using your own
local market now today’s system saturday what we’re talking about is were in market right now to where
everybody is selling their properties and
lightning speed everybody is a soon as a properties hitting the market it is being sold to what we have to
focus on as real estate investors is getting properties that nobody else knows about getting
properties that are not you know available to the public so
today what I’m gonna do the I’m gonna show three different strategies three
system what you need to be using right now to find motivated sellers that
nobody else even knows about them very first one is bandit signs this
is a ban signs 18 inches by 24-inch I and it’s got up you know a is could a bandit signs got
flouts in these its corrugated plastic and what you do is you write simple
messages on this and and you’re gonna be posting this all around your sweet
spot I I totally suggest uh you know
posting signs like this johnny Buys Houses with your phone number in your wholesaling and your prehabbing
sweet spot not necessarily you’re rehabbing sweet spot but your
wholesaling and your prehabbing sweet spot if you don’t know what your wholesaling or
prehabbing sweet spot is definitely check out our system saturday on
finding and locating your real estate sweet spot that’s number one you
gotta be doing a bandit signs in today’s real estate market because this will bring you in Leads that nobody
else has that no no properties there upon a market another thing that you should be doing right now is
buying list usually buying list right now of a of people that would potentially be grow ah you know are ready to be selling
their properties list like a make it list of a property them you know of a vacant properties you know you should be buying list of you
know seniors people that are all getting ready to downsize you should be buying list of a absentee
owner put people ah you know people that own real estate
but they don’t actually live in those properties usually find
those types of list and they should all have equity you know you’re looking for a list and you’re
looking for list of people that would be ready to sell their
property and they already have equity that is key in today’s real estate
market see usually buying list we use ah was called list ability to to buy
of all our list from you can go to list building.com check them out that’s
where we get on our list at um.. another thing the usually doing in
today’s ah real estate market is direct-mail
direct-mail guys this is the perfect time in this is a
powerhouse for a business so the third thing is the direct mail
mailboxes and got empty you’re not getting as much spam male anymore I’m not getting as much
spam mail anymore so now’s a great time to start up the direct mail and mailing
you know postcards and and yellow letters and those
things been very very unique so what we do in
all more direct mailers were very unique and we don’t you know market
but the big brands the we buy houses hey we buy house cash right now on the
best in the market we don’t do any that stuff so ah are direct mail what we really
focus on being that local you know just down the street you know
we yeah we’re looking to do some business and and that’s really the the image that we’re
per train in all of our direct mail so you know use use you postcards use letters use yellow letters switch it up a little
bit and I can promise you that when you mail out direct mail and you mail out to those list that I just
mentioned a number two you’ll get a flood of motivated sellers
that nobody else even knows about expecially in today’s market how crucial
that is your business so guy’s those are the three things focused on
those three things and you’ll see an increase in your motivated sellers that
nobody else even knows about so like us on Facebook subscribe to our
YouTube channel and I’ll see you on the next system Saturday I’m out

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5 thoughts on “3 Marketing Strategies you should use in a Sellers Market with NO INVENTORY

  1. John:  In my geo area, it is now illegal to put Bandit Signs on any public property, or private property for which you do not have previous permission from the owner.  So that means no Bandit Signs at highway entrances, offramps, vacant properties, traffic medians, etc. What do you suggest?

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