3 Steps to Making $1000 Per Day With Affiliate Marketing
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3 Steps to Making $1000 Per Day With Affiliate Marketing

hey what’s going on guys it’s John here
with non stop affiliate and in this video I’m going to show you guys the
three steps you need to start implementing right now to start making
$1000 per day with your online business now if you’ve been following the channel
you already know the number one thing that I always tell you guys to do they
start establishing your brand on a platform so the first thing before I
even teach you guys these three steps you want to make sure that you’re
establishing your brand on any platform online so you’re either gonna pick
YouTube Facebook Instagram Pinterest one of those four or you know there’s other
platforms out there to build your brand on establish yourself on so that way
people know where you’re at you know what you don’t want to do is start
jumping on all of them so go ahead and pick one establish yourself on that
platform so you can start building your online business and implement these
three steps that I’m about to teach you now real quick if you are brand new to
my channel this channel is all about creating passive income starting your
own online business and finding financial freedom so if you want to
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income online alright so let’s get started so like I just mentioned you
want to make sure you establish yourself on a platform online you know you’re
gonna build a brand a brand either around yourself or around your affiliate
marketing business and establish it on a platform either YouTube Facebook
Pinterest Instagram whichever one you this
whichever one resonates the best to you whichever one fits the best to you if
you like being on video go to youtube if you like doing post and writing articles
go to Facebook so once you pick that platform you’re gonna start implementing
these three key steps on that platform to start making $1000 a day to start
building your brand getting people to know you getting getting people to start
buying from you and that way you know that’s how you start making a passive
income online so these are the three key steps
after you establish yourself so number one is the no factor and by the way this
formula right here is called the know like and trust factors right here know
like and trust factors these are the ones that you’re gonna implement on your
online brand or business to start making sales to start establishing yourself
start getting gaining authority because that’s the most important thing you want
to get Authority you want to gain trust from people and start making sales so
again it’s the know like and trust factor so factor number one is to know
so you want people to start knowing who your brand is you know to start knowing
who you are start knowing about your online brand or whatever affiliate
marketing niche you’re getting into start knowing about it so how do you get
people to start knowing about it by posting content every single day posting
daily content you know reminding people that this is where you’re at reminding
people that you you know this you have a brand you’ve established yourself you’re
posting daily content they start seeing you more and more consistently and they
start seeing that you’re actually being consistent you’re not just you know
being random you’re not just you know popping up outta nowhere and stuff they
people start recognizing you they start knowing about your brand start knowing
that you’re posting things every single day that’s exactly how you start
establishing Authority and presence with your online business just start posting
consistently start posting daily or start having like a calendar or schedule
where Mondays you post about this Tuesdays you post about that you know
having a daily schedule that you’re posting daily that way people are gonna
start knowing about your brand knowing about your business and then you jump
over to the next fact there’s a like back there now the like and trust back
they’re kind of boats we get there a little bit so when to start getting
people to like you to start getting people to like your brand the brand that
you’re establishing you gotta do two things for one be yourself and number
two post valuable content so in order to start getting people to likey you want
to start posting valuable content that’s at the same time unique to yourself
unique to you because obviously not only are you posting content there’s a ton of
other people out there that are posting content so you the way to separate
yourself from other people that are posting content is to just be yourself
just be you you don’t have to you know do anything
crazy or copy off the last person or anything just be yourself
and start posting valuable content when you start posting valuable content
people start remembering that people start remembering that you helped them
out with this problem or with that problem that they had and then you help
them out with the valuable content that you posted and that’s how people start
to like you and as soon as people start to like you that’s when the trust factor
comes in they starts a trust you once you start recommending tools or soft
words or whatever product that you’re promoting people are gonna actually
start buying off you because now they are they already know you they know that
you’re posting valuable content they like the content that you’re posting and
they’re willing to trust you when you recommend something to them and that’s
when you start making the money by helping others out first establishing
your brand first and then you get people to trust you and then that’s when the
sale starts will happen and again to get people to like you all you want to do is
be yourself you know be yourself be authentic you don’t have to be copying
off others or you know trying to be something you’re not online something
that I want you to remember is that not everyone’s gonna like your band not
everyone’s gonna relate to you not everyone’s gonna want to like work with
you and that’s completely okay you don’t want those people in your life anyways
right you want to start building of people of audience that relates to you
that you can wants to work with you and there are people out there that are
gonna do that there are people out there that are gonna see your brand see you
posting content and want to work with you because they know you’re putting in
effort they know you show up every day they know they could trust you they like
you and that’s when you’re gonna start making sales again so again these are
the three three key factors you want to implement in your business to start
generating sales to start having these five hundred dollar days thousand
dollars days with your business start creating passive income online again
start getting people to know who you are by establishing yourself on a platform
Facebook YouTube Instagram and Pinterest you don’t want to do all of them at the
same time you want to choose one and then you want to start posting valuable
content on that platform start posting daily consistent content that way people
start knowing who you are they start liking your brand start liking who you
are start building up the last which is the trust factor that way when
you recommend something to people when you put an opera they’re gonna trust
that you’re giving them something good that it’s actually gonna help them it’s
gonna solve their problem and they’re willing to work with you and rely on you
for something like this and now real quick one of the things that I see
people have the hardest time getting over is wanting to post content because
it’s already out there because somebody else already out there is saturated
people are already doing it but again that doesn’t matter as long as you’re
making it unique to yourself as long as you’re being yourself there are people
that are gonna choose you over the person that posted it three months ago
in fact this very video right here that you’re watching I’m sure you know it’s
already been posted something similar has already been posted to it but that
really doesn’t matter cuz you know I want honestly to show this to you I’m
kind of show you something brand new and that’s really what matters right there
that you’re learning right here right now so it’s very important that you get
over that hump right there that you realize that you have something that you
have your own potential you have your own uniqueness and even though it’s
already out there it’s been out there before in a video or a blog post the
fact that you’re doing it right now it’s gonna help somebody out in the future
that has never seen it before I just remember establish your brand or your
business on a platform and start implementing these three key factors
right here the know like and trust factor once you get these established
right here the sales are gonna be coming through the door the sales are gonna be
running through your door so again very important to establish these key three
factors and I guarantee if you look around to any of the people you look up
to or any of the brands that you look up to this is the exact formula that
they’re implementing on their business so I hope you enjoyed this key little
training right here if you guys got some value from this video don’t forget to
subscribe down below and hit that like button and I’ll see you on the next

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