3 Things That Set Capital One Internships Apart
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3 Things That Set Capital One Internships Apart

Making the decision to become
a full-time associate was a no-brainer. After the intern program, I really just,
I knew it was the place for me. When I think about a lot of corporate internships,
I think there are three really important things: Good pay, an enjoyable environment,
and then work that’s meaningful. Most corporate internships in my experience
make you pick two, maybe just pick one. Capital One really does give you all three. I had done a lot of thinking
about what I wanted from a company which was a lot about culture and feeling challenged but also getting the space to try different things
and explore what my interests were. I think at other banks and companies
you don’t really get such a diverse experience. Good work-life balance,
reasonable workload made me realize this is going to be a great place for me to work while trying to have a life outside of work. Every single summer they provide you with a buddy and they actually would also give you an executive mentor who you would meet with a couple
of times over the course of the summer Those mentorships, especially,
really have lasted the test of time. I can see myself here in five years,
in ten years. You should absolutely apply to Capital One.

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