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– [Allan] Three stories on how to craft an inbound marketing strategy for you, passionate product builder. This is another episode that is designed for you product makers who
want to scale your marketing. Perhaps right now, heavily
depend on your personal network. And who shouldn’t, right,
if you have friends who like your products. And number two, maybe you’re depending on outbound marketing for
some immediate success. But if your product pitch already works, this is especially relevant for you. You know that you have a system that works whenever you put it in
front of an audience, people tend to like your work. So let’s talk about a process
that would scale better than tapping your personal network or relying on outbound. Which is inbound marketing. Because if we compare it
with outbound marketing, that’s more like hunting
for tonight’s dinner, right? Where in inbound marketing is
more like building a factory. Scalable results that
will happen for later but if you’re confident about the payoff, then you’ll happily invest
in something that scale. Stay alert! Because these are three stories and at the end of each story, you’re gonna get a five
minute actionable tip. My name is Allan from NorthStories.io. And here are the three hot stories about inbound marketing strategy. Story number one. Let us not forget this
classic piece by Hubspot wherein they have broken
down the definition of inbound marketing. You might have gone through this piece a bunch of times before but
it’s always worth looking back at it again. So as a reminder if you’re
already familiar with inbound, there are four actions for
converting your strangers, your prospects, into promoters. Number one, you want to attract
strangers to be visitors of your website of your
property, of your store. Number two, you want to
convert them into people who have engaged with you. Three, at some point you
want to turn that engagement, you want to turn the lead
into a customer, closing them. Finally, you want to
turn them into promoters by delighting them. Now, let’s make your actionable practice by going through the five minute tip, which is mapping your
audience’s inbound journey. Question is, do you have a complete,
cohesive step by step journey for your audience? Look at your entire flow
and see if there is any gap in terms of how you’re driving traffic, how you convert that traffic into leads, how you nurture those leads into sales, and how you re-engage your customers. And by going through the entire flow, you might be surprised that
maybe you are super good at re-engaging clients while, for example, there might be a gap in terms
of converting your leads into customers in the first place, right? So there’s an earlier bottleneck, so you want to even out those bottlenecks to have a nice flow of audience. Okay, story number two. Thanks to Sonny at
MarketingLand for this story regarding four components of the best social media campaigns. For any marketing effort, all these components
should be present, right? Why? You don’t just want marketing project for the sake of completing a project, for the sake of spending budget. You want a clear campaign strategy. Now what is in a successful
social media campaign? Number one, you want a
carefully developed plan. Two, clearly defined goals. Three, cross-channel promotion,
different social channels and even channels that are
not considered social yet. And finally, a thorough
analysis of results. Let’s get into the five
minute tip to get this into something super actionable. And this about auditing your
biggest marketing expense this week. For example, are you working
on a social media campaign, maybe a Facebook ad or a
forum marketing activity? You want to check if that
project is contributing to clear goals. You want to know if that
goal is tied to a deadline. And you want to set your budgets, right? You want to know what you
want to achieve, by when, and what you’re ready to
spend in terms of other kinds of resources like your
time and your money. Why? It’s very easy to get
caught in the busy work without even understanding
the rules of the game. So you don’t just want to
create marketing activities, you want to craft a great campaign and a five minute tip is to audit your biggest marketing
expense right this week. Alright! Story number three. A discussion on Quora is what are the highest-impact inbound
marketing strategies for SaaS companies? This reminds me of the parental principle or the 80-20 rule, focusing
only on the vital few activities that would bring the most results. This discussion is about
spending so much time on creating articles
or conducting webinars or other kinds of content
marketing activities. Now, while we know that inbound marketing is a long term investment, it
helps to know which activities are closer to ROI. So my five minute tip for
getting actionable here is to list your 10 high-traffic channels where you can find the
most, where you can reach the biggest amount of relevant audience. Why? Within five minutes, you
want to list those ideas because you want to identify
where you should be spending most of your marketing time. Outside of your own platform, you should be distributing content because chances are Reddit,
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or maybe a niche forum is far larger than your own website in
terms of following, right? So just think about it. A typical Reddit community
or even a Facebook group can get 10X more traffic and engagement. Consider this. And while it’s very easy
to get so busy blogging, traffic does not magically appear, right? You can’t just create an
infographic and then you’re done. You can’t set up a webinar
and then you’re done. You gotta drive new attention. So, you want to invest more
in distributing your presence, especially in places
that are far more popular than your own platform, because
chances are it’s very easy to find a more popular
place than your own website in terms of reaching new audience that’s relevant to your brand. Alright! Recap time. Three actionable tips, and
this is the time for you to choose which one
you’re going to execute. Number one, you want to map
your audience’s inbound journey and see where the gaps are
so you can fill in the gaps. Number two, you want to audit
your biggest marketing expense this week and see if there
are really producing ROI and you have the rules of the
game in terms of the budget, deadlines, and targeting. And number three, you
want to list 10 ideas of high traffic channels where
you might be spending more of your time instead of
on your own platform. Alright! There you have it. I want you to identify your action plan and then I invite you to tweet it to me. @AllanCaeg on Twitter. And then I will hold you accountable. This has been Allan of NorthStories.io and keep up over here for
more tips on inbound marketing for entrepreneurs.

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