3 | What details” are required to create an effective”customer profile
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3 | What details” are required to create an effective”customer profile

So there are process so you need to ask these questions so you when you define a customer of customer survey you need to ask these cautious who means who what is the background of that customer where he work. Head of Human Resources. These are this is acceptable. So he’s the head of Human Resources. In the same company for 10 years. He is married with two kids. So you know now what is his background. What your customer look like. Michael Duffy then his demographics. Where does he live. Age income. And what does that skews female. She means he’s he’s a female she’s a female. Is that really fine. How much whole household income they have where they live. These are demographics. So you need to understand male or female age income and location. Then you have identifiers. How does what is there bro. What is their personality look like. They are calm. They may have a assistant. Maybe they have a secretary. Maybe they have additional collateral mailed or printed. Ask to receive the. They don’t want this. They always want printed material to see. Yeah. So means that you don’t want to waste your money in a website. You may want them to print collectibles. Correct. So especially that is the embodies. Then what are their goals and what are their challenges especially particularly relating to the product or services you are providing. So if you are doing the real estate business what kind of challenges they have. Do they have a house. They may not have a house. They may be looking for a rental. They may be looking to sell the house. They may be looking for or integrating the house. They may be looking for interior decoration or so scornfully. So what are their goals. They want to keep they bloody happy and support the legal and finance team. That’s their goal. OK. Is good to understand the customer profile then challenges. She bought everything that with a small staff that is her challenge. And then she would roll out the changes to that buyer. You just trying to understand their challenges and what can we do to help them. So if you are a real estate company you can say OK maybe they are talented is they don’t have a house. They want the innovation of the house. They are looking at relocating the house. They are changing the house. What do you can do you can provide those services. You can provide immediate equity share and you can provide the House to provide that great services you can provide that becomes anything right. Free else. OK. So fingers are doing well. I’d like that if you are just giving them Ok where to buy a house they will if they want to buy a house. And the article which explained how to buy a house Amy and God will help them. They will be entrusted to do right. All right. Because they are buying the house. So when you are doing the conduct on your website you need to address. You need to keep in mind what kind of content you want on your Web site. OK. So for example when this lady is giving you the profile I offer to create a collect I’m going to ask them how and what kind of content she going to create. Not only about the company what they are doing. Also think about the customer needs. Otherwise you will not be able to attract customer customers nowadays. How many times you go on Web site and read the company information readily. Right. But if the Web site has information about which is helping you to understand something new. Right. Learning new. Then you go and spend time right. Like you are reading the idea goes if the company promotes. OK. Maybe a survey of real estate companies Indian bought houses in your. What are the different sizes who lives there. What are those selling price per square feet and what are the rental prices you will be interested in that information. But you will not be interested in knowing that this company is making what kind of size where are their projects. It’s not your business. You’re not. You are hardly going there to lead that kind of information. So I think when I’m finished you will not go there again because you don’t get any value. So I doesn’t think the challenges will help to drive down the contents of on your website on your blogs your social media post your Facebook bulls your LinkedIn post the picture the radio whatever content you create will be catered towards these challenges and the goals and what you can but what site. What kind of services you are providing them. Otherwise they will not be attracted to you. That is amazing. But leave it to people. Of course they had to be delivered to the client who is going to use the plane. Yes. So for example you are doing a marketing agency right. Right. So what kind of what kind of customers will be willing to use your services. So you need to create your own persona. Maybe they are a business who may want to sell their products and services may not have a marketing department maybe looking at ways to grow their business digitally. Or maybe they are going to organize any event. So if let’s say you write a blog how to how to conduct events and you look relevant to people’s will be interesting. Yes because you are providing some services which other marketers will be interested in. The other night also smuggling will be interesting to do that even because you are doing even management. So you need to clear the content that may be appealing to your particular market. Yes. So that is the one way then why they may need solutions your solutions. What kind of why they need your solution so real conditions means when you are driving the bus then you are getting this information. It has been difficult for getting company wide adoption of new technologies. I don’t have time to train new employees. I have to deal with so many proper niche interrogations in Gears of real estate business. You may be listening to your customers is very difficult to find a good housing in your own good. The prices are so expensive or we cannot trust our developer bid with the services that they are offering that they are not transparent. They are the project does not have approvals or that is getting delayed in the barn. So when you are when you know there are challenges you can create the contact to solve these problems. To add that because you know already what will attract them. And when you have a problem then you are going to find anything on the internet you start with your questions. These are the questions that people will say yes. So you know what kind of questions you need to answer in your content to attract them. It will be easier to attract. This is very easy even when we had explaining but it’s very hard to do so is no don’t expect to that it will be easy. It is going to be very challenging. Ok then what are the common objectives. I am worried I will lose data transfer. I don’t want to have a it in the entire company how do we use the new system. So these are the common objective of what your company will be what your customer will be telling you. So why wouldn’t they buy your product and services. So you need to understand what they what they can sell. Yeah right. And I have some. Yeah. They might. They definitely will have some of the options. Limiting your marketing service will be expensive. Right. So you under your belt have no we are not expensive. Yeah. One with my ex boss. Yeah. So we can tell them regularly that they may be they may be concerned about your ability to do it. So you need to show them credentials that I have done these marketing I have generated this much of growth. If your customers are in a fit that maybe marketing agencies are not useful they just take money without delivering and it is out right. So what are you going to propose to them what kind of content you may want to have a review from your existing clients. Maybe a video maybe a post maybe a recommendation on the Facebook page. So do you have many ways of getting that. Yeah. Now how to offer to your customer profiles. So that is also a part of customer profile marketing messages. What kind of messages you really describe your solution to the persona. What kind of services you are going to do with them. For example now this company is doing integrated at targeted database management so you your problem was that data will be lost. You don’t want to train sort of right but. So they are providing your solutions. So you need to provide when you do think of what kind of marketing message you are going to give that you are marketing is message may be a 360 degree marketing solution or one stop solution for your all your marketing needs. That is one type of marketing message right. Right. So you can think of a marketing message like a tagline what you want to propose to your customers. So you do the thing and come up with the light like you always based on that play in season one. Yeah. Yeah. You can say customized solution. Right. So you are giving the customized solution solution that you need. Maybe it can be your marketing message. Yes. The solutions which you need not us. We are providing you need whatever you need we provide. Yes. And what is your elevator pitch. Maybe what you witness and what is elevator. Elevator. Yeah. So how we did. How many seconds to stay on the floor. Maybe five or ten so it means whatever you need to say it’s saying that five minutes five seconds. So that just got an elevator pitch means a very short sentence to seven days which you can finish in five to ten seconds. So that is the message here. So we give you intuitively Darby is that that integrates with your existing software problems lifelong training video to help your new place to get us up to speed subsequently quickly. That is there any way to bitch what will be your elevator pitch as you said. We provide the customer needs we solve the customer problems or ask customer needs we provide. We create solutions. Right as per customer problems right. That is your elevator. So you can say OK we will give you a customized solution based on your needs based on your business needs. So that becomes your elevator pitch. So people’s will be interested to know only one side does no bullshit. Right. Right. Yeah that’s right. So exactly meaning that if somebody if they want to inquire give a very quick response. And that is complete. Be very specific. Not not sharing details not going later later later because people don’t have time to write or to listen. They are very busy. OK. So as quick and as crisp as possible. So that is the customer profile. So any question about my profile I will give you this template which you will be you can create now. So as a part of your own exercise you can create your own customer profile similar to this all the all the 10 segments elevator pitch elevator pitch very interesting to me. Yes you can use for picture also but this usually a court. OK. So you need to create your customer profile if you want this training to be successful means to gain something not just listen and forget. You better do it. OK. So I will give you the template yes you need to create your customer profile by yourself and next time when we meet you need to show it to me.

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