$35,000 in ONE Day from Affiliate Marketing! Find out how.
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$35,000 in ONE Day from Affiliate Marketing! Find out how.

– Alright, check it. So yesterday I received a wire for $35,000 from my online business. As you guys can see, this
right here is my Chase account. Yesterday was November 3, 2017. $35,175. If you’re curious about how I did this, then this is a video that
you need to watch today. Stay tuned. Hey, what is up, guys? O.D.R. Productions here for anyone who is brand new to the channel. You’ve never seen any of my videos. Quick intro. My name is Odi. I go by O.D.I Productions. I’m a 24-year-old entrepreneur, and two years ago, dropped
out of UCLA my senior year. Had a 3.5 GPA. I went all in on entrepreneurship, and you know just two short years later basically living the dream life. I live here in my dream apartment. If you guys wanna see the view. Pretty crazy, you guys, who watch all of my other videos, Usually, you know, during the day time, you guys can see all of the
buildings and the skyline, but you know, it’s real foggy here, it’s starting to get towards
winter here in Chicago, so it looks really crazy. I mean, looking like Gotham City out here. But basically, I live
in my dream apartment, Driving the dream car,
as you guys can see. Porsche 911 Turbo, maybe
I’ll throw some clips of that right here, right now. But anyways, to get on with this video, alright guys so I hope
you enjoyed that intro. I know it’s pretty crazy. If this is your first time on my channel, then you’re in for a lot. There’s a lot of other videos I have that talk about earnings,
that talk about my business. But basically $35,000 wire, all from affiliate marketing yesterday. I’m gonna talk about that in this video, and I’m gonna give you guys a very, very important lesson as well because I never release a video
without giving you guys actual, actual advice and just basically giving you some of my
wisdom that I’ve accumulated over the years in business. But basically, what I wanna do real quick, just give me a minute to just give you guys some life updates, because I feel like the last few videos I’ve really, really cranked
out on the business videos and I’ve done a lot of technical, a lot of step-by-step, how-to, giving you guys actual advice I mean, two videos ago I just
released this right here, which was seven steps on
how to basically build a seven-figure affiliate
marketing business. For anyone who’s new to the channel what I do is called affiliate marketing. Definitely if you’ve never heard about it, basically it’s just referrals. Amazon Associates is the biggest affiliate program out there,
it’s the most popular. Any YouTuber you see
that has Amazon links, that’s basically affiliate marketing. Because if you click on those links, and you buy anything within 24 hours, that person actually received a percentage of that product as a commission. That’s what I do in just a quick gist. That’s what affiliate marketing is, if you’re brand new to the
world of affiliate marketing. But basically to get on with this video. This video is gonna be,
I’m gonna give you guys a very important lesson and then I’m gonna share with
you sort of the thoughts and feelings and emotions about
receiving checks like that. $35,000 which is not much less than what my annual salary used to be when I worked from nine to five. But basically, so before we
get to the business advice, let me just share with you
guys some life updates. You know, life’s been pretty good lately, I actually just picked up this brand new Fender Strat right here for
anyone who’s into guitars. Let me just give you guys
a quick look at that. For everyone who doesn’t know, I actually have a background
as a music producer and a musician and guitar is actually one of my first passions in life. Really, really cool black on black. It’s a pretty unique,
special edition clo-way. Maybe I’ll play a little
ripper to you guys right here, so you know, show you guys that
this isn’t just for display. I actually do make music. Alright guys so as you can see here, I got the fender hooked up to my computer which is running Logic Pro. I’m running a virtual
amp, so I’m just gonna play a quick rift for you guys, so you guys can just get a
little taste of my music ability. So here we go. (guitar plays) Alright I hope you guys enjoyed that. I apologize I’m a little rusty. I actually haven’t played guitar for I think almost a year now. But you know I decided
to get back into music. For anyone who doesn’t know I actually started out as a music producer, and one other thing I wanna show you guys, is I picked up this new speaker
from Best Buy the other day, it’s this Sonos Play 5,
this thing is a beast. It’s honestly not really
a huge speaker at all. I mean you guys can see it
fits right here in my TV stand. But the sound from this thing is immense. It sounds like it has a
legit subwoofer in it. So I’m just gonna play a quick clip. I don’t wanna get copyrights so I’m not gonna play any real music, but I’ll play one of my beats that I actually produced before in the past so you guys can hear that. Here is my Sonos Player,
this is a beat I made. It’s sort of a future slash
Travis Scott type beat. If this thing would ever focus, but basically it’s called… (music plays) So I’m just playing it right here, and you guys can here it’s actually playing through the speaker. You can hear how loud it thumps. Wait till the chorus. I’ll let you guys here the chorus and then that’s all I’m gonna give you guys. (music continues) Alright, right here. Alright that’s enough before
I get a noise complaint. Anyways, guys, the last thing, that’s basically life updates right now. Lot of music, I just came
back into my first passion which is my love for
music, which is actually how I started my first
business, RecordingNow.com, as you guys can see right here. Made an affiliate website
for the home recording niche, because I love making
music, I love producing, I love making music on the computer, I love recording live artists, playing guitar, and all
sorts of other things. So for me, my passion was actually what transformed into my first business. Alright guys, so that’s
enough personal life. Let’s get into the
actual meat and potatoes. Let’s talk about business as
I love doing in these videos. So basically you guys saw the intro. $35,000 wire came in yesterday. Today’s November 4th, 2017. Oh by the way, that
means tonight is UFC 217. And I’m actually hyped for that event. For anyone who doesn’t know
I am a huge fan of the UFC. I love the UFC because the
UFC reminds me of business. It’s competition, and it’s competition in its most purest, rawest form, of two human beings who love what they do duking it out, to become the champion. And one of my favorite role
models is Conor McGregor. And Conor McGregor said this one thing, it was in an interview
and I never forgot it. He said “Every day I show up
to the gym as a white belt.” How humble is that for someone who’s a two division world champion to say “I show up to the gym as a white belt.” So that’s a lesson on pride guys. If you get into this business,
if you get into any business you want to let go of
your ego and your pride as soon as possible because I promise you they will only get in your way. You’re gonna get humbled
by the world of business and you’re not gonna like it. Cause you’re gonna come in
all bright-eyed, starry eyed, and you’re gonna be
over-estimating your abilities to be honest with you, cause I did too. I’ve always been a
sharp guy my whole life. I went to UCLA, had a 3.5 GPA. But when it comes to business, it doesn’t matter who the heck you are, it doesn’t matter what your background is, what your degree says,
none of that matters. It doesn’t matter what you look like. Basically business is
gonna humble you because the only thing that matters
is what the market wants. They don’t care about you, they care about the
value that you provide. I wanna talk about in this video how to get to that point right there of getting checks like this. And basically two videos ago, I already gave the step-by-step. Here’s the seven steps right here. If you guys haven’t seen that video, I’m gonna do a quick
rundown but watch that video because I go more in detail. But basically if you wanna
get checks like that guys, in affiliate marketing
you’re gonna have to create a real business, not a campaign. Business over campaign. I’ve seen a lot of videos on YouTube. And everyone’s teaching
affiliate marketing by creating these Facebook Ad campaigns to a click phone’s landing page. And sure, that is one way
to do affiliate marketing, and yes it has been
successful for some people, but usually those people are expert affiliate marketers,
not day one beginners. But what I do is I teach long term. The only thing I teach is long term, I don’t teach short term, I
don’t teach get-rich-quick. If you’re looking for a
get-rich-quick type system, please get off my channel, click off, never watch another
one of my videos again, and have yourself a good day. Because I do not teach get-rich-quick. I teach long term
business that earns money for months if not years to come. And I’ve already shared one
of my businesses online, it’s RecordingNow.com,
as you guys can see. I’ve done headphone reviews. It’s a niche authority
website, a home recording niche as you guys can see right here. And that’s a website that’s
been around for years. And it’s continued to make
me over four figures a month for years on end and I’ve
continued and duplicated that process in multiple other niches, which is what you guys saw with that wire, which is from one of the companies that I am an affiliate
for, and that’s basically one of the payments that
they gave me for this month. Basically, if you want
to get to that level, you’re going to have to create something like a real business. Some examples of affiliate
marketing businesses, I’ve used this one so many
times but it’s because, I’m a huge fan of, if you
guys can see right there, SmartPassiveIncome.com. Pat Flynn, he’s an awesome,
awesome entrepreneur, and if you guys haven’t seen his website, he basically is completely transparent about his affiliate earnings, and he’s been so
transparent over the years, and it’s allowed him to
create a six-figure per month affiliate marketing business,
seven figures a year. So if you guys haven’t seen
that check out his website, SmartPassiveIncome.com,
Pat Flynn, awesome guy. But that right there is an
affiliate marketing business. You want to make something like that. You don’t want to focus
on making these short, get-rich-quick campaigns
guys, cause they don’t last. They just don’t last, you know. And some people, they may
see success for one month, they may have a really good month, but that money, even if you make $30,000 in a month, that doesn’t last. Especially if you up your lifestyle to kind of match up with your earnings, you’re gonna find yourself
in debt real quick, especially when you get
hit with that tax bill like a year from then. You know I’ve seen it so many times. I’ve seen people come
and go in this industry, where they do extremely well, and I’m talking people
who’ve made millions, and then they go back down
to zero, or they go bankrupt, simply because they had
something that worked, and they just died out, and
they didn’t build any assets. And one thing I teach is,
you need to build a business, guys you can’t just make
an ad campaign and just keep running that for years on
end, because there’s so many, like campaigns just die every single day. And there’s consumer blindness, there’s all sorts of things. And so basically you’ve
gotta keep it fresh, you’ve gotta make something
that will last long term. Alright so with that being said, the main lesson that I want to
give you guys in this video, and you know with every
single video that I do I always make sure to give
you guys those knowledge bombs and to give you guys that business wisdom that has allowed me to get
from sleeping on the floor in L.A. to basically sleeping in the sky. So here’s the advice that I wanna give you guys in this video. And if you guys are looking for technical, if you guys are looking for step-by-step, watch my last video. I literally, literally walked,
a broke college student, step-by-step, right here on this computer, how to start affiliate marketing, create an affiliate marketing
website and business for less than $100. So if you’re looking for step-by-step, watch those videos, watch
any of my other videos, but this lesson’s extremely important if you want to get to the
highest level, basically. Those videos are good for
you know getting started, but this video- The lesson I wanna give
you guys if you wanna, eventually get to the
point where you’re getting four, five figure checks a
day, here’s my advice for you. You need to stop focusing on results. Yeah, I said it. I literally just hooked you
guys in with the results. I literally just showed you guys results and then I’m telling you
guys to don’t focus on this, don’t focus on $35,000 checks, don’t focus on you know the big wires, don’t focus on the super cars, don’t focus on the nice houses or penthouses or apartments or whatever. So my advice for you, and this
is a lesson that I learned from one of my business
mentors, MJ DeMarco who is the author of The
Millionaire Fastlane, I’ll link in the description, this is my favorite
business book of all time. Literally, it is the one
book, if there is one book that I could attribute
to my success in business and that actually got
me to where I am today, if I could only pick one,
I’ve read quite a few, now you guys can’t see them anymore because my speaker blocked all of them, but if there’s one book I
could recommend you guys, it is The Millionaire
Fastlane by MJ DeMarco. Now, MJ says, you need to fall in love with the process, and not results. The problem is, if you
focus on the results, the results are something
like you know a super car. Could be a Lamborghini,
could be a Ferrari, for me it’s a Porsche 911 Turbo, it’s the nice houses, it’s the apartments, it’s the big checks. If you focus on those things,
they are going to elude you. Just like money, is like
an elusive cat, you know. If you try and chase it it runs away. What you need to do is
you need to attract. You need to attract the cat with something that the cat wants, that’s
called giving value. So the problem is when you
focus on stuff like results, you don’t fall in love
with the process guys. And you need to fall in
love with the process cause you guys see this,
and you’re thinking, oh my gosh you know, you’re
looking at that and you’re like, “Wow, if only I could get that, if only I could receive a check like that, oh, the things I would do.” What you guys don’t know
is I had to work for that. And you know, you reap what you sow, and you sow what you reap, and business is not as glamorous as people make it out to seem. Business is not just
traveling in private jets, and driving super cars, and
living a lavish lifestyle. Business a lot of the time is very boring. It’s boring. Honestly, like it’s
sitting at this computer for eight to twelve hours a day, crafting emails, creating sales funnels, improving your sales rate optimization by changing the color of the buttons and the call to action on your website. It’s boring stuff, honestly. Now, the thing is you know if you really wanna succeed though, you have to fall in love with it. You have to fall in love with the boring. You have to fall in love
with working on your business every single day despite
not getting the results And I had a comment the other day. And you know someone said “How long until I make $100 a day to keep me motivated?” Doesn’t work like that man,
doesn’t work like that. You need to be motivated before the money comes in, not after. If you aren’t motivated
before the money comes in, it’s never gonna come. And a lot of people, you’re
going about it the wrong way. You need to adopt the proper mindset if you want to get to this level. You need to have the right mindset, guys. Because if you don’t
have the right mindset, you’ll never level up to the point where you’ll be getting checks like this. Because the reason I get checks like this, and you know I’ve
thought about this a lot, to be honest with you guys. I’ve thought about this,
I’ve thought about you know, me receiving this kind of money is insane. It’s insane, you know, I’m a
24 year old college dropout, this wasn’t supposed to happen for me. But here I am today, and I’m living proof that it can happen for you. Alright guys, I hope you
enjoyed that quick video. I know it’s a little different than the stuff I’ve released previously, where I usually give technical, step-by-step business advice, but this one is more about mindset. For anyone who’s wondering,
mindset is 90% of success. It’s honestly in the mindset. There’s so many how-to’s,
there’s so many technical step-by-steps and stuff like that, but at the end of the day if you don’t have the proper mindset for this, you’re not gonna succeed. And that’s one of the
keys that has allowed me to basically do so well in this business, is that I fell in love with the process, years ago, years ago. Not when I was living here,
not when I was driving this, but I fell in love with the process when I was sleeping on the floor in L.A. and I was barely making
enough to pay my rent. That’s when I fell in
love with the process. And if you aren’t willing to fall in love with the process then, you’re
not gonna get here, today. You’re not gonna get here in the future. And it’s as simple as that guys. So wherever you are, if you’re struggling, if you want more from your life, you have to start working today and you have to love
the process, you know, you have to love the process and as the 76ers say, you
have to trust the process. Trust the process,
because it’s gonna come, and it’s gonna happen but
you have to be patient. Patience is such an important quality for any entrepreneur or business person, because the more patient
you’re willing to be, the more you’re willing
to go through things that are going to give you
more success in the long run, because if you go after the quick cash, I’ve got bad news for
you, easy come easy go. But if you go for that long-term building a brand,
building a real business, that’s when you start to see
the checks like this guys. That’s when you start to see
the $35,000 wires, alright. So anyways I hope you guys enjoyed that. Again, if you want more
technical, more how-to, watch my last video, watch
the video before that, or watch any of my videos
that are on YouTuve right now. But I hope you guys enjoyed
it, this was just a quick one, I’ll definitely get back into the more technical, ninja tips and
stuff for affiliate marketing. One last thing for anyone who’s interested in my course and mentorship program, I’ve been getting a lot
of interests and messages every single day from you guys. Basically the course is filling up a lot faster than I thought it would. I didn’t expect so many
people to you know, be joining in such a short period of time. The course it’s only been
out for over a month now. But what’s happening is I’m
actually adding in new lessons. I’m adding in about another
hour of new lessons. I’ve already added an
hour of lessons last week, but I’ll be adding another
hour of new lessons, and once I do that, I promise that the price of the course
is going to be increasing, again for the second time. I’ve already increased the
price of the course once, and it’s only been out for a month. But honestly I don’t wanna have that many, I’m not trying to get as
many students as possible. I’m more concerned about
the quality of my students. So I’m going to be increasing the price, simply because I need to weed out the people who are not serious about this, because my time as you guys can see, is pretty valuable based on my earnings. So if I’m gonna be giving people my one on one attention and a 24/7 direct messaging
assistance and mentorship, not to mention the
information in my course, then I need people who are dedicated. And I need people who are willing to act, and they are willing to invest
in themselves and in me. For anyone who’s like, “Hey
can you mentor me for free?” No, I already have literally
dozens, upon dozens of students who are paying
me for my mentorship and to learn from me directly. So that’s basically what I wanna say, is the price of the course is going up. If anyone is interested you need to definitely make a move,
get in while you can. Alright so that wraps this up, last thing before you go,
make sure to thumbs up and comment this video
if you found it useful, or you wanna see more content like this, if you wanna see more
affiliate marketing videos. The responses lately have been amazing. My channel’s really been
growing in terms of subscribers. I think I’m about to hit almost
40,000 subscribers today. So thank you guys so much, so much. I am grateful, I am ever so grateful, for every single one of my students. But anyways, that wraps up this video. Catch you guys on the next one. Make sure to drop a
thumbs up and a comment. And last but not least
follow me on Instagram, if you guys want to you
know, direct message me, or if you guys wanna
see just cool pictures of the car and my life, basically you can check
me out @odi_productions. Alright, that’s it for today. I’ll catch you guys on the next one. Peace!

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    Affiliate marketing isn't easy but with free contact like this at our finger tips it's becoming easier to learn. Woot! Thank you soo much for videos like this!

  35. hi odi
    i just wanted to say im not looking for a get rich quick scheme but i dont know where to start
    here are my question if you could answer them i would really appreciate it and it would help me out a lot

    what editing software do you use for your videos
    did you buy all of your headphones and do reviews?
    i dont understand how if i pick up a camera and video something i will get views on my youtube channel?
    would you e able to do a youtube video with sam so i would know how to advertise

    im really broke and need help
    plz help me out ODI!!!!!!!!


  36. I ran into your channel by chance. Great content, man. Also shout out to MJ. Are you on his forum or have you gone to the yearly event?

  37. hi odi. I've been watching your youtube video this past couple of months and days. and its really inspire me to do such amazing things like you. I'm filipino. hopefully someday. im became like you and share all about your business here in the philippines.

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