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$4 an hour Government Internships – The Feed

Now, that’s what I call good Trap Music. Hi there, young people. Now, I understand you feel that the Government’s let you down recently on penalty rates, wage growth university fees… …climate change, marriage equality and of course locking you the hell out of the housing market. But you’ll be pleased to know that we finally have a solution to youth unemployment. No, not jobs. $4 an hour internships. Now, $4 may not sound like much money. But that’s only because it isn’t. So, how did we arrive at the $4 an hour figure for the PaTH program? And don’t worry, you’ll continue to receive welfare payments during your internship. So even though you will be working up to 50 hours a fortnight you’ll still get to spend 15 hours a fortnight listening to the Centrelink hold music. So, where will you be interning? Well, the Government has just made arrangements with both the retail and hospitality industries. Now, these may not be your dream industries but learning how to be a bartender can lead to all sorts of exciting opportunities. Lawyers, doctors, architects these are just some of the careers of people you’ll serve drinks to. I’m currently studying to become a psychologist and I’ve found the PaTH internship to be a really valuable experience. Being paid $4 an hour has personally helped me learn a lot about psychological disorders like anxiety, depression. Psychology, eh? You think I want to root my own mum, do ya? Plus, the $4 really goes a long way in the vending machine. Now, some people say that this scheme will just lead to employers hiring cheap interns instead of putting someone on at full wage. But when have employers ever exploited workers? Meanwhile, with your $4 an hour in the bank you’ll finally be able to “make it rain”.

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