4 Foundations to Maximize Digital Marketing for Business – #SocialightsConnect on Cam
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4 Foundations to Maximize Digital Marketing for Business – #SocialightsConnect on Cam

It’s a common thing that many people know digital marketing is only social media Well actually there are several foundation that you need to know first. So, stay tuned ! Hello Pixle Head ! Now you’re watching Socialights Connect on Cam with Amelie In my role as a Business Strategist I always optimizing projects by giving recommendation based on data and digital trends So, today I’m gonna talk about 4 Foundations to Maximize Digital Marketing for Your Business Nowadays, people think that digital marketing is only social media Well actually that’s true that social media is one foundation in digital marketing But, digital marketing is more than that If you only using social media to promote your business then you will losing not getting aware of your audience, credibility or even target audience So in this video I will share you something why you should diversify in digital marketing If you have a business in digital and you don’t have a website or application Then you will losing a lot of great opportunities Because these two platform are the center piece of digital strategy Why? Because you can put your business information, customer relation or even sales point By having a website or application your costumer can find you anywhere, anytime, even outside of business hours That’s cool right ? And also for potential costumer they will be distrusting any company if they don’t have physical address Or it will be the same if you don’t have website or email address With website or application you can provide quick and easy way communicating between sellers and buyers Another foundation is social media, where you can reach a million of customer worldwide And usually in Socialights we use social media for brand customer engagement where we usually use two ways communication So you can know the audience interest and also their opinion about your business After you get brand engagement, you will get brand loyalty So your customer will see your platform as a service channel So they can contact you directly. Social media also can help traffic to your website The more quality content you share, the more traffic you gonna generate If you want to reach prospective audiences and to make more sells then you can no longer ignore Digital Advertising With digital advertising, you can… Reach wider audience and you can also target people based on demographic, interest, lifestyle and so on And the best thing is, you only pay what you’ve got For example, you can only pay if your audience clicking to your ads So, this is one of many benefits from digital advertising compared to traditional advertising Another foundation is that you need to define what metrics is important for your business For example, you’re in e-commerce. So you need to know what metrics needs to be define like you want to know how many people checking in, how many bounce rate, how many people add an item to your cart and how many people checking out from your website But it will be different form offline store, for example coffee shop You might want to know how many people click direction in your digital asset to enjoy a ship of coffee at your store *drinking coffee* Got a picture? If you still have a question, just comment down below I will help you later 🙂 So, let’s recap this If you want to have a marketing digital strategy then you need these 4 foundations Build your own website or application as I already mentioned before that this is the center piece of digital marketing And then you should make social media account because it can reach a million of customer worldwide If you want to reach prospective audience or make more sells use Online Ads Last but not least, define metrics for your business Keep in mind that every business has different metrics That’s all from me Thank you for watching my video I hope that this video can help your digital business forward So, don’t forget to like, subscribe and leave your thoughts down below Bye !

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