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4 Myths About Being an Apprentice, Busted | Intern Stories | J.P. Morgan

(upbeat music) Tia: I’m Tia Harding. I’m in the first year of my
apprenticeship with J.P.Morgan. Today I’m going to
bust some myths about apprenticeship
schemes to help you get a clear idea of
what they’re about. Myth number one,
having to live locally. A lot of people
looking at starting apprenticeship schemes believe
you can only do them locally. Despite working in the
Canary Wharf office, I commute from Guildford
Surrey every day. Prior to starting work, J.P.Morgan sent
loads of information for piling my travel
and associated costs. Being from further afield
shouldn’t be a deterrent. Myth number two, being
stuck in the same role. As an apprentice you might think
we get stuck in the same role. Standing still,
not going anywhere whilst everything
evolves around you. At J.P.Morgan this
simply isn’t the case, as there’s plenty
of opportunities to learn about all the
different lines of business and equip yourself with
transferable skills. So if you did fancy a career
change, it’s totally possible. Myth number three,
apprentices not contributing. One of the biggest
misconceptions is that, as an apprentice,
you spend your time doing work of little
significance. The reality is, from the outset, you’re encouraged to get
involved in real projects. Within the Credit Asset class, I assist with both strategic
and regulatory projects. So far, I have worked
on process automation as well as different
regulatory Brexit projects. I have also been
given the task of putting together
and proofing slides for senior regulatory meetings. Myth number four,
apprentices don’t get degrees or qualifications. From day one, you’ll
begin studying industry recognized
qualifications. J.P.Morgan has partnered up with Russell Group
University of Exeter to provide training
for CSI Exams as well as a full honors
degree in applied finance. These qualifications
coupled with the wealth of industry
experience you get whilst on scheme I
feel definitely give you an advantage over your peers
who choose the university route. Co-worker: Shh. Tia: Funny, isn’t she? So that’s just a few myths
I hope I busted for you. I’m off home now. Good luck with your application. Bye!

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